Smart TV vs Chromecast: Review and Comparison

Smart TV vs Chromecast is the two most popular devices in the people’s entertainment world. One is a TV, and another is a streaming device.

For Smart TV you don’t need and streaming device to watch live TV channels, YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu. But if you want you can use a streaming device to get extra features to your smart TV.

On the other side, Chromecast is a streaming device and with it, you can get more than smart tv features. And by connecting it to your old version TV you can enjoy all the smart TV features on your dump TV.

Both Smart TV and Chromecast has its own unique features and advantage for streaming live TV channels. The features are almost the same but if you compare Smart TV vs Chromecast then the main difference between them is the price.

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Smart TV vs Chromecast| Quick Difference Table

FeaturesSmart TVChromecast
4K ContentYesNo
Work Without WiFiSome functions workNo
Stream GamesYesYes
Privacy ConcernYesNo
Easy replaceableNoYes

Smart TV Features:

  • Fast user interface.
  • Many streaming videos.
  • 4K UHD content.
  • Powerful processor.
  • Streaming music and media player.
  • Gaming features.
  • Built-in WiFi.
  • Work over the internet.
  • App Store.
  • Universal searches.

What Is A Smart TV?

A Smart TV is the latest and updated version of our old dumb TV. In our dumb TV, we need to connect it to the HDTV antenna or cable. And thus, we can get to see the channels but in a limited range.

But this boundary has crossed the Smart TV. No more cable connection because Smart TV is direct can be connected to the internet. This makes it super famous.

A built-in WiFi helps it to connect over the internet. And connecting to the internet means lots of contents of our desired one we can see. No channel restrictions.

Though all smart TV brands don’t offer the same advantages as streaming channels. But at least you can expect of having Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and others.

And all of them are not paid. You can just enjoy them only by buying a smart TV. And there is also some built-in software which makes it more reliable.

What Does A Smart TV Actually Do?

You can consider a Smart TV like a computer. The main benefit you can get is the streaming channels using the internet. As I have previously mentioned that they can connect to the internet.

But besides, it also can browse the Web. Also, let you enjoy music. But actually, it gives streaming many contents and channels over the internet.

Advantages Of A Smart TV

    1. First and foremost advantage, you can connect it to your internet. Thus many streaming channels and thousand of content are there. So, easily you can search for your favorite movies.
      As they can give Youtube, so there is like thousand of content. Everything you can get. And Netflix or Amazon, Hulu provides the ultimate with of joy of entertainment.
    2. Secondly, web browsing or enjoying social media on your smart TV. Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media thing many smart now supports.
      Easy not only the movies or content you can see but also can do Facebooking or other things.
    3. Gaming is another significant advantage that makes most people happier. Playing video games on TV, isn’t it amazing? For game lovers, this is the biggest thing they can ever have as playing a game on TV can give you full pleasure.
      You can easily connect your Xbox or gaming console. So, your experience of video games with single details you can see on the bigger screen.
    4. Next thing, the powerful processor. Many may ignore this fact. But this is the real fact. A powerful processor makes sure of outstanding performance.
    5. Another advantage of having a Smart TV is it will update regularly. You don’t need to update yourself. It will make all the regular update which is necessary.

Different Smart TV Advantages

All smart TVs have the main feature of streaming to stay connected to the internet. And this way, they stream so many channels, videos, games, and much more.

But the brands are adding some extra advantages to their Smart TVs like sony tv. And the benefits differ from one to another.

Advantages Of Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs are better known for browsing WebWeb with a much user-friendly interface. Like Facebook, tweeter, or other social media networking, you can easily use it with your TV.

Therefore they are also compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. This means give a command with your voice and see what you want quickly.

Advantages of LG Smart TV

Lg Smart Tvs overall performance is way too good. They give a powerful performance with the highest picture quality. Besides they have features for using Alexa and some TV-like TCL and Samsung has built-in google assistant.

A new feature is the Google video store. So, it helps in getting so much video content. And they are also working on getting the app google play store. And this will add extra enjoyment in the future.

Advantages of Sony Smart TV

Sony Smart TVs are the best in one word and also long last. Watching movies with dark details and pretty brightness. Thousand content and live stream are great with it.

Also, many TV there has built-in Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility. So, it makes life more comfortable.

Chromecast Features:

  • Live stream.
  • Many streaming channels.
  • Stream sports or games.
  • 4k resolution with the Chromecast Ultra.
  • Built-in WiFi receiver.

What Is A Chromecast?


A Chromecast is actually a streaming device. And hearing this, you may guess what is the working principle of a Chromecast can be. However, it is a smart streaming device.

It can stream thousands of channels only with a connection to your TV’s HDMI port. Yes, it is that simple. Just plug it into the HDMI port, and that is ready to stream thousands of channels of your favorite to your TV.

