YouTube TV vs PS Vue: Streaming Services that you might have missed looking into.

Watching TV channels on your television has been a lifelong dream of people where every channel is together in one place. With cable, this dream was made possible. Cable TV has long since dominated the TV streaming services throughout the world.

The process is simple and the way to obtain the service is also the same; pay a subscription fee every month and you will get a number of channels depending on the cable provider.

However, this service is slowly starting to get obsolete as the dawn of online streaming services has come to life. With services like YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue from Sony, having a cable network is easy and accessible almost everywhere you go as long as you have a stable internet connection.

The real visual difference between the old and the new ways is the lack of physical cable that might cluster the beauty of your homestead.

There are, however, more differences that separate the old cable TV network system from the new streaming TV services, all of which will be described in the coming sections.

The main focus of this article is to bring about the differentiating factors between YouTube TV and PS Vue; two of the most famed and capable streaming services available right now. The benefits, demerits, features, pricing, and all the other factors will be described comprehensively as you follow along.

What are streaming TV services?

If you are ready to cut your relationship with cables, then streaming TV services are your getaway! These give you the same feel and look like a traditional TV, but they are more convenient and efficient. Moreover, you get way more channels than your cable television provides you.

TV streaming services are provided via the internet, instead of through cables or satellites. They usually use a streaming device or an app to let you watch your favorite shows! You will enjoy all your favorite channel shows anywhere and everywhere. The best part? You can even record them at a time of your convenience!

For even more convenience, TV streaming services are way cheaper than cable and/or satellite TV. They start at around $10, so saving up costs while keeping the entertainment in place has never been easier! Amongst all the TV streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Fire, FuboTV, etc. we have chosen to review Youtube TV and PS Vue for you today!

What is the difference between the cable network and streaming television services?

A cable network is what you would call the good old conventional way of watching TV. It connects to the satellite and is one of the cheapest ways you can get to watch all the channels that you need.

There are many limitations to cable TV and that is where the streaming television services shine. Unlike cable that connects to the satellite, streaming TV services connect over the internet using your WiFi or LAN cable. More differences are described below.

Pricing and Layout:

Cable Network:

Cable companies are constantly bringing out cheaper and more competitive packages to compete with streaming TV services. The price range that these cable network companies govern is often hard to beat.

Moreover, the setup is pretty simple and you can easily get the required package that suits your needs. There are no complications in choosing the type of service, simply select the number of channels or the options and you are good to go.

Streaming TV Services:

Streaming TV services on the contrary have a rather fixed and high pricing. Choosing the option that suits you the most might also prove to be troublesome as there are a lot of packages to choose from and doing a little bit of studying before getting cable is a must.

However, since you are going wireless, getting the cable connection from your internet service provider may be beneficial as billing would be easy as you will be getting one receipt instead of two.

Video Quality of the Channels and streaming capabilities:

Cable Network:

In the case of a cable network, there is no guarantee that you will be getting the best video quality out of channels. This solely depends on the cable network that you are using. If they can provide a more solid connection, the quality will be better but that is an overstatement.

You can also subscribe to premium TV services which most TV channels provide right now, i.e., HD TV channels. Pay a little extra and get access to better quality. There is no lag or buffering when using cable networks and that is one of its major advantages against streaming TV services.

Streaming TV Services:

As for TV streaming services, quality is not an issue since all the channels are streamed at high full quality without any compromises. You do not even have to pay a premium for these channels as they come pre-equipped with HD capabilities.

You can even change the video quality if you like in order to save bandwidth but people rarely do that. Since TV streaming services use the internet to stream channels, the quality of service or QoS for short depends on the speed of your internet service.

There might be the occasional buffering and lags that you might usually experience when watching a video on the internet. Getting faster internet may prove to be substantial for streaming TV services.

Number of Channels:

Cable Network:

On paper, the numbers look really good when comparing cable TV networks with TV streaming services. You can get up to 115 channels and more when subscribing to a cable network service and all these channels come at a very cheap and affordable price.

