How Do I Find My Roku Model Number: Easy Guideline

In the case of TV streaming, Roku is of many favorites. The varied contents and basic configuration make it a difficult buy. You will not be bored at any time soon by getting access to more than 500,000 films, television shows, and other material. Today’s topic is: How Do I Find My Roku Model Number.

You just have to build an account, set up your computer, and start the fun, armed with remote control.

What about you, though, if you like a special feature that is on the website of Roku? You don’t know if it follows the model. In addition, you’re not quite sure which Roku model you’ve got.

How to Lookup your Roku Model Number

It was easy at first, but it could be frustrating now that Roku has introduced a lot of models. To be exact, there are currently nine models available. So, what models do you tell you about? Everyone looks the same and their names are still very similar.

The best way to see the model number, of course. You can find it on your device’s box but if you don’t have the box anymore, it doesn’t matter. Shoot your TV and Roku up and do as follows:

  • On the remote, click the Home button.
  • In the menu that appears, look for Settings.
  • Find and pick Device Data.
  • Open the About option.

You can find some pieces of information pertaining to your Roku, including information about your IP address, your app update, your network name, and so on. The model number, the serial number, and the system ID are available. All this will tell you with great accuracy what Roku model you have at home. Check out How to fix Roku Overheating Issue: What Options Do You Have?

Roku Models

Here is a list, starting with the cheapest, of all the Roku models and their key features.

Roku Express

Possibly the perfect match for you if you’re not too ambitious. This model of Dolby Audio connects with an HDMI cable to your TV. It provides the option of voice search when you also install the app.

Roku Express+

The additional feature of this feature is the use of the standard A/V cable for this Roku-mode if you have an older TV with no HDMI inputs.

Roku Premiere

This model also includes free channels and regular features of Roku but also comes with a luxury HDMI cable and HD, 4K, and HDR streaming. It is capable of incredible colors and resolution.

Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra comes with a micro SD card, voice search, and Ethernet. The kit contains two nice earbuds too so that you can use your cell phone’s private listening option without upsetting anyone if you install the Software.

Roku Streaming Stick

This pint model is like an HDMI stick which enters your television directly. You can do a voice search if you have the Roku Stick and you can control your TV on and off via the provided Roku Remote.

Roku Streaming Stick Plus

The plus model features all of the standard Roku Stick features but increases WiFi connectivity and improves image quality. The signal is very effective enough that it can be used anywhere you choose.

Roku Smart Soundbar

It’s like a Roku player in a soundbar. This Roku also adds high-quality sound for a home theater experience, in addition to adding Roku streaming to your TV.

How to Choose the Right Model

You can feel overwhelmed by the experience and feel unsure about which model is right for you. Here are a few tips for your choice. You can also learn the guideline to turn off your Roku voice assistant.

Know how it will be used and when. You will settle these questions. Will you look at it alone or with friends and family? Can you do it in just one room or wherever you are at home? Will you enjoy the night shows while others sleep? The answers should lead you into your ideal Roku model. Some of us want the highest quality of the picture, some want more wireless Internet access, etc.

Know how many times you can need it. There should be a compromise between how much and how much you pay for the streaming of video on your Roku. A cheaper version will perform well enough if you just want to use it sometime.