Ziad Hossain

Occupation: Engineer and Tech Journalist.

Bio: I have been a freelance tech journalist for almost a year now. All I wanted was to communicate better. And what better way to communicate than with music and sound. The comfort of having a great sound system is one few people have experienced, and many do not know its significance. My wish is to make this choice easy for people. So they can enjoy the beauty and calmness of a great sound system all from their homestead. Why go to a theater when you can set up your home theater? I am an audiophile myself and appreciate a proper home theater set-up. Feeling the music flow through your body, breathing every tone, and moving with every beat is what a great sound system brings. My motivation comes from companies like Bose, IMAX, and Sony, and my experience is from using them myself. Their products and quality are understood by few, especially the home theater systems. I have been passionate about these sound systems and hope to enable this experience for the readers.

Currently, I am an undergrad student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at North South University, Bangladesh. My hobbies may differ from what I am studying, but I do what I love. It gives me peace in knowing someone out there is reading my work and consulting it. Cheers!

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