Fluance Ai60 vs Edifier S2000 Pro-Review and Which one is the best suit for you?

We always have high hopes for our speakers. Especially for gamers and movie buffs, a quality speaker has no alternatives. Even if you aren’t a sound enthusiast you probably are a great fan of smooth room-filling sound. Today we bring into discussion two of the most prominent speakers that deliver high-quality acoustics. People often get confused between these two speakers and suffer from the dilemma of choosing one. Fluance Ai60 and Edifier S200 pro are the two speakers I was talking about. Through this article, I will try to guide through their specifications and the features you need to know. By the end of the article, you’ll know which speaker is apt for you.

Fluance Ai 60- Stunning and aesthetic

Fluance Ai60 doesn’t only deliver extraordinary music but also has a nifty aesthetic value. It produces bright rays of sound that will fill your brain with pleasure. Fluance has a great line of speakers but Fluance Ai60 is undoubtedly winning hearts. These speakers are special indeed because these will never disappoint you in terms of audio delivery.

Edifier S2000 Pro- Elegant with Detailed Delivery

Edifier S2000 Pro has a luxurious look. Apart from being luxurious in looking delivers room-filling sweet melodies. Edifier S2000 Pro is very popular among people and it is one of the nicest speakers Edifier has. Edifier claims to have brought into the cutting-edge sound quality into the classic style.

Let’s see what these speakers have in common and what makes these speakers unique.

Fluance Ai60 vs. Edifier S2000: What they have in common?

Fluance Ai60 and Edifier S2000 have some similarities let’s explore that.

Fluance Ai60Edifier S2000 Pro
Speaker placementBookshelf Speaker Bookshelf Speaker
BluetoothYes, aptX CodecYes, 4.0 with aptX decoder
Amplifier ClassClass DClass D
ConnectivityRCA, AUX, Optical, Micro USB, subwooferCoaxial, optical, RCA, AUX
Drive Quantity22
ConnectionBoth wire and wirelessBoth wire and wireless

Speaker Placement

Speaker placement plays a vital role in the delivery of sound. So, it is crucial to set your speaker up in a place where it can cover the whole dimension of your place. Both Fluance Ai 60 and Edifier S2000 Pro are bookshelf speakers. Bluetooth speakers give the best output when placed on speaker stands. Besides that, these speakers could be placed on a sturdy desk, cabinet, or entertainment unit.


Edifier S2000Pro connects via RCA input, AUX input, Coaxial and optical input. Edifier S2000 Pro also has Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth 4.0 comes with an aptX decoder. The same goes for Fluance Ai 60. These speakers have the capability of connecting wirelessly. The exception is that Fluance has a subwoofer connection which Edifier S2000Pro doesn’t have.

Amplifier Class

Amplifier Classes represent the measure of the yield signal which fluctuates inside the amplifier circuit over more than one pattern of activity when energized by a sinusoidal information signal. There are 4 classes of amplifier namely, Class-A, Class-B, Class-AB, and Class D. Edifier S2000Pro and FluanceAi60 have Class- D amplifier. Class D amplifiers even in the most efficient linear output stages give large power dissipation. You should definitely know How to choose amplifier for speakers.

Looks and Appearances

In terms of looks and appearances, Edifier S2000 pro and Fluance ai60 are extraordinary and bold. Edifier has a matte black paint with a lush wood baffle plate, metallic grills, and gold pads underneath. Genuine birch sideboard makes it elegant and stylish. On the other hand, Fluance Ai 60 comes in four different colors. Its cabinets are precisely crafted with wood and acoustically designed for warm and distortion-free music to transport you into your own happy place.

Vinyl Perfect

Fluance Ai60 and Edifier S2000 Pro are among those speakers that are perfect for vinyl. Edifier S2000 Pro provides clear and clean sound with a punch in the bass and treble. Fluance Ai 60 delivers a precise sound for the highs and the lows and the sound is crisp, loud, and clear. Because of these features, these speakers are much talked about among speakers that are perfect for vinyl.

Besides these similarities, some features that differ Fluance Ai60 and Edifier S2000 Pro from each other. Let’s compare the technicalities, shall we?

