Sony A9G vs LG CX 77: Review and Comparison

Sony A9G vs LG CX 77 are two hilarious series of Sony and LG rose huge argue. Both of them put lots of effort while making these two series TVs. But they featured almost the same features.

The LG CX is the best for gaming and a great TV experience. Another hand Sony A9G is fantastic for movies with impressive sound quality.

And if you notice the specifications of this two TV then you can see that they both are OLED TV, both support 4k content, they have 120Hz refresh rate, and both TV comes with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Both TV also support WiFi and can be control with voice and comes with HDR10 technology.

And the difference you can find by comparing Sony A9G vs LG CX 77is Sony A9G is Android TV and LG CX 77 is WebOS TV. The price of this two series TV varies on size of the TV.

Sony A9G vs LG CX | Main Distinction

FeaturesSony A9GLG CX
ProcessorX1 Ultimate (Best of Sony)a9 Gen3 AI Processor 4K
Dolby Vision,
Dolby Atmos
Refresh rate120Hz120Hz
Smart OSAndroid TVWebOS
Wi-Fi SupportYes (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)Yes (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz)
Ports4x HDMI 2.0b4x HDMI 2.1
USB ports33
Google Assistant / AlexaYesYes
Voice RemoteYesYes

Sony A9G

Sony A9G series have excellent OLED TVs with the best technology. They have put lots more than expectations.

Whether it is picture quality or sound quality, all the features are too good. Significantly fewer flaws seem here. The picture quality and the sound quality so fantastically make combinations that enhance the TV experience.

Moreover, Sony didn’t stop here; they also added many smart features to the gaming features. Overall this can be anyone’s best choice.


No need to tell how incredible LG products are. The powerful processor and the technology they use are remarkable.

Nothing change with this CX series. 4 screen sizes are available in this series and can meet up anyone’s needs efficiently.

If you want a TV set for a small or big room, you can easily choose. And with each TV, a high-level TV experience is guaranteed. Also, the LG TVs are superb for gaming, which is the happiest news for game lovers.

Best OLED TV Technology

OLED technology offers the most bright and high-definition picture quality. And thus, TV brands are becoming more interested in featuring this technology in their TVs.

OLED means Organic light-emitting diodes that is a display technology. For a bright and defined display picture, backlighting is required. With the OLED, each pixel is capable of emitting its light.

As a result, when the pixels need to black, it displays pure black and when it is bright is displays the most glowing colors. If the pure black producing capability is high, then the whole picture quality reaches the highest level.

For this kind of fantastic technology, both Sony and LG have taken this technology and applied it. The OLED didn’t stop with these two brands; the Hisense or TCL also took the terminology.

The OLED not only offers a great picture but makes the viewing angle suitable. For this the Sony and LG OLED TVs have unique viewing angle and peoples likes it very much.

Sony A9G vs LG CX | Stunning Design

Sony A9G series TVs have an outstanding design that offers thinner TVs. And this is what most people want nowadays. TVs are no longer for entertainment; they are also for home decor.

This A9G series just offer the same. The slim body with a slim border is a combination of beauty. Anywhere you place, it will increase the beauty with an aesthetic look.

Talking about the back, that looks like a combination of many cubes. There are many ports with HDMI ports that help for the connection. An interesting thing is a vent that cools down the internal part of the TV. Lastly, for a clean setup, integrated cable management is also there.

The stand is much adjustable and can give support to the TV nicely. If you place it on something small, that will work.

The TV also can be wall-mounted. This thing is good as the user can set it up as per need.

LG CX TV is just stunning that can enhance any living room’s beauty. The beautiful sleek design gives a classy look to the whole room decor.

The TV has a superior slim design that looks so beautiful. Half of the TV upwards is too thin and gets thick to the half lower part. As there are so many ports.

The top part made of solid metal and the lower part is made of plastic on the back. 4 HDMI ports are there, and the rest of the plentiful ports for other connections also a plastic cover there for the cables.

Then the borders are nice and thin and quite attractive. TV with a thick edge doesn’t seem fair, but this looks so stylish.

Even they were careful with the stand. The strand length is almost the same as the TV length. That has solid metal that supports the TV well.