And these devices are powered by a USB cable. And the line is also included with it. And most importantly it is cheap than buying a TV and also you can get the facilities of seeing a lot of content.

Only a smartphone or laptop is needed for streaming the channels. Can stream Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, HBO, Disney, and much more. And streaming these channels means lots of movies and other content beyond imagination.

So, the Chromecast work primarily streams the channels to your TV. And one thing to remember is that a robust WiFi connection is needed for streaming without any buffer. It already has an integrated WiFi receiver, which helps it to connect.

What Is A Chromecast Ultra?

google chromecast

Nothing much difference between Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra. With the term Chromecast, many want to know about Chromecast Ultra. The main difference is that Chromecast ultra can stream 4K HDR content that the Chromecast can not.

This may call the updated version of Chromecast. Except for this, the rest of the works are the same. It also needs to connect to the TV. And the is a USB cable and need to connect to the TV HDMI ports.

With your phone, iPad, laptop, computer, or other things, you can cast or stream your desired movies or games. All the other things like the Chromecast in Chromecast Ultra.

Advantages Of A Chromecast

  1. Streaming thousand plus channels or content only with a small streaming device is terrific. The plus point is that you won’t need any smart TV. If you have a regular TV or a dumb TV, you still can have all the facilities.
    And with the Chromecast Ultra, you can enjoy 4K content. But enjoying this point, you just need a TV that has a 4K resolution available. However, it is not a concern because now almost all the TVs provide 4K content.
  2. Next thing, it is cheap. No need to pay for subscribing to all the channels. Some you may use free what the Chromecast gives.
  3. It is a small device if you want to move somewhere you can easily carry it. Carry in your handbag or any way you want. No need for extra bothering.
  4. Super easy to set up. It only needs to connect to our TV with the HDMI port, and there is also a USB cable for powering it.
  5. Enjoying life also a great advantage of it. You may not enjoy it with your TV sometimes. But with the Chromecast, you can see live sports or other performance.
  6. If you ever wanted to see the mobile or laptop monitor display on a bigger screen, then the Chromecast is for you. Because with the help of you can see the screen on your TV display.

Smart TV vs Chromecast | Full Comparison


When we are talking about a Smart TV, all the smart TVs has a powerful processor for processing several functions. They are delivering 4K resolution and some 8K also.

Nowadays, most of the Smart TV are also using Dolby Atmos or something good for the best sounding. So, overall seeing the performance of a Smart TV  is excellent.

But after all these things, Smart TV sometimes can be slow. As you need to on it so it may take some time to turn on. Like 40-45 seconds sometimes may seem lengthy.

And after a specific time, it also hangs. A smart TV price quite expensive. So, if after a certain amount of time you see these problems, it is quite frustrating.

On but another hand, Chromecast has a pretty impressive processor with RAM. So, the functionality is more effortless. And thus the performance is also excellent.

A streaming device doesn’t take time to switch between several apps. Instead, it is fast and works fast. For this reason no need to wait for another content to start or another channel switch.

But one thing lack is that it can’t provide 4K content. For this, many may not take it. The most considering fact is it can work efficiently with the dumb or normal TV.

So, the 4k content may sometimes ignorable. But this facility you can get with the Chromecast Ultra.


Accessibility is a big thing when choosing between Smart TV vs Chromecast. Because when you are about to buy something is spending your money, you need to know if it is easily accessible or not.

A Smart TV comes with a remote with it. So, getting the thing you want to see to hear you can easily access. For smooth usage, a remote is a need.

But if the remote lack modern functions, then it can be problematic. Because when you are searching for something, you have to press the buttons on the remote.

I don’t think it is comfortable typing for a long time. Wasting time in typing can spoil the mood of movie nights.

But in this time, the remote is updated in most Smart TV. They have modern functions with voice command features like Alexa or Google assistant.

If anyone has this, then it will be more enjoyable.

Another hand, a Chromecast doesn’t have a remote with it. It can work efficiently with smartphones. You can control it from the phone quickly. Just an app you need to install on your phone.

Or from an iPad or computer also you can program it. But it lacks remote cause a small accessibility problem but as there is a phone so it is not a big deal.


Comparing the price range, Smart TV costs a lot. Many can not afford it sometimes. As there are a lot of benefits and the high performance makes it expensive.

There is hardly any Smart TV in the cheap price range. It is mostly famous for its pre-installed software. And the streaming channels, contents, live stream, or gaming makes it more widespread.

But if you want these things to enjoy but have a tight budget, then you surely can go with the Chromecast. Because Chromecast can serve with all the popular streaming channels or content you want.

All the movies or music or even gaming. So, when you are getting the same benefit at a low price, then why go with a TV. But those who intend to spend more money than Smart TV is for them.


