TCL vs Vizio Tv: Mode By Model Comparison

For your next new TV, are you choosing between the brands TCL vs Vizio? Given that TCL and Vizio are two of the biggest TV brands in the business, it’s no wonder that you should settle between them.

However, it’s a typical concern that is entirely appropriate. It depends on your desires, honestly. And though people select one according to wants, the fact that both Vizio and TCL TVs have the virtually same features which still confuses people.

That is why we have made a detailed contrast between TCL vs Vizio, to make sure that you know what you’re getting through the option between them.


TCL‘s core items are TVs, DVD players, air conditioners, smartphones, and other home appliances. However, their best product, TCL TVs, offers excellent picture quality and consistent functionalities at a cheap cost. While they are not as packed with features or well-constructed as more costly ones, the actual value of their TVs is quite well.

Vizio Tv

Vizio manufacturers TV sets and soundbars, and has developed smartphones, cell phones, and computers in the past. This company sells excellent goods at very affordable costs, with outstanding displays and emphasizes creativity and user interface. Vizio is considered to have lower prices than the competition for its HDTV products.

What features are you expected to look for when you buy a TV?

You probably have been out of touch with the recent developments in TVs, and you may get overwhelmed with all the latest brands, latest vocabularies and the wide range of options open to you in 2020 if your last TV was more than ten years old. Here I have gathered five features you should look for before buying your next TV.

Types of Tv Panel

In terms of panel technology, the screen has a lot to do. LCD, LED, LED-LCD and LED-Backlit TVs became well established with their everyday conduct after the falls of the cathode ray tube (CRT) technologies. Then QLED, UHD, ULED and OLED became more of a phenomenon who wants to buy high-end TVs.

Screen Resolution

Usually, HD or HD-Ready and Full-HD are the necessary resolutions on most budget TVs. And the pattern output now stands at a resolution of 4k or 8k. This means they are four to eight times better than the standard HD TV.

Refresh Rate

This is a crucial issue, in my view. Refresh Rate illustrates how often a picture is refreshed on the screen per second. It is usually in Hertz (Hz). The standard rate of refreshment is 60 times a second or 60 Hz. A low refresh rate will make things appear fuzzy in scenes of fast-moving objects.

Contrast Ratio

This defines the spectrum of brightness levels that a collection will represent. Better contrast ratios reveal more noticeable shades and tones, and hence more detail. However, the manner in which producers evaluate those ratios varies greatly.

HDMI and Connections

You should be careful about the number of HDMI entries a smart TV package has. These ports can be used quickly: connect speakers, dongle, and game console, and now you’ve used three ports. Also, ensure that HDMI 2.0 ports are enabled for potential Ultra HD sources. Select a TV with a minimum of 4 usable HDMI ports.

Vizio vs TCL: TV Types


TCL QLED TVs offer a real cinematic color of over one billion colors and shades thanks to the state of the art Quantum Dot technology. Colors shot by the movie cameras. They allow the replication of colors, information, and depth unrivaled by every other LED or OLED TV to be achieved. These TVs are manufactured on paper with a higher luminosity, a longer lifetime, more significant display sizes, and lower costs.

In 2018, Vizio revealed its development of QD TVs under the brand name “Quantum” and in 2018, 2019, and 2020 it has produced a new Quantum TV series. Vizio’s market entry was at that time, positioned as a cheaper option for Samsung‘s services. It is hard to justify investing more on one of these Samsung QLED sets over the Vizio with respect to pure picture quality.

Let’s check out a comparison between two of their best products.

TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED vs Vizio P-Series Quantum 2020

Overall, the Vizio P Series Quantum 2020 and the TCL 6 Series/635 2020 are remarkably close. As well as lower input latency and quicker reaction time, the Vizio has improved reflection handling and color accuracy. Similarly, the TCL gets bright enough to combat glare and to bring out highlights in HDR, and it has a quick response time and low input lag.

