Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express: Who Has The Cheapest TV and Internet Packages?

There are so many streaming channels available these days that it’s hard to justify spending over $200 a month for cable. Platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Xfinity flex, Amazon firestick provide easier and cheaper ways to watch TV that could help you save hundreds of dollars at the end of the year. Today we are going to do a full comparison between two beginner-level streaming devices that is Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express.

The Xfinity Flex was introduced by the cable company Comcast when they started to notice a fall in their cable customers. With a unique marketing strategy, they started to sell the streaming device that is the Xfinity flex for free with their internet package. The Roku Express is the cheapest device of the renowned brand Roku. A decade back Roku first developed their streaming media by collaborating with Netflix. So if you are thinking of cutting your cord and a get new streaming device Roku Express is the perfect model to start with.

This article gives us a full picture of Xfinity Flex vs. Roku-Who has the best TV and Internet deals and which one you want to choose.

A brief comparison Between Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express (Budget) Devices

Xfinity FlexRoko ExpressRoko Streaming stick
PriceFree with Xfinity internet$29.99$39
Video quality4k1080p HD4k
Voice searchAvailableN/AAvailable
Dolby Audio™AvailableAvailableAvailable
Downloading appsN/A512 gb1gb
PortsUSB-C for power, HDMI PortMicro USB for power,
HDMI 1.4b
HDMI 2.0a, mini USB port for long-range wireless receiver
Size5” x 5” x 1 in1.5 x 0.75 x 3.0 in3.7 x 0.8 x 0.47 in
Power inputN/a5V – 1A5V – 1A
Weight1.1 ounces0.9 ounces

All That You Need to Know About Xfinity Flex 

The Xfinity Flex streaming device is relatively new to this field, but it has generated some hype since it comes free with their internet subscription.

Comcast is one of the leading companies offering cable and internet access to its subscribers. They also recently found that the number of cable subscribers they used to have is dwindling, but the number of broadband users is growing. That’s why the company began offering a free Xfinity streaming box for their internet subscription. As far as the performance concern the Xfinity flex is a compact streaming device that supports Dolby Atmos, 4k, and UHD video support. You can enjoy HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, SHOWTIME, and some cable tv at no extra charge.

However, while the Flex has a range of positive features, like voice search and advanced smart home functions, it needs, even more, to compete with other devices.

Pros –

  • It’s free.
  • Voice-controlled remote. 
  • Supports 4k.
  • Supports Dolby Atmos surround sound.
  •  Does not have cloud DVR storage.


  • Limited apps. 
  • Extra button on remotes that don’t work 
  • The search button is all the way down to the bottom 
  • The remote doesn’t lag on the home screen, however, if you go through the settings, there’s a half-second delay.
  • No ethernet port.

All That You Need to Know About Roku Express 

Roku was one of the pioneer brands to develop streaming players, and it is still one of the biggest in the market. Roku now sells streaming sticks, boxes, premium players, and even soundbars and speakers. This article will help you to compare two budget-friendly devices of Roku with the Xfinity flex. 

 If you want to experience all the features of Roku in the cheapest way possible, Roku Express is the streaming device for you. Performance-wise it is outstanding and just comes at a price of $30. It has Chromecast and Amazon Fire Tv Stick as its competitors in this range. But it’s already proven to be better than its competitor by ensuring steady HD streaming at $30.

The Roku Express surely has some shortcomings as it does not support voice search and it does not support 4k resolution. But we can overlook this fact if we consider what we are getting at this price point.


  • Simple to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Wide range of content available.
  • Some free TV channels are available .
  • Loaded with popular streaming apps.


  • Does not support 4k.
  • IR Remote requires a direct view of the system.
  • Dodgy WiFi reception, not fast/stable enough for any use.
  • Not eligible for direct technical support.
  • No ethernet port.

Price Comparison: Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express:

The  Xfinity Flex comes free with your internet subscription to Xfinity and you’ll get a free setup box. One can add up to 3 accounts of $5 for each. Though the box comes free you might have to pay for some premium content. It needs to be mentioned that peacock premium comes with the box at no additional cost. Well, if you want to enjoy the most out of it, then you can try QLED TV, but is it worth it? Whether QLED is worthy or not, we’ve tried to provide ample info. You can take a peek if you need.

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Internet packages of Xfinity are given down below:


Roku Express is available in the US right at only $30.For comparison, the Google Chromecast is  $35 and offers similar performance but uses your phone instead of a remote. And we just cannot compare it with Xfinity flex in the price debate as flex comes for free with their internet subscription. But at this price range, the Roku Express is definitely a winner.

