LG vs TCL 4K TV: Side by Side Comparison

LG and TCL are the two most renowned TV manufacturers. Both of them every year brings some great TVs with many excellent features. They are now offering many 4K TVs with extra features. Almost all of their TVs feature 4K resolution. But when comparing LG vs TCL 4K TV, LG is moderately better than TCL.

LG vs TCL 4K | Which Is Best For What?

MoviesBest: For the fantastic picture quality, with powerful speakers.Better
HDR moviesGood: Supports HDR formats good for HDR movies.Good: HDR or HDR10 works efficiently.
GamingBest: Low input lag, excellent response time.Better: Have auto gaming mode.
TV showsBetterBest: Built-in Roku offers thousand plus content.

If you look at the specifications then you can see so many differences and similarities. Like LG TV comes with a powerful processor and TCL has an average processor, LG TV runs on WebOS and TCL offers 50+ content. LG has an advanced Magic TV remote, on the other hand, TCl comes with a good quality normal remote. And LG comes with a built-in ThinQ AI app and TCL comes with Alexa, the Google assistant.

If you look for similarities then you cannot find so many. Both TV offer 4k  high-resolution picture and the sound quality is the same. But LG TVs’ picture quality is better than TCL but the price of TCL TV is lower than LG TV.

LG vs TCL 4K TV | Comparison Table

FeaturesLG 4K TVTCL 4K TV
Picture QualityBest: Offer OLED, QLED, LED tech with 4K resolutionBetter
4K resolution4K contents look accurate4k resolution sometimes loose
ProcessorPowerful processorAverage processor
Sound QualityTieTie
OSBetter: WebOSBest: Offers many contents 50 thousand plus
RemoteInteresting Magic remoteQuite good remote control
Built-in appsThinQ AlAlexa, Google assistant

What Is A 4K TV?

A 4K TV offers four times better resolution than a normal HD TV. A normal TV has resolution of (1,920 x 1,080) pixel and a 4K TV gives 4 time better means 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. Total 8 million pixels, which is a big number.

You can already imagine how crystal clear, sharp, and natural with a high-resolution picture you can with a 4K TV. Whatever you see with your regular HD TV, get much better with a 4K TV.

4K TV also refers to UHD TV. Many may already know about the term. Ultra High Definition or UHD is one of the fantastic technology making the TV experience incredible.

Though UHD has 8K resolution also but mostly 4K resolution known as UHD.

And the LG VS TCL both have unique production of 4K TVs are can blow out anyone’s mind.


LG is a South Korean company serving for years. This took this 4K feature to make their TVs more highly defined. LG always a strong brand, and when they add 4K to their TV, this makes them more vital.

They always take the latest technology and make a high-level product. And doing this, they are on the top now. Very few brands are now competing with them, and most of them can’t stand them.

Like other TVs, LG 4K TVs are praisable for gaming and movies. All 4K content will look so beautiful that it makes the viewer fall for it.

But very few products are cheap; they always make TVs expensive still never fall from demand.

LG C9 Series Smart OLED TV – 55″ 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Built-in


  • Resolution: 4K HDR OLED
  • Screen size: 55.”
  • Processor: α9 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor
  • Connections: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI
  • Refresh Rate: 120 hertz
  • Supports: Alexa with LG ThinQ AI technology, Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
  • Audio: Dolby Atmos 2.2 Ch 40W (WF: 20W)
  • HDMI: 4
  • Smart OS: Roku TV

LG always uses advanced technology in all its products. This C9 is also one of their great TV.

This 4K C9 TV provides picture quality more lifelike. Looks so realistic, with the 4K resolution makes the picture so clear. Adding the OLED technology turns every pixel into the finest one.

Feels like what you are seeing; you have that scene around you. And the most incredible sound supports Dolby Atmos hear so detailed that you will feel you are there directly seeing and hearing everything.

And the ThinQ Al, Alexa, and Google assistant make this TV more intelligent. Enjoying TV with no extra work.

Only LG offers the full pleasure of gaming. The picture moves so smoothly, and the intensive black color any game lover can fall for.

TV from LG took anyone to the next level of TV experience.


TCL is such a company that always consider peoples budget. They mainly make TV for those who have a tight budget or don’t want to spend much on TVs.

And always being praised. However, they make cheap TVs but never compromise with quality. And since they are making 4K TVs, their demand is getting high.

With the TCL 4k TVs, you also can set up and home theater within a reasonable budget. So think how great they become!

