Samsung 6900 vs 7100: Review and Comparison

Differentiating between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100, we see that there are several similarities along with some major technical differences. Both these series have a Quad-core processor, 4k resolution with HDR, and similar Smart TV features. They have a motion rate of 120 and have a UHD engine for pictures. The input lag of NU6900 is 22.8ms whereas NU7100 has 13.7ms.

The black uniformity of both TVs is close but is slightly better with NU7100. The gray uniformity is also decent but NU6900 has some dirty screen effect whereas NU7100 doesn’t have any. Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100, which has better picture quality? While most factors are the same, the NU6900 has a better contrast ratio of 6107: 1 and more SDR/HDR brightness.

The contrast ratio, response time, and input lag of NU7100 make it the best TV for gaming. The evenness of NU7100 is slightly better than NU6900 because it has UHD dimming. The NU6900 is best for sports as it has a better response time that minimizes blur and ensures a crystal clear image. The decision between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 will depend vastly on your use case.

Usage difference-best for what and why: At a glance

The following table shows an in-depth comparison between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 in each category. Overall, the winner is NU6900 whereas the NU7100 also performs the best in some cases like movies, games, or as a PC monitor.

Samsung NU6900SamsungNU7100
MoviesBetter: Good contrast ratio and color representationBest: impressive gray uniformity and UHD dimming
TV ShowsBest: high SDR peak brightness and decent reflection handlingBetter: good upscaling
GamesBetter: Good response time (16.2ms), low input lag (22.8ms)Best: Very low input lag(13.7ms), decent response time and BFI reduces motion blur and enhances clarity
HDR MoviesBest: high contrast ratio and impressive black uniformityBetter: good contrast ratio
PC MonitorBetter: supports USB HID to connect mouse/keyboard and 4:4:4 chroma compatibleBest: low lag and 4:4:4 chroma compatible
SportsBest: good reflection handling and upscaling with accuracyBetter: very good motion handling that reduces blur
HDR GamingBest: higher contrast ratio, evenness of black, low input lagBetter: low lag and good response time

Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100: Overview

Samsung NU6900 belongs to series 6 and the Samsung NU7100 belongs to series 7. Both these series are from 2018 and often considered entry-level TVs that are best for general use. The table shows the major differences in their features and specifications.

Feature difference: Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
Screen size43”, 50”, 55”, 65”,70”, 75”40”, 43”, 50”, 55”, 58”, 65”, 75”
Panel typeVAVA
Picture engineUHD engineUHD engine
Dolby Audio formatYesYes
Motion rate120120
Wi-Fi connectivityYesYes
Analog TunerYesYes
Digital BroadcastingATSC/ClearQAMDVB-T2
Maximum power consumption180W140W

7 facts to consideration and its impact analysis

Fact 1 of 7: Picture quality

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
Native contrast ratio6107: 15397: 1
Local dimmingnono
Micro dimmingnoUHD dimming
SDR brightness (Real Scene)273 cd/m²261 cd/m²
HDR brightness (Real scene)270 cd/m²261 cd/m²
Color dE (inaccuracy of color)3.82.65
Color depth10 bit10 bit


While choosing a TV, its picture quality plays a major role in our decision-making. Both these TVs have Edge-lit backlit and support HDR 10 and HLG. The brightness while playing HDR or SDR content. The good level for SDR content is 350cd/m2 and the NU6900 has better SDR peak brightness than NU7100. This is similar for HDR as well.

Usually, the standard brightness of a TV should be 1000nits, but these TVs don’t show brightness close to it.  They are bright enough to view them in dim rooms with moderate lighting. The Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 reflection handling shows a similar case. These TVs are average while handling reflection so is best to put them in moderately-lit rooms.

Color contrast

Comparing Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 contrast ratio, the NU7100 color contrast is moderate whereas the NU6900 has outstanding color contrast. With the help of the VA panel, the color of NU6900 produces deeper blacks.

They both have a color depth of 10 bit and support PurColor technology which is decent but the latest models have better technology. Between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 color gamut, none of them support wide color gamut. The DCI P3 of NU7100 is better than NU6900. The pre-calibration color accuracy is better for Samsung NU6900 is better than NU7100.

While setting the picture mode to ‘Movie’, the color accuracy is excellent whereas the NU7100 has average accuracy. Between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 color temperature; the NU6900 has a temperature of 6765K that gives a bluish hue whereas the NU7100 gives a yellowish hue with a temperature of 6313K. Both are close to the standard color temperature which is 6500K.

