Zerida Rahman

Occupation: Tech journalist & Market Analyst.

Bio: Despite being fairly new in the field of tech journalism, I’ve always had a good hand at writing. This had me scribbling ideas in my notebook from a very young age. It began with me writing short stories and music reviews for my blog, which evolved into something more lucrative. Besides writing, I had an ever-growing passion for music. I started singing from the age of five; music and I have been inseparable since.

It is my love for music that introduced me to the diverse world of sound systems. To me, a song isn’t just a cluster of sounds. I don’t just listen to music, I like to feel the music. Over the years I’ve familiarized myself with a number of companies that specialize in sound systems, but it was after owning my very first set of Sony speakers that I started noticing the significant difference a sound system makes in overall sound quality. Whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, having a good sound system makes your audible experience so much more fulfilling.

Right now, I’m in my early twenties and doing my undergrad in International Relations, at Bangladesh University of Professionals. I hope through my writing, I can introduce my fellow music enthusiasts to the realm of audio systems and home theaters so they can experience sounds like never before. Here’s to hoping my passion for words and sounds lives on.

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