How to program any remote to a TV?

Remote control systems make our life easier than before and by using a remote you control various devices without changing your position. So, today we are going to discuss how to program any remote to a TV and make your life easier.

This article describes all the different ways and methods that you can implement in order to connect any remote to a TV. Nowadays, you can control your TV using your smartphone or a universe TV remote. So, there are a number of ways you can do so.

To learn more about each of the ways and methods, read the following sections as they are specifically divided for your convenience.

What is a Universal Remote?

A universal remote, as the name suggests is a device or remote that can be configured to control any and all television, VCR, DVD, and other devices that use IR (Infra-Red) rays to receive the signal.

A universal remote, in terms of looks, is the same as other TV remotes except with a lot of buttons. It might look daunting at first but the usage is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.

You might need to refer to the user manual in order to know the works but every universal remote in the world functions in the same way so this article might just be the thing you are looking for.

Control all your audiovisual devices with just one remote control and make your life easier. One might say it is exactly what all the dads are looking for.

A universal remote might also be referred to as “one for all”, which means, one that controls all; in this case, it is the universal remote that can control all audiovisual devices.

It is a one for all qualitative and affordable solution for the replacement of a single remote, or to consolidate multiple remotes into one. And the best part about this is, it is not brand dependant, as in, you can connect to any TV you want and have complete control over it.

Why would you need another remote for a TV?

Well, why would you not want another remote and that too, the ones that can control any audio and video device? Universal remotes are a one-stop solution to your remote management situation.

Having a universal remote means you can use one to control all. So in turn, you will not have to take care of where your remotes are or how many devices there are.

Now, you can find several apps on your mobile phone that simulate a remote. They have a very comprehensive and immersive setup procedure which if followed, you will definitely not mess up.

And of course, controlling your TV with your smartphone is surely a convenience but given that your phone has an infra-red blaster located at the top of your phone with a small circle. You can miss it easily and most new phones like the new iPhones do not have this feature.

Types of Universal Remote Technologies:

Universal remotes like all other remotes use an infra-red blaster at the top of the remote. So, the signal transmitted is the same and all that remains is configuring the remote control.

Universal remotes are of two categories, multibrand and learning. These two are quite similar yet different altogether. The features of a multi-brand universal remote are also present in a learning remote.

Multibrand Universal Remotes:

Multibrand universal remotes, as the name suggests are compatible with a select number of brands of TVs. These remotes come preprogrammed with the codes to operate a number of standard electronic devices.

These remotes can typically be used to control a lot of devices and they get the job done but the only drawback is that you can only control some of the most basic functions of all the TVs.

These controls include turning the TV on and off, changing the channels, and reducing and increasing the volume. For some TVs, you can also change the input modes.

Learning Universal Remotes:

Learning universal remotes are similar to multi-brand universal remotes but these go a step further. While they also often come preprogrammed to operate a number of popular electronic models, they have the ability to learn the functions of the original manufacturer’s remote.

The setup is simple, simply hold the original remote and the learning remote head to head with each other, and the infra-red signals will be transmitted to the learning remote that allows it to duplicate the other remote’s commands. Even if you have old learning remote, it can still learn from the new device manufacturer’s remote.

The different types of Universal Remote and their configurations:

There are many ways you can configure your universal remote but that greatly depends on the type of universal remote that you get. There are many types and each has a different way of programming them.

All of these come with preprogrammed codes that will control the main functionalities of almost all TV brands. But to configure them further, the types will help you more. All of these are described below.

PC Programmable Universal Remote:

No products found.

These universal remotes are easy to configure. Since you can use your computer to set up this remote, just simply connect to your PC with a USB cable and download the remote codes.

These will be automatically transferred to your remote and configured. This sets up your remote and you can now easily use the remote with any of the devices you downloaded the codes of.

WiFi Enabled Universal Remotes:

No products found.

