Best Wooden Bluetooth Speakers: for You and Things You Should Consider Before Buying One

Think about some scenarios in your head. You might be just relaxing at your home or at the backyard of your home, or you are enjoying a party with your friends or you are just hanging out with someone at a nice place. In every scenario, the urge of listening to some good music can hit you hard, and then the thing that can help you most is a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Cause you can’t drag a traditional speaker with you wherever you go, even you will face difficulties to use those in every room of your house. So, if you want to listen to any kind of music anywhere all by yourself or with your friends from any device like a laptop or mobile, a Bluetooth speaker is your number one go-to device to help with that.
Music is a feeling, and if you want to feel it properly you should choose the best speaker for you with all the good features that suit you perfectly. Along with sound quality and other key features, portability and good connectivity options are also really important for Bluetooth speakers. And there are also some characteristics of a Bluetooth speaker that are driven by designs and also materials they are made of.

Why You Should Choose Wooden Speakers

If the material used to make the outer portion of the Bluetooth speaker is dense, mechanical pressures and any kind of vibrations get easily absorbed by it. And as a result, loss of energies doesn’t occur at different frequencies and additional sounds also don’t hamper the original sound. And the cabinet is also an important part. If the cabinet is more rigid, the sound output will have higher efficiency and also a faceless distortion. And works better with bass frequencies too. And if the material used is non-resonant, it won’t create unnecessary sounds and distortions.

There are multiple materials that are used to create the enclosures and acoustic properties of Bluetooth speakers. The materials that mainly get used for these are plastic, metal or wood. All of them have special features of their own. They have definite pros and also cons. One might have more advantages than others or one might be a little behind than others in exciting features. Now let’s see what these materials can offer individuals and which one of them can be considered as the best and most convenient one to use in a Bluetooth speaker.

Plastic and Metallic Speakers

These days amongst speaker designers plastic has been a really popular choice as a material to build Bluetooth speakers, as they prioritize the cost and appearance of the speaker very highly and the plastic helps to reduce the cost and give the speaker a nice appearance. Plastic can also be reproduced in any shape and also makes the speaker lighter in weight and more durable. However, the sound doesn’t work really well with plastic. The music or whatever you play sound less lively and for high fidelity ones, plastic is not an ideal material to use. As a whole, plastic is not naturally good as a material to make speakers.

Now let’s move on to metallic Bluetooth speakers. We know that a speaker made of metal can look really premium, but a metal made speaker can have tons of problems sound quality-wise. The compliance of metal can cause distortions and vibrations while playing music and these kinds of acoustic problems can really compromise the sound quality of a Bluetooth speaker. Internal reflections and echoes can also be caused due to the hard surface and then come out as distortion. So, metal is not really good material for speakers even though metallic speakers look gorgeous.

Wooden Speakers

Now we are going to see how wood works as a material for Bluetooth speakers and what better things it can offer than the other two. We can safely say there are not many disadvantages for using wood as Bluetooth speaker material, only that it is really hard and takes expertise to give woods the shape of a speaker. But we will see how it is all worth the investment. First of all, wood naturally has properties that can be acoustically helpful. As wood is non-resonant in nature, it will cause minimum distortions if you energize the speaker with musical vibrations.

We all know that woods have been used in different musical instruments like guitars, pianos, etc. for centuries, as having a high-density wood can help them to amplify a clear and rich sound. Though wood is strong and rigid, it isn’t that heavy in weight and also can be crafted into beautiful shapes, though that takes a good amount of work. And there is also less reflection created than plastic or metal. So sound will naturally be good if the enclosure is made of wood. So, after reviewing all these things, we can safely say that wood is the best material to make speakers with. So wooden Bluetooth speakers will serve you the best no doubt.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bluetooth Speakers

Now we are going to learn about which things to consider before buying a wooden Bluetooth speaker, as there are many features and tasks of speakers to think about. The main things to consider are mentioned below.

Sound Quality

Before buying a wireless Bluetooth speaker, the most important thing you have to consider is the sound quality and the optimum bass output. If you prefer to listen to deep baas sounds in your Bluetooth speaker, you should choose a speaker with dual drivers and bass radiators. As the dual drivers see to producing a more powerful sound and make sure an elevated performance by the speaker, and the bass radiator works to enhance the bass response. The frequency and the output power of the speaker can be a really important parameter you can set while choosing a suitable Bluetooth speaker for you. On different ranges of frequency, the sound quality should be stable in a speaker.