TCL 75″ 5-Series 4K Smart TV – 75S535


  • Resolution: 4K HDR QLED
  • Screen size: 75.”
  • Connections: Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI
  • Refresh Rate: 120 hertz
  • Supports: Dolby Vision & Atmos
  • HDMI: 4
  • Smart OS: Roku TV

This TCL 5 series TV is an excellent TV by TCL. 55-inch size is also available, but the 75” is something everyone searches for.

Firstly it is a 4K UHD TV which ensures the most beautiful picture quality. So clear, defined, and realistic picture you will see in the display.

The significant contrast, wide color with Dolby Vision makes the picture look so warm and generous. Dolby Vision gives thousands of rich colors and a more realistic image.

The next thing is the most incredible QLED technology it has taken. The Quantum dot mechanism the QLED technology use makes every pixel, every single picture detail so high. This is now one of the most popular technology.

Then the Roku smart features provide the rest of the benefits. Many streaming channels and facilities they provide.

And the 75-inch bigger screen makes it great for home theater also. One exciting feature is the auto gaming mode. Whenever you connect a gaming console, the mode will turn on automatically.

Overall this 5 series is so good.

LG vs TCL 4K TV | Main Distinctions

Stunning Picture Quality With LG 4K TV

Both of the LG VS TCL 4K TVs provide 4K high resolution for incredible picture quality. Along with this different TV technology they used for making a more elevated level TV.

Like the QLED, OLED, LED they mostly use. But since TCL offers a cheaper rate, they have hardly taken the OLED technology. Besides, they also provide HDR, HLG, or HDR10+ formats in many products.

Talking about LG, other manufacturers can’t beat LG in picture quality. Because LG always uses high-quality technology for making its TVs one of the best.

They use the OLED, QLED technology that most brands don’t offer. So, in OLED TVs, every pixel lights up, and thus the brightest picture can be seen.

And with the QLED TV, quantum dot gets the dark black and brightest white. Besides, now some expensive models use the IPS tech with the most impressive picture on the screen.

The LG cheaper TVs use the LED backlighting capable of giving the brightest, clear picture.

And the Triple XD Engine, NanoCell technology LG use enhance the picture quality to the finest one.

TCL has become an up growing TV manufacturer by offering several high-level technologies. Many series of TCL use the QLED or mini QLED tech. This makes the picture more defined.

Also, LED is widely used to give an accurate, clear image on the screen. Along with providing HDR formats, full-array local dimming, brightest white, and excellent contrast.

It also took the Dolby Vision, which accurately makes the color vibrant and looks great.

But comparing the LG picture quality is best.

Sound Quality

Both LG and TCL offers a subtle and punchy sound that is awesome. Many of their models have a built-in speaker and work intensely.

But the LG most often uses 20W of the speaker, and TCL uses 16W power. The DTS surround sound, Dolby Atmos, Ultra Surround sound mode they use to produce the most realistic sound, rich and punchy bass with excellent mids and highs.

Which Has More Durability?

LG makes the expensive models much so as per that they offer the durability stand. Stands made of metal can hold the TV quite well, which makes TVs more durable.

But many TVs don’t come to withstand. They may wall-mounted or not. And the cheaper models have thin frames which are not so good.

Another way TCL also has durable stands and V-shape stands they make most. Some stands made of plastic or metal have a fragile design. Some TVs also wall mounted

TCL Has Great Operating System

LG has its WebOS system, which provides various content, streaming channels, or movies with the ThinQ Al. But if you want, you can set up Chromecast or Apple TV 4K with the TV for getting more.

And TCL uses Roku as they have a partnership. It quickly offers 4K contents, which go perfectly with the 4K TV. Fifty thousand-plus contents without any problem you can enjoy.

Main Features

LG uses the most potent quad-core processor or a7 Gen 3 Processor or others for making the picture even more pleasing, clear, and realistic.  Also, have the Filmmaker mode, Airplay 2.

Filmmaker mode displays the image as it is made, and Airplay 2 is best for gaming. Also, have my webOS and ThinQ Al.

TCL another hand, have built-in Alexa, Google assistant, auto gaming mode, or THX. It also has a powerful processor. Some models have built-in OTA and other exciting features.

LG Is More Expensive Than TCL TV

Compare the price range, no need to broadly say that LG is more expensive TVs than TCL. Most of the 4K LG TVs price bit high.

And there are many reasons for this price. LG never compromised with the quality and made the magnificent TVs always. But TCL uses cheaper tech or features for creating more affordable TVs.

If you think of getting the most graceful TV experience and have no price limitation, then you must go for LG. From 500$ to 1000$ you can find the most qualified TV.

But with a tight budget, go for TCL. You can find 150$ TVs easily.