These universal remotes are a little advanced and on the more expensive side of the market. They have an LCD screen on the remote that can show the sports stats or what is playing by bypassing the cable provider and checking for what is playing on your TV.

It uses your WiFi network to easily bypass the provider signal and give you updates and stats on what is playing. You can use these to control any device as long as you have a WiFi connection.

LCD Touch Screen Universal Remotes:

This universal remote might look somewhat like a mobile phone with an LCD display that is touch-activated, much like one of Tony Stark’s devices. Some of the remotes come with an entire LCD display with no buttons or just a small display with the usual programmable buttons.

The LCD panel is used to give you the option of having virtual buttons that you can map to any of the functions your TV or other remote-controlled device provides. If you are not a fan of virtual buttons, you can always use the other buttons as they will do the job just fine.

Radio Frequency Universal Remotes:

These universal remotes use radiofrequency waves to control your electronic device through obstacles such as walls or cabinets. These remotes are powerful as you can control your device from almost anywhere in the house.

Suppose you are in the kitchen and you want to turn off your home theater setup in the living room, simply point the remote in that direction and it will turn it off through the adjoining walls. The universal remote broadcasts an RF signal command to an RF extender in the same room as your programmed electronics.

The extender then beams out the same command at an infrared wavelength that your electronics can detect.

How to Program your Universal Remote to your electronic devices?

No matter how many remote-controlled electronic devices you own, the setups may be different varying from individual to individual. The manufacturer’s booklet or the user manual that comes with these devices has a list of programming commands that you will need and are configured with the included remote control.

These commands will also work with your universal remote as well and you can also download other codes online.

These commands will help you program your universal remote to the device easily and using the methods mentioned in the previous section, setting it up is easy. Another great functionality of universal remotes is the ability to program one button to multiple devices.

Meaning, for instance, you can use one switch to turn off both your TV and home theater setup.

This is called macros where you can program several commands into one button and the list of macros can be found in the universal remote manufacturer’s instruction manual. Alternatively, you can also download this list from the universal remote developer’s website if the user manual proves to be confusing for you.

The number of options that you can connect your remote to:

There are several devices that you can connect your remote to. The list goes on and on and if you want to take a look at the compatible devices of your universal remote, you can visit the developer’s website or consult the instruction manual.

The list is a long one and connecting to each one of them may have several different steps that might need some studying. However, for your convenience, the following subsection covers most of the common devices that you are most likely to connect your remote with.

Every step is explained in detail. The list contains all the common devices and ways you can set up your remote with the device and have a perfectly working system. The setup procedure is not dependent on the type of remote that you have since you will be programming the commands to your remote.

Each device has a different way of setting up so make sure you have your old remote with you.

It is highly recommended to have that working since some of the devices might require you to navigate into the TV settings and manually connect the new remote to the device or appliance. Follow along the sections to know more about how each and everything works and you might just find the one that you were looking for.

How to Connect and Set Up a Remote to a TV: An Easy Step by Step procedure.

Connecting your remote to a TV is as simple as ABC especially if you follow the following steps. Having a clear path is always essential as infra-red cannot pass through obstacles such as walls and solid objects.

So to connect a remote to a TV, make sure to have a clear path to the TV and that the TV can receive the signal transmitted by the remote control during the programming process.

Now, universal remotes 3 digit codes to synchronize with different TVs and every TV code listed might not work, therefore you must try with a different code if the first try does not work.

The first try includes the following steps:

Step #1:

Your remote will have a dedicated setup button at the top beside the power button. It might be called a program or PRG on different remotes. Press and hold the program or setup button on the remote for 3 seconds.

After 3 seconds, you will see an LED light on your remote control turned on. This light will remain on throughout the setup process of the remote with the TV and will remain as an indication that the setup is in progress.

Step #2:

Now, press the TV button on your remote to put the remote in sync mode for a TV. This is an individual button because universal remotes have multiple functionalities.

