Nafis Almas Siam

Location: Dhaka

Hi! I am Nafis Almas Siam, even though I am generally known as Siam Almas by the people around me. I am currently a student at the University of Dhaka and am majoring in Mass Communication and Journalism. I have been working as a tech journalist for quite a while now. I have written for several websites including ‘’, which is about books. But mainly I am a technology enthusiast. I love to write about different gadgets and stuff. And I am main attracted to sound system equipment, though I like to know and write about other different appliances and tech stuff too. I am still learning mainly and hope to go a long away. Now I am really glad that I am working with

 Interests: I really like to watch a lot of movies and TV shows. I like to write reviews about them too. I also listen to music a lot.

Hobby: I really like to travel.

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