Vizio P-Series Quantum 2020:


  • High Contrast Ratio.
  • Appropriate handling of good reflection.
  • Quick response time.
  • Low input lag
  • Can remove judder from 24p sources and native apps.
  • Superb HDR color gamut
  • Outstanding maximum brightness
  • Deep, uniform blacks
  • Really good handling of the motion


  • Poor viewing angles.
  • Blooming around bright objects and subtitles.
  • Some dirty screen effect.

TCL 6 Series/R635 2020 QLED


  • Fantastic contrast ratio.
  • Excellent maximum brightness.
  • Easy Roku interface.
  • Removes judder automatically
  • Upscales lower-resolution content without any problems.
  • Quick response time.
  • Displays chroma 4:4:4 with a 4k resolution.
  • No possibility of permanent burn-in.
  • Displays wide range color gamut for HDR content.


  • Average full-array local dimming function.
  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Uniformity issues.

Vizio M Series Quantum vs TCL 5 Series/S535 QLED

TCL S535 is a very versatile and compatible TV. It makes a good home theatre television and is perfect both for sports and play. The motions are superbly handled, and the input lag is minimal. On the other hand, TV’s HDR capabilities are feeble. However, the Vizio M Series Quantum is a great mid-range TV. Thanks to their high TV visibility and good color precision, the colors themselves are lovely.

Vizio M Series Quantum:


  • High contrast ratio.
  • Decent response time.
  • Gets bright enough to fight glare.
  • Doesn’t stutter a lot in low frame rate.
  • Excellent HDR color gamut.
  • Variable refresh rate.
  • Decent reflection handling.


  • Poor viewing angles.
  • Dirty screen effect.
  • Mediocre HDR peak brightness.

TCL 5 Series/S535 QLED


  • Exceptional contrast ratio.
  • Decent full-array local dimming function.
  • Incredibly low input lag.
  • Perfect response time.
  • Displays wide color gamut.
  • Black Frame Insertion feature.


  • Narrow viewing angles.
  • Doesn’t get very bright.
  • No VRR support.


You probably come across Vizio when you’re hunting for a cheap 4 K UHD TV. The V-Series in Vizio is not the most intuitive television on the market but is 4 K UHD worthy to buy. However, its TVs are some of the world’s largest sellers, especially in the United States, and its comprehensive features and favorable pricing make them one of the competitors with the heavy-hitting brands.

His competitive pricing is the most significant advantage of TCL in the TV industry. It creates broadband televisions and has made much of those savings open to customers with the goal to win over a global audience. If you’re looking for a low cost of 4 K UHD TV, which has lots of money, TCL is also an excellent place to go – often for big TVs too.

Let’s take a good look at their comparison between two of their best 4K TV.

Vizio V-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV vs TCL 4-Series 4K UHD HDR ROKU Smart TV

The 4 K UHD V SeriesHDR Smart LED TV is marginally better than the TCL 4 Series 4K UHD ROKU Smart TV. The Vizio will become sharper, and this is perfect if the space has more ambient light but, due to the far more uniform blacks, it is much better in a dim room. On the other hand, TCL has a lower input lag and a quicker reaction time, making it more convenient for players or for someone needing a PC monitor to use it.

Vizio V-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV:


  • Excellent contrast ratio.
  • Low input lag.
  • Great black uniformity.
  • Good reflection handling.


  • No local dimming.
  • Poor viewing angles.
  • Mediocre response time.

TCL 4-Series 4K UHD HDR ROKU Smart TV


  • Very low input lag, significant for games.
  • Great smart features.
  • Decent response time


  • Can’t get bright enough.
  • Poor viewing angles.
  • No local dimming

Vizio vs TCL: Technology

Roku TV and SmartCast TV

Roku TV is a smart TV with built-in TV screen, an intuitive interface that enables content to be streamed over the Internet, live TV antenna watches and wired gadgets, such as cable booths or Blu-ray player connectivity. Through this, you can run all additional devices in Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, ESPN and others.