Meaning, you can control multiple devices with this remote for instance, your Home theater setup, VCR, DVD, or Blu Ray player. So, when setting it up, make sure to set the remote to that specific device so the controls will be synced accordingly, in this case, ‘TV’.

Step #3:

Consult with the list of TV codes online or with the list that comes included with your remote control. Each of the codes is set for a specific TV brand so you can try several and if one of the codes work, then the LED on the remote will turn off indicating that the setup is complete and you can continue using your TV with this remote.

The list of codes online might include RCA remote codes, Philips universal remote codes, Xfinity remote codes, Comcast remote codes, GE remote codes, Vizio remote codes, and many more.

How to Set Up the Codes for a Sanyo TV and a Remote: An Easy Step by Step procedure.

TV manufacturers like Sanyo will allow consumers to view cable programming as well as visual and audio signals from devices such as VCRs, DVD players, and home theater setups.

Using a universal remote in this case only makes sense since you have multiple remote-controlled devices. You can find the Sanyo remote codes online or in the instruction manual of your Sanyo TV.

As long as you know the codes to it, setting up the remote is simple. Just follow the following steps and the procedure will be easy.

Step #1:

First and foremost, search for the remotes code on the instruction manual of Sanyo TV. You can navigate to the remote control section and it is supposed to have a section dedicated to programming your remote.

It will also have your remote code so that you can set up another remote if need be. In the case where you cannot find the program code, you can always go online and download from the list of Sanyo remote codes for universal remotes.

Step #2:

On your remote, there should be a “code search” button. It is a dedicated button that will search for the TV code for the universal remote. Having pressed this, keep your remote pointed in the direction of the TV without any obstructions. When holding the button, a red light will light up and will stay lit as long as you hold it.

Step #3:

Now, while keeping the “code search” button pressed, press the “TV” button and then release the “Code Search” button. In doing so, you should see the red light on your remote control staying lit. This indicates that the remote will now synchronize with the TV and begin the setup process.

Step #4:

On your TV screen, you will see a dialogue box that will ask you to put in a three-digit code. If you have already found the TV code in the instruction manual or online, you can input that code using your remote control.

Once the code is accepted, the red light should turn off but if the code deems to be invalid, the red light will flash repeatedly.

Step #5:

Once the code is accepted, your new universal remote is now ready and will work as a Sanyo TV remote. You should now test the remote functionalities by pressing every button like the channel change, volume change, and power button for instance.

If all of the buttons do not work, repeat the above steps using another code from your manual or list.

How to Set Up a Samsung TV Remote:

Samsung TV remotes might be one of the most good looking and futuristic TV remotes you will come across. However, these Samsung TV remotes and smart remotes are prone to get out of sync or deprogrammed accidentally.

Due to this, your remote will not operate the TV so reprogramming the remote is called for to get it back in sync. The following steps will show exactly how to do it and you can use this method to program any universal remote to work with your Samsung TV as well.

Step #1:

To start with, turn off your Samsung TV. This part is essential and you do not have to worry about the TV not receiving any signal because the TV is still receiving the signal while being turned off. To start the syncing process, the TV must be turned off.

Step #2:

Press the “TV” button on your Samsung remote or the universal remote. This step, like all the steps in the previous sections, is similar as it tells the remote that it is in pairing mode and is pairing with a TV. Pressing that button sends the signal specific to begin the syncing process.

Step #3:

Use a paper clip, hairpin, toothpick, or even a SIM card ejector, basically anything with a thin tip, to press the tiny indented “Set” button at the bottom of the remote control. This sets the remote to the TV and you can begin the syncing process.

Step #4:

A dialogue box will appear on the TV screen asking you to put in the three-digit TV remote code. You may find this remote code online or on your user manual. There should be many codes for you to try on.

Each code may work but the button layout may be different, so keep on trying the program codes until the valid one is found, the TV will automatically detect the one that is best suited for your remote once the code is put in.