Fluance Ai60Edifier S200 Pro
Dimension 13.1”x7.8”x9.2”8”x13.5"x10.5”
Weight29.3 Pounds7.94 Pounds
Total Harmonic Distortion <0.03%10%
EnclosureAcoustic Suspension DesignWooden
Subwoofer outputYesNo
Remote controlYesYes
Frequency Response35 Hz to 20kHz40Hz to 20kHz
Input Power100-240VN/A
RMS rated power100W150W
Drive typeTweeter: 1inch Silk Soft Dome
Ferro fluid Cooled
Woofer:6.5inchWoven,Glass Fiber composite Drivers with Butyl Rubber surrounds
Tweeter: 1inch Planar Diaphragm(112W)
Woofers: 5.5-inch Aluminum cone (50W)
ColorWhite Walnut
Natural Walnut
White Walnut
Black ash
Input Sensitivity N/ABalanced input: 700±50mV
Auxiliary input: 600±50mV
Bluetooth input: 350±50mFFs
Optical input: 350±50mFFs
Coaxial input: 350±50 mFFs
Wires and cables8 feet 18-gauge speaker wire
3 feet 3.5mm AUX to RCA cables
16 feet/5-meter professional transparent black metallic yarn 5 pin connector
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Total Harmonic Distortion

Total Harmonic Distortion is the measuring factor of the overall signal of a speaker. The Total Harmonic Distortion should be kept below 0.1. The total harmonic distortion of Fluance Ai60 is less than 0.03% and Edifier S200 Pro is 10%. The threshold for THD is 10%.


The enclosure of Fluance Ai60 is Acoustic Suspension Design which conveys a tight bass and deep sound throughout the room. Edifier S2000 Pro has a wooden enclosure which gives it a chic look.

Remote control

The remote control in Fluance Ai60 is quite simple and easy. It has functions like- sound up/down, treble control, bass control, LED brightness, mute, and gives access to Bluetooth pairing. Along with volume control and input selection, Edifier S2000 Pro has a feature in its remote that is, EQ mode selection. Both remote controls are wireless in nature.

Drive Details

Fluance Ai60 has one-inch silk soft-dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeter and 6.5-inch woven glass Fiber composite drivers with butyl rubber surround. The tweeter and woofer are sealed by an enclosure. The woofers are designed with glass fiber to produce stronger bass output and it’s great for filling your room with melodies.

Edifier S200 Pro has a 5-inch aluminum cone woofer that is designed for clear sound. Edifier S2000 Pro has a digital crossover and can give a low-frequency performance. Also, it is furnished with low distorted planar diaphragm tweeters that convey high-frequency sound. It is hard for any speaker within such a price range to convey music with this much precision. These components make these speakers audiophile quality.

Input sensitivity

The input sensitivity of Edifier S2000 Pro is calculated on many levels. Since Edifier S2000 Pro has a versatile input system the input sensitivity is also versatile. But the input sensitivity of Fluance Ai60 remains not mentioned.


Fluance Ai60 comes with 8 feet gauge speaker wire and 3 feet 3.55mm RCA cable. For connecting to RCA and AUX input. At the back of the Fluance Ai60, the cables are connected.

Edifier S2000 Pro has a16feet/5meter professional transparent black metallic yarn cable and 5 pin connector. You can experience high definition sound quality.

Features that aren’t discussed so far: Fluance Ai60 vs Edifier S2000 Pro

There are some specifying features of these speakers that couldn’t be classified into similarities or dissimilarities. These defining factors of these speakers are unique from one another.

Fluance Ai60

  • Fluance Ai60 comes with a 100-240V adapter.
  • Its crossover frequency is 2600Hz phase-coherent PCB mounted circuitry.
  • Fluance Ai60 has the potential of meeting your passion for music.
  • As it’s a bookshelf speaker it must be set up to ear level to get maximum output.
  • Fluance Ai60 doesn’t need a receiver or an amplifier to produce top-class music.
  • Wooden cabinets are designed precisely and come in four different colors to dazzle you.