Lag-free connectivity is an essential feature for a Bluetooth speaker. Good all-round connectivity must be ensured before buying a Bluetooth speaker. If a Bluetooth speaker has an NFC feature, it will be good to buy as it turns the speaker into easily connectable and more compatible with many devices and works even at low speed. Another smart feature can be a built-in microphone, which enables you to pick up or reject calls hands-free. And in terms of buying a wireless speaker, you should buy a Bluetooth version above 4.1. However, if you can find a Bluetooth speaker that also supports wired features, it will be a huge advantage as then you can connect the speaker with devices that don’t support wireless connectivity.

Pairing Convenience

For having a more powerful and consolidated sound performance, pairing multiple speakers together is a common practice. As a single Bluetooth speaker sometimes may not be enough to cover a big area, pairing multiple Bluetooth speakers can be a solution. And convenience in connecting those speakers can be a really important and useful feature for a Bluetooth speaker, which you should certainly think about before buying one.

Battery Life

When you are using a portable device, the battery life of that device becomes a very important issue. Cause when you are using the speaker outdoor you will need a long battery backup so that it can run smoothly for a long time, otherwise, it can just down in the middle of the way. So if you choose a Bluetooth speaker with low battery life and backup, it might hamper the music listening experience and might not work at the right time. So choosing a speaker with long battery life is essential.


As we have stated earlier that wooden Bluetooth speakers are best for you, so in terms of material choosing the wooden ones are the wisest decision. Also, the wooden speakers have modern and beautiful intuitive designs that can provide you with a comforting ambiance and can also blend in with the surroundings perfectly. You can easily choose one matching with your lifestyle.


Portability is another really important thing o look at as here we are talking about ‘portable’ Bluetooth speakers. Wooden Bluetooth speakers are light in weight and compact and snug in shape, which makes these really easy and comfortable to carry around. And also they take little space wherever they’re put. So you should choose a speaker which is easily portable.

Water resistance

Bluetooth speakers are always at risk of getting damaged as they’re carried around at many places, so choosing a speaker with high durability is important. And splash and water resistance is a really nice touch for a Bluetooth speaker. As you can never know when a splash of water suddenly wets your speaker and without water resistance, it can get damaged. So if your Bluetooth speaker has water resistance, you can play it while sitting near a pool or on a sea beach without worrying about water splashes. Also one can comfortably drink around it without the fear of spilling some on it. So this feature should be considered before buying.

Other Advanced Features

Nowadays you don’t want to listen to music only on your Bluetooth speaker, you might want to use many advanced features like Google Assistant or Siri with the help of your Bluetooth speaker. So if your Bluetooth speaker can have these additional features, that’s really something to look up to. The range of the Bluetooth connection should also be large. Another thing you should keep on your mind that you can get the best Bluetooth speaker according to your preference with a reasonable price, you don’t have to aim for high priced ones always.

7 of the Best Wooden Bluetooth Speakers

As we have now seen what kind of Bluetooth speaker will be best for you and which things you should consider while you are buying a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker, now we will move forward to our next segment. And in this segment, we’re going to talk about the probable best 7 wooden Bluetooth speakers available in the current market and their numerous features. From there you can easily choose a wooden Bluetooth speaker which will fit perfectly with your preferences. As we know there are so many speakers currently available on market right now, so we hope this list will help you to find the best one for you. The best 7 wooden speakers are stated below.

AOMAIS Life 30W Bluetooth Speaker

The AOMAIS 30W wooden Bluetooth speaker has been designed in a very unique and stylish way. As premium furniture grade bamboo has been used to make the front part of the speaker and a deluxe and organic eco fabric is used for covering. This Bluetooth speaker which is made from bamboo can create a rich and clear sound as bamboo has superior acoustic properties and the speaker harnesses it completely. Also, bad resonances are eliminated properly. And to add more to the quality of sound, the speaker has an exclusive bass technology, a powerful amplifier, two high output woofers, and two tweeters.

Most importantly, this speaker has an excellent range of Bluetooth compatibility, as it can connect to devices from a maximum of 66 feet away. And the speaker also offers you to listen to music without worrying about power interruptions, as it has a quick charging feature of 3 hours and has a strong 5000 mAh built-in Lithium-ion battery that guarantees up to 12 hours of playtime. Classic mode, surround mode and party mode give you the options to use this speaker freely both indoors and outdoors. So, this Bluetooth speaker can really be a good choice for you.

Rerii Walnut Wood Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Rerii Walnut Wood portable Bluetooth speaker has a really beautiful and classic vintage radio look as natural walnut wood is used to handcraft the entire body of this stunning device. The sound produced by this speaker is powerful and clean with clear high and mid-frequency sounds and well-balanced bass sounds. AS a result, it can easily fill a large room or office; you can use it almost anywhere. If you want you can also use this Bluetooth speaker as an FM radio as you can tune in to favorite radio stations and listen to them.