Evenness of colors onscreen:

How well a single color is maintained on the screen is known as the Gray Uniformity. This is also known as the Dirty Screen effect and is crucial while watching sports or panning shots. Comparing the Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 Dirty Screen Effect, the NU6900 DSE is 0.158% and that of NU7100 is 0.153%.

The NU7100 is better at producing evenness of color while they both have decent gray uniformity as they are within the standard value of <0.165%.

The difference between 6900 and 7100 Samsung black uniformity, the NU6900 has 0.681% and NU7100 has a value of 0.519%. The NU7100 shows similar performance to MU6300 and is slightly better than NU6900. This is important to prevent issues like flashing and clouding which becomes prominent in dark scenes in a dark room.

One of the differences between the Samsung 6900 series vs 7100 is that the NU7100 supports UHD dimming but the NU6900 doesn’t. According to Samsung, the micro dimming technology with analyzing each frame of the incoming signal and deal with a lighter darker area of the image as they we intended to look like.

It focuses on color contrast, richness in color, and details of an image.

Viewing Angle:

Comparing Samsung NU7100 vs NU6900 viewing angle, both these models have poor viewing angle. The color washout of NU7100 is at 25° and the NUu6900 is at 26°. The brightness loss is at 36° for both the models. This bad viewing angle is what we expect from a VA panel and will be an issue for you if you are planning on watching TV shows with friends and family or playing games with multiplayer.


Both these TV has 10-bit color depth. The gradient is an important factor because the better the gradient, the better the TV can represent minute details in color which is crucial for HDR content. These models show similar performance which isn’t outstanding but quite decent. There is no temporary image retention in NU7100 but the NU6900 faces it slightly which disappears quickly.

Winner: although features like viewing angle, gradient, and panel type of the models are similar, the Nu6900 is slightly better in terms of brightness and contrast ratio.

Fact 2 of 7: Sound quality analysis

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
Sound output20W20W
Speaker type2 channels2 channels
Dolby Digital Plusyesyes
DTS codecn/an/a
Multiroom linkyesyes
Maximum loudness86.3 dB SPL85.5 dB SPL
Low-frequency extension80 Hz80 Hz

The output of the speakers is the same. They also support Dolby Digital Plus and have a low frequency of 80 Hz. This means the speakers can’t produce deep bass but it is sufficient for TV speakers. They can also get quite loud although the standard maximum loudness should be higher than 88 dB SPL.

The audio shows some distortion and comparing the NU6900 vs NU7100 Total Harmonic Distortion, the NU6900 has higher distortion compared to NU7100. This becomes prominent at higher volume but not all people can notice it.

Winner: Samsung NU6900 has better maximum loudness than NU7100.

Fact 3 of 7: Design

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
DesignSlimNew Edge (Skinny Bezel)
Flat or curvedFlatFlat
StandSimple stand V-shapeSimple stand V-shape
Bezel typeVNBVNB

Comparing Samsung NU7100 vs NU6900 design, the NU7100 is thinner than the NU6900. Other than that, the border size, TV stand, and flat surface of the TVs are the same. They are well-built and they are sleeker just as the Smart TVs should be.

Between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 screen size, the NU7100 offers more options than NU6900. The NU7100 has 58” which is what we don’t see often. If you are confused about which screen size to choose, then read 65” vs 75” TV. The screen-sized will depend on your room size and sitting distance between the TV and the couch.

If you have a large room then you can choose the NU7100Samsung 75” TV or the Samsung 65-inch NU6900. The Samsung NU7100 75” price is more than that of the Samsung 75” NU6900.

For a medium-sized room, the Samsung 50-inch NU6900  or Samsung 55-inch NU7100 is a good choice. For small rooms, Samsung UHD TV 43” 7 series NU7100 or NU6900 Samsung 43” TV will be suitable.

Winner: both have similar designs and stands, but if you like sleeker and thinner TV the NU7100 is the winner.

Fact 4 of 7: Motion handling capability

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
Native refresh rate60 Hz60 Hz
Response time16.2ms24.1ms
PWM frequency120 Hz240 Hz
Motion interpolation30fps: yes
60fps: no
30fps: yes
60fps: no

How well a TV can handle motion, that is, fast-moving objects like sports, action movies or fast-pacing games determines their motion handling capability. It depends on several factors and overall, the motion handling of NU6900 is slightly better than NU7100. The Samsung NU6900 and NU7100 native refresh rate of 60 Hz which is a good value for gaming.

Comparing the Samsung NU7100 vs NU6900 response time, the NU6900 has a much lower response time of 16.2ms. The PWM frequency is good in NU7100 compared to NU6900. Although the flicker occurs at a high frequency of 240 Hz in NU7100, it is still noticeable.

