720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV: A complete decision-making guide for you

Four or five years ago, contextual standard-definition analog TVs were still common in most households. But, in recent days, people have moved away from those and begun to purchase high-definition TVs. However, when you approach buying, instantly, you are swamped with stuff like 720p or 1080p. 720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV is the main topic we’re going to talk about here.

You must look at each one of them in a little more depth to understand which one is perfect for you. Then you can sit to buy a brand new Television, asking whether investing more money or a lower-resolution setting is worthwhile.

The 1080 and 720 in 1080p and 720p reflect the vertical screen size or pixel height. The more pixels the image may have, the better it would serve. The number is usually the number of horizontal lines.

This is what the terminology translates as the HD or HD ready resolution is normally 720p = 1280 x 720. An FHD or “Full HD” Resolution is generally referred to as 1080p = 1920 x 1080. Furthermore, P in 1080p and 720p respectively, it stands for progressive scans that upgrade whole pictures faster than standard content.

Comparison Chart 720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV:

Screen Resolution1280x720 (fewer than one million pixels when multiplied)1920x1080 (two million pixels when multiplied)
Display TechnologyProgressive Progressive
HDTV UsageThe FCC includes 720p in its definition of high-definition (HD) quality video. Widely used HDTV format.The FCC includes 1080p in its definition of high-definition (HD) quality video. Less widely used HDTV format, but becoming more common.
Content CreationRequires above-average computers for renderingRequires high-end computers for rendering

720P TV

720p is a standardized HD TV signal format with a horizontal 720 lines (HDTV) aspect ratio (AR) of 16:9. However, the 720p HDTV could also be better for you if you’re just the regular TV viewer.

Now it is 2020, and the “High Definition” 720p or HD TVs are still going strong in the market. It is the most affordable HD TV you can find and goes very well with my kind of situations. With a sleek design and convenience build-up, people still love these TVs. You can check out this 32 inch 720P for your living room setup.

Insignia – 32” Class:


  • The inbuilt Fire TV interface adds lots of functionality to this smart TV
  • You can use the Alexa remote to give voice commands to the TV
  • The Fire TV interface has accessibility features that allow voice commands and an on-screen keyboard for the visually impaired


  • The 1GB RAM is restrictive, so the TV is likely to hang as you play most native android games

Samsung M4500 Series:


  • Free of image retention
  • Has an excellent native contrast ratio
  • Decent at handling reflection


  • Picture quality deteriorates significantly at an angle

TCL 32S325:


  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Excellent color Depth
  • Three HDMI ports (one supporting ARC)


  • No HDR10 or HDR10+ and also no Advanced HDR by Technicolor®

1080P TV

1080p is a set of high-resolution HDTV display modes with 1,920 pixels viewed horizontally on a screen, and 1,080 vertically on a wall. It ensures better image clarity and excellent color contrast on a screen of the size that’s so big. The reality is that most of the people sit too far away to even see the finest Full HD data, that’s why 1080p will possibly never be outdated!

1080p have for a while been the industry standard for high-definition viewing since 1080p generating and transmitting most content that is, TV programs, shows, and films. You should look for these marvelous 32 inch 1080P TVs for purchasing.



  • Easy setup and connect to Wi-Fi without any assistance.
  • Connectivity with gadgets to the TV via Second Screen-ready mobile apps.
  • Access to all popular apps.


  • Limited VIZIO-approved apps for the device.

Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA:


  • The sound quality is really good
  • As the unit works on the Tizen OS, its interface is easy to adjust intuitively
  • The screen has good uniformity.


  • Poor HDR performance

Sceptre X322BV-SR:

No products found.


  • The LED screen will produce impressive visuals
  • Small size and weight of the TV. Very easy to move.
  • Supports 3D.


  • Uses a 60Hz refresh rate, creating a less fluid appearance

720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV: Resolutions

The term ‘Pixel’, which is the smallest representation unit of a digital image, derived from the terms ‘Picture’ and ‘Element’. The two-dimensional grid (resemblance of your TV) is usually positioned with pixels and their average display resolution is determined by the number of pixels inside the grid. These pixels can only be seen if you are very close to the screen, naturally; thousands of them combine from a distance to render your picture on your screen.

A flat-screen TV screen’s original resolution is a fixed number. Usually, the actual pixel number of the screen is predetermined. The better and more accurate the image is, in general, the more pixels a screen has (higher resolution). Apparently, in theory, 1080P TVs are way better than 720P in terms of picture quality. For TV screens up to 65 inches, the latest 1080p display functions well.

Take a peek at this comparison, OLED vs QLED to learn more.

Nevertheless, if you are two feet apart and you have a decent view, you will definitely find 1080p on a 32-inch screen. In reality, at that point, it looks very pixelated. You normally cannot see the gap at 10 feet between 1080p and 720p unless the vision is extraordinary.

Winner: 1080P TV

 720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV: Availability and Creation of Content

Some videos are shot or cut at a vertical resolution less than 1080 pixels or it is interlaced instead of scanned gradually, but they are still known as HD. Video quality can vary significantly when viewing digital TV. Many who just want the highest image quality must adjust the settings of their Screen to match changing video streams. New TVs may want to change the settings automatically to which is optimal, but in some situations, they do not.