And this portable speaker has smooth Bluetooth compatibility with almost all the devices that support Bluetooth. If any device isn’t Bluetooth enabled, you can even connect the speaker with that by using an AUX cord or a SUB cord. And this device has a powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 2200 mAh, that can provide you with 15 hours playtime without interruption. Other than providing a high definition stereo sound and a nice listening experience, the vintage look provided by it can create a beautiful ambiance for your home. It is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in the market.

House of Marley Get Together Portable Bluetooth Audio System

With 3.5-inch room-filling high output woofers and 1-inch tweeters the House of Marley Get Together is a portable Bluetooth speaker with crisp and clear sound, which is also environment friendly. Natural bamboo and an eco-friendly fabric named ‘rewind’ are used to produce these speakers which make them really beautiful as well as nature friendly. And being one of the most reviewed portable Bluetooth speakers, it easily guarantees high-quality sound and compatibility. The compatibility for wireless Bluetooth connection is very high for this device and it can easily connect with many other Bluetooth devices. And it can auto-reconnect to any device that has already been paired with this speaker. The strong battery used in it ensures 8 hours of uninterrupted music. This House of Marley Bluetooth speaker is one of the best ones in the market.

Mediasonic TEANA Sound Bluetooth Speaker

The Mediasonic TEANA wooden Bluetooth speaker can be a great option for you if you are looking for a really clear and rich sound effect, as this Bluetooth speaker manages to provide it very well. And it can reduce sound distortion to a minimum level as rigid, high density, and non-resonant wooden cabinet is used in its design. And this design will perfectly blend with the ambiance of your house.

It has two 10 watts drivers, which helps it to create rich and powerful audio and give you enhanced listening experience. The high-frequency sounds are crisp and low-frequency bass sounds deep while playing with it. This Bluetooth speaker has a built-in powerful and rechargeable battery that can provide you up to 8 hours of uninterrupted service. The price is also considerably low for the speaker and for each purchase Mediasonic offers 2 years warranty, which is a pretty good deal too.

Klipsch Heritage The Three Tabletop Wireless Stereo

This Klipsch Heritage Three Tabletop speaker is one of the best and most luxurious wireless Bluetooth speakers in the market. It is also really expensive as it is incorporated with luxury materials like real wood veneer and also has tactile spun copper knobs and switches. The latest available technologies are used in this speaker along with classic acoustics and design. The tabletop system of this speaker features a 5.25” long woofer and two 2.25” full-range drivers. To maintain good audio resolution it is bi-amplified.

For delivering enhanced bass reflex, opposed dual 5.25” passive radiators are also featured in it. The 24-bit decoding system helps the speaker to transmit flawless high-resolution music from your pc. Other than Bluetooth connection, many other connections are available too. With its help, you can also connect multiple speakers from Klipsch wirelessly around the house. The bass depth is excellent and the overall sound output of this speaker is really amazing and can give you a warm experience.

COMISO NatureAudio 30W Bluetooth Speaker

Instead of fully enclosed by wood, the COMISO NatureAudio Bluetooth speaker uses a small amount of wood crafted beautifully and gets easily blend into the texture of the furniture of your home. It can give you the best listening experience as every cubic inch of this speaker is packed with modern-day technologies that work to enhance the audio really well. Even at maximum volume, you will find no distortion, so the sound will be clear. As the bass is pumped up by the audio processor, it sounds phenomenal. Regarding the sound, this Bluetooth speaker has the best performance.

And it also has many advanced features. You can easily pair up the speaker with your smartphone or other devices using voice prompts. You can also answer phone calls out loud using the speaker without picking up the phone with its built-in speakerphone feature. Last but not the least, it has a really powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can keep it running 20 hours straight with a full charge. So, this Bluetooth speaker is easily one of the best choices.

Edifier R1700BT Studies Bluetooth Speaker

Edifier has become popular by providing great sound systems and as a part of the brand, the Edifier R1700BT Studies Bluetooth speaker can be a great option for you. The R1700BT has versatile connectivity options as other than Bluetooth; it also has dual RCA output, 2 AUX inputs, and a 3.5mm headphone output.

Basically pair of high-end speakers with a nice quality of MDF with wood built finish and vinyl with walnut effect. The sound of these speakers is very crisp and clear and the bass is also great. There are three knobs in the right speaker that allow you to adjust bass, volume, and treble, so you can easily tune the audio and set it to your preference. You can also control the Bluetooth connection, volume, etc with a remote control. This speaker can help you to take your listening experience to another level.


All these portable wooden Bluetooth speakers are great in their own way and each of them has many good features and captivating sound quality. So, while choosing a Bluetooth speaker, you can easily review these options and find the one which will suit you the most. If you manage to get one of the above, it can really enhance your music listening experience.

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