Fluance Ai40 vs Ai60 Speaker: Comparative Review

Do you want to buy a Fluance speaker Ai40 or Ai60? But a little bit confused about what would be the best. Then here you are in the right place where we will compare fluance ai40 vs ai60 speaker, which is best.

Fluance is a Canadian Hi-Fi company established in 1999. They produce and supply their products worldwide. Day by day, they add more features to their products, and their speakers are now quite popular.

Fluance is making speakers for more than twenty years. They produce high-quality speakers with the best performance, sound system, design, and affordability. So, sometimes it becomes quite tough to choose the best one.

This article will show you a comparison between Ai40 and Ai60. You will get enough information. After reading this article, you will be able to decide what to buy.

Let’s dive into the article.

Fluance ai40 vs ai60 speaker| Comparison

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Nowadays, there are a million choices of a product. For this reason, it is quite a hard task to select the desired one with all the excellent features. Fluance Ai40 and Ai60, such as two products.

These two speakers contain many beneficial features in its way. So. to make your work easier while choosing one of them, we have given some points. After reading this info, you can easily select the best one.

7 Most Important Comparison of fluance ai40 vs ai60 Speaker

When you want to buy Bluetooth speaker like this, you need to consider some important features. let’s take a look at those features.

Dimension and Weighs:

  • Each Fluance ai40 measures height10.9”, width 6.5” and length 7.6”. And weighs of 15.1 lbs. It can fit on a desktop or a bookshelf.
  • The height, width, and length of Ai60 are 13.1”, 7.8” and 9.2” respectively. The weight is 29.3 lbs.

Considering this fact, the Ai40 speaker is more lightweight than the Ai60 speaker.

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Sound Design:

  • Each Ai40 speaker is a 2-way design, including the feature of 1-inch soft-silky dome nanomagnetic-cooled tweeter. And a 5-inch woven glass-fiber composite woofers also included. Both of them are a sealed 2-way design.
  • The Ai60 speakers are of 2-way design. They designed it with 1-inch silk-dome magnetic-cooled tweeters. The tweeters come with a 6.5-inch woven glass-fiber with a composite woofer. The surroundings are made of butyl rubber—both in a sealed acoustic-suspension cabinet.

Frequency Response:

  • Ai40 speaker provides a great sound system, and the sound is incredibly powerful. The frequency response is marked from 40Hz to 20KHz.
  • According to Fluance, in Ai60, the speakers can reach from 35Hz to TO20kHz. For the sealed design, the Ai60 frequency is quite impressive.

For both speakers, the crossover frequency is set to 2600Hz Phase Coherent.

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Bluetooth or Wifi Speaker System:

  • The Fluance Ai40 has a 2.0 aptX Bluetooth speaker system. This aptX connects modern wireless devices like compatible phones, aptX-compatible devices, tablets, or other Bluetooth devices.

Without aptX, the regular Bluetooth quality works great for this kind of system. Here, the RCA cables and Bluetooth aptX are the only connections.

If you want, you can pair via Bluetooth with Amazon Echo Dot, AppleTV, and Google Home.

  • In the Ai60 system, the Bluetooth 4.2 supports the aptX codec as well as the AVRCP and A2DP profiles. You can pair the speakers to any digital device with the help of a PC\MAC USB, Optical, Bluetooth aptX, RCA/Aux.

None of the speakers is a Wifi speaker.

Amplifier Power:

  • The amplifier power for the Ai40 is Class D 70 Watts, and the continuous average output is (2x 35)
  • Class D 100 Watts continuously average output (2x 50) watts is the amplifier power for the Ai60 speaker.

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Easy Usability:

With this Ai40, you can easily listen to your favorite song in no time. You don’t have to strip speaker wire or mapping inputs. Nor have to connect channels on an audio receiver.

You can easily connect the plugs through RCA or Bluetooth aptX in your audio system. After doing this easy step, just enjoy the melody and songs as if your favorite singer is in your home.

Fluance provides a surprising feature with Ai40. It comes with a remote which controls several things like Bluetooth playback, bass, treble control, or source toggling. It also can adjust the front brightness of the LED light.

Ai60 is rich in various features but usable without complexity. You can quickly start with the plugs then play the speaker. Whatever you want to include USB, Bluetooth, optical or RCA, so on.