Step #5:

Once the TV has accepted your remote code, your universal remote or Samsung TV remote is now ready for use. Press the “Power” button on the remote to see if the TV turns on.

Check all the other necessary buttons to make sure everything is working perfectly. If they are not, repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5 until you get a successful result and your remote fully works.

How to Program a Universal TV Remote:

If you lost your original remote that came with your TV, you can easily get a universal remote instead. Having to control your remote directly from the TV is a hassle so why not use a universal remote that can control not only your TV but also other devices as well.

Now, depending on the model of your universal remote, the setup process can be different; it does not require any extra tools, all it takes is a little time and for you to read the instructions.

Programming RCA Universal Remote:

●     Step #1: First of all, you will have to search for the one for all universal remote codes given by your TV manufacturer. These codes can be found in your instruction manual or by going to the Thompson TV website. Here you will find all the remote codes and the ones that are appropriate for your TV brand.

●     Step #2: Now press and hold the “Code Search” button on your universal remote as this will start searching for the code. Then press and hold the “TV” button on your RCA remote until the button starts flashing.

This indicates that the TV is ready to pair. Enter the three-digit code for your TV using the number pad and then release the “Code Search” button. This should set your remote right up and you can now press the “Power Button” to check if it turns on.

The process is complete and you can test the buttons, if the remote does not work as expected, repeat the process with other codes.

Programming a GE Universal Remote:

●     Step #1: Simply, turn on the TV you are connecting your remote to. Press and hold the “Code Search” button on the remote or in some cases it may be called “Setup”. Press and hold that button until the indicator LED lights up. Release the button immediately after the indicator is lit.

●     Step #2: Next, press the “TV” button on your remote so that the remote goes into pairing mode with a TV, meaning it will transmit a signal specific to the TV. Search for the remote control TV code from the list of codes on the Jasco Products website, Thompson TV website, or remote user manual.

Enter one of the codes and try turning the TV off using the “Power” button. If the button works, you are good to go, otherwise, repeat the process with other codes until one of them works.


Programming a Zenith Universal Remote:

●     Step #1: To program the Zenith universal remote, start by holding the “Program” or “PRG” button on the remote control for three seconds straight. If you do not see the LED turn on, hold it down long enough until it does.

Three seconds should be optimal. Then, press the “TV” button to indicate that you are configuring the remote to a TV.

●     Step #2: This step is similar to configuring every other remote control. All you have to do is check with the user manual or online for the programming codes suited to your TV. Enter the appropriate code and press “Enter”.

Once you have done so, the LED will flash and then turn off concluding your setup. To test out the remote functionalities, try turning the TV on using the “Power” button. If the code was valid, all the buttons should work otherwise, try the other codes from the list until all your remote buttons are working.

How to Program an Xfinity Remote to a TV:

Programming an Xfinity remote to a TV is simple since the interface for synchronization is user friendly and easy to read. Xfinity remotes are easy to pair with and support a lot of other devices like soundbars, audio and video receivers, and of course TV.

Xfinity remote codes are required for you to configure your device and you can find them in your TV manufacturer’s instruction manual or online. The following steps should explain the process thoroughly.

●     Step #1: First, turn on your TV and press and hold the “Setup” button on your remote until the light at the top of the remote changes from red to green. This is the signal that puts the remote into setup mode and is ready to pair.

●     Step #2: On the screen, it will ask for a code, enter the code 991 and the green light should blink twice. After this, keep pressing the channel up button until the TV turns off. It may take a while but the TV will turn off so be patient with the Xfinity remote controls.

●     Step #3: Wait till the TV turns off. Once it is off, press the “Setup” button to lock in the Xfinity universal remote code. The previous step changes the codes and tests out each of them.

The turning off is a confirmation that the correct code is found. Pressing the “Setup” button sets the code for it. Finally, press the power button on your remote to turn on your TV and test the buttons.

