How to cancel Starz Subscription

Isn’t the STARZ premium service really satisfied? Did you take the test but then decide it wasn’t for you? There are no difficulties. Just the STARZ account can be revoked. The STARZ app cancels the process because there is no remedy! Your STARZ account will also be terminated very quickly. How to cancel Starz Subscription – find out about this.

You can do this online, by email, and mobile in several cases if you want to cancel your Starz subscription. You can cancel your subscription directly via Starz or via a third-party company depending on how you subscribed to the service first of all. Check out The way you can subscribe or active Starz.

Canceling Starz online

Here’s how to uninstall Starz from your web browser’s website:

  • Enable your web browser on the Starz website.
  • Choose “Have Starz.”
  • “Choose “streaming from Starz.
  • Log your account in.
  • Select Configurations in the upper-right corner.
  • Please click “Subscription.”
  • Click the ‘Cancel my subscription’ tab.
  • Follow the steps to complete the cancelation process.

Canceling Starz Subscription or Free Trial on the Web

You can cancel your STARZ subscription or free trial on the internet really quickly and you will not even have any income. Most of the resources are online, and you need to find one that suits you as best as you can.

  • The good news is that you can unsubscribe from STARZ without any payments. All you need to do is keep pace with the moves, and it’s as simple as cakes.
  • To begin, you’ll need to search for a Starz membership page. You might try searching the internet, but you’ll have to look through it for quite some time.
  • You’d look for a website with a high user rating, testimonials, and recommendations from people who have already used the service. If you plan to take advantage of the free trial, make sure you sign up right away.
  • Then, on the phone, press the “Register” button to learn how to cancel your STARZ membership or free online test.
  • Once you’ve done this, you’ll get a link and a registration email. After you get this email, you will only have one more task to complete. With a valid email address, you must sign up for a program.
  • You would then be able to follow the instructions given on the website. The connection you have given takes you to a page where your password can be entered.

Canceling Starz Subscription on Android

You would need to open the Starz app from the device settings on your phone to cancel your Starz subscription.

  • Select Starcast. Starcast. On the top left-hand side of your screen click the “Play” button. Then pick the option to cancel or continue streaming on your telephone. Here are a few things you can do if you have never subscribed and are waiting to cancel.
  • Go to the “Settings” app to open the Starz program on your computer. Click the tab for ‘Subscription.’ Select the option to cancel or stream your subscription.
  • You should choose the option to cancel if you have already signed up. You can either sign up for a new channel or cancel your subscription if you have not yet subscribed to the subscription box.
  • A confirmation page appears in the subscription box. You should press the “Cancel Subscription” button to close your application when you do not wish to subscribe.

Canceling Starz Subscription on iPhone

Google can directly access a variety of websites and inform you that with a mouse click or a few cells you cancel your Starz subscription on your iPhone. Although this is a perfect way to realize you should potentially revoke an iPhone STARZ subscription, you don’t have the ability to do this on any of these pages that tell you how to cancel a membership.

You can cancel your subscription through the mobile phone provider or on the company’s website, but you never call to let you know if you can cancel the subscription on your iPhone right away.

This challenges if the telecommunications service provider through which the website uses is legal in order to inform you how to cancel your subscription and is willing to directly cancel your subscription from the iPhone.

After all, if a company tells your mobile service provider to cancel your subscription to your website even if it has little in common with their account, how will the company cancel your subscription via the iPhone? It’s completely pointless.

If these businesses really needed you to cancel your iPhone subscription, they would send it to someone who subscribes to their websites.

The sad part of this entire thing is that you spend $50 a month to terminate your STARZ subscription on your cell phone service provider on your iPhone. This assumes you have already charged the subscription fee for the whole year before you get the call to tell you how to cancel your subscription!

Canceling Starz Subscription on Amazon Prime

Attempting to terminate your Amazon subscription? This is one of a subscriber’s most irritating facets. It’s not just because you lost your subscription, but also because you often only go through all the steps listed here to decline your subscription.