The screen also has a nice finish that is the main point because you won’t look at the back. The thinner structure and the subtle looks make this TV fit for any type of room.

Which Has The Most Amazing Picture Quality?

The  X1 ULTIMATE processor used in Sony A9G is better than the LG CX series processor. It gives life to the picture that looks too realistic; even the videophiles like it.

Some realism is seen in the picture. This processor makes the quality so smooth, textured, clear, and high defined. Everything is already done with this processor.

When the processor itself has done a lot of work alone with the highest picture quality, there comes OLED for adding some extra effort. And then we can see the gorgeous, mesmerizing cinema on display.

A thousand pixels emit the lights that we feel the picture is real happing in front of us. The color seems so fantastic that it feels not to stop watching.

Every content isdisplayed 4K. Thanks to Sony for bringing this kind of processor. This makes the gaming experience unique because the video will be so refined and defined.

The wide color gamut, peak brightness all is there to make the picture tremendous and outstanding. And since they have used Dolby Vision, it is speechless. After having so many things for the excellent scenery, Dolby Vision next makes it more impressive.

LG has used the best technology in its CX series, and the result is more highly defined picture quality. The picture is the most crucial part because if the picture quality is not right, we won’t get an adequate TV experience.

First of all, I have described how OLED technology makes TV even higher in the previous section. For the OLED, the picture looks so realistic and bright. Thousands of pixels emit their light and make a combination of a thousand colors. The picture looks so colorful that every single color looks so detailed.

The a9 Gen3 AI Processor 4K processor with the OLED technology makes the gorgeous combination that gives the stunning image on display. The picture looks so crisp, clear, smooth that I intend to watch it more and more.

LG didn’t stop here and bring two new modes to this series. The Filmmaker mode and Dolby Vision IQ.

Almost all of us know about the Dolby Vision of how drastically good it is. The real-life picture is seen on display. This makes the picture natural and fresh.

It works better with bright rooms. In the daylight or bright room, this mode makes the picture quality adjustable. By this, the movies or content seem so beautiful, and no flaws are seen.

Coming to the Fimmaker mode is new for most of us. But it works accurately. It just adjusts the settings with the best options. So, the movies or pictures look great.

It turns off most of the tools for processing the picture quality. In my opinion, LG TV can works better without using this mode.

Both the Sony A9G vs LG CX have different and exciting techniques. But still, criteria work behind, making the picture more dynamic.


SDR or HD images work remarkably better with the Sony A9G series TVs. The rich, wide color and the dark details with the SDR makes the image more fresh and natural.

In the darkroom, the image looks bright or dark when necessary. The darks scenes are detailed look stunning. Also, the brightness is too bright that you will fall for it.

A right to life image of the HD 4K contents with the SDR offer. All those things make the picture terrifically good.

Standard dynamic range or SDR always works suitably with the OLED TVs and the CX series OLED is not unlike them. The SDR Blu Rays seem splendid with the OLED CX series TVs.

The richness in the color and vibrant. Also balanced and well defined with pretty decent contrast. So the image becomes neutral with the pure darkness, which reduces the greyness lot.

And while concentrating on the dark details, they didn’t miss the brightness. Overall the SDR  well provides a good range of fantastic services.

The HD content with the 4K resolution also works excellent. The LG improved the upscaling, so the picture becomes more transparent, and density is also improved.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate refers to the quality of the display that can refresh the image per second. It measured in hertz or Hz. 60Hz refresh rate means the display refreshes the image 60 times per second.

If the rate gets higher, the image refreshes faster. 120 Hz is taken to be a reasonable rate. The soother, clear, and no blur will be seen in the picture.

Cleaner motion helps the gaming experience high. A higher refresh rate improves the faster image repaint, and so video games don’t hand or don’t become slow.

Both the Sony A9G vs LG CX has a 120 Hz refresh rate. This helps the image become more smooth. And when their picture quality is already impressive, this kind of refresh rate works efficiently.

Viewing angle

The viewing angles need to be great. Because you may not alone watch the TV. If you alone watch something, you will sit in the center.

Here no need for a wide viewing angle. But when you enjoy TV with many people, the side corner seated people will not be able to watch entirely.