However, the flicker almost becomes negligible if you set the ‘Movie’ mode and adjust the ‘Auto Motion Plus’ option to custom.

The Black Frame Insertion of these models is quite similar. It will flicker at 60 Hz under standard settings and at 120 Hz in Game mode. The BFI ensures the motion scenes will look better and clearer. Both these Samsung TV models can interpolate 30 fps content to 60fps but don’t support the interpolation of 60fps.

While doing so, it might add some soap opera effect which may bother some people. The NU7100 can handle content without stutter better than NU6900. None of these models support judder-free content.

Winner: NU6900 wins over NU7100 as it has a very low response time so it delivers a blur-free image with the highest clarity.

Fact 5 of 7: Smart features

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
Smart OSTizenTizen
HDR (Netflix, YouTube)yesyes

Between NU7100 vs NU6900 smart features, they both run on Tizen 2018 but the NU6900 comes with fewer features. The navigation isn’t very smooth but is comparatively better with NU7100. Both models support HDR content in most popular apps like Netflix and YouTube.

They come with ads with no option to disable them. The Samsung TV app comes with a huge number of popular contents and the TV interface is easy-to-use.

Winner: Tie

Fact 6 of 7: Connections

Samsung NU6900

  • 2 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 RF In1 Digital Audio Out,
  • HDMI A, HDMI Quick Switch Wireless LAN built-in, Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

Samsung NU7100

  • 3 HDMI, 2USB, 1 Composite In, 1 Component In, 1 Ethernet, 1 RF In, 1 Digital Audio Out,
  • HDMI A, HDMI Quick Switch Wireless LAN built-in, Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC)

Comparing Samsung NU7100 vs NU6900 connections, the Samsung NU7100 ports are more in number than NU6900. It has 3 HDMI, a Composite In, and a Component In whereas, the NU6900 has 2 HDMI.

Winner: Samsung NU7100.

Fact 7 of 7: Control options

Samsung NU6900Samsung NU7100
Remote modelTM1240ATM1240A
Remote appSamsung SmartThingsSamsung SmartThings
Voice assistantNoNo

 None of these models support Bixby voice assistants which is a downside of these TVs. So, you are left with only one control option that is using the remote. The Samsung NU7100 smart remote is similar to that of NU6900 which is neither too large nor too sleek.

It’s a medium-sized remote with several buttons. It has basic TV control buttons but doesn’t have any dedicated buttons for Netflix or YouTube.

Winner: Tie

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If you want decent performance and want to upgrade to affordable entry-level Smart TV then this article on Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100 will guide you to come to a decision. These are best for general uses and have a good contrast ratio, decent input lag, and response time. However, both these Samsung series have poor viewing angle and moderate reflection handling.

If your criterion is to watch TV with family or place it in a bright room, then the LG UK6300 is a great choice instead of NU7100. It has a broader viewing angle and has great reflection handling so you can place it in a room with several light sources. If you want better motion and picture quality then you can choose the Samsung NU8000. It also has advanced gaming features like ALLM and VRR.

An alternative to NU6900 is the LG UM7300. It has a wide view angle and great reflection handling and it can remove judder. Between Samsung NU6900 vs NU7100, we recommend the NU6900 if you have a tight budget and want an impressive picture quality. Whereas NU7100 is good for you if you into gaming.

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5 most important FAQ

These FAQs will provide ample information about these tvs so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Does Samsung NU6900 have Bluetooth?

Answer: No, Samsung NU6900 doesn’t support Bluetooth. If you want to connect a pair of wireless headphones, then you can’t do so.

Does NU6900 support screen mirroring?

Answer: The Samsung NU6900 supports screen mirroring so you can mirror the mobile screen on your TV.

How to update Samsung NU7100?

Answer: you can update the Samsung software via the Internet, USB device, or adjust the option for automatic update.

For updating through Internet or USB:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Support > software update
  • Select Update Now

If you want to select auto-update then after selecting Software update press on Auto-update.

How to set up a wireless connection in Samsung NU6900?

Answer:  To connect wirelessly you need the SSID and password of your Wi-Fi router.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then select General > Network > Open Network Settings
  • Select Wireless

How to use the SmartThings app with the Samsung NU7100?

Answer:  Follow these steps:

  • Switch on your TV and download the SmartThings app on your mobile
  • Go to the app and select Add Device
  • From the search, list choose your TV model
  • When the PIN number is asked, give the numbers that you will see on your TV screen.

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