  • Take these actions and it can be discovered that your account will not have to be canceled in the future and your cancelation from another provider will be smoother.
  • On your screen, open the Starz Site. Go to the home page in the upper right corner of your screen, which is the home button next to the clock.
  • Choose “Have Starz.” You can also check for unique words like “have Starz,” “Starz cancel,” “how to cancel Starz,” etc. using the search engine at the bottom of the article. If you want your subscription to change, choose this choice.
  • Click on a link on the top of the Starz Streaming page to convert between video and audio stream. You would then be able to click on a tab.
  • Input terms such as “video or audio” in a search box, which often looks for a particular category of contents.
  • Tap on the option to swap between ‘Audio’ ‘Video’ and return to the home screen. To change the latest streaming options click on the connection that says “Starz Streaming” again.

Canceling Starz Subscription on Apple TV

Want to cancel an Apple TV Starz subscription? This guide is going to teach you how.

  • If you are using a mobile phone, go to the home screen of your Android device’s Web browser and tap “Request Laptop”.
  • Go back to your TV watching experience on Apple TV after you’ve done that and press the “subscribe” button under the “My subscriptions” portion.
  • Now it will immediately sign you up with Starz when you tap Subscribe, but you will also have the option to cancel your subscription.
  • Click the option on it. Your membership will be canceled once you do so. At this stage, before you can proceed, you will be requested to have valid contact details.
  • How to cancel an Apple TV Starz Subscription? That is a simple assignment! Now you are happy to start watching all your shows right on your Apple TV.
  • You would provide the same information as to when you subscribed. The cancelation steps are very close and appear on the Starz Support list.

You can try the subscription page again if you do not see the cancelation option. If you still can’t find a cancellation solution, you should contact Starz customer service. Find out about these monitors for Apple TV

Canceling Starz through a third-party company

You can even email their customers’ services or the Starz-FAQ section for assistance if you are curious how to cancel Starz on Amazon, Google, Apple, Roku, the Cable Company, and other distributors. Learn The Guideline to download TV show on Starz.

Canceling Starz over the phone

Starz provides 24 hours a day live mobile assistance at 1-855-247-9175.

Canceling Starz by email

You will need to fill out the form on the “Contact us” page of the website in order to cancel your Starz subscription via email. You can also attempt to write to directly.


This FAQ is here to solve your problems regarding this matter.

Does Starz encourage you not to cancel, just to delay your subscription?

No, not so. Only if you want to use it again you can cancel your Starz subscription.

Will the free trial of Starz be auto-renewed into a paying subscription?

Yes, that’s going to be. You will be credited your credit card for a monthly subscription until you cancel Starz before the free trial is over.

Does Starz prioritize their cancellations?

When you cancel your Starz monthly membership, you won’t get a refund. You are entitled to obtain refunds from Starz or a third-party retailer, as stated in the Terms of Usage, in certain conditions and depending on the situation. Contact Starz or the customer support of the third-party vendor for more detail.

Potential concerns when you terminate a Starz subscription

The consumers’ most frequent demands relating to credit card payments after the cancelation of the subscription. Starz provides many choices, Twitter the most common, but it often takes too long to reach its customer service. It is much harder to contact the company via the telephone, as it may take up to 40 minutes to sit and speak to the service provider alone.

May I restart my subscription to STARZ later?

You may, yeah. Yes. In order to make it easy to resume your account, STARZ preserves your account records. That also ensures you won’t get one if you use the same email address and payment form, as you attempt to sign up for another trial.

Are there decent choices for STARZ?

HBO and Showtime are the most common STARZ choices. However, Hulu, which has plenty of additional choices and even live TV, may want to think. This service begins with the entire $5.99 a month on-demand Hulu Catalog which will help you to work your way through the complete 60+ live TV program that is $54.99 a month on request as well.

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