They include a remote in it. The remote has separate buttons for mute, input selection, power on/off, LED brightness, bass, volume up/down, or treble. With the help of remote Bluetooth,  you can reset pairing.

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Sound Quality:

The most significant fact about Fluance Ai40 is vocal clarity. You will hear it in the midrange region. This is so budget-friendly but will provide you the right musical instruments and details. You will get a reasonably neutral frequency response.

If you like the bass as well as the prominent treble like me. Then let me inform you that the bass is so profound for this type of speaker.

There are the most speakers of this size ported. But this speaker is sealed. And this is the reason the bass is incredibly deeper.

This Ai40 design is quite simple, but they reproduce a great sounding set. The vocal will you excellent stereo imaging. The highs are also quite clear, and you will be able to hear so apparent than ever.

The Ai60 produces an excellent, sparkling, clear sound, and awesome imagining. You can enjoy the full-sounding and warm audio presentation. The atmosphere is going to be great.

In an excellent dynamic range, this speaker sounds clean and great. The bass is also fantastic for bass liking people. You also can feel a warm and pleasant sound in the mid-range.

This is a kind of exciting speaker with which you can have fun music time so lively and exciting.

Having fun music time will definitely work with it. But if you want to listen to every single detailed thing, then this is not for you. The bass is deeper incredibly, though.

Comparing this point, the Fluance Ai60 speaker’s bass is more profound than the Fluance Ai40 speaker. But, for a detailed listening of music Fluance Ai40 is best.

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Let’s have a briefly summarize with a table between Fluance Ai40 VS Ai60 Speaker:

Fluance Ai40 Speaker Fluance Ai60 Speaker
WOOFER5-inch Woven Glass Fiber6.5-inch Woven Glass Fiber
TWEETER1-inch Soft Dome1'' Silky Soft Dome
Warranty2 year2 year
NPUTRCA, BluetoothBluetooth, Optical, Micro USB, RCA
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Final Verdict:

Above, we have highlighted 7 important features about the Fluance Ai40 VS Ai60 speaker. From this article, you can decide what you want to buy.

If you want a budget-friendly bookshelf speaker, then I recommend you to buy Flunance Ai40. This also space constrain.

However, if you want a speaker with more features and can afford it, buy Fluance Ai60.

But, both of the speakers are great in their place. Buying anyone of it won’t make you regret it. So. to enjoy your favorite song at home, buy as soon as possible one of them.


Who are the Fluance Ai40 and Ai60 for?

If you are going to begin your home theater journey, both speakers will be fit for you. But the right choice depends on the price tag and size.

Fluance Ai40 is smaller than Ai60 and lightweight as well. If there is not sufficient space in your room, then go for an Ai40 speaker. But if you want an elegant look in your room, then go for Ai60 speaker.

Coming to price tag Ai40 speaker is more affordable than the Ai60 speaker. As Ai60 contains more features, it is a little bit costly.

Which speaker bass is good?

Fluance Ai40 provides a woofer of 5-inch and doesn’t have any subwoofer. On the other hand, Fluance Ai60 has a woofer of 6.5-inch with a subwoofer.

So, for this feature, Fluance Ai60 bass is more in-depth than Fluance Ai40. You can feel full of loud music in your home while having parties with Ai60.

Ai40 speaker is not bad at all. It can give you a detailed music listening enjoyment. And you can listen to every single lyric or dialogue.

Can I enjoy full, affluent sound amusement with the Fluance Ai40 speaker?

Fluance Ai40 speaker will give you a new level of auditory independence. It is highly-designed for serious performance. It is the ultimate expression of our passion for pure sound.

You can feel whether the single himself is singing in front of you while listening to music. It delivers room-filling stereo sound.

Whenever you watch movies or dramas, you will feel like you are in the movie theater. You can listen to details every single word than before. This speaker will give you a powerful punch of music.

Does the Fluance Ai60 speaker give wall-shaking bass performance?

The Fluance Ai60 offers you a breathtaking stereo. You can have felt full enjoyment like you having your private concert. The 6.6” woofer is rich in giving the best bass.

Anywhere you set this speaker in your home, it is the ultimate sound solution. You can feel room-filling sound like wall-shaking. This can turn any room of your house into a music sanctuary.

It just allows you to experience the realistic performance of the artist. You feel like you are in a live concert, or your favorite artist is in your home.