This may seem daunting to streaming TV service owners and good news to new subscribers, however, this is not all true. For instance, out of the 115 channels, you will find at least 20+ channels that are radio channels for your TV.

While there are possibilities of getting the same channel twice and the occasionally disrupted channels, excluding all of that will leave you with around 50 uniquely working channels. Which is less than half of the originally offered number of channels in the package.

Streaming TV Services:

Now, unlike cable networks, streaming TV services have quality and channel assurance. While the number of channels offered may be less than that of cable TV networks, all of these channels are unique and run with full quality.

There will be no occasional disruptions or any unnecessary radio channels. For a better view on the subject, take YouTube TV, for instance, it contains over 85 channels and all of them are clearly listed in their offered package.

Once subscribed, you are getting all of those channels across all your devices as long as you use your Gmail account that is subscribed to the service to log in.

Subscription Type and Channels:

Cable Network:

For Cable networks, subscribing once means that you have to subscribe for a year. The cable network service providers offer packages where the subscription is yearly and you can pay the fee on a monthly basis.

That means, once you get into the contract, you will have to pay the full amount and you cannot cancel the service anytime. Additionally, with these services, sure the number of channels are far more than streaming TV services but for every person that says there are too many channels on Cable TV, there is another person who will focus on the channels that are missing from this service. So it really is a hit or miss when getting a cable network for your TV.

Streaming TV Services:

In the case of streaming TV services, the subscription is monthly. All of the platforms take pride in this feature where consumers can cancel their service anytime they want and the subscription is not yearly on a contractual basis.

It is similar to the good old Netflix, HULU, and Apple TV. The pricing may be a little higher than what you would normally go for but the quality of service is outstanding. You get what you paid for is what their mantra should be.

You can get the channels provided along with additional channels that you can pay a little extra to get. You also have the freedom to exclude the channels that you do not want and in doing so, you can save some money instead of paying full price for half of the channels that you will barely watch like it is on Cable TV networks.

Connectivity and Availability:

Cable Network:

When it comes to connectivity and availability, cable networks are an expensive purchase that comes with a lot of hassle regarding installation and services. You have to rent a set-top box, line up the antennas and then tune in the channels.

The only way of connecting to the network is through the coaxial cable and you can only watch it on the devices the cable is connected to physically. The performance is steady but you can only watch it on TV.

Streaming TV Services:

If you are getting a streaming TV service, you are in luck as you can access this service anywhere. Why do you ask? Streaming TV services use the internet to connect you to the channels. This means, as long as you have a decent internet connection, you watch TV anywhere and everywhere on any number of devices.

The number of accessible devices depends on the service that you are subscribing to but as long as you have the account credentials, you can simply download the app on any device be it Android or iOS (depending on the service), and get full access to the vast library of channels that your subscribed service provides.

YouTube TV vs PS Vue: The Best TV streaming services facing off.

That is enough about the difference between cable networks and streaming TV services. Now that you have a general idea of what streaming TV services are and their benefits over cable TV, getting back at the topic at hand two of the best TV streaming services in the market.

YouTube TV and PS Vue. These two are arguably the best option you can find with a vast library and great service. The differences between them are minimal yet significant enough to change your decision in choosing the one for you. Follow along to know more about these.

YouTube TV: A look into what it is

Amongst all the TV services YouTube TV has proven its prowess. Google has expanded its horizon and scaled its online video streaming service, YouTube to many sectors; YouTube TV is one of them.

From the looks of it, it might seem like your ordinary YouTube with all the channels from different YouTubers and their videos. But as you navigate to the TV section, it will become your own personal cable network with over 85 channels.

YouTube TV is Google’s Live TV streaming product that was released on the 28th of February 2017. This product was made specifically for those users who want to “cut the cord” and stop using the old school cable or satellite subscriptions.