LG vs TCL 4K TV | Product Review

LG 65” 4K Smart TV vs TCL 65″ 4K UHD TV

FeaturesLG 65UN7300PUF 73 Series 65" 4KTCL 65" 6-Series 4K
Model No.65UN7300PUF65R635
Display TypeLEDMini-QLED
HDMI Port34
SupportsAlexa Built-InDolby Vision, Roku TV
Connectivity TechnologyWireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMIWi-Fi, USB, HDMI
Refresh Rate60 hertz120 hertz
Item Weight47.4 pounds65.7 pounds

This LG 65UN7300PUF gives the actual 4K resolution on your screen. The high defined resolution, more clarity in the picture, accurate color all comes together and provides the fullest pleasure of the TV experience.

The LED display technology also makes the image quality more bright and detailed. The significant contrast and 60 Hz refresh rate and the quad-core processor are so good all in one.

Next, it also has some advanced tech in it. The ThinQ Al, filmmaker mode are intelligent technology. With them better sound system and picture quality like a cinematic experience you can gather.

Besides, the WebOs get you to see more and more streaming movies, content, and channels that you like. Disney, Hulu, Netflix, all kinds of content.

Next, it also provides the magic remote, which is easier to use and has very delicate controls.

All sides judging it is best for movies.

The next TCL 6 series comes with the 4K resolution, QLED technology supporting Dolby Vision, and HDR. So, you can already imagine how cool the image quality it can provide.

The 4K resolution already makes the picture more natural, high definition quality. The QLED technology uses a quantum dot mechanism that makes the marker more smooth than the pure black and brightest image we can see.

Then the Dolby Vision HDR Pro Pack adds a pinch of extra effort, which makes the picture more vibrant and acoustic.

Besides the picture quality, it provides some interesting features like auto Game Mode, AiPQ Engine with Smart HDR, Easy Voice Control Works with Alexa, and Google Assistant.

So, all in one, this a magnificent TV.

Things Need To Improve

LG 65UN7300PUF 73 Series 65″ 4K TCL 65″ 6-Series 4K
  • Need a better refresh rate
  • The Remote needs to be better
  • Mediocre full-array local dimming feature


TCL 6 Series 65” is better for Movies.

LG NanoCell 85 Series 55″ 4K vs TCL 55″ Class 4-Series 4K

FeaturesLG NanoCell 85 Series 55"TCL 55" Class 4-Series 4K
Model No.55NANO85UNA55S435
TV TypesSmart UHD NanoCell TVSmart TV
Display TypeLEDLED
HDMI Port44
Connectivity TechnologyBluetooth, Ethernet, HDMI, USB, WirelessWireless, USB, HDMI
Refresh Rate120 hertz60Hz
SupportsDolby Vision, HDR10, HLG, Google Assistant / AlexaNA
Item Weight38.8 pounds35.3 pounds

This LG 4K 55” TV is simply so graceful. It has all the brightest feature that the LG TVs contains.

And it is a 4K Nano cell TV it produces a real 4K resolution with over 8.3 million active pixels. The lifelike realistic picture with nano color, accurate and pure black, and peak brightness makes the image seem precise.

And the local dimming makes you fall in love with the picture lightning. The movies or games all look balanced and enhanced. The quality makes it perfect.

Then the a7 Gen 3 Processor adds the last effect on the picture. More smooth, clear, and sharp details on display. And the Dolby Vision IQ automatically can adjust the image with the requirements.

There is Dolby Atmos for making the sound system transparent and fair-tuned. More surround sound and realistic around you. The spectacular sound and picture quality make it suitable for home theater.

And also are capable of high-level gaming experience. The low input lag, intense refresh rate, HGiG profile make it perfect for HDR gaming.

Then the TCL 4K 4 series 55” is best for the movies. The 4K content, HDR, and LED display make it great for the film.

The stunning picture it displays on the screen. So clarity in the vision and defined images makes the experience splendidly suitable.

It mostly can enhance the entertainment with thousand of contents and streaming channels. It is a Roku TV, so searching is so fast, much more comfortable with it. Within a minute, you can search for your favorite theme.

The built-in tuner helps you to enjoy OTA free and get endless content. Thousand-plus streaming channels like Hulu, Netflix, Disney, and many more are easy to enjoy.

And the customized sleek design and the screen size helps a lot for searching the contents quickly without a mess. Overall thinking it is great for movies.

Things Need To Improve

LG NanoCell 85 Series 55″ TCL 55″ Class 4-Series 4K
  • Nothing considerable
  • Does not get bright


LG NanoCell 85 Series 55″ is perfect for home theater and gaming.

