Insignia vs Toshiba: TV Details Analysis and Review

TVs have always been people’s priorities when it comes to their entertainment. And for years the changes in TV features are remarkable. Insignia vs Toshiba TV are two such TV brands that have always won peoples, hearts.

Their TVs are best known as budget-friendly. And day by day they are adding newer features that are becoming capable of beating any top TV brand. So, if you want to buy a new TV. But still haven’t decided which to buy. Or, are you confuse between Insignia and Toshiba? Then this article is going to definitely help you.

Here, I will show a comparison between these two TV brand. And will highlight the best model of them. After that, some buying guide will be there for you.

Let’s deep dive into the article.


Insignia is mainly a US Brand. And their primary focus on making budget-friendly TVs with many useful features. There are also many options like different TV sizes, resolution, and so on.

There are different types of Insignia TV, such as UHD, Roku, LED, Smart. And their newest addition is the Fire TV, and people like it too.

For movies, music, or gaming, this brand is good. And they are trying hard to take their TVs to the next highest level.


Toshiba is another TV brand that also makes cheap TV competing with the top TV brands like Hisense or TCL. They make almost all kind of TV LED, UHD, Smart.

But they didn’t make any Roku TV yet. But besides this, their outstanding features can blow one’s mind.

The Dolby vision, wide color, or gaming compatibility makes it peoples the first choice.

Insignia vs Toshiba| Different TV Types

Insignia vs Toshiba TV both of them have a variation in their TVs. So, it is necessary to know about them as they also vary among the features.

Fire TV Edition

The smart TVs that are featured combining traditional TV functions with Amazon Fire TV Stick is called Fire TV Edition. Which means you don’t need to add a Fire TV Box. They will be all set on your Fire TV Edition.

Minimum 20 apps come with the Fire TV. HBO, Hulu, YouTube, Cinemax, Showtime, etc. This is the latest addition in the Insignia and Toshiba.

The apps are super easy to install and use. The most demanding like Netflix you can enjoy with super fun. If you want a Fire TV, you can see the below TVs.


LED TVs (light-emitting diodes) are mainly LCD TV. They are called LED because on LCD TV they use LED for the backlight. In the previous version, the manufacturer used CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps).

But because of LED technology deeper and the color seems on the TVs. The color shading and bright color in the picture. Then the image looks so incredible.

And both Insignia and Toshiba make LED TVs with some great features.

Roku TV

A Roku TV is way better than a smart TV and easier to use with a customizable screen and remote.

And what is more fun than to stream Netflix, HBO, YouTube, and others? And there is no need for other devices. This can be paid or without pay. All the features come installed on a Roku TV.

As it is too much interesting, TV brands are becoming more interested in adding this to their TVs. But sorry to say Toshiba still doesn’t make any Roku TV.

  • Insignia 40” LED 1080p Smart HDTV Roku TV
  • Insignia NS-50DR710NA17 50 inch LED 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HD TV Roku TV


In a word, UHD TVs are the best for getting the best resolution of 4K or 8K content. UHD or Ultra High Definition refers to one primary term is the highest resolution.

The more great resolution we can see, the more enjoyable our TV experience can be. This takes the TVs to an extra level. In this present time, everyone wishes for a UHD TV.

No products found.

Insignia vs Toshiba| Comparison

Display Technology

Display technology refers to whether the TV is QLED, OLED, UHD, LED, or so on. And as time is passing the technology has developed from LED to high QLED and others.

Insignia has used almost all kind of TV technologies on their TVs. And always find the best response from the buyers and little complaint.

They have LED, UHD, LCD, Smart TVs. All of them are awesome with good resolution. They use 4K resolution in many TVs. Which makes the TV quality so impressive.

But they don’t have any QLED or OLED TV. For this, their TVs have limited addition in the display technology. But still have great values.

In the contrast, Toshiba TV technology is excellent also as they try to use the best technology. They have LED, LCD, UHD TVs. And all the models deliver actual performance.

And the good news is soon they will launch their OLED TV. That means a new high-quality TV the customers will get. But a little sorrow is that they haven’t used the QLED technology yet.

But overall they have the best TVs with those display technology. Also, the 4K resolution is used.