A smart TV is a TV wired to the Internet that has a built-in OS like your handheld device or personal computer. It’s also known as a “connected TV.” Increasing streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more are available through a smart TV to watch movies and TV series.

Both Vizio and TCL manufacture Smart TVs, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Both organizations use very different interfaces and operating tools so that you can hear a lot from both parties. Usually, while SmartCast is used for Vizio Smart TVs, Roku TVs are used for TCL’s use.

The Roku TV is favored by the consumers because it has a cleaner, eye-controlled interface that is faster and more navigable and also has a massive selection of apps, known as streaming channels, covering the vast majority of the standard streaming services.

In comparison, Vizio TVs run the relatively simple SmartCast platform and have a small variety of applications, depending more on their ability to receive applications from your intelligent smartphone.


Unfortunately, the TCL interface shows some unnecessary annoying giant advertisements in the home menu which cannot be deactivated. They market their other TCL goods and materials from these advertisements. Vizio TVs are ad-free, on the other hand, with the exception of some content that can be removed. Vizio is one of the only innovative and ad-free sites left.


Vizio TVs actually do not have an app store, and no new applications will be added. The applications included covering many of the most popular channels. Still, it might not be appropriate for others, in particular, if you focus on streaming rather than a conventional TV service.

You’ll find all the Roku applications in the Roku Channel Store, and there are a lot. All the favorite apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, and several more are available.

Voice Controls

Unlike the vast majority of TVs currently on the market, Vizio TVs don’t show any support on voice controls. However, some TCL TVs support advanced remote or remote voice controls only if they support simple commands. You can start unique applications and search for content across multiple applications using voice control. Unlike other televisions, the voice commands cannot control the settings of the TV.


Vizio Smart TV Remote is basic and doesn’t have any smart features. It needs a clear view of the TV, which is not suitable for everyone. The scale is fine, but maybe the buttons are a little small.

TCL Smart TVs have a remote system you think has been misplaced into the box. There are two remote versions. There is a much thicker one with an integrated microphone for voice control. This model is only available on 2018 R617 and needs no TV view. On the other model, a simple TV picture is required and there is no voice control.

Remote App

The Roku platform’s remote software, which is available on iOS and Android, is among the best features. The smart remote P607 has the ability to do anything that is possible. Even the TV is controlled by all the basic remote controls so there is no hassle. You are able to plug your monitor into headphones and even hear the TV privately with the app.

The remote program Vizio Smart TV is fantastic. It supports all remote functions and can also be used to type text in individual uncommon settings. The TV settings, including the TV calibration, can also be explicitly controlled and changed in the app.

Vizio vs TCL: Build Quality

Some people will worry that cheaper TVs may have a more flawed quality build and will thus not last until they are expected to. But clearly, TCL and Vizio produce high-quality TV sets. This is one of the reasons that all kinds of customers have recognized the achievements of both brands.

The fact is that the comparison between both brands is probably the most challenging segment, as Vizio and TCL give very same choices in terms of build quality. Vizio TVs usually are much thinner than TCL sets, although both are generally specialized in thin films. Both brands have similar legs, but Vizio is a little denser, which provides more support for their TVs as they sit on a table or a cabinet.

Even though both sets are remarkably similar when it comes to the physical materials used, Vizio has the very slight edge here thanks to a better design with slimmer models which results in reduced weight and a more appealing sleek look overall.

Vizio vs TCL: Picture Quality

I have to ask of much more than just a resolution or frame size to compare what is perhaps the most significant feature of a television package. While both Vizio and TCL manufacture modern-day television sets with 4 K resolution, high refrigeration speeds, and a high dynamic range, many aspects go beyond the three qualities of picture quality.

The QLED 65R625 Class 6-series model is one of TCL’s leading models, which offers an incredibly pure color that deep blacks for a fair price. The P-Series Quantum Class model of Vizio is on the other side of the table. The P-Series Quantum goes some bit deeper although both TVs have fantastic specs.