TCL 55″ Class 4-Series 4K great for movies.

LG 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV vs TCL 43″ Class 4-Series 4K UHD 43S405

FeaturesLG 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVTCL 43" Class 4-Series 4K
Model No.55UK630043S405
TV TypesLEDSmart TV
Display TypeLEDLED
HDMI Port33
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi, HDMIWi-Fi, HDMI
Refresh RateTruMotion 120120 hertz
SupportsHDR10, HLG, Amazon Alexa / Google HomeHDR10
Item Weight30.6 pounds16.80 lbs

The LG 4K 55” TV has a fantastic combination of picture and sound quality with an aesthetic design. It can perfectly fit any room decor, and you definitely would love it.

The resolution 4K is 4 times better than the standard HD resolution. So, a more accurate, clear display is seen. And the powerful quad-core processor makes the picture more maleficent.

It can minimize the video noise as much as possible and thus provide the brightest picture. And the sound Ultrasound 2 channel power of 20 watts give the full room surround sound.

And the smart webOS gives online content, streaming channels, and many in a large amount. Also, pair with the magic remote offer the most admirable controlling system.

Lastly, IPS technology gives impressively rich color, powerful contrast, and a wide viewing angle.

The 4K UHD resolution and High Dynamic Range makes the most beautiful picture quality with this TCL 4 series 55” TV. It can go with the medium or large size room so beautifully.

And the accurate, rich color, dark black, makes every scene looks so perfect and detailed. And the 120 Hz refresh rate delivers the fastest moving image.

This is also a Roku TV that gives the viewers full of movie content and streaming channels. You can also stream from your phone and watch the favorite show what you want.

The user-friendly interface and the easy controlling remote are beautifully balanced with this TV.

Things Need To Improve

LG 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV TCL 43″ Class 4-Series 4K
  • 3 HDMI port
  • The black level does not seem promising.


LG 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV work for movies and sports finely.

TCL 43″ Class 4-Series 4K great for enjoying lots of streaming content.

Which is best for home theater?

Setting up a home theater TV is a must. And for the fullest enjoyment, a better quality TV is the first and foremost.

Regarding this need, the LG 4K TV can serve better with the home theater set up than the TCL 4K TV. Because LG has all kinds of features and quality like a sandwich, the best type of TV needs.

This LG latest TV is absolutely fit for the home theater you can have it.

LG OLED55GXPUA Alexa Built-In GX Series 55″ Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV

Which is best for movies and sport?

For movies, both the LG and TCL can work excellently. But LG hit the winner place on all sides, so needless to say, LG can work better.

But TCL also has some TVs that can work better with a cheap price range than LG. I have already described it in the review section.

And as far as sports LG has good reflection handling and accurate upscaling. And TCL has adequate motion handling capacity.

So anyone who buys as per your budget won’t make you regret it.

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Final Verdict

LG vs TCL 4K TV is a splendid TV among all TVs. With the 4K high defined resolution, these TVs have other features that make them too useful to describe.

Still, when comparing them, LG is the king, no doubt. It has all bright sides that can beat any others so easily. But also cost a lot.

Another hand TCL an up-growing company has also become outstanding with a cheaper rate but high quality. They are competing for powerful brands by becoming superb for movies or gaming, even home theater.

So it your decision finally with which you want to go. But one thing for sure by buying anyone you are going to have a splendiferous TV experience.

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This section is based on the solution of some real-life problems that are having all over the world. let’s find out about your problems and solutions here too.

Do other manufacturers make 4K TV?

4K TVs are made widely in recent times. As the 4K TVs have the most effective, realistic high resolution, every manufacturer wants to make them.

The LG or TCL others like Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba also make the 4K TVs.

Do additional speakers needed for my LG VS TCL 4K TV?

Both LG and TCL offer surround sound quality with built-in speakers. They are much capable of delivering clear, natural sound. But if you want something louder and funky sound, then an additional speaker can work best.

Like Focal Aria, Klipsch-RP, or KEF bookshelf speakers.

Are 4K contents needed for 4K TVs?

With a 4K TV, 4K contents are needed. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the high 4K quality. But still, the usual 1080p also looks OK in 4K TVs as the pixel 4 times better with the TV.

LG vs TCL 4K TV, which is best?

In one sentence, LG is the best. LG is serving people for years and has now become one of the most robust manufacturers.

No TVs of their have low quality. All of the high picture sound quality. And day by day, they are using more powerful processors and features.

And TCL is also expanding widely. They were making cheaper TV, but now you will find many expensive TCL TVs. All are doing significant work competing with others.

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