Arshika Rahman Raidah

I’m an International Relations major currently attending Bangladesh University of Professionals. I’ve always been practicing writing in one way or another. I aspire to enhance my skills in writing and reach my audiences’ comfort zone. I aim for impacting readers with the creativity of a positive mind with original content. I am starting my journey as a freelance tech journalist at to gain expertise and wisdom. I always seek perfection in my audio system which led me to have an interest in sound systems and home theaters and so on. What is an alternative to a great sound system? I would say nothing. A great sound system can either touch our sweet spot of music or just be another failed attempt to gain perfection. A great sound system brings grooves in your mind alongside swaying your body on a rough day to relax your aura.

I want to lend a hand to the reader by answering all their queries without having to ask. I aim to write gracefully with authenticity forming viable content for the readers. To attain this casual tone I put in a lot of effort and time behind my research and analysis. I believe that if you are dedicated and passionate about anything you aspire to get better over time.

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