Lailatul Tangum

I am Lailatul Tangum. Currently, I am studying BSc in Computer Science and Engineering. Also a freelance tech journalist.

Since my childhood, I have always been an audiophile myself. I have a proper home theater set up in my home. Thus, I have always been able to feel the music like it flows through my whole body. It refreshes my mind and gives me much pleasure. But many people can’t enjoy these things for not having a proper sound system set up in their home. They go outside to the theater to enjoy the music. So, I have been started writing for the appropriate guidance of setting up a sound system in your home. I want all others who love music like me can enjoy an excellent sound system at home. A great set up of sound system can give you feel the beauty of music. There are are a lot of companies that provide the best sound system equipment. I personally experience them and want to explore the information with others. I am hoping that I will be able to provide updated info about the sound system and help them experiencing great music time.

Tech Interests: Home theater and audio, Smart Appliances, Smart Home devices, Apple news, and home kits, Cell Phones, Car Tech, Home assistance, and other modern techs.

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