Vizio vs Samsung TV: Review with Details Analysis

Vizio vs Samsung TV, which one is better? If you are looking to buy a TV, then this dilemma will engulf you. This is because most of us have budget issues. In terms of brands, these two are some of the leading TV brands ruling the market. So, you can definitely narrow down your options to choose one between Vizio vs Samsung TV.

Vizio is popular for its budget-friendly TV and Samsung for its quality. But that doesn’t mean Vizio compromises quality. What features and the type of performance you want varies from user to user. If you want a cheap Smart TV with average features, image, and sound quality Vizio is the best choice.

However, if you want a TV for gaming and you like better resolution, features, and improved usability of Smart TV then Samsung is the best TV you can get. It will be pricy, but you will receive the latest technology.

Quick verdict: Vizio vs Samsung TV

Which TV is better, Vizio or Samsung? Well, read our ‘Quick verdict’ to get a general idea.

Reasons to buy Vizio TV:Reasons to buy Samsung TV:
Good resolution
Standard TV sizes available
SmartCast Smart TV
Decent build quality
Best price to performance ratio
Uses standard panel technology
Best price to performance ratio
High resolution up to 8K
Larger TV screen and projectors
Tizen Smart TV
Better build quality
Up to date technology and innovation
High-end TV with better functions
Affordable, but price may increase with functions

About the brand: Vizio vs Samsung

Samsung Electronics is the second-largest electronics company residing in South Korea. Although we all know the brand for smartphones, they are also popular for TV.  They are known to spend a lot after R&D along with updated technology and innovations to make sure the consumers remain satisfied.

Comparing Vizio vs Samsung TV, Samsung is old and trusted by many that rules the market for 60 years. The Vizio is an uprising brand that’s in the market for around 18 years. It got popularity within a very short time by delivering affordable TV sets with adequate functions

Does the brand name make any difference? Well, yes, most consumers rely on a famous and ‘aged’ brand running in the market compared to a new one. However, consumers also mostly have a budget-issue and that’s why they choose Vizio.


Be it TV or smartphone, Samsung is the king of technology. Between Vizio vs Samsung TV, we see a difference in discovering new technology or deploying them in TV. What Samsung uses on a TV, Vizio seems to use the same technology but one or two years later. This goes for releasing Smart TV, QLED TV technology and etc.

What it means for consumers is, you will get decent TV from Vizio but with old technology or function. Samsung launched its first famous OLED technology TV in 2013 but Vizio launched them this year in 2020.


Comparing Samsung vs Vizio TV, in terms of size, Samsung wins. You can have the large 292-inch MicroLED Wall TV for business purposes or 110-inch 4K TV if you want gigantic TV to rule your room. Vizio has the standard large TVs that most household wants like 65 75 or 85-inch TV. For mass consumers, a 75 or 85-inch would be more than enough to create a movie theater at home.

Samsung makes both flat and curved TV. Vizio on the other hand mocked about curved TV manufacturers saying it is a ‘gimmick’. While there are some differences in a curved TV, they are not worth buying with extra cost or only because of this feature.

Some people prefer curved TV due to aesthetics mainly. They have a better wide-angle and immersiveness but compared to flat screen the change is minor.

Resolution and panel technology:

One of the crucial factors of a TV is resolution. Both Samsung and Vizio have LED/LCD and OLED panel technology. OLED is the best technology that you can choose without hesitation. Samsung introduced a new technology, QLED that stands for Quantum Dot LED. The QLED delivers precise color, better brightness, wide color volume, and many more.

Comparing Vizio vs Samsung TV resolution, we see that both these manufacturers offer standard resolution like 1080p or 4k. However, Vizio doesn’t have any 8K TV whereas Samsung does. 4K is a standard choice to make, you can also go with 8K TVs. Samsung is well-known for its high-quality picture and consistent performance.

Smart TV:

If you really dig in, you will discover that Samsung launched its first Smart TV in 2008. Named as Pavv Bordeaux TV 75, it was mainly used by users to check news, weather, or YouTube videos. It came back with the Tizen platform for the new Smart TV with an easy-to-use user interface.

Vizio came with Smart TV after a year. It uses SmartCast and is quite popular as well. Both Smart TV has some usual issues like loading time or getting slow. Overall, the Smart TV of both these brands supports general ‘functions’ offered by all.


When we talk about the best quality of TV, the points go to Samsung TV. Users as well as sellers confirmed that consumers complain less for repairing about Samsung TV than Vizio TV. Samsung TVs tend to last longer and go for years compared to Vizio.