But one thing both the brand uses 720p resolution in most of their TVs. So, they should be more aware of using 4K or 8K resolution.

Winner: Toshiba TV

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate means the redrawing picture rate per second of a TV. So, if the refresh rate is good enough, then the image will move fast. That’s how good a photo can be seen without blur.

In both Insignia and Toshiba TV, the refresh rate is 60 Hz. Which is capable of providing the right image. But as the rate is not too much, there is no need to worry. Because it doesn’t have much effect on the quality.

Picture Quality

For any TV picture or image, quality is the most important thing. Because without good picture quality no one is going to buy the TV. So, the brands concern it most.

Coming to Insignia TV, the picture is of high quality. Defined, detailed, and more in-depth view of all the TV provide. Even the darker scenes seem nice.

The wider color and mixing of a thousand colors are detailed, though. A good movie experience or for home theatre they are suitable.

The Toshiba also has superior, smooth picture quality. The higher-level picture. A rich, crisp, and clear image of these TVs can enhance one’s TV experience.

The color contrast is also lovely, and the texture is too smooth. But not all the TV in Toshiba provide this much good quality image.

This also goes for the Insignia TV. And thus the customer says to bring some changes in the quality.

Winner: Toshiba TV


Almost all the Insignia and Toshiba TVs have 3 HDMI connections. Some may have 4 HDMI ports also.

Sound quality

Insignia and Toshiba have integrated speakers that give good sounds. They also use DTS TruSurround in their audio system.

This is good for getting an excellent sound. But after a while using for some years, these TVs show some problems with the sounding.

So, an extra pair of a speaker may work OK with them. At this point, I can’t say which can give good sounding as both of them are quite similar.

Insignia vs Toshiba| Product Review

Insignia 32” TV vs Toshiba 32” TV

FeaturesInsignia 32'' TV Toshiba 32'' TV
Model No.Insignia NS-32DF310NA19Toshiba TF-32A710U21
TV TypesFire TV EditionFire TV Edition
Resolution720p720p or 1080p HD
Display TypeLEDLED
HDMI Port33
Voice Remote with AlexaYesYes
Connectivity TechnologyBuilt-in Wi-Fi, EthernetWi-Fi, HDMI
Refresh Rate60 Hz60 Hz
Item Weight11.20 lbs10.4 pounds

As you see, these two TVs have almost the same features. And both of them are Fire TV. So, you can enjoy over 500000 movies with a lot of streaming channels.

And a voice remote with Alexa is built-in; so searching for your favorite one is lots more comfortable. Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and many more. Also gaming console you can connect.

Then coming to picture quality both are incredible in their way. Deeper, a more defined color with these TVs can makes the TV experience into the greatest one.

Rich color contrast and a resolution of 720 pixels. Then the audio processing DTS TruSurround makes a better sound.

So, here we can’t make any winner. Buy any one of these will be great.

Things Need To Improve

Insignia 32'' TVToshiba 32'' TV
The interface is not so good
More the resolution could work better
Remote design is bad
After several months some noise may be heard

Insignia 39” TV vs Toshiba 58” TV

FeaturesInsignia 39'' TVToshiba 58'' TV
Model No.NS-39D220NA1658L5400U
Refresh Rate60 hertz240Hz
Display TypeLEDLED
HDMI Ports33

The picture quality in Insignia 39” is fantastic with the 720p resolution. It has also a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is quite good.

The exciting part is the viewing angle. In both vertical and horizontal, the viewing angle is 178°. So, you can have a good viewing angle with it.

Then there are two speakers of 5W. All the picture quality and sound combinations make it best for any movie experience.

You can turn this TV into a Roku TV if you connect a Roku box to it.

Coming to Toshiba 58” TV. A bigger tv screen here you will get. Those who want a big screen for a lively TV experience can have it. And the resolution is also High.

So, the image is so clear and crisp. A more precise color is seen. And the processor is a dual-core processor.

For this, a powerful performance will provide. It is also built-in in Wi-Fi.