YouTube TV has a lot of similarities with other streaming services like Hulu+ and AT&T TV but what makes YouTube TV appealing are the variety of attractive and exciting features it has to offer its users.

During the launch, YouTube Tv was restricted to a limited number of channels in North America. This, however, changed later in 2019 when YouTube Tv expanded its horizon to all of the 210 markets in the region.

This brought the total channel count of YouTube TV to about 70 and increasing daily. YouTube TV soon became a great competitor to many of the existing streaming services especially by including the four major national broadcasters; ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX plus other exclusive choices of content as well.

Aside from the number of channels and content variety, YouTube TV also has a flat price rate at $50 per month for those who subscribed when it was released. But for new customers after July 30th, 2020, the price jumped to $65 per month.

The price increase does not affect pre-existing users. At this price point, you are getting a number of channels and most of them will be to your liking. With the exclusion of some premium channels, you are getting all the services that you want at that flat rate.

Moreover, you can also get those premium channels by paying a premium but that of course depends on your preference. YouTube TV is available on a number of devices starting from almost all the 4K TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, and TCL, to your mobile phones and other streaming platforms as well.

The availability of YouTube TV is what makes it one of the best TV streaming services in the market.

Google servers are almost everywhere so there is no chance of you getting a bad quality or speed since all of the shows are cached and preloaded for you. YouTube TV is a totally separate entity from the standard YouTube and Google treats it as such. The interface is the same but these are two different services.

The number of features YouTube TV provides is boundless and beneficial to any consumer. Some of the significant ones are described in the following section.

Some of the Best Features of YouTube TV:

Now that you know what YouTube TV is and how it works, it is time to learn about the various features it offers and the factors that keep YouTube TV above in the food chain of streaming TV services.

Unlimited Cloud DVR:

Google already has a great and state of the art cloud service called Google Drive and you already know how good and efficient that is. It also has a free unlimited backup service that will save all of your photos and videos which will be accessible throughout devices.

Now, coming to YouTube TV, the experience is similar. You can record content from different networks as much as you want and store them for up to nine months. With no additional fees for extra storage, YouTube TV surpasses all other streaming services by a mile.

Multiple Users and Device capabilities:

YouTube TV has the capability of creating multiple users from the same account. You can watch YouTube TV across multiple devices and screens at the same time. This means that with one subscribed account, you can create up to six sub-accounts for Family members.

Out of this, only three devices or screens can watch YouTube TV at the same time. There is no option to upgrade and increase this quota but three devices should be more than enough for any family.

Another way YouTube TV is unique from other streaming services is that, unlike Hulu+ and Netflix where multiple user accounts are associated under one master account whose credentials must be shared in order to access those profiles, YouTube TV uses Gmail accounts.

Each Google account associated with your YouTube TV subscription gets its own YouTube TV experience because they log in with their own Google credentials so there’s no need to share a single password with everyone in your family.

On-Demand Viewing Experience:

In YouTube TV, most of the channels allow you to watch the shows after they are initially aired on-demand. This lets you watch any of the shows or episodes that you might have missed when the show was aired.

This system is similar to recording except here, the channels record the shows for you and are available to watch on-demand. So catch up on any of the shows that you might have missed on.

Voice Control and Mark as watched:

If you own any of the Google products like the Google Home, Google Nest and are using a Chromecast to watch YouTube TV on your TV, you can take advantage of Google Assistant and voice control to control YouTube TV. The control functions include starting specific shows, playback functions, and recording a show.

If you have already watched the show, YouTube TV will simply mark it as watched. This feature is a simple yet handy one for those who forget if they have or have not watched a show or episode. For a clearer perspective, it is much like the mark as a watched feature on the standard YouTube.

Picture in Picture, Dark Mode, and Jump:

Moreover, the picture in picture mode is a great addition to YouTube TV for mobile users as it lets you multitask and watch TV at the same time. This feature is specific to Android devices but it will soon come to iOS as well.