This problem reduces with both of the series. They have a wide OLED viewing angle, ensuring you a much more comprehensive range of viewing angles.

But it about comparing them. The Sony viewing angle is much better than the LG. It’s not like that the LG won’t serve well. You may not see the flaws, but after seeing many reviews and the technology work behind it, the Sony viewing angle is better.

Winner: Both

Sony A9G Offer Superb Sound

Sony has used Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound, which is a most impressive feature. This gives sound from the screen, which provides more real-life audio.

The sound comes from the screen, by which you will feel that every dialogue or lyrics you hear directly from the actors. Or even if you hear something rock, you can feel a live concert is happening in front of you.

The screen vibrates for the dialogues, and I felt whole body’s excitement. The entire screen works as a speaker itself and gets vibration with each dialogue and song.

The sound has a crisp, clear tone, smooth but louder enough, and the rich, punchy bass you will hear. One pair of 10-watt subwoofers do these things.

But if you want the more defined and loudest sound, you can pair extra speakers, but for typically seeing movies or content, that won’t be needed because the dialogue is heard accurately.

The sound system with the LG CX series feels like the whole room fills. The sound fills every corner for excellent sound quality.

The superb sound also quite loud that most music lovers would love. Nice clear bass and smooth sound with the balanced highs and mids make the audio incredible.

There is also a Dolby Atmos feature, which makes up the rest of the flaw in the sound. More defined sound is hearable. Every dialogue and lyrics are heard so fine.

More lifelike performance you can see with the near realistic sound. The 2.2 surround sound and the 20 watts woofer work altogether and create this excellent sound.

The HDMI 2.1 also improves the sound enough, and this is good for the games. The audio in the games hears defined. But these things don’t happen with the A9G, unfortunately.

Winner: Sony A9G

The sound system with Sony is much better than LG. The whole screen itself works as the speaker gives full listening pleasure.

Smart Features

The A9G has the OS of Android TV. This is powered by Google, which offers enormous options. The google play store, google assistant, and many more. Besides these many contents and smart features are there for enjoying many shows, movies, or contents.

Sony considered the user’s need and made it more simple by adding a quick access option. By this accessing the possibilities becomes more effortless.

You also can use the Chromecast built-in or Google Home, Alexa. This is only can give both the advantage of using Google Assistant and Alexa. LG doesn’t offer these things.

This makes the enjoyment tastier, and controlling with the voice gives you full-time fun. There is no need to type the buttons and search the content when you can only do it with your voice.

The WebOS used in CX is the latest operating system that gives lots of features gracefully. A generous amount of movies, content, or shows with many apps makes the experience more enjoyable.

The spotless and user-friendly interface it also offers. The built-in Google Assistant and Alexa make it more compatible for the users. It also has its own ThinQ Al built-in, and so you won’t need any external device.

Extra gaming features or sport, even shopping or watching the desired content all can be done quickly.

With WebOS, you don’t need to see messy apps icons. They are all customized and finely arranged. In a word, this is a highly praisable operating system.

Moreover, you also can enjoy many built-in apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, Spotify, and much more. And they would be free, so if you are not going to buying or subscribing to them, you can already enjoy them without paying.

Smart remote

Many people ignore the remote control feature. But I think a small one has a significant impact on TV. Because a smart remote lets you watch your desired contents and let you control all the features of your TV.

Sonys remote has changed a lot with the years, and finally, they have succeeded. The A9G has a reasonable remote control.

The remote is slim enough for a good grip. The structure is comfortable sufficient for holding it and pressing the buttons. Upside, you will see metallic color and in the back customized cover for batteries.

There are buttons as typical remotes for volume control, changing channels, switch on or off, and others. Also, circular shape directional pad type buttons with the menu buttons there.

This type of easy placing of buttons helps to control the remote easily. So, you don’t need to search the buttons as they are few numbers of them. Overall this a nice remote.

But it’s about to compare LG has won the round quite well. And I like the CX remote very much because it has some interesting, smart features that we can’t get from Sony.

LG magic remote is something innovation of LG. There are few buttons on the remote. But for changing or controlling, there is a scroll wheel type clickable button. It is being placed inside a circular type directional pad.

