Editorial Team

Dr. Md Rasel Al Mamun-Adviser @soundboxlab.com

Md Rasel Al Mamun

Adviser@ soundboxlab.com


Dr. Md Rasel Al Mamun is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences at the University of North Texas. He holds a BSc and MS in physics from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and a Ph.D. in Information Technology from the University of North Texas. Read More…

Tahmid Shuvro-Freelance Tech Journalist and author of soundboxlab.com

Tahmid Munim Hossain

I am a freelance tech journalist and student. I am currently studying in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Dhaka. The content writing sector is still new to me but I have been writing articles and stories for three years. Two of my stories were published in two books. Read More

Shazneen Tabassum

Shazneen Tabassum

I am a freelance tech journalist and my love for music sparked at an early age when I found myself playing around with an old synthesizer that was lying abandoned in the closet. To my surprise, I discovered that I could pick up any song by ear, and this is where my musical journey began. I got enrolled at a music school where I learned to play the piano with great dedication, and to this day it is my most favorite thing to do. Read More

Ziad Hossain-Engineer and Tech Journalist,editor@soundboxlab.com

Ziad Hossain

I have been a freelance tech journalist for almost a year now. All I wanted was to communicate better. And what better way to communicate than with music and sound. The comfort of having a great sound system is one few people have experienced, and many do not know its significance. Read More

Zarida Rahman-Tech Journalist & market analyst @ soundboxlab.com

Zerida Rahman

Despite being fairly new in the field of freelancing journalism, I’ve always had a good hand at writing. This had me scribbling ideas in my notebook from a very young age. It began with me writing short stories and music reviews for my blog, which evolved into something more lucrative Read More

Arshika Rahman Raidah

Arshika Rahman Raidah

I’m an International Relations major currently attending Bangladesh University of Professionals. I’ve always been practicing writing in one way or another. I aspire to enhance my skills in writing and reach my audiences’ comfort zone. I aim for impacting readers with the creativity of a positive mind with original content. Read More


Raida Jaheen Karim

I am currently a student of business administration at Bangladesh University of Professionals. But apart from studies the thing that attracts me the most is writing. This is the passion that I want to develop. I aspire to utilize the skill I have gathered over time to create writings that will have a positive impact on the readers. Read More


Naheed Nazneen Tuli

I am Naheed Nazneen Tuli. I am an Engineer and have been in the IT sector for years. I have completed my M.Sc in Telecommunication from East-West University. I am a freelance tech journalist and my primary interest is sound systems. It all started when I dove into the audio world for a pair of bookshelf speakers. Read More


Lailatul Tangum-Engineer and Tech Journalist @soundboxlab.com

Lailatul Tangum

I am Lailatul Tangum. Currently, I am studying BSc in Computer Science and Engineering. Also a freelance tech journalist. Since my childhood, I have always been an audiophile myself. I have a proper home theater set up in my home. Read More

Nafis Almas Siam-Tech Journalist @soundboxlab.com

Nafis Almas Siam

Hi! I am Nafis Almas Siam, even though I am generally known as Siam Almas by the people around me. I am currently a student at the University of Dhaka and am majoring in Mass Communication and Journalism. I have been working as a freelance journalist for quite a while now Read More

Md Asif Iqbal

Md Asif Iqbal

My name is Md Asif Iqbal but my friend and family call me Asif. I am a software engineer and I have completed my degree from Victoria International College Malaysia. I love to learn about new technology and dig about it as much as I can. And I have been writing for about a year and exploring new things every day. Read More