Another great addition is the Dark Mode that is aimed to reduce eye strain during long viewing hours. This saves a lot of battery as the pixels on your device screens do not have to light up.

Another useful addition is the ability to jump to any segment in your pre-recorded show. This feature is not available in most streaming services and many users appreciate it since you can rewind the recording a little if you missed any details rather than watching the whole thing again.

Video Quality:

YouTube Tv provides 1080p streaming at 30 frames per second and no lower than 720p. Most channels do not offer 1080p but with YouTubes efficient encoding, 1080p streaming is possible. These video qualities along bring YouTube TV to the top surpassing its competitors. At most times, you will barely notice the change in quality.

PlayStation Vue: A thriving technology – An Overview.

The PlayStation Vue might have gained popularity slowly, but it has surely proven its worth! If you are thinking, this one is only for PlayStation owners, think again! This alternative cable service works on almost all platforms and has many attractive channels for you.

Above all, it can be viewed on five devices simultaneously which is a blessing for a house full of streaming devices!

Like all streaming services, it comes at a price as well. However, there is a range of subscription plans to choose from, so you can make your pick. The base price might seem expensive, but with all the channels you get, it is completely worth every penny!

Moreover, the picture quality of the PlayStation Vue is fantastic! With almost zero buffering, you can watch your favorite shows with ease. Nevertheless, if at any time, you have the need of cancelling your subscription, you can do it free of cost.

On the topic of zero buffering, let us talk about the picture quality as well. PS Vue asks for an internet connection of only 10 Mbps to let you view high-quality shows.

Some of its channels stream at 720p, but its maximum streaming capability is 1080p which is perfect for anyone looking to experience good quality videos, shows, games, etc.

If we have to use two words to describe the interface of PlayStation Vue, we would say: modern and convenient! The dark background with blue splashes is easy on the eyes and the various options make it easy to browse.

Not only are there convenient categories, but you can also filter out the channels according to your preference. Additionally, on the channels interface, it shows the progress bar of each show and a programming schedule as well!

All in all, PlayStation Vue is one of the best alternatives to cable TV service. It gives you a good number of channels, has fantastic DVR features, and has plans for everyone! Contrary to initial beliefs, it is not limited to PlayStation consoles and can run on a number of different platforms like Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

Some of the Best Features of Playstation Vue:

Now that you have the basic idea of PlayStation Vue, let us dive into the specifics.

The Number of Streams:

Unlike most other streaming TV services, PS Vue lets you watch five simultaneous streams at once. You can even make up to ten distinct user profiles for each user account and that gives PlayStation Vue the edge over its competitors.

Ergo, if you are sharing an account with your friends and/or family, all of you can easily watch your favorite shows without being interrupted by others. However, only two of the five profiles can be viewed from different places, the rest three must be under the same roof.

Cloud DVR:

If your favorite team is playing at an inconvenient time, you no longer have to miss out on their games! PlayStation Vue allows you to record sports, shows, series, etc. from live TV to be watched at a later time. The recorded content stays up to 28 days, so that is plenty of time for you!

Wide range of supported devices:

The list of devices, the PS Vue supports have only been increasing every day. Now, you can enjoy PS Vue and its stunning TV experiences on almost all the top and most common devices. Alternatively, you can watch it on web browsers by visiting their website.

Couple Facts to Compare between YouTube TV and PlayStation Vue:

Fact #1: Subscription plans and pricing

YouTube TV:

Youtube TV streaming comes at a price of $49.99 per month and that is the only plan it has. You get eighty-five channels with this plan, which means that per channel costs only 59 cents. Ergo, even if the pricing might seem high, you are getting what you pay for.

With this, you can easily stream ABC, BBC, a range of Disney, Fox, ESPN, and NBC channels, Universal Kids, Travel Channel, and lots more! The best part is that you get a free trial of seven days before starting your subscription. The cancellation is free and can be done at your own convenience!

