Raida Jaheen Karim

I am currently a student of business administration at Bangladesh University of Professionals. But apart from studies the thing that attracts me the most is writing and get updated about latest technological development .This is the passion that I want to develop. I aspire to utilize the skill I have gathered over time to create writings that will have a positive impact on the readers. And I have chosen in order to become more experienced because of my huge interest in sound systems. I know how hard it is to find a sound system you will fall in love with. Especially, when you are a movie buff and music enthusiast like me. Being so picky about what I hear is mainly the reason why I ended up analyzing and researching different sound systems from time to time. This enthusiasm led me towards writing about sound systems, home theater, and so on.

I like to write in a casual or informal tone. My main motive is to make the reader feel like they are having a conversation with me. So that they can relate to what I am trying to deliver. My goal will be fulfilled if I can provide all the necessary information the reader is looking for. Therefore I put in a lot of research behind every write-up or use the products by myself.

I always believed that when you are passionate about something you should do it no matter what. And that is the reason why I chose to write about sound systems. This gives me the boost even on my laziest days. I want to enhance the horizon of my knowledge so that I can deliver the best value to people.

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