Vizio D series vs M series: Model By model Review

Vizio is well-known for being affordable. But the quality doesn’t degrade with reduced cost. Along with that, with several models and series, you can choose one for each group of people. In this article, we will compare the Vizio D series vs M series. While both series have demands but the pivot seems to tilt toward the M-series.

This comparison help guide between Vizio D series vs M series will help you decide.

Vizio D series vs M series 2019

With time, Vizio improved its M and D-series. Last year Vizio released M-series Quantum 2019 models.

VizioD-series 2019
Resolution720p HD: D32h-G9, D24h-G9
1080p Full HD: D40f-G9, D24f-G1, D32f-G1
4K: D65x-G4, D55x-G1, D50x-G9
ProcessorSix-Core Processor or Octa-core processor
Effective refresh rate:120Hz or 60Hz
VizioM-series 2019
ProcessorOcta-Core Processor
Dynamic contrast ratio5M:1
Effective refresh rate120Hz
VizioD-series 2019
Resolution720p HD: D32h-G9, D24h-G9
1080p Full HD: D40f-G9, D24f-G1, D32f-G1
4K: D65x-G4, D55x-G1, D50x-G9
ProcessorSix-Core Processor or Octa-core processor
Effective refresh rate:120Hz or 60Hz

Vizio D-series D32f-G1 vs M-series M657-G0

Picture quality

From the 2019 series, we will compare between Vizio D-series D32f-G1 vs M-series M657-G0. The main difference that caught our attention is that the Vizio 32-inch D-series with LED/LCD screen has 1080p Full HD resolution but the M657-G0 has 4k resolution. That doesn’t mean the picture quality is poor in D32f-G1. It has a warm color tone with greater accuracy.

The brightness is good but not that impressive and dark scenes aren’t well represented. The contrast is decent but it doesn’t have the ‘pure’ black color. Although it doesn’t have any blur reduction technology, the motion is handled pretty well. The viewing angle is good so you can enjoy movies with the family.

However, you will be disappointed by the audio quality that can get loud but doesn’t have proper bass or clarity. Comparing Vizio 32” D32f-G1 vs 65” M657-G0, we see that the D32f-G1 doesn’t have local dimming zones whereas the M657-G0 has 20.

The D32f-G1 also doesn’t support HDR whereas the M-series supports Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and with 4k resolution, the colors will be vibrant and the picture will be clearer. The brightness and color contrast is better than D32f-G0 but compared to other M7 models, they are not so impressive. The color range and representation are better.

From this Vizio M-series quantum review, we see that the M657-G0 has a poor viewing angle, they can handle reflections well.

Comparison chart between Vizio D-series D32f-G1 vs M-series M657-G0

Local dimming zones20unknown
Connections4 HDMI2 HDMI
Tv platformSmartCast with ChromecastSmartCast with Chromecast
HDRDolby Vision, HDR10, HLGunknown
Sound output15x25x2

Smart TV features

The SmartCast TV features for the M-series has improved over the years. You can find the major apps like Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Hulu, Netflix, Plex, and YouTube on both these models. They also have a WatchFree channel so you can easily cut your cable.

Between Vizio M-series vs D-series, we see that both support Chromecast via which you can cast content from Andriod phone and AirPlay for iOS devices. Overall, the SmartCast is now easier to use compared to M- or D-series TV 2017 or 2016 Platform.

Connections and control

The D-series has two HDMI ports which you can use to connect Blu-ray players, gaming devices, etc. the M-series has four HDMI ports and other ports like Ethernet, USB, TV tuner, ARC, etc are present in both.

The Vizio D-series vs M-series both can be controlled in the same way. They offer you multiple options so you can choose freely. There is a mobile app, a sleek remote, and a voice assistant like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The remote control didn’t improve much. The Vizio D-series D32f-G0 has 6 dedicated buttons for Xumo, iHeartRadio, Netflix, Amazon. The M-series has the same remote, while we weren’t a fan of several buttons remote, it is handy.

Best for

With low input lag, better response time, and Clear Action technology, the M657-G0 can be used to play games. it is also best for watching movies because of its high picture quality. The D32f-G1 is best for small rooms with no space. It is good for general watching.

How to achieve maximum brightness in M-series?

  • In the picture, settings set the Calibrated Dark, Picture Mode to high
  • Also, adjust settings of Local Dimming to high and ‘backlight’ to Max
  • Adjust the Gamma to 2.1

Vizio D-series vs M-series 2017

Back in 2017, most of the Vizio D-series models were in 1080p resolution with an increase in number in 4k resolution.  The dynamic contrast ratio also varied where the larger screen sizes are 50M:1 and others are 200k:1. On the other hand, in M-series 2017 models, all models have 4k resolution and 20M:1 contrast ratio.

