UHD vs QLED TV: Which is the best for your home

UHD vs QLED TV what is the difference between the two technology and what is the effect on the picture resolution. Samsung, Sony, LG, and many other brands are making the best products. And you are about to buy one, then there are a lot of things you have to keep in mind.

For your information, LG is the first to introduce a UHD display in the TV industry in 2012 and Sony is the first to introduce a QLED display in 2013 and Samsung brings it into the marketplace in 2017. UHD and QLED is totally different thing in display technology, however, they can be used together in the TV display.

There is some difference between these two technologies, which we are going to help you to find out. So, keep reading this article. I will make sure you will find the full info about QLED vs UHD and will mention the best products for each of them with the full review.

You may ask what is QLED and UHD.

What is UHD vs QLED TV: What’s the difference?

UHD vs QLED is two different technology used on TV.


The full meaning of UHD is Ultra High Definition, known as 4K Ulta HD. It is much related to the detailed picture or the pixel of the display. The 8K content can also be categorized into UHD. UHD is the standard version of LCD.

It provides a 4 time more detailed display than the FHD(Full High Definition). It means the FHD resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels and the UHD TV resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels. This small difference. Otherwise, they are the same term.

And all of you must want this kind of TV beside you. You won’t face any image blurring. The picture will feel like real things are happening in front of you.

It is mainly an upgraded technology than HD TVs. The more resolution, the more clarity of pictures you will get. The color quality, contrast, or brightness is not that much related to it.


Coming to QLED, they use quantum dot technology in their televisions. The quantum dot technology significantly enhances the color. That’s why sometimes it is called Quantum Color™.

Quantum dots are mainly small particles. It emits green and red lights. And the blue light goes through them shiningly. It can call the upgrade version of LED TV. The difference in the color contrast.

But in the quantum dot technology, the particles are being used between the backlight and LED. This kind of tech helps to gain a broader and bright color palette.

Day by day, many brands are using this technology to make their TV more attractive. Because of the high color accuracy, every person must desire.

However the question remains Is QLED Worth It?

All about UHD TV


Imagine seeing four times better resolution on your new TV than the previous one. How great is it!

Yes, UHD TV does this for us. It’s not only 4k resolution 8k resolution that also comes in this category. And I have described this earlier. Now I will briefly describe it.

Regularly, we get 1920 × 1080p resolution on our TV. But UHD brings something new and high for us.

In UHD technology, the resolution is 3820p and 2160p by wide and tall, respectively. And in 4k, the display resolution is 4096 × 2160p or 8.3 megapixels.

And the 8k is even higher. 7680 pixels wide and 4320 pixels tall resolution and in megapixel 33.18.

Just imagine how lively the image you will be able to get if you intend to buy a UHD TV. Higher resolution means a sharper and smooth picture. Your movie’s every part will seem so realistic.

Yes, it actually does this thing. The superior image quality and detail can make every movie night so fantastic.


For getting the best view, you need to at least a 55-inch display TV. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the full high resolution.

Or even bigger screen size will do serve you the best. A 65-inch or 75-inch. Believe me; you won’t regret it. In contrast, you will be the happiest in your decision while watching movies with high picture quality on a bigger screen.

Viewing site

UHD is upgrading this display black. They have worked and bring improvement in their grayish display level. And you will get a full view sitting at an angle.

It automatically adjusts and makes your eye sighting comfortable. The ambient light sensor works really well. Brightness or color contrast can automatically adjust.

While lying down or seeing from an angle won’t hamper you a great experience of watching a movie.

Picture Quality

With 4 or 8 times better high-resolution display, what picture quality you expect? Don’t tell me you need this answer too.

It is needless to tell you will get the best picture quality. Even the color contrast and more profound black display also seem significant with UHD.

Amazing high range picture or content whatever you will see give you the full pleasure of the eye and mind.