However, there might be exceptions in each case. Between Vizio vs Samsung TV reliability, people tend to rely more on Samsung than on Vizio.


This is the only criteria where Vizio clearly wins. The main purpose of people shifting towards Vizio is their tight budget. This is something that we can’t ignore. It makes some of the best affordable TV sets with decent performance.

Samsung makes quality-TV without any doubt and has some high-end TV that outperforms those of Vizio.

Which is for what?

General watching

This could be for casual viewers who may watch news, sports, cartoons, an occasional movie, or TE series.

Specific purpose

The two main specific purposes that we buy a TV for is:

Movie or TV shows: you can choose Vizio or Samsung brand but narrow down your decision to Smart TV. The Tizen and SmartCast offer a wide range of movies and TV shows you can stream from online. However, if you prefer Samsung then you can also check the model listed below.


Gaming can be sensitive. You need the lowest lag and VRR support to get the best from fast-moving games. Between Vizio vs Samsung TV for gaming, we recommend buying Samsung.

Product review:


Samsung QN65Q6FN 65” QLED 4K UHD Smart TV


  • Supports HDR10 and HDR10+ support
  • No burn-in
  • Deep and bright colors with better contrast
  • Has SD to UHD upscaling.
  • Works with Bixby


  • The viewing angle is not good

 This affordable Samsung 65-inch is a multi-purpose TV. The Q color with Quantum Dots, Q HDR and Q contrast features widens the boundary of color and deliver crystal clear image with better contrast. The powerful Q Engine processor helps to view content in 4K with HDR.

It has Ambient mode so it will easily blend in with the wall color behind it as a camouflage. For movies and music, the TV is outstanding. Compared to other models it has a motion rate of MR 120. For gaming, it supports Auto Game Mode, Game Motion Plus, Freesync.

So, if you think you like other features you can use it for gaming as well. With the SmartThings installed on your in Android or iOS, you can easily access apps online. For a flexible user interface the Universal Guide helps you to find apps easily. With the QLED and HDR10+ compatibility this TV suits all.

Samsung 85-inch Q80T QN85Q80TAFXZA


  • Supports Quantum 12X and HDR 10+
  • Smart TV with Tizen
  • Thousands of apps online
  • Smart remote
  • Can pair soundbar HW-Q60T, HW-Q70T, HW-Q800T


  • Expensive

This 4K TV comes with a 4K AI up-scaling feature. The Direct Full Array 12X has an accurately adjustable backlight that results in enhanced color contrast. The Quantum Dot, Quantum 12X, HDR 10+ and 4K Quantum processor brings you vivid and real-to-life images.

With Adaptive Picture you can easily watch it in dark or bright rooms. It has Objective Tracking Sound with which it produces room-filling sound. The Active Voice Amplifier focuses on vocals by separating them from other surrounding noises.

Among others, we chose this CES award-winning model for gaming purposes. Along with a high-quality image and immersive sound it also has gaming features. It has Real Game Enhancer+ that focuses on faster and clearer motion with minimum haziness. The FreeSync lowers the ‘tearing and stuttering’ of the image.

SAMSUNG 65-inch 4K QLED UHD (QN65Q90TAFXZA, 2020 Model)


  • Powerful Quantum 4K processor
  • Objective Tracking Sound
  • Ambient mode
  • Multiview
  • Reduced glare


  • Customer service support should be improved.

This 65-inch TV has Direct Full Array 16X that delivers better color contrast. If you have multiple people watching TV this is best due to the broader viewing angle. The HDR10+ function enables precise image quality with enhanced color. It also reduces noise from the image.

Along with the best picture quality, you will hear an immersive surrounding sound making it ideal to watch movies or sports. This Smart TV uses the Tizen platform allowing you to watch from popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

If you have multiple players you can easily split the screen for multi-view. It supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby. You can control other smart things in your house as well. Overall, TV is outstanding in every sector like image, sound, games, Smart TV, and compatibility.

Vizio TV

VIZIO 40″ 4K Smart HDR TV V405-G9


  • Cheap
  • HDR10, Dolby Vision, and HLG.
  • Moderate sound quality
  • 4K UHD resolution improves image


  • Slow user experience with smart features

This TV is for those who want a budget-friendly model. While you won’t get supreme functions as high-end models, it is not so bad for general viewers. It supports 4K UHD and HDR delivers a detailed 4K picture with better color tones and contrast.

It has Full-array local dimming that focuses on shadow-detail and contrast. The viewing angle is not impressive so you need to sit directly opposite to the TV.  The sound quality is poor but you can add a soundbar easily to improve the performance.