There is also a volume control button with voice control buttons. This lets you control the TV with your voice.

And talking about design, it is black and has an oval shape. Looks nice and comfortable for easier usage.

Winner: LG CX

Because LG has more smart features and magic remote than Sony A9G.

Sony A9G vs LG CX Which Is Best For What Purpose?

After comparing the whole sides, it is now clear that none of the TV is less plentiful. Both the Sony A9G vs LG CX has excellent picture quality. Anyone will fall with the picture quality.

So, for giving you an explicit knowledge of which is better for what purpose, I am adding a table to understand why you need it.

MoviesBest: Combination of excellent sound quality with perfect picture quality.Better: Comparatively, Sony has slightly better sound quality .
HDR MoviesDecent HDR modeWell, with 4K content
Video GamesQuite wellBest: Low input lag with tons of gaming features.
HDR GamingGoodGood

Sony XBR-77A9G Perfect For Marvelous Movie Experience

For a fantastic movie experience or a thrilling movie night, a TV needs an excellent combination of sound and picture quality. The Sony A9G has these fantastic combinations.

It’s not like LG is not good. We all know how powerful LG products are. They are commonly known for their stunning creations.

We have previously seen that both the TVs have OLED technology with many other features that make both of them unbeatable for picture quality.

But the A9G sound system is more robust than the LG CX. The whole screen works like a speaker itself.

Besides, it has pure black, and even in the dark rooms, the dark scenes seem so defined. With peak brightness, viewing angle, it is perfect for movies.

And the bigger screen of 77” added the highest pleasure. It will feel like you are sitting in a movie theatre. A room fills around you, and the realistic images on the screen give a truly cinematic thrill.

Get The Thrilling Gaming Experience With the LG OLED55CXPUA

LG has already known for giving the most significant gaming experience. In a word, it is best for gaming. Gamers like pro gamers are willingly buying it and are liking it too much.

It is exceptionally made for HDR gaming or video games. And the 58” is perfect. 55-inch display in any kind of medium or big room. And can give full gaming satisfaction.

With CX’s gaming mode, the input is so low, responsible for the best gaming. Also, it supports G-SYNC plus FreeSYNC VRR and reduces screen rending.

Many gaming features, good response time, low input lag, and HDR content makes it suitable for HDR gaming. But there is a small with the peak brightness. Sony can display more bright colors as a result. Sony sometimes becomes great with HDR gaming.

Since it can produce perfect pure black gaming in the dark will be breathtaking.

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Superb Home Theater Experience With LG OLED65CXPUA

The Sony A9G and LG CX are two phenomenal TV series that are suitable for home theater. By seeing their performance, it is guaranteed.

It is your choice which you want to buy. And this for sure you won’t regret and will get the best TV experience ever.

But the LG CX 65-inch can be the right decision. Earlier I have shown all the sides like the picture, sound, and the other features very clearly. And from those, you can now understand why it is perfect for home theater.

And 65” screen can work with all kind of more significant or compact room. But it’s not an ideal size. You can choose the bigger size too.

Then you can choose the Sony 77”. It is perfect for the movie so you can go with the home theater set up also. But overall thinking I think the LG can serve better.

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Final Verdict

Sony A9G vs LG CX is too spectacular series. I got confused so many times, which is best. And finally, the result I could not do that because both of them are great beyond description.

Sony has a great sound system with the most stunning quality. This makes it perfect for movies and home theatre.

On the other hand, LG CX is exceptional for home theatre and gaming. Both the series have used OLED technology and have many similar features.

So, ultimately it is your decision which to buy. I have made it all the way easier by which you can make the right decision and have a beautiful journey with your TV.

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This FAQ section is all about solving your problems and answering some of the most asked questions. let’s find out more!

Which will be perfect for my small room?

Both TVs are great. But all sizes can’t go with the small room. So, for a small space, the LG OLED48CXPUB. 48” will look great.

Can I need an extra speaker set with my Sony A9G?

Sony A9g has a mind-blowing sound system. The whole screen works as a speaker. And a powerful subwoofer is there for rich sound. So, I don’t think you need an extra speaker set. But still, if you are an audiophile, you can have one pair.