Things need to improve

Overall, UHD TV is the best. Because no other technology is so rich as this. Every brand now are using UHD on their TV.

But I think two need to improve.

  • The first thing is the color space or color contrast. Because UHD mainly focuses on its resolution. So, it needs to improve in color.
  • The second thing is the price range. It is too expensive. Many may not afford it.

Recommended 3 Best UHD TV

Panasonic TH-55GX650L Smart TV UHD 4K


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Connections: HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Display technology: LED
  • Processor: Signal Processor
  • Built-in: Google Assistant
  • Screen size: 55”


Panasonic TH-55GX650L Smart TV UHD 4K TV is fantastic. With excellent picture resolution and quality. And the color contrast also seems realistic.

Signal Processor square core has been used in it. So, it can deliver a good performance. It also can provide 5 pictures mode and other content. The color is also defined.

And it needs to add that the sound quality is also useful in it. The high-level sound you will get. Overall, seeing the performance, it is a good UHD TV.


+ Great processor

+ Great color contrast


– Costly

– Some features are missing

 Sony XBR-65A8G 65″ Bravia 4K Ultra High Definition Smart TV


  • Brand: Sony
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • Connections: Wireless
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Viewing Angle: OLED wide angle
  • Other feature: Google Assistant, Alexa


Sony has made this Sony XBR-65A8G 65″ Bravia 4K UHD TV with some impressive features that anyone can fall in love with. It provides 4k UHD resolution, Dolby vision, triluminos technology, and so on.

All these make this TV with a detailed picture, and the color is very defining and bright. Nice texture, great depth, and sound clarity of the picture.

And OLED angle is also included for a good view from any angle. And built-in Alexa and google assistant.

This can bring a new sensation of viewing movies in your home theatre.


+ Dolby vision

+ Many interesting features included

+ OLED angle


– Costly

Samsung 82″ Q800T 8K UHD Smart TV  (QN82Q800TAFXZA)


  • Brand: SAMSUNG
  • Resolution: 8K UHD
  • Built-in: Alexa
  • Backlight: Full-Array
  • Viewing angle: Ultra viewing angle
  • Connections: Wireless, HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet


Samsung 82″ Q800T 8K UHD is a high ended TV with the highest resolution. It is a bright and detailed color with a bigger screen. That can full fill any home theatre.

The VA panel is also suitable for great viewing. And it can also have deeper black for the full array feature.

Al upscaling can convert any content into 8K automatically. And the resolution is 16 times better than the other TV. Also, the quantum 8K processor provides absolutely outstanding performance.

If your budget is high, you can buy this UHD TV. This will take your home theatre to the next high level.


+ Low input lag

+ Great reflection handling

+ Full array


– Low contrast ratio

All About QLED TV


QLED TVs can display a bright image and put more detail on their quantum dot feature. It need not say how quantum dot can make the picture brighter than any other technology.

If your room is sunny, then it will display the brightest image. But sometimes, in a dimly lighted room, QLED can produce enough brightness. But it is appropriate for any room, whether the room is lighter.

So, watching movies with this kind of brightness is something more enjoyable. Plenty of brightness is all that we need to experience a good movie night.

QLED can show a brighter image with HDR content and high quality. Even in the day time or at noon with full sunlight, you can see a bright display.

They provide 1500 nits to 2000 nits brightness. But for HDR, 1000, nits is enough. So, you can think about yourself how bright they are. They are best for providing variation in brightness.

Colour Contrast

In QLED TV, quantum features are being used, and nothing is best than that. Because they can produce more detailed red, green, and blue colors with more accuracy.

In the QD ink-printed QD layer, they use to produce pure red and green light. And the blue subpixel is produced and go through the red and green color. It gives more color contrast and more efficiency in the display.

The viewer can get the brightest color of the picture. Every single color shows purer and enhances ones viewing sight.

The only reason is the QD structure. The color purity and brightness make this technology the powerful one.