Here is a price list of all Roku devices. 

Device namePrice
Roku Express$30
Roku Express +$35
Roku Premiere$40
Roku Streaming Stick$50
Roku Streaming Stick +$60
Roku Ultra$100

Remote Comparison: Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express

Xfinity flex

The Xfinity flex has an old school vibe to it if we compare it to the one that Roku has. There’s a voice-activated remote, which comes handily with two AA batteries. This remote has a pad number, and we don’t mind it having number pads but the customers have complained about the buttons being a bit stiff. So, Comcast needs to take care of this to give customers a better in-hand experience.

There are volume and channel up and down buttons at the top and the other features just below them. One amazing feature of the Xfinity flex that is needed to be mentioned is the backlit lights that the remote has this feature comes in handy when you are in a dark room or enjoying tv by turning off lights. Overall the remote serves its purpose as it comes free with the device.

Roku Express

The remote of Roku Express is matte black in color and it’s unbelievably light weighted. The four media buttons of the remote at the bottom are distinct. However, what you’re going to see almost the same on every remote is the back, home, directional and replay keys, all of which are fairly well labeled and dead-simple to use.

The remote has Netflix, Hulu, Sling Cable, and ESPN+ media keys. The Roku Express remote is a normal infrared signal remote as it does not have any voice control but still, it serves its purpose perfectly. If you get a $40 Roku Express + the only difference you will find is at the remote. The Express plus has a mute and volume up and down button and most importantly it supports voice search

Design Comparison of Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express:

Xfinity Flexbox

The Xfinity Flexbox itself is black, beveled rectangular and it sizes about 5 x 5 x 1 inch. Its minimal design makes it possible for most entertainment installations to be installed easily. The box has an Ethernet jack, an HDMI port, and a USB-C. The box is not very glossy and has a matte finish to it.

And you can enjoy this entertainment package through Vizio Tv, but which one to buy, right? We’ve compared Vizio M and Vizio V, you can take a peek after reading our article.

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Roku Express

Between the two devices, the smallest device is the Roku Express at 0.7 x 3.4 x 1.4 inches the size is similar to the Roku streaming stick. The size of the device is even smaller than the remote. However, the comparison with the stick exceeds its size. The Roku Express is driven by its micro USB port, like its Roku Streaming Stick.

However, the comparison with the stick exceeds its size. The Roku Express is driven by its micro USB port, like its Roku Streaming Stick. The device can be connected easily to your tv if your tv has a port on it. Roku also offers a two-foot-long HDMI cable in every box and a remote.

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Interface comparison: Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express

Xfinity Flex

When you enter the website the home page is going shows you all the movies and TV shows that are available and where to find the right content for you. Something odd that you will notice about the interface is the search button is at the bottom of the page, not only that the Help, About, and the Setting button is too. So to find something one has to scroll down to the bottom. The onscreen control is very poor you cannot fast-forward, jump 10 seconds forward/back or rewind. To be frank, it doesn’t offer a user-friendly experience so the Xfinity flex needs to focus on it.

The Free to Me tab will show you the stuff that you can watch for free. It brings the content from sites like Netflix and Amazon prime video. On the Live TV page, you’ll see content and channels from apps available like Pluto TV and Zumo. The Music tab draws content from sites that you’ve already subscribed to like Amazon, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and YouTube. One unique feature about the Xfinity flex is if your using it with your Xfi Gateway you can use features like parental controls pausing the Wi-Fi. Also, you can look at how many hours your children spend on their phones and watching tv.

Roku Express

The main highlight of the Roku Express is its operating system, in addition to the vast range of content it has. If you have a Roku device this means you have access to the biggest library of apps, movies, series, and tv shows. As with most of Roku’s premium devices, the Express runs on complete Roku OS, which ensures you have exposure to all of Roku’s apps and features. 

These functions include the Roku Feed and a universal search option. If you’re interested in buying content, the universal search feature will find the best price for you by searching across all apps. The Roku Feed also alerts you if new films leave the theaters and are released on multiple streaming platforms. It is considered the most user-friendly streaming device that will allow you to customize your apps and what you like to see on your Tv.

Available apps and services: Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express

Xfinity Flex 

The biggest failure of the Xfinity Flex is its exceedingly small range of applications and service providers, while it has Netflix, Amazon Prime, and networks like HBO, Showtime, Epix. There is no Disney Plus now, and no AT&T TV, but in the months that followed its debut, the Service added Sling TV and Spotify. Until later in 2020, CBS All Connectivity would not be available. Hulu has also taken a little time to hit the Flex, but it’s now there.