PS Vue:

Unlike YouTube TV, PlayStation Vue gives you a variety of four plans to choose from. Its cheapest plan, called Access, starts at $49.99 a month and you get around 55 channels with this plan. If that is not enough for you, you can always choose the Core subscription plan at $54.99 per month, with 79 channels.

Similarly, by adding ten more dollars you can buy the Elite subscription that provides you additional regional sports channels and also some others that are not available in the cheaper plans. To top it all off, there is the $84.99/month Ultra subscription plan.

This one has every channel that is included in the Elite plan, but it also comes with HBO and showtime! Therefore, you can easily choose from any of the four plans according to your budget and preferences because PS Vue does not leave anyone behind!

Fact #2: Number of devices

YouTube TV:

This streaming service allows you and your friends/family to stream your favorite shows simultaneously on three devices. Hence, all of you can comfortably watch your preferred channels without any disturbance from others.

Moreover, YouTube TV gives you the option of opening up to six profiles per account making it easy for every member to personalize their content and viewing stream.

However, even with six profiles, the three simultaneous viewings can make it a little difficult to balance when there are a bunch of television lovers under the same roof!

PS Vue:

On the other hand, PlayStation Vue wanted to ensure that each member of the family gets their screen time whenever they want, and hence, they let you watch five streams simultaneously. Therefore, there are no limitations on the time to watch your favorite team having a good fight on the field!

Nevertheless, it also comes with its own drawbacks. Out of the five streamers, only two of them can be outside of the house and the other three have to be in the same house. This is only a problem if all of you live in separate houses, but if not, then you are good to go!

Fact #3: Cloud DVR

YouTube TV:

One aspect that gives YouTube TV a bit of an edge is its unlimited cloud DVR storage and the viewing time. You can record a live game and save it in your DVR to watch at a later time. And, you can do this for any movies, shows, or news that you want to keep for later.

The best part is that these will stay stored for up to nine months! Hence, even if you record and forget it, you can be sure that it will stay there for months and you can view it anytime you want.

PS Vue:

PlayStation Vue also has unlimited cloud DVR storage to let you save as many programs as you want. However, it does come with its limits of 500 programs and no more than that. This should not be much of a problem since we believe 500 shows, movies, etc. is a lot of storage to deal with!

Unlike YouTube TV’s nine months of keeping, PS Vue keeps your recorded programs for only 28 days. But, we believe that is also a good thing because if you keep it for much later, you might not have an interest in watching it at all anymore!

Fact #4: Picture Resolution

YouTube TV:

When looking at a movie or game, you always want the highest quality resolution for your eyes and that is exactly what YouTube TV provides you. With a maximum streaming resolution of 1080p, it gives you the viewing experience you always wanted!

Whether you are watching a football match or a mystery show, the 1080p resolution will ensure that you do not miss any single detail.

But, to get the best out of the service, you also need a stable and fast internet connection and YouTube TV recommends at least 13 Mbps, which is pretty normal for most households.

PS Vue:

Contrary to YouTube TV, PS Vue might not give 1080p for all its channels, but it does have it for some. Most of the streaming channels in PlayStation Vue reach a maximum of 720p which is perfect for your phones and tabs.

When watching your most-loved movie, it guarantees that you get the perfect sight of the characters! While the 720p might be suitable for smaller screens, it can look of slightly less quality on your television sets. However, for the 720p resolution, you only need an internet speed of 10 Mbps to make you are viewing up to the mark!

Fact #5: TV Shows and Movies

YouTube TV:

Originals are the most hyped things right now since viewers want unique content every day and that is exactly what YouTube TV gives you. Alongside its TV channels, it also has a lineup of its own shows like Cobra Kai, Mind Field, Youth, and Consequences, etc.

These original shows give you something extra from the daily TV channels that are usually watched. Other than this, you also get on-demand shows much like cable TV. With a robust on-demand library, YouTube TV ensures that there is not a single minute that you stay bored!

