Shazneen Tabassum

I am a freelance tech journalist and my love for music sparked at an early age when I found myself playing around with an old synthesizer that was lying abandoned in the closet. To my surprise, I discovered that I could pick up any song by ear, and this is where my musical journey began. I got enrolled at a music school where I learned to play the piano with great dedication, and to this day it is my most favorite thing to do.

As a music enthusiast, I had to familiarize myself with various instruments, including sound systems over the years. When I first decided to get myself a pair of speakers to connect to my keyboard, I realized how important it is to thoroughly research an audio system before purchasing it. From the design and the sound quality to the nitty-gritty technical features, every detail matters when you’re looking for the perfect set of speakers.  Most of the time it can get confusing with so much information out there. My aim, therefore, is to write lucid, informative, and engaging content to guide audiophiles on the way to achieving a successful and satisfying musical experience.

I am currently studying  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at IBA, University of Dhaka. Although new to the journalism field, I have always been fond of writing. I often find myself reading anything I can put my hands on, a practice that has helped me improve my quality of writing throughout the years. Yet I still have a long way to go and a lot to improve upon.  I believe working with would be the perfect opportunity to combine two of my greatest passions- music and writing, to create something authentic and meaningful for my readers.

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