How to Program a Direct TV Remote to a Dynex TV:

Configuring a Direct TV Remote to a Dynex TV is definitely possible. The configuration may take some studying but following the steps may help you easily set up your Direct TV Remote to the Dynex TV.

While configuration, you have to remember one crucial thing which is to use the Emerson brand code when selecting the GE universal remote codes for Dynex TV.

●     Step #1: Start by pressing the “Menu” button on your remote. This should pull up the remote functions on the TV.

●     Step #2: In this step, you will have to navigate to the “Program Remote” option in the menu. To do that, select the “Parental, Favs and Setup”, there you will find an option for “System Setup”.

Upon selecting this, you will see the “Remote” button on the menu and finally the “Program Remote” option. The navigation tree goes as follows, “Parental, Favs, and Setup — System Setup — Remote — Program remote”.

●     Step #3: Here, you will have to toggle the switch at the top of the remote to “TV”. This indicates that you are connecting your remote to a TV. Once done, press and hold the “Mute” and “Select” buttons on your remote control until the green LED flashes twice at the top of the remote.

On the screen, you will be asked to put in a code. Enter the code 10463 and the green light should flash twice to show that the remote has completed programming.

This method can also be used with any universal remote. Follow the similar steps above and enter the code when asked. The remote should be configured to the Dynex TV automatically.

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How to Program a Remote for a Comcast Cable Box:

Most times the remote that you get with your cable TV service is a universal remote. And, being a universal remote, you can definitely control other devices, TV, and cable boxes with this remote.

With the usual universal remotes, you can quickly set up your remote by entering your TV manufacturer’s remote code and setting it up. However, you do not necessarily need a remote code to set up your remote.

●     Step #1: Turn on your TV and press the “TV” button on your remote once. Hold down the “Setup” button until the TV button blinks twice and then release the button to continue.

●     Step #2: Enter code 991 in the search area. Once a valid code is found and accepted, the TV button will again blink twice. This indicates that the code entry is successful.

●     Step #3: Comcast has two types of remotes, one being a Comcast Cable universal remote with a grey OK/SEL button and the other is the Comcast universal remote with a red OK/SEL button.

For the grey button, point the remote at the TV and alternatively press the “Power” and “TV” button on the remote until the TV turns off. When this is done successfully, it means your remote has found the right programming codes for the TV.

As for the version with the red button, to set it up, press the number “1” button on the remote and the TV button should blink twice. After which, point your remote at the TV, press the “Power” button, and then press the channel up button repeatedly until the TV turns off.

Once off, press the “Setup” button on your remote to set the working code and your remote should be working fine with your TV.

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How to Reset TV Remotes and sync back: You will need this.

Having a universal remote and using it is all fun but when you buy a new TV, you will need to reset the TV remote control so you can reconfigure it with the new TV. Although doing so is not necessary as the old programming codes get erased upon using the remote for a new TV. Following the below steps will show you how to reset a TV remote.

●     Step #1: Remove the remote batteries and then hold down the button “1” on your remote control for at least one minute. You can release the button after a minute but just to be safe, hold it on for a while longer.

●     Step #2: Insert the batteries back into your remote and turn on the TV manually from the TV set. Now, hold the “TV” button on the remote upon which you will be asked to enter a code until the LED light turns on and stays lit. This has reset your remote and now to set it up.

●     Step #3: Next, get your TV program code from the user manual or online and type it in with the remote to sync with the TV. After completion, press the “Power” button to turn off the TV and test it out. There you have it, your old remote is reset and now set back to a new TV.

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Final Verdict on the Remote controls and their setups:

Universal remotes are a gift that most do not know how to use. The above guide covers almost all of the types and ways you can connect any remote to a TV. Since you can control a multitude of devices with one remote and even reset it later to adapt to your new devices, why won’t you get one? The setup may take some studying but in the end, your life gets a lot easier and fewer remotes would be lost in the process.

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