The Quantum Class has better reflections and higher reaction times, but it can be more costly. This ensures that the glare and input latency is minimized on this TV relative to the high-end TCL ones. Quantum provides a better color and contrast representation such that a gradient filter fewer masks the color palette.

Vizio TV even best manages motion blur, making it a perfect option for action or fast video games. While TCL is capable of providing 4 K sets at lower prices, which is not enough to overcome the fact that Vizio renders goods superior while considering many other visual factors. If you care about the accuracy of the shot, Vizio will receive my support.

Vizio vs TCL: Sound Quality

Vizio TV speakers are capable of transmitting lower frequencies than most TVs. More resonant sounds and bass-like effects are therefore more audible and real. Vizio TVs also perform very decently when it comes to the amount of harmonic distortion they produce.

TCL TVs usually have a reasonably decent score when their higher-end versions attain harmonic distortion and frequency response. If you want a TV that delivers better than average music, Vizio would have to be your pick.

Vizio vs TCL: Pricing

Both companies have managed to sell TV sets that are priced at a fraction of what they would be selling for if made by other companies. Vizio is cheaper for the cheapest models, but TCL for mid-priced and high-end models is moderately less expensive. When it’s come to a price, I have no choice but to conclude that when it came to price, TCL was overall the better option.

Notable Things for Better View

Both Vizio and TCL TVs are fantastic. The consistency of their vision is vital. But occasionally reality functions for better interpretation. And their proper expertise will make the television experience too precise.

Screen Size

TVs in various sizes are currently available, and a 24-inch display would be the smallest option available. However, smaller screen sizes are available, but not commonly available from popular brands.

You can’t go to a larger TV if you have a small space. It’s going to look weird and not pleasant. You can go to 55 “or even tiny TVs if your living room is small. However, whether you are 75 inches or much bigger, you will get decent screen size. And the right display size for 65 games. But the TV would see the frame size in several sizes before purchasing Vizio or TCL.


It’s fascinating to keep a distance from your TV. It even affects the eyes.

  • If 55″ is the width the distance should be 3.28 feet.
  • The estimated distance for a 65-inch TV is 3.94 meters.
  • For 75-inch TV, the distance is 4.59 meters.

Additional Speaker

These two televisions are very remarkable in the production of sound. And the sound quality is excellent and smooth, too. But if you’re going to set up a home theatre, the sound may not be enough. So, installing an additional pair of bookshelf speakers or floor standing speakers is going to be a fantastic task. They could blend in with your home theatre. You can also add a soundbar if you want.

The Bottom Line

Although the fight between Vizio and TCL was pretty close, I have to say that Vizio is the winner here overall. They were a definite favorite when it came to image quality, which is, in my view, the most critical aspect of any television package. TCL TVs are still fantastic and offer nearly unbeatable value, but Vizio knows how to produce premium goods that succeed at what the TV is meant to achieve.

Author’s Pick: Vizio TV


Well, we are almost at the end of the article. and you can count this part as a well-wish from us. best of luck with your purchase!

What is a TCL product warranty?

The TV goods directly sold by TCL are subject to a national 2-year guarantee from the producer. Please pay attention to imports from abroad: TV can be subject to various guarantee regulations.

Why is there a time difference between the sounds and the pictures on my TV?

If the time lag is due to an external cause, go to Menu – Option (OK), and then Enter SPDIF, and pick the feature that better corrects this time lag problem (Off, Dolby D, or PCM).

Which gadgets will cast on my SmartCast TV?

Contact the system manufacturer for the most precise detail. Generally, a system should be able to transmit content to your SmartCast Television using the following requirements.

  1. 4 and above Android Or higher IOS 9.0
  2. Or higher Mac OS 10.9
  3. OS (Chrome OS 28 or higher on Chromebook)
  4. Windows 7.0 and above

How do I cast my SmartCast TV Chrome Browser?

If you connect your device to the same network, you can press the Chrome browser’s Google Cast Icon and cast its content.

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