In the previous point, I have already discussed that Smart TV is expensive than the Chromecast streaming device. And also mentioned for whom they are suitable.

But if you focus on one point that buying a Smart TV may cause you a loss at one point. Because day by day, all the things like streaming channels or other items are updating.

So, after five years of your buying, a Smart TV can be backdated. And then replace it with another TV can make you spend huge money. Or, if you want to buy an extra streaming device and then use it with the TV, it also wastage of money.

But if you are buying a Chromecast, then after a period of time, you can easily replace it with another trending device. So, you don’t need to waste money.

But if you can afford to spend more money, then that is another thing. But for most people, the second option is best.


Both the Smart TV vs Chromecast provides thousand of apps and streaming channels. Like both of them have built-in apps like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, etc.

Just install them and enjoy. Installing Youtube TV, Netflix, or you can enjoy HBO, Disney plus, Prime video. These ensure thousand plus content. And there is no chance of missing your favorite movies.

Then the Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube music that even I can’t list. Because the list is enormous. You can’t even imagine.

Next, so many games video games are more enjoyable. Both of the devices primarily ensure people’s enjoyment.

Privacy Concern

Privacy concern is the biggest thing in recent times. Because when you are going to access something over the internet, there is a risk of being hacked. And recently, several incidents came out.

Many personal things got viral. And this creates a bad situation for people. So, whenever we are going to use any device, we must need to be careful.

There always remains a high risk of stealing personal data when you are connected to the internet. The same thing happens with smart TVs. As they stay connected to the internet.

Stay connected to the internet there is a possibility of hacking. Your data can steal hackers and misuse.

And there is quite a fair amount of such harmful incidents. Many people have become the victim. This puts them into some difficult situations. And for this, the FBI has warned the people.

The primary reason is the ACR. ACR is used in Smart TVs for advertising. When you are watching something, the data transfer to the manufacturer. And by this, they advertise.

But this is awful that your things are watching the third party. And this the ultimate hacking.

But with the Chromecast streaming device, no chances of this problem. It can not be hacked. No need to worry about privacy. Your info will be only yours.

So, I think regarding this fact, Chromecast is better than Smart TV.

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Smart TV With Chromecast vs Dumb TV With Chromecast

As previously, I highlight many points about the advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV vs Chromecast. Some may think of buying Smart TV with the Chromecast.

So, this can be a wise decision for those who have quite a fair amount of money to spend. Because Smart TV cost much then the Chromecast. This can be helpful because Chromecast provides lots more than Smart TV.

But for maximum people, this is not the right decision. But one thing for sure, this can be a good combination.

But who doesn’t want to do it for them? It is best to buy only the Chromecast for their dumb or normal TV. Everyone now has a TV in their home. If not, then this package can give full enjoyment within budget.

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Final Verdict

Smart TV vs Chromecast is two great devices that are way too good to describe. But still, there are some differences. So, finding a suitable one is quite essential.

Seeing the overall point, in my personal opinion, I think Chromecast is better than Smart TV. And several reasons are there. First, the Smart TV can take a good amount of money.

Then the privacy concern and lack of streaming channels and apps than the Chromecast. And when the Chromecast can deliver the same performance as the Smart TV, then it is best to buy the cheap one.

But another thing the accessibility is more efficient with Smart TV. And the display is also pretty. Now it’s your decision which to buy.

Buy one that matches your need and budget. And then experience the most significant movies, games, and so many things.

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Frequently Asked Question

As you leave, we hope that our parting gift i.e this FAQ section will bring a smile to your face. May it be the first in what is sure to be many adventures of success! Best of luck with your purchase!

Can I use my phone while using Chromecast?

Yes, Chromecast provides this multitasking feature. This is a good thing. When you are using the Chrome web browser or begin to cast, you can use other apps on your phone or laptop.

This won’t cause any problem. Anything on your phone, like social media or other things you can do easily.

Can my Smart TV watch me?

Some Smart TV has hidden cameras that can watch you. This is a bad thing about Smart TV. But nothing to do.

So, for privacy, make sure before buying any Smart TV that they don’t have any hidden camera.

Does Chromecast provide free streaming channels?

There are Youtube, Netflix, and some channels that you can run free. It means no money is for them. This is interesting. Getting something free is always cool.

Do you still need Chromecast with a Smart TV?

Lacking screen monitoring from phones or laptops on Smart TV can be the reason for buying Chromecast. Because many smart TV has a lack of intelligent interface or many apps.

So, this lacks to fill up the Chromecast. So, it won’t be the wrong decision if you already have a smart TV.

Does Chromecast work with any TV?

Yes, Chromecast can work with any TV dumb, regular, or smart. It doesn’t need extra features. But one must think about the HDMI. The Tv should have an HDMI port. Otherwise, you can’t connect it to your TV.

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