How to activate Starz

STARZ is an American TV and streaming provider that connects trendy and extensive content. STARZ has supported us with some amazing TV shows from American gods to Black Sails, Strength to Spartacus. Almost anywhere on several platforms, you can use the streaming service. This guide will teach just about every computer how to trigger STARZ.

It now seems that all premium cable networks are a rival for Netflix, and Starz is no different. The HBO rival has attempted to enter the field of OTT using a few applications and is now available for Amazon Prime as an extra subscription.

The service is packed with a wide range of original TV shows and more on the way. In short, the price of a Starz streaming subscription of $8.99 a month is worth it and will persist for the next two years.

Subscribing to Starz Service

You must apply to the subscription package of the channel for viewing content on Starz. You will do what you are going to do to buy your subscription:

  • Go to your PC or smartphone’s Starz page.
  • Click the ‘Start your free trial’ button while you’re there.
  • Enter the correct information, including your email address and password, in the relevant fields as these are required for registration for the service.

In order to improve your famous movies and TV program taste, you can add the “Starz” app to every streaming instrument.

How to activate STARZ to Roku

STARZ is added to Roku through the same mechanism as a channel is added.

  • If required, sign up for your Roku.
  • Choose home channels and streaming.
  • Find the channel STARZ.
  • Choose Channel and OK.
  • If you use one to validate, insert your PIN.
  • Enable the channel line-up for the STARZ channel.
  • Sign in with the info of your STARZ login.
  • Using any system to navigate to STARZ.
  • Enter the screen code in the web page box.
  • To register the client, click Submit.

As part of the deal, the Roku Channel also provides STARZ memberships. You can subscribe to STARZ through Roku instead of paying separately. This would avoid you being able to look at it on other screens, but it might make it simpler if you do all from your Roku. Also check out How Do I Find My Roku Model Number.

How to activate STARZ to Apple TV

You first need to have the STARZ Play app to enjoy STARZ on Apple TV. Then by signing in and using the code, you obey Roku-related steps.

  • On your Apple TV, navigate to the App Store.
  • Look for STARZ Play and install it.
  • Choose the Home screen program.
  • Sign on to the account info of your STARZ account.
  • Using any system to navigate to STARZ.
  • Enter the screen code in the web page box.
  • To register the client, click Submit.

After entering your code, your Apple TV is registered and displays all available movies and TV shows at that time. Find out about these monitors for Apple TV

How to activate Starz on Amazon TV

You can also enjoy streaming Starz if you own an Amazon Fire TV, simply by allowing it on your computer.

  • At first, the Starz software on the Amazon Fire Stick must be downloaded.
  • After that, consider signing in by opening the app to your Starz account. Full Starz login credentials are issued.
  • Then visit http:/
  • Place the activation code on the screen and then press the send button.

You can now make use of the original Starz application sequence seamlessly after this.

How to activate STARZ to iPhone

Since the Starz framework can also be used on your iPhone, you can now trigger it easily with a set of simple steps listed below. Then continue to Starz install on your device:

  • Go to the iPhone’s App Store at first. The Starz application must be found from there.
  • When you have it, import the app on your iPhone and install it.
  • Then open the app and log in to your Starz account details.
  • To trigger it, go to the Starz official website.
  • Finally, press the Send button to register your computer successfully.

You have to do whatever you can to trigger Starz on your iPhone.

How to activate STARZ to Android

To unlock Starz on your Android device, check the following steps:

  • You must primarily update Starz Play from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Then open the app and try signing in by supplying the login credentials to your Starz account.
  • Visit http:/ from your smartphone afterward.
  • The activation code would then be shown on the Starz app’s screen.
  • Enter the activation code and press Mail.

You will now have the ability to stream Starz on your Android device after you have done all of the following procedures.

How to Activate Starz on Smart TV?

You must use the instructions below to trigger Starz on your Smart TV.

  • Switch on your Smart TV and head to the App Store.
  • Second, look for and attempt to install the Starz Play app on your own smartphone.
  • Also, try signing in by supplying the appropriate Starz account credentials to your Starz account.
  • Visit http:/ after that.
  • Go to the smart device web page now and the activation code is on the phone.
  • On this particular box, you have to enter the activation code and finally, press the Send button to register your device. I guess that’s how you have already allowed Starz on your Smart TV by following the steps above.

STARZ is very easy to connect to any compatible streaming service or device. The extra phase to make the unit only takes a second and seems to work perfectly. You can try out these streaming services YouTube TV and PS Vue too.

How to Activate Starz on Xfinity

Xfinity Comcast is another device that helps you to use the Starz app, but you require X1 set-top box to watch something from Starz. This is how the service can be activated:

  • To show your key guide, switch on the X1 set-top box and click the ‘Guide’ button on the Comcast Xfinity remote.
  • Then you have to navigate through the guide, then pick the channel ‘Starz.’ Add it to your favorites, too.
  • Using your email and password, initiate the channel, and connect to your account.
  • Open a web browser on your device or smartphone and type ‘HTTPS activate Starz com Comcast’ followed by entering the code you see on the screen to activate Starz com.

How to Activate Starz on Sling TV

Starz’s activation on Sling TV is also close to the above procedures, so here’s what you’re going to do.

  • Sign up with your account on Sling TV. If you have no account, then register for it.
  • Go to the ‘Setting Account’ section, ‘Change Subscription.’
  • Tap on the ‘+Select’ button next to the ‘Starz’ button.
  • To link the channel to your Sling TV, click on ‘Submit order.’

This sums up the Starz activation phase on different streaming devices, but if you have problems related to activation, you can easily repair them with the assistance of experts. Take a peek at these Devices For Sling TV.

Starz App Not Working

After enabling the program, the problem with the Starz software is a very popular thing. This problem can be caused by numerous errors like bug inclusion, obsolete app problems, or app problems with a third-party device. However, the following steps should overcome the problem:

  • Login on the Starz official website to your Starz account.
  • Go to the streaming system where the app stops running. Delete the app from your streaming device’s app store.
  • After reinstalling, restart your computer.
  • Start it and log into your account until the program is installed.

Unable To Activate Starz

This is another challenge that consumers face once they have activated the software on their streaming devices. This is due to a temporary misunderstanding, such as server problems.

Regardless of why, professionals, who closely analyze the settings of your streaming system and the app, will fix the issue. If there is a problem with the configurations, they can be remedied more thoroughly. Learn How to cancel Starz Subscription.


Then you should appreciate the total steps you need to take to transform Starz on various devices by reading through this article attentively. Today, with the activation of Starz you can stream your favorite TV shows, several other films, and exclusive Starz originals. You should take a glance at How to download episode on Starz also.

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