Edifier S200 Pro

  • Edifier S2000 Pro is integrated with an electronic crossover which results in dynamic management and controls frequency allocation.
  • DAC (digital-to-analog converter) and ADC (analog-to-digital converter) is a built-in dynamic of Edifier S2000 Pro. This feature uses audio signaling and sound to noise ratio up to 105 dB.
  • Unlike Fluance Ai 60, Edifier S2000 Pro has treble control, bass control, and volume dial located on the rare panel of the speaker.
  • The most special feature of Edifier S2000 Pro is the EQ settings for four modes. These four onboard EQ systems include- vocal, monitor, classic, and dynamic. The dynamic feature is for playing games and watching movies.
  • Edifier S2000 Pro also has a status indicator on one of the speakers to understand what mode you are playing. This feature proves how professional this speaker is.

What should you know before buying Fluance Ai 60?

Fluance Ai60 has the reputation of being an amazing speaker despite being a bookshelf speaker. These speakers are small but provide you with strong bass even if they are set across the room.

Pros of Fluance AI60

  • Easy functions and operations.
  • Variety of inputs according to your mood.
  • Mid-range price.
  • Classy looks and precise sound delivery.
  • Bass’s delivery is tight and exceptional.

Cons of Fluance AI60

  • The volume levels might get inconsistent.
  • Bass can sound too thin.
  • No Wi-Fi connection.

The overall performance of the Fluance Ai60 is quite impressive.

What should you know before buying Edifier S2000?

Edifier S2000 is a speaker with multi-disciplinary functions and aesthetic looks. Because of its audiophile features, audiophiles would definitely like these speakers.

Pros of Edifier S2000

  • Wireless remote control with 4 EQ settings.
  • Hi-Fi components make the speaker edgy.
  • Status indicator installed.
  • Affordable according to its quality.

Cons of Edifier S2000

  • The connection for the stereo is somewhat hard-wired.
  • No subwoofer output.
  • The mid-range is thin.

Despite some disadvantages, Edifier S2000 pro is an elegant sound system. It is great for your household.

Alternative Speakers

Audioengine A5+


  • Room-shaking bass
  • Works with all computers, phones, and tablets; extremely versatile
  • PC friendly
  • Analog inputs
  • Unique design
  • Can perform in any positions


  • Bluetooth auto reconnects
  • Expensive; more than 400$ US Dollars

Edifier R2000DB


  • High-quality Bluetooth compatibility
  • Exceptional reproduction for the price
  • Convenient sound-staging
  • Crystal-clear and extended high notes
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Useful set of functions


  • A little bulky 
  • Not up to audiophile quality

Final Verdicts: Fluance Ai60 vs Edifier S2000 Pro

The two speakers we talked about two are exceptional and unique. If you are a movie buff or a gamer you should check out either one of them. There is no alternative to a good quality speaker for an excellent audio experience. If you want strong bass and sound you should go for Fluance Ai60.

But if you want crisp and room-filling sound you should give Edifier S2000Pro a shot. For audiophiles out there I would like to recommend Edifier S2000 Pro. Either way, these two speakers are easy to set up and use. This article will meet every query you had about these speakers and help you to find the right speaker for you.


People Frequently ask on Fluance Ai60 vs Edifier S2000 Pro.

Can I use Fluance Ai60 with voice controls?

Although the speakers do not support voice assistants directly, you can add voice controls via Google Chromecast Audio. After connecting, pair it with the Amazon Alexa device or Google Home device. For more details, you can look into the YouTube channel of Fluance.

How to use optical input to connect Fluance Ai60 to TV or PC?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Use the optical table to connect one end to the audio source (TV, Computer, Gaming Console) and the other end with the speaker.
  2. Use the ‘control knob’ in the speaker to select Optical Input
  3. The connection is successful.

How does s2000mkiii vary from the s2000 pro?

Here are some of the distinctions I’ve noticed:
1. The MKIII features a new remote control, which is smaller but has the same functions as the MKIII.
2. The Pro speakers are slightly angled upward, but the MKIII speakers face straight forward.
3. The Pro contains inputs for an external mixer, but the MKIII lacks them.
4. The Pro has a single RCA AUX input, whereas the MKIII has two RCA LINE1/LINE2 inputs.
5. The Pro’s frequency range is 48Hz to 20KHz. The MKIII has a frequency range of 40Hz to 40KHz. Except for the most discriminating, I doubt that anyone would notice the difference. Only a few people can hear frequencies above 15 kHz.

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