Samsung 7 series vs 8 series: Side By Side Comparison

Being one of the leading TV manufacturers, Samsung is something that consumers have trust in. It has different models with functions at different price ranges so even if you don’t want to spend more, you can still choose a TV at an affordable cost. Between Samsung 7 series vs 8 series, the 8 seems to be an upgraded version of the 7.

Both these series consist of various models some of which Samsung doesn’t manufacture anymore. The Series 8 tends to focus on motion clarity, HDR image, and local dimming feature. You can buy the 7 series at a lower cost than the 8. The series has Smart TV which is a necessity for online streaming content from your favorite apps.

Not all models have voice assistant compatibility but seamlessly integrate with other smart things at home. While choosing a TV you should always narrow down your choices towards the purpose of using it, that is, watching TV shows, movies, sports, or games. Screen size is also another factor to bear in mind.

Samsung 7 series vs 8 series: Compare and Contrast

Contrast ratio

Although Samsung doesn’t enlist the ‘contrast ratio’ of TV in their specification list, the most common belief is that the Series 7 vs 8 differs in this. The contrast ratio of 7 is 3,000,000:1 whereas the 8 series has 8,000,000:1.

What is the contrast ratio?

Contrast ratio is one of the most controversial terms in TV specs. It is the ratio between the light that you get from the brightest white and the ‘purest’ or ‘darkest’ black. It is important because the better the contrast ratio, the more vivid and picturesque the image will look.

The reason for the controversy is that there isn’t any standard value with which you can compare other numbers. Millions to one ratio are usually the dynamic contrast ratio which is less reliable. We will compare the static or native contrast ratio of each product to get an in-depth view.

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Refresh rate

The major dissimilarity that catches attention is the sample rate. Comparing Samsung 7 series vs 8 series we see that the 7 has a 120Hz sample rate and the 8 has 240Hz.

What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate is a measure of how many times per second the TV will ‘redraw’ the picture. If the TV has a better refresh rate, the picture will refresh faster which will help in a fast-moving image or video. It makes sure the image doesn’t appear to be a blur.

Although it may appear that a 240Hz refresh rate will be the best choice, it is important to realize these specs are not ‘native refresh rate’.  The 7 series has a native refresh rate of 60Hz and the 8 series has 120Hz. This criterion is something that doesn’t make much of a difference.

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FreeSync feature

This feature is important for gamers. This helps with crystal clear animation and minimizes ‘stutter’ and ‘screen tearing’. If you are not familiar then in simple words, stutter means repeating the frames, and tearing of screen means displaying the next scene without letting the first scene go.

Gaming requires extra features to match their higher requirements. Comparing Samsung 7 series vs 8 series, none of the models of 7 series has FreeSync. For Samsung series 8, the models that came from 2018 such as RU and NU will have the FreeSync feature. So, if you are a game freak, then the choice is clear.


The 7 series is said to have only 3 HDMI connections compared to 4 HDMI found in Series 8. Even though it is not much of a difference but will depend vastly on how many devices you will connect.

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Most Samsung TV has built-in 2 channels as speakers for audio. From the models we will compare, you will see some of the Series 8 TV also has a built-in woofer. The woofer is necessary to deal with low frequency and deliver a deep bass needed for movies, music, and games. You can also use Samsung soundbars.

Power consumption

Most of the Series 8 models have a sound output of 40W RMS and Series 7 has 20W.

Product review of Samsung 7 series vs 8 series:

Samsung 49” UN49MU7000 vs Samsung 75” UN75MU8000F 

Motion rate240Hz120Hz
HDR4K HDR Extreme4K HDR Pro
Sound output (W)4020
Speaker type2.12
Local dimming1.80
Response time85.4
Native contrast4723: 16362: 1
Native refresh rate120Hz60Hz

Comparing the Samsung MU7000 vs MU8000, we see the main difference lies in picture quality as well as certain features. Both these TV are 4K LED TV with some major differences as shown in the table. The MU7000 doesn’t have the local dimming feature needed to view darker scenes in a dark room. So, you will get a better picture of MU8000 in this case.

The MU8000 has mega contrast and vivid color representation. It handles fast-paced motion very well which makes it ideal for action movies or games. The local dimming is not outstanding but decent. It is also not suitable for very bright rooms as it can’t handle reflections well.

With a user-friendly remote and several streaming apps, you can watch your content online. It has a good response time and can play content without stutter and judder. It has a low input lag of 19-21ms and a native refresh rate of 120Hz makes it the best choice for gaming.

Between MU7000 vs MU8000, the MU7000 has a better contrast ratio. The 4K HDR Pro supports a broader color spectrum and delivers pictures with clarity. Comparing MU7000 to MU8000, it has better stutter representation but can’t play picture without judder. Other features are almost similar to MU8000.

You can get MU7000 at an affordable price for a Smart TV with which you can have decent multipurpose use along with gaming.

Plus, you can buy a TV from Sony, like the model Sony x900h and x950h. You can choose anyone from them.

Things to improve:

Contrast and color gamut
Poor viewing angle
Brightness should be improved
No local dimming

Samsung 75” UN75RU8000FXZA vs Samsung 43” UN43RU7100FXZA

Motion rate240HzAdvanced 120Hz
Sound output (W)2020
Speaker type22
Response time8.36
Native contrast5756: 15650: 1
Native refresh rate120Hz60Hz

These TVs has similar 4K resolution and LED screen. Comparing RU8000 vs RU7100, the winning points go to RU8000 due to its higher brightness and handling power of reflection. Although the Samsung Series 7 RU7100 has good stutter value, they don’t support judder. So, to get pictures with clarity during motion the RU8000 is the best.