Things Need To Improve

Insignia 39'' TVToshiba 58'' TV
No wifi
The resolution might be better
Some streaming apps may not load

Insignia NS-50DR710NA17 50 inch LED 2160p Smart 4K Ultra HD TV Roku TV


  • Model No NS-50DR710NA17
  • Resolution 4K UHD
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • DTS TruSurround
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • 1 USB input
  • Support Dolby Vision
  • Black Outdoor TV Cover – Open back
  • Wall mount

This TV is perfect for the living room with some fantastic features. As it is a 4K UHD TV the high resolution, you will see as well the outstanding image quality.

Since it is built-in Roku Stick thousands of channels and stream is enjoyable with it. Netflix, Hulu, and others your desired one. Moreover, easy to switch between stream channels and inputs.

You also can use your smartphone for controlling it. And the gamers will be happy to know that it has a gaming option too.


  • 1 composite input

Some Considerable Fact About Insignia VS Toshiba TV

Operating System

The Fire TV sofTware works as the operating system for both of the Insignia and Toshiba TV.

And the Roku TV also works as the OS in the Insignia TVs.

Winner: Insignia TV

Which Is Good For Home Theatre?

If you want to connect your TV to your home theatre, then Toshiba will work better than the Insignia. But not in the best way.

Because they haven’t designed to perform with the home theatre satisfactorily. But comparing them, Toshiba is good enough.

Winner: Toshiba TV

Which is perfect For Movies and Music?

The budget TVs always can’t provide the best quality as they need to spend less money in the manufacture.

So, for an average movie experience Insignia is perfect as well Toshiba. For enjoying many channels and stream this can be your right choice.

A movie night will be enjoyable. And if you ask which is best among them, I will prefer Insignia. Because of the picture quality.

And talking about music you can’t enjoy a live concert feel with your TV. But if you add a pair of the speaker, then the problem can be solved.

Winner: Insignia TV

Recommended Speaker for Insignia and Toshiba TV

No products found.

Which Is Good For Gaming?

The gaming experience on TV is impressive. And most gamers want to play games on TV. And Toshiba and Insignia TV has this feature.

But Insignia makes better TV for gaming than Toshiba. So, I am adding a list if you want any.

Winner: Insignia TV

Buying Guide for Insignia and Toshiba TV

Buying helps you much while choosing any. In general, people don’t know what to look for in the features.

So, I am writing about some essential guides. I hope that this buying guide will benefit you in ways.


Resolution is the most important thing. Because without a good resolution on your TV display you can’t have a good movie experience.

So, look for at least 720p resolution. And above this go for 4K display resolution. As most of the Toshiba and Insignia TV have 720p, you can buy these.

Display technology

I have already told you about the technologies or terminologies of Insignia and Toshiba TV. And that info is enough for choosing one.

So, within your budget, LED or Smart TV can work much better. Otherwise, try to buy Fire TV, which is the best option.

Room size

Room size is important before buying a TV. Because if you buy a bigger screen TV for a small room, it will look odd and also not be perfect.

So, you can have 55” or less for a small or medium-size room. And 65” or 75” for bigger room.

Final Verdict

TVs have always held a great place in our entertainment world. So, the craving for having the best TV always been high.

But some may not want to spend a lot of money buying one or can’t afford it. Also wants the best experience. And for them, Insignia or Toshiba makes affordable TV.

And choosing the right one in this article, I have shown all the Comparison between Insignia vs Toshiba TV. This will help you in buying the right one. All you need to do the order that you want.


Well, we are almost at the end of the article. and you can count this part as a well-wish from us. best of luck with your purchase!

How long Toshiba and Insignia TV last?

Toshiba TVs last for almost 4 years. And Insignia TVs last long for approximately 7 years.

It doesn’t mean after 4, or 7 years your TV will be dead. No, it means it will give the best service. And after that, there may seem some issues with the performance.

Is Fire TV worth it?

Now the most popular TV features are Fire TV Edition. And you must have already know why they that popular.

So, in my opinion, it worth it. As it provides lots of streaming channels and super easy to set up.

Do they make 8K TV content?

Not yet. They have no 8K display resolution. Not only the Insignia and Toshiba other TV brands also not making this kind of TV randomly.

But we can hope we will get an 8K content TV in the future.

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