PS Vue:

PS Vue is yet to release their originals but rumor has it that they might be coming up with something soon because no one wants to disappoint the audience! Keeping that aside, PS Vue does have on-demand shows and movies as well.

Similar to cable, the availability of these depends on what type of subscribed network you have. Above all, what sets PS Vue apart from YouTube TV, is the number and names of channels. It does have a close number of channels to YouTube TV, but it has HBO that its competitor does not have!

Why Should you go for YouTube TV?

YouTube TV gives you several reasons to go for it and all of them are viable. YouTube TV gives you all the TV services that you need at a very decent rate. Since everyone has internet access and is readily available everywhere, getting YouTube TV only makes sense.

Unlike other services, you get all the given channels and more. If you are missing any, it is premium and sure enough, you can pay an extra to get it.

All in all, the benefits and functionalities of YouTube TV especially because it is part of the Google product line make YouTube TV the best streaming TV service in the market.

You get the best of the best channels, a decent price, multiple user integration with each sub-user with their own account, its ever-increasing library of channels, and lastly, unlimited cloud DVR with an expiry content date of nine months is more than what anyone could ask out of a streaming service and that is what YouTube TV subscription offers.

Points for Praise of YouTube TV:

  • A wide range of channels.
  • Convenient DVR features.
  • Gives the same experience as cable TV.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Can be watched on various platforms.

Points for Improvement of YouTube TV:

  • Can be pricier than standard cable service.
  • Not many options for parental controls.

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Why Should you go for PS Vue?

PS Vue may just be the thing that you are looking for. If you own a Playstation Console and are willing to pay a little extra to get the PS Vue, well you are in luck as it will be the perfect thing your device requires to make your TV working.

PS Vue’s vast number of channels and a staggeringly beautiful user interface not only brings out the best of Sony but also appeals to a user’s tastes.

Aside from the obvious, even if PS Vue is pricey, the user interface, the number of accessible user profiles, device compatibility, and great streaming quality alone can make up for all the different drawbacks PlayStation Vue might have.

Its unlimited cloud DVR is one of the greatest features in all of the devices and along with that you are getting the functionality to seek through the recorded shows. All these features and capabilities are enough to make you want it and it is the perfect system for all PlayStation owners and PC users alike.

Points for Praise of PS Vue:

  • Can view shows on up to five devices at the same time.
  • Has an inbuilt cloud DVR service.
  • Can be viewed on different devices.
  • Has a range of plans to choose from.
  • Excellent picture quality with almost zero buffering.

Points for Improvement of PS Vue:

  • Does not have a picture-in-picture feature.
  • A lot of channels are not available.

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Final Verdict on YouTube TV and PS Vue: Are they really worth your money and time?

In the end, what do you want to watch? That is the question you should ask yourself. Because if you are looking to watch any shows from HBO, neither of the services provide it. Aside from that, everything is available and the library is increasing daily. With PS Vue, you get multiple screens of up to 5 users watching concurrently.

On YouTube TV, the supported devices are less than that of PS Vue and you can only have 3 devices running concurrently. These facts are some of the main concerning factors. However, in the end, whichever service you choose is obviously way better than getting a cable network service with unreliable performance.

So, going for the PS Vue may prove to be the pricier option. You are getting the same service and there is also the chance of the quality getting distorted due to the fact that Sony servers are further away than that of Googles.

In this situation, getting YouTube Tv is the safer and more reasonable option as it does not confuse you with all the options and if you are missing any of your favorite channels, that is because it is premium so simply pay the premium and get it.

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Having a live TV service is useful in case of emergencies. Even though it runs on the internet, having it anywhere and everywhere on the go is something you could only dream about back in the old days of cable.

So no matter which you choose, you are saved either way. Your preference is the key deciding factor and the one that has all the channels you want will advantageous. So, get your subscription now before it is too late and enjoy the latest shows on-demand and in full quality like never before.

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