Flex also has both new subscription services like  HBO Max and Peacock, which it has been able to provide months before anyone else. A lot of music can also be heard, like iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, NPR One, and Pandora. Sadly, Sling TV is not available for Xfinity Flex. However, it plans to additionally add streaming apps in the future, with Peacock and CBS All Access as its latest addition.

You’ll need to cancel your subscription and repurchase your subscription via Comcast to stream on the device if you subscribe to Cinemax, Epix, HBO, Showtime, or Starz. 

Subscription required                                  

  • HBO
  • EPIX 
  • HBO.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • Netflix.
  • Tubi.
  • Xumo.
  • Cheddar News.

Included free with the Flex

  • Sky News
  • ESPN3
  • Tubi
  • Xumo
  • Pluto Tv

Roku Express

The vast range of content offered by the Roku Express Stick is the most magnificent feature it has. The Roku Express will provide you about 500,000 plus movies and TV series episodes and this is the best at this range.

You can enjoy all of the popular streaming media on a single platform, including Disney+, CBS, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, and Netflix. On the Roku Express, you can watch live Tv on channels such as Sling TV and Fubo TV. The Express device will also get you some basic channels like Sky News, Tubi, Global Tv, CBS News, Al Jazeera, and many more that you will get for free with the device. Roku also offers a free channel of its own.

Subscription required :

  • Netflix
  • Amazon 
  • Disney plus
  • Showtime 
  • CBS All Action
  • NBA
  • Spotify

(And many more)

Included free with Roko Express:

  • The Roku channel
  • Peacock tv
  • Crunchyroll 
  • CBS News
  • Tubi tv
  • Sky News
  • Pluto tv
  • PBS kids
  • The CW
  • PBS
  • Fox News
  • Crackel
  • NBC News

 (And many more)

However, if you have some tv with 4k upscaling capacity, then you can enjoy Xfinity Flex or Roku quite comfortably.

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Overview: Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express

Xfinity Flex

For starters, the Xfinity flex is a handy device if you are already on a budget. The device has a good voice search and lets you control your smart home devices. As it’s free we cannot complain about something that is free. The Xfinity flex needs a lot of improvement before it can be compared with other devices of Roko and Amazon.

Roku Express

The Roku Express is a must-buy for those who want a simple and still effective device at a budget price. It’s not going to be suitable for serious streamers who need 4K viewing, but it’s going to be suitable for those who only want to keep updated with their favorite program, then the Roku Express will just do more than enough. It has a simple IR remote and a lack of 4K support but it’s still a really good player, particularly for people who still use HDTV. If you own a 4K HDR TV or expect to purchase one in the future, it’s worth jumping up to the Roku Streaming Stick and, if you want an Ethernet socket, the Roku Ultra.

The final verdict: Which device to buy?

The Xfinity Flex is undoubtedly a good device as it comes free, but still, it needs to have a lot of improvement if you want to compare it with the Roku Express. What makes it worth less than Roku Express is its limited amount of apps and content its providing. Only if you are cutting your cord and you already have an Xfinity internet subscription then I would recommend using this otherwise it’s a big no.

Between these two devices, the Roku Express is the winner in every category. Roku will give you the best user-friendly experience and access to its library where you can find more than 500000 content. And if you are looking for a voice control remote then you can just add $10 and get a Roku Express Plus, and if you want both 4k and voice control remote you can buy a Roko Streaming stick.

FAQs: Xfinity Flex vs Roku Express

Is Xfinity Flex a replacement for Roku?

If you already have Xfinity coverage, Flex provides telephone, home surveillance, and TV integration. This is not a substitute for your Roku, Fire Stick, or Apple TV due to the lack of compatible software. The Flex’s saving grace may be among those who are fully committed to Xfinity’s ecosystem.

Is Xfinity Flex really free?

The Flex is free for an Xfinity internet package. Customers of Xfinity Internet will buy one for free and pay $5 a month for an extra package.

Is Disney Plus supported by Xfinity Flex?

Disney Plus is accessible through Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1. You must use a compatible streaming system with Xfinity Flex or X1 service, or an X1 TV Box (the following models are not supported: RNG150, Pace Xi3, Samsung XG2v2, as well as Arris and Pace XG1v1 TV Boxes).

What’s the distinction between Roku and Roku Express?

The Roku Streaming Stick is the more effective of the two gadgets under the hood. The key hardware disparity between the two is that the Roku Streaming Stick has a quad-core processor, which the Roku Express does not have.