Specification Table of Vizio D-series:

VizioD-series 2017
ProcessorV8 Octa-Core Processor: D55-E0, D65-E0, D50-E1, D43-E2
V6 Six-Core Processor: all other models
Dynamic contrast ratio5M:1: D55-E0, D65-E0,
200k:1: all other models
Effective refresh rate:60Hz: D24h-E1, D32f-E1, D43f-E1
120Hz: all other models

 Specification Table of Vizio D-series

VizioM-series 2017
Processor8-core performance
Dynamic contrast ratio20M:1
Effective refresh rate:120Hz

 Vizio D-series 55” D55-E0 vs M-series M50-E1

Picture quality

Here we will compare the Vizio D-series 55” D55-E0 vs Vizio M-series 50” M50-E1.  The Vizio 55 4k D-series D55-E0 is an Ultra HD TV that has a 4k resolution. The 8.3 million pixels and Spatial Scaling Engine focuses on improving the picture quality making it more detailed and sharper.

Although the Vizio D-series55” lacks in color gamut, the Scaling Engine effectively converts the HD and Full HD picture to 4k resolution. The Smart TV platform and the interface are moderate but not very snappier or flexible with several apps like Roku TV.

Between Vizio 55” D-series vs 50” M-series, both have a decent look where bezels surround the TV. The M-series has XHDR Plus that includes Dolby Vision, HDR10, and has 32 local dimming zones. Whereas, the Vizio 55- inch D-series has only 10 local dimming zones with no HDR support. With a greater number of zones and HDR, the M-series outperforms D-series.

The Vizio 55” M-series M55-E1 has more color depth, a wide range of color, precise details with better contrast that has darkest blacks. It doesn’t have a good viewing angle but you can watch it in moderately bright rooms. Clear Action 180 technology of D-series minimizes blur so that we can easily watch fast-moving contents. M-series has Clear Action 360.

Smart TV features

Comparing Vizio D-series vs M-series, the M-series have SmartCast TV platform and the D-series have Vizio Internet Apps Plus (VIA Plus) platform. The VIA Plus can be used to view the most popular apps like Amazon, Google Play Movies & TV, Netflix, Vudu, and YouTube.

The SmartCast platform is easy to use compared to VIA Plus and has a wide number of apps and contents. Even if any major app is missing you can easily cast it through your phone via built-in Google Chromecast.

Comparison chart between Vizio D-series D55-E0 vs M-series M50-E1

Local dimming zones3210
ConnectionsHas ARC but no TV tunerTV tuner
Tv platformSmartCast with ChromecastVIA Plus
Clear Action360180
HDRXHDR Plus - Dolby Vision / HDR10 SupportNone
Active pixel tuningYesYes
Speaker output15x210x2

Connections and controls

The differences between the Vizio M-series vs Vizio D-series also lies in connections. The M-series is more advanced and updated. The HDMI versions of M-series are updated, it has an ARC but no TV tuner. The D-series doesn’t have an ARC but has TV-tuner.

The remote control has a rectangular shape but the plastic feels cheap. With a lot of buttons, we found the remotes to be difficult to press and control without looking at it every time. Some differences lie between the Vizio M-series vs D-series remote as well. The Vizio remote D-series have three dedicated buttons on the top for iHeartRadio, Netflix, and Xumo, the M-series doesn’t have them.

The M-series remote also has a cleaner look. You can use a mobile app and it is also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Best for

With very low input lag, enhanced HDR image, and minimum blur in fast pacing content, the M-series is ideal for gaming along with general watching. The D-series is good for watching general TV shows or content.

Things you should know

Picture settings:

The picture settings and modes are similar for the D- and M-series. to change picture mode:

  • Press on Menu on the remote
  • Select Picture mode.
  • You can select one from the six picture modes
  • The Calibrated mode and Calibrated Dark mode are to watch TV in bright and dark rooms respectively.
  • Game mode lowers ‘throughput delay’ making the picture ideal for gaming.

USB device:

  • Save photos or videos on the USB thumb drive
  • The drive should be formatted to FAT32
  • The D55-E0 USB supports .jpg and .jpeg extension file
  • The M50-E1 USB supports only .mp3 extension
  • You can use the USB media player to play contents from external hard drives, Mp3 players, cameras, or smartphones

Vizio D-series vs M-series 2016


VizioD-series 2016
ResolutionHD or 4K
ProcessorNot all TV has a processor
D28hn-D1, D39hn-D0:no processor
D65u-D2:V6 Six-core processor
Effective refresh rate:D28hm-D1, D39hm-D0:60Hz
D65-D2D50-D1, D65u-D2:120Hz
Smart TVNo Smart TV: D28hn-D1, D39hn-D0,
VIA Plus platform: D65u-D2
VizioM-series 2016
Effective refresh rate:240Hz
Smart TVSmartCast
TV tunerNo
Local dimmingVaries,
M65-D0, M80-D3:64

Vizio D-series 2016 is an older line of models some of which isn’t a Smart TV. But they have a TV tuner so you will view cable TV with a high-quality picture. So, users or elderly who want to buy a non-Smart TV but from a good brand can make their choice.