Smart TV allows you to view content online. It has Screen mirroring that can show your smartphone display on the screen. So, if you compare the performance to price ratio this TV is a great deal. If you have the mindset to overlook certain issues and enjoy TV watching you should buy it.

VIZIO 40” Smart TV – D40f-G9


  • Cheap
  • Good resolution and contrast
  • Supports Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Better for small to medium-sized rooms


  • Very poor viewing angle and motion blur should be improved

If you have a strict budget but want to have a decent TV then this one is worth looking for. This 40” 1080p TV can fit into a small and cozy bedroom. The HD and full array LED produce accurate colors with a moderately good black and white contrast. The darker scenes are visible even in dark rooms.

Compared to high-end models, the blur reduction is not attractive but does a decent performance. For a better view, you need to sit directly in front of the TV. The screen is reflective so it is ideal to place the TV without any window or lamp opposite it.

The sound can get loud enough for movies or music. Similar to other Smart TV it has SmartCast and Chromecast that will allow you to view content from different apps. The IPS display shows pictures with depth and the smart features are standard.

VIZIO E55u-D2 55″ 4K Ultra HD


  • Affordable
  • 4K Ultra HD for a clearer image
  • Clear Action 240 technology to reduce blur
  • Powerful processor for faster use
  • Decent picture and sound quality


  • Poor viewing angle
  • Motion blur should be improved

This 4K TV has 8.3 million pixels along with full-array LED backlighting that has 10active LED zones. This creates better contrast and higher quality picture with pronounced colors. Although it doesn’t have the perfect screen for motion, the ‘Clear Action’ feature helps to improve it a bit.

It has a V8 Octa-Core processor that has a quad-core GPU and quad-core CPU which increases speed for the user activity. The Ambient Light Sensor detects the surrounding light and adjusts the brightness of the screen.

This TV uses SmartCast for streaming and has Chromecast built-in. you can access thousands of apps for movies or music with it. If you want to view local channels then you need to buy a separate tuner. The Spatial Scaling Engine upscales non-UHD to appropriate 4K content

How should you choose the best TV for you?

The main reason to choose a TV depends on lots of factors. The TV size is an important factor that depends on your room size and couch distance. Then the resolution or Smart TV features is another factor. Some TV is best for multi-purpose and others are ideal for specific ones like sports, movies or games.

And finally, the main factor is the budget. Other things like brand name also affect us subconsciously. It is seen that some people end up buying a Samsung TV just to have a ‘peace of mind’.

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At this point in this article, you can choose a perfect TV for you by comparing the Vizio vs Samsung TV. We recommend going with Samsung if the budget is not an issue for you. This is because Samsung focuses on usability, build quality, and comes with a specific feature for games or movies.

If you want high-end TV for an immersive movie theater experience you can easily go for their large screen. To simply put, if you prefer quality over everything Samsung should be the choice. Since not all Samsung TVs are costly, you can easily choose one within your price range.

Between Vizio vs Samsung TV, the Vizio makes decent TV at a very low cost. If you are new to this TV industry, you can buy a TV from Vizio and then change it after a few years to some high-end model. That way you can avoid choosing an expensive TV without realizing that you don’t need it.


Well, if you want to have better understanding of these TVs, then this FAQ section is going to be very helpful for you.

How does Vizio compare to Samsung?

Answer: In one word, Vizio is cheaper than Samsung. But that also affects quality. Although Vizio doesn’t have the worst quality, compared to Samsung, the features and specifications are not powerful enough.

Also, Samsung works a lot with technology and testing the TV to come out with the best for the consumers. Vizio seems to fall behind. If you don’t want high specs to come with your TV but simply watch them on sports or news then Vizio is ideal for you.

What are the compatible devices with SmartCast?

Answer: the following list shows the specification of SmartCast compatible devices:

  • Android 4.4 or higher
  • iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Mac OS 10.9 or higher
  • Chrome OS (on Chromebook running Chrome 28 or higher)
  • Windows 7.0 and higher

How to watch local channels on Samsung?

Answer: If the Samsung TV has a built-in tuner it will automatically scan for the local channels. Make sure your TV is connected to the Cable. Then insert the coax cable at the back of the TV in the ANT IN port. You should press the source button on the remote and select the ‘TV’ option from the list.

After that go to the settings with the help of remote and then choose Broadcasting followed by Auto Program. To begin scanning, choose the Start option. Then select Both, Air or Cable. The TV will search for all the local channels.

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