HD DVDs are 720p video, and often 10800p video, as 1080p material is available on all Blu-ray disks. The standard DVD is not capable of storing 1080p. Standard Def. will be the case when every video input is burnt. You will require a Blu-ray burner to burn 1080p.

Standard DVD quality can be slightly different, since the most content is presented at less than 720p resolution, such as 480p. In comparison, only supports up to 480p or 480i are available on DVD players, so viewers are unable to get the full benefit of any high-definition DVD they install on their player.

Now you can screen HD titles of 720p (the minimum HD standard), and HD titles of 1080p for others. With other titles. Most Netflix titles can be watched in HD, but a good internet connection is required to function in HD on a consistent basis. Amazon Prime supports both 1080p Full HD 720P display formats and HDR video support.

Apple TV gives consumers the ability to switch from 720p to 1080p. DirecTV uses the mark “1080pHD” on 1080p pay-per-view content and the newest DirecTV content is in 1080p. The high-quality videos on YouTube and Vimeo also permit viewing in 720p or 1080p.

Winner: 720P TV

 720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV: Gaming

In video gaming, screen resolution, especially when you’re on your 32″ TV with PS5, can be extremely crucial. It combines the screen size with the distance from the screen. When you sit between 4 to almost 6 feet apart, at 32 inches you can see the difference between 720p to 1080p.

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Since there are more pixels at the 1080p stage, a better viewing display needs less anti-aliasing. If you have the 720p, you can sit as far as 11.4 feet until it starts appearing like a 480p picture. You can also look for these 32 inch TVs for gaming.

Winner: 1080P TV


TCL 32S327.

LG 32MP58HQ-P.

Samsung UN32J4000C.

Sony KDL32W600D.

 720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV: Cost

It is the most practical part of your decision-making process. The question is what kind of 32 inch TV do you require? Budget-friendly or high quality? The best 720P HD LED 32-inch TVS are usually cost 100-130 US Dollars in the market. On the other hand, normally, you have to spend $160 and up to $300 for purchasing a 32” 1080P LED TV. For this reason, you should look for bigger screen size to buy a 1080P resolution TV.

Winner: 720P TV

Why 1080P TVs are better:

  • More clarity and sharpness
  • Smart connectivity
  • More versatility
  • Better design
  • Better for gaming
  • Provide many features
  • Will offer a future proof screen and setup

Problems you might face:

  • 1080p images are produced by high-end devices
  • Not all movies or shows support 1080P
  • Need good internet connection

Why you might prefer 720P TVs:

  • Cheaper
  • Every movies or series are now at least 720P HD quality
  • Can provide good service using normal internet connection
  • Doesn’t require a lot of computing power to produce content

Problems you have to cope with:

  • Cannot experience Full HD smoothness
  • Finding a TV with 1280×720 resolution can be challenging
  • Not good for gaming

Verdict:  720p vs 1080p 32 inch TV

I think the answer might vary towards different persons and their tastes. Ok, let’s clarify that. If you intend to buy a TV for cable or YouTube video streaming, then 720p is good. In reality, most videos from YouTube, including popular networks, only play 720p videos. Cable operators also have a challenge offering 1080p services to you.

And if you wish to supply Full HD videos you can only pass too much data across airwaves. 1080p is outstanding but can only be taken the best out of it via Blu-ray, few TV shows, and a few YouTube videos. Though Full HD resolution becomes ever more popular nowadays, the content of 720p is still long overdue and detached as normal for HDTV. So, 720p is all right if you just use it for easy watching. Find out about these Best Blu-Ray Home Theater Systems also.

If you’re either trying to create a setup to offer you the best possible experience of Blu-ray playback without going all-in on 4 K or if you want to get a big screen, you’ll definitely settle with 1080p. A 720p TV can’t compete against the image quality that 1080p can generate.

Take a glance at these 4k Upscaling TVs for better understanding.

Nowadays, every technology comes up with 1080P. This means that a 1080p-specific variant of DLP, LCoS, and LCD projectors can be found that utilizes all fixed pixel technologies. If you’re into PS4 gaming, 1080P TVs can be an important priority. That being said, I absolutely have to go with 1080P TVs over 720P TVs. Check out Which display is more suitable as TV UHD or QLED.


We brought this FAQ section to enhance your knowledge on the more verge, and give ample direction to your curiosity.

How can you say if my television is 720p or 1080p?

Check the manufacturer’s website for model number. Your TV model’s number is mentioned in the handbook and on the back of the Screen. Select the model number and read the technical details on the manufacturer’s website. The platform tells if the Screen is 1080p.

Why is my Screen saying 720p rather than 1080p?

Your output signal most likely would be generated from any system from which the stream is constructed. You will enter and adjust the resolution by using the distance from the unit whether it is cable or satellite.

How can I upgrade to 1080p my 720p TV?

  • Run Free Resize Clip, press the red plus button in order to link the 720p file to the program on the upper left-hand screen.
  • Then enter in the table the following words: ‘New width = 1920’ and ‘New height = 1080’
  • Finally, the program transforms all 720p videos to 1080p, press on the upper the Render button.

Will wireless Internet conflict with the television signal?

It will not affect your TV signal, but your Wi-Fi performance would potentially be screwed up by your Television.