All QLED TV technology have 4k or 8k features. It means it offers the highest display resolution. Higher resolution means more realistic and best picture quality.

4k resolution means 4096 x 2160 pixels in the horizontal and vertical angles. Besides this, 3840 x 2160 pixels of resolution is also used. They just didn’t compromise with their resolution.

So, on a large screen or small screen, you will see a more define image. Your cinema experience makes you see more and more for sure.

And many brands using QLED are also having 8k resolution. Which is also great news for movie lovers.

Picture Quality

After describing the color contrast, resolution, and brightness, I don’t think it is necessary to tell how the picture quality will be.

Of course, QLED provides the highest picture quality. Because with the QD technology, more accurate color and brightness you will get.

The RGB color contrast is so striking. That can display the picture with the high end. No need to go to the movie theatre.

All you need to buy a TV with a QLED mechanism. To get the fantastic picture quality, all need it to be brighter, more transparent and detail color, and high resolution.

This QLED tv has all of them. So, don’t worry about the picture quality.

Features for Improvement

After reviewing and several searching, I have got two-point that the QLED technology needs to improve. If they succeed in doing this, no other mechanism will be able to beat them.

  • Side angle viewing: This QLED needs to improve this point. Because whenever we watch TV, we don’t seat the center in front of it. We sit maybe in an angle or sometimes lay down.

In this situation, QLED can’t provide good viewing sight. The image may look skewed or sometimes pale.

  • Another point is delivering deeper black. The display’s black level is behind getting realistic or crystal clear pictures along with a sharp look. But QLED may look grayish.

This makes the problem a little bit. So, this point must need to improve.

Recommended 3 Best QLED TV

SAMSUNG QLED TV 75-inch Q80T Series


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Resolution: 4K UHD
  • HDR: Quantum HDR 12X
  • Design: Boundless Design
  • Display Technology: QLED
  • Viewing site: Ultra Viewing Angle
  • Processor: Quantum processor 4K
  • Other available size: 85″, 75″, 65″, 55″, 50″ 49″
  • Connections: Wireless, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, Ethernet


Providing a stunning image with a great display, this SAMSUNG QLED Q80T Series TV is the champion. It is capable of giving a high performance that can fill the heart of any movie maniac.

Coming to color contrast. It gives a more in-depth black display and color accuracy.

In addition, the 12X full direct array provides powered backlights for lighter white and a richer black.

And the quantum processor 4K is so efficient that it transforms any image into high-quality 4K images. It goes without saying that the 4K quality is impressive. 4K UHD resolution means higher resolution.

Two other exciting features are it is Alexa’s built-in and objective tracking sound.


+ Best OTS sound

+ Best QD feature


– No Dolby vision

VIZIO PX75-G1 P-Series Quantum X 75″


  • Brand: VIZIO
  • Resolution: 4K
  • Screen size: 75-inch
  • Display Technology: QLED
  • Support: HDR and Dolby Vision
  • Connections: Ethernet, HDMI, USB, Wireless


This VIZIO PX75-G1 TV is all you wish for on your TV. It is the best in the color contrast and more defined color. Because it is capable of delivering 140% more color than other 4K TV.

It also supports HDR, HLG, and Dolby vision. That most of the TV doesn’t support it. So, it is impressive in its way.

It is considered one of the brightest TV. And best while displaying white field on the screen. And that brightness doesn’t affect the black level of the display because of this 153,006:1 contrast ratio.

It is no less than producing color gamut than other high-quality TVs. Even in dimly light, you can enjoy full clarity of the image.


+ Supports Alexa and Google Assistant

+ Amazing color contrast

+ Bezel free design


– Don’t have a voice remote

SAMSUNG QLED 65-Inch TV Q90 Series Smart TV


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Resolution: 4K
  • HDR: Quantum HDR 16X
  • Display Technology: QLED
  • Processor: Quantum processor 4K
  • Viewing Angle: Ultra Viewing Angle
  • Available screen size: 82″, 75″, 65″
  • Connectivity Technology: HDMI, Bluetooth, Wireless, USB


If you want genuinely dynamic picture quality, even in dark scenes, it seems detailed, then this SAMSUNG QLED 65” TV Q90 is for you. Incredible brightness and HDR will make you shocked.