The RU8000 also supports FreeSync with VRR, Auto Game Mode, Game Motion Plus, Dynamic Black EQ, Game Enhance and has ultra-low input lag makes it ideal for gaming. With better ‘gray uniformity’ the RU7100 is good for watching sports and general watching.  Both this TV has a decent contrast ratio.

The RU8000 is a Smart TV with a decent response time. It has a broader color gamut and displays pictures with good contrast. With Tizen Eden 2.0 it will deliver you better navigation and allow streaming of online content. It also supports Bixby, Google Assistant, Alexa voice assistant, and Apple TV app. You can use it in rooms with few light sources.

The Ru7100 has a 4K UHD processor and the UHD Dimming feature delivers a detailed picture with clarity. The smart TV comes with easy navigation Universal Guide and supports Alexa, Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2. The performance is moderate but the cost is also quite cheap. Based on the cost, the Smart TV features and picture quality is legit.  You can also use this TV for gaming for its low input lag.

Things to improve:

Bad view angle
Doesn’t have Dolby Vision
Doesn’t have any voice assistant
Brightness could be improved

Samsung 43” NU7100 vs Samsung 55” NU8000

Motion rate240HzAdvanced 120Hz
Local dimming1.80
Sound output (W)4020
Speaker type2.12
Response time8.34.2
Native contrast5461: 15397: 1
Native refresh rate120Hz60Hz

Between Samsung series 8 NU8000 vs Samsung series 7 NU7100, the NU8000 has overall better performance. The brightness, picture quality, and lower motion blur make it an all-rounder. You can use it for watching TV shows, Sports or Games. The Nu7000 can be considered an entry-level Smart TV that costs less than that of NU8000.

The NU8000 has Dynamic Crystal Color along with HDR+ so it delivers quality images with clarity. with this, you can seamlessly stream from your desired app and the remote is easy to use. The SmartThings app makes things easier to control.  You can watch this TV in a moderate-light room.

The Auto Game mode, Game Motion Plus, Freesync features with low input lag, and better response time makes it ideal for gaming. It also comes with a woofer like the MU8000 so you can expect better audio from it.

The Nu7100 has PurColor and HDR 10+ makes the color look vibrant. Although the motion smoothness is not outstanding, it is quite decent. You can also share your mobile or PC screen on the TV.  It has good upscaling of HDR/SDR minimizing blur and delivering a detailed image. The speakers produce average sound quality. At this price range, the NU7100 has good performance but will not display high-end features.

Things to improve

Poor viewing angleDoesn’t support Bixby
No local dimming

How I chose the best TV series

Tight budget

If you want a budget-friendly TV, we recommend looking into the Series 7 models because they are quite affordable. Although the Series 8 is not very costly, but comparing the 7 series with the 8, the 7 is cheaper. You can choose the Samsung 43” NU7100 7 series.

General watching

If you want to entry-level and affordable TV for watching the news, movies, cartoons, that means overall everything, then we suggest looking into Series 7. You can also consider Series 8 which is an upgrade of Series 7 in some cases.

If you want an overall performer at an affordable cost, then choose the Samsung 43” UN43RU7100FXZA 7 series with a little increase in cost you can also buy the Samsung 75” UN75RU8000FXZA 8 series TV.

Movies mainly

The picture and audio quality are important while watching movies. You can select the Samsung 55” NU8000 8 series TV for movies. It has a 4K resolution and ‘wide color gamut’ that makes image colors look more pronounced. It can also stream judder-free content.


If you consider features like FreeSync and ALLM, then choose the Series 8 for a better gaming experience. It should work better with fast pacing scenes with reduced input lag and better response time.  You can choose the Samsung UN75MU8000F or if you want VRR compatibility then choose the Samsung 75” UN75RU8000FXZA.

Small or Large room

For small rooms you need a smaller TV screen size, you can buy the Samsung 7 or 8 series but stay within the size of 43” to 55”. For larger rooms, you can go from 65” to 82” o more.


If you are at this point in the article you already have a clear idea of the major differences between the Samsung 7 series vs 8 series. The 8 series can be considered as an intermediate-level TV that you can use for a specific purpose like movies or games.  they have advanced gaming features compared to the 7 series. and also cost more than the 7 series.

The 7 series is best for general watching purposes with some models suitable for gaming or sports.  Color contrast and wide color gamut for better picture quality seem to incline towards the Samsung Series 8. The models of the 7 series are seen not to support the judder-free picture so you may experience some motion blur in it.

Overall, Samsung TV is well-known for its build quality and its functions so they cost more compared to other competitive brands. Users face a few technical issues with the TV and can use it for 4 to 5 years on average. This Samsung 7 series vs 8 series is an in-detailed comparison guide to help you choose better.


Don’t worry about your confusion, cause this section is going to solve your problems through the most asked questions and providing theirs answers. let’s find out more!

How can I use the Samsung TV for Smart View?

If you want the mobile screen or tab screen to come into your TV then you need to do the following. At first, make sure the TV and device are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Go to the Quick Settings and select the Smart View option.

Choose your TV name from the available devices and now you can view your device screen into the TV. You can also do the opposite. To do so, select ‘Other device’ and choose Phone. If you want to stop using this Smart View, click on the Disconnect option.

How can I connect remotely with my Samsung TV?

Usually the remote should automatically get connected with the TV. You can also use the remote with a different Samsung TV but can’t use it to control both TVs at once. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Tap on the Return and Play/Pause buttons on the remote and hold them for 3s.
  • The TV will start to sync with the remote and confirm the sync with a message.

What can I do when the remote is not working with the TV?

If you can’t control the TV with your remote then you restart it.

  • Take out the batteries
  • Press the Power button for 8s. This will restart the remote
  • Put the batteries back into the remote and press any button to see whether it is working.

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