The M-series 2016 doesn’t have a TV Tuner and that’s because they are Smart TV that allows you to access several apps. It expects you to stop using the cable. Here we will compare Vizio D-series 65: D65u-D2 vs M-series 50” M55-D0.

Picture quality

There are several differences between Vizio D65u-D2 vs M55-D0 including picture quality. While both TVs support 4k resolution, the M55-D0 has Dolby Vision and HDR 10 which the D-series doesn’t have.

From the Vizio D-series 65 review, is it seen that the D65u-D2 TV uses Spatial Scaling Engine to upscale standard and HD content to UHD? The VM50 Ultra HD engine makes images look sharper and brighter.

While the picture is not like the latest or high-end TV, it is still decent. The 16 dimming zones and 2M:1 contrast ratio focuses on the picture with clarity. the M55-D0 has high contrast ratio with deeper blacks. The picture quality is better than D65u-D2.  It has Clear Action 360 that reduces blur for actions or sports contents.

M-series has decent upscaling where the DVD upscaling isn’t that good as Blu-ray. The color gamut isn’t that impressive but it is still better than D65u-D2.

 Comparison chart between Vizio D-series D65u-D2 vs M-series M55-D0

Local dimming zones3216
Tv platformSmartCastVizio Internet Apps Plus
Clear Action360240
Active pixel tuningYesYes
Speaker output15x215x2
Dynamic contrast5M:12M:1
Control optionstabletremote

Smart TV features

Another major difference between Vizio D65u-D2 vs M55-D0 is that the D-series uses the Vizio Internet Apps (VIA) Plus platform which is weaker compared to SmartCast.

However, with the Vizio Smart TV D- series, you can still stream content from most popular apps like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Vudu, and YouTube. You can choose to watch sports, music, movies, games, etc. the versatility isn’t like Smartcast or Roku TV but it is still good.

The M55-D0 uses SmartCast with Chromecast. With apps like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, and YouTube, you can it is a better user interface than VIA Plus. Also, you can cast from any device with the Chromecast. It is snappier than VIA Plus but definitely lags when compared to streaming devices (Roku, Nvidia Shield)

Connections and control

Comparing Vizio M series vs D series 2016, we see that the older M-series comes with a tablet.  It is 6” tall and can do the major functions but it doesn’t feel very snappy or powerful to use. The Vizio 65” D series 4k has a plastic rectangular remote which looks similar to other Vizio remotes.

It has dedicated buttons like iHeartRadio, Netflix, and Amazon. They are better than the M-series tablet. None of the Vizio 2016 series supports any voice assistants.

Best for

The D-series can be considered for people who simply want a ‘normal’ Smart TV without many expectations. You can easily use it for general watching of movies, TV shows. Along with that, with low input lag and better response time, you can also use it for gaming.

The Vizio 55inch M-series M55-D0 also has low input lag, good response time, and can lower ‘backlight frequency’ which reduces blur. So, it is best for gaming along with other basic things.

Product Differentiators

If you are familiar with SmartCast and love Chromecast, you will find it in M-series. Some of the D series models have the SmartCast while others use the VIA Plus platform. The D-series is a step back making it ideal for people who don’t want many features on TV and want a high-quality resolution to watch cable TV. This will be a great choice for older people or people who want a ‘simple’ TV.

M-series focuses on SmartCast and older models don’t have a TV tuner.  The M-series seems an upgrade from D-series with better picture quality and local dimming zones. You can easily choose one from the M-series if you have the habit to watch Netflix or watch Live TV.

Parting words:Vizio D series vs M series

In this article on the Vizio D series vs M series, we have compared some specific models as well as series in general so that users can have a deep understanding. The latest models of the D series are better compared to older ones. The Vizio D series vs M series 2019 models have voice assistants, better image quality that focuses on clarity, and a wide color gamut.

If you want a TV for people who aren’t into these specs or won’t notice certain changes, then you can choose one from D-series whereas with the enhanced picture, snappier SmartCast, and lots of other options, the M-series is good for gaming or watching online contents.

The M-series is better than D-series in terms of Smart TV Platform, HDR features, local dimming zones. Most M-series can be used easily for watching most watched contents online. At the end of the day, it depends on what things you watch the most, Cable TV, Netflix or you like to cast any other content from your mobile.

FAQs: Vizio D series vs M series

This FAQ section is here to help you even more with this comparison. let’s find out more!

How to set up channels in Vizio TV?

Vizio TV channel menu allows you to perform the following:

  • Find channels
  • Then Select channels to skip
  • Select analog audio mode
  • Select the language for digital audio
  • Set parental controls

When you are using an antenna, the TV may need scanning of channels. You need to do an Auto channel scan on the TV. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to Menu
  • Select Channels
  • Select Find Channels
  • Give some time so that the TV can complete scanning.

How to perform audio changes in Vizio TV?

Answer: To go to audio settings:

  • Select Menu
  • Choose Audio
  • Then select ok
  • With the help of arrows, you can change any settings
  • You can change settings of Volume control level, Surround Sound, or Balance between speakers.

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