With the peak brightness of 1,600 nits, you can already imagine how bright it can be. Almost double that of any OLED TV.

And the most eye-sitting part is the viewing angle. This TV capable of giving you a full view from any angle.

And the color contrast is also great. 100% color volume is for sure. And the rest of the resolution 4K is beyond saying anything. A high resolution, you will see.


+  Ultra viewing angle

+ Great HDR

+ High picture quality


– No Dolby vision

The Differences, In a Glimpse

To recap, the following are the primary distinctions between QLED, OLED, and UHD televisions:

  • QLED technology employs an LED backlight to illuminate a projector with quantum dot particles, and then supercharge the TV’s pixels for clarity and colour above those used in most LCD TVs.
  • OLED processing eliminates the need for a backlight in favour of LED pixels that emit their own bright light and colors. It does not have an LCD display.
  • UHD televisions are essentially higher-resolution models of regular LCD televisions. UHD resolution is usually available on all OLED and QLED TVs!

Final Verdict: UHD vs QLED TV

Here is all the info about UHD vs QLED TV. And I have also recommended 3 TV from each technology.

The UHD and QLED absolutely are two different terms or technology. The UHD is best for high resolution. And the QLED best for the QD feature.

Many TVs you can found with both of the technology, and many don’t have both of them. That’s why I have shown you the difference and highlighted which is best for what purpose.

This whole info will help you while buying a TV for sure. We all the best for us within or without a budget. For getting the perfect one, accurate info is needed.

And the ultimate choice is yours. So, think of it, then go for your desire one. Also check out OLED and Projector comparison.


well, after reading the article there might some unresolved problems that ar poking around your mind. Don’t worry, we have created this part only to solve those problems. let’s find out more.

Is Qled Worth It?

A QLED TV can serve you best. It uses the QD feature I have mentioned previously. So, you can see you will have a fantastic performance. And if you want to shape eye shopper, this is best for you.

You won’t regret buying a QLED TV. It is worthing TV.

Is UHD TV Worth It?

UHD TVs are available high price range. Many can say the price is too much. But I think if you want the best, you need to invest. Otherwise, you won’t get the good one.

And the features a UHD TV have that is some kind of different level. Everyone now wanting it. Because the actual enjoyment one can get with the high resolution. No one likes low resolution. So, yes, it is worth it.

UHD TVs are now much affordable. The brands are now making affordable TVs also.

How long will a Qled TV last?

Samsung is now one of the brands that are using QLED technology almost in all of their TVs. They say that QLED TV can last long for 7-10 years correctly.

After that, some visualization may be seen. But that doesn’t mean it would stop working completely.No; after that, it will work or give a good performance.

But some functions sometimes may show some problems.

Is 8k better than 4k?

Obviously, 8K is far better than 4K. Because 8K is 16 time that of a 1080 pixel. And 4K is four-time.

So, 8K can give a higher resolution than the 4K. But that doesn’t mean 4K is less critical. In the present time, 4K resolution or 4K Ultra HD is the most demanding technology.

Because all the content is not now available in 8K resolution.

Which is best Qled or UHD?

What do you think is the best? After a lot of searching, I finally able to put all the info in this article. And now, in my opinion, QLED TV is better than UHD.

Because of UHD TV such a technology that works mainly with the resolution. The 8K or 4K resolution. Which is a great thing?

But in QLED TV, you can get the 4K or 8K resolution also. So, thinking about this feature, QLED TV is best.

But I am not saying UHD TVs are not worth it. UHD TVs are popular among people because of their excellent work.