Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 TV | Review and Analyze Comparison

In our entertainment world TV is one of the common options. There are so many brands manufacturing TV and they are always up to date with our modern technology to provide us the best product. Some of the wells know TV manufacture brand is Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, Vizio and they have manufactured so many quality products every year. For example, Sony X900E and Samsung MU9000 series have some excellent quality TV. You can find so many similarities and differences if you compare Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000.

Like both series of TV comes with the same type of screen(LED), 4K HDR resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, Dobly Atmos and etc. On the other hand, if you are looking for the difference then you can notice the contrast ratio is not the same, Sony X900E has a 5500:1 contrast ratio and Samsung MU9000 has a 6534: 1  contrast ratio. With more contrast, you can get more quality pictures.

If you go more deeply and compare Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000  you will know all the benefits and limitations of both of these TV. And before that, if you are under budget then you start by checking the price of both TVs and select which one suits your needs.

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 | Comparison Table

FeaturesSony X900ESamsung MU9000
Screen TypeLEDLED
Dolby AtmosYesYes
Dynamic Contrast Ratio5411:16023:1
Motion InterpolationYesYes

Sony X900E


  • Direct LED Backlight Type
  • DTS Digital Surround
  • Bass Reflex Speaker
  • On-Board Storage 16GB
  • OS Android™
  • Motionflow™ XR 960 (native 120 Hz)
  • 4K HDR Processor X1™

This series has 4 models, each of them is superior 49″, 55″, 65″ and 75″.

This Sony series XBR-X900E is far exceptional than a regular LED TV. This will change the look at how we have seen pictures on the TV screen.

This is a combination of 4K UHD plus HDR with the finest processor. In every scene, dark or light, you can see it with the details. The reason behind this is the backlighting technology with the XBR.

Thus makes the deepest, pure black, and the most brightness that makes the picture quality to the high level. 4K HDR Processor X1™ is there for putting in the extra effort and make the image even better.

There are many colors and thousands of color combinations, and the HDR all these things makes this series the greatest one.

And if you think that Sony TVs do not look good, this series will change your mind. The sleek, slim design with an aluminum frame it has. It makes it seems funky and beautiful.

Coming to audio, it works with the Dolby Atmos and DTS surround sound. So, the fine-tune you can hear.

Next thing it is Alexa compatible with the voice control Google search. More comfortable to use, more attractive makes it.

Things Should Be Improved

Firstly it doesn’t have Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision makes the picture more vibrant and generous. Adding this feature may take the picture quality to the next level.

The next thing is that it is not suitable for group watching. It means it won’t be comfortable.

And lastly, the sound quality is not so good as we expected.

Samsung MU9000


  • Type LED
  • Resolution 4K UHD
  • OS Tizen
  • Voice Command Feature

Samsung MU9000 has makes 3 TV size 55”, 65”, 75”. This LED type TV the superb picture quality.

Samsung is always known for the most incredible and powerful performance. It gives a fantastic image and sound quality that makes the home theatre too much enjoyable.

And this series MU9000 has brighter picture quality and a bloom of pure black. But it is mostly perfect for the bright room. And can satisfy the viewers seeing experience quickly.

It supports 4K UDH content and HDR10. This feature makes the color contrast and quality so lovely and clean. A clear and detailed picture can be seen on display.

The color combination is so precise that you will see a colorful picture and crispiness. An impressive color gamut and accurately detailed undoublty make it extraordinary.

Next, the operating system Tizen is best for simplicity. But can access all the features that a TV should have.

Another point that it has a smart remote with a voice command. So, you can easily switch channels and see whatever you want.

Things Need To Improve

Not suitable for group watching if you want a bunch of people to watch a movie together. No, it’s not that type of TV.

Then the Dolby Vision is not there, so you will miss something special in the image quality.

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 | Full Comparison

Which Has The Great Picture Quality?

Picture quality is the most crucial thing in a TV. A TV must have good image quality. This ensures both the Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000.

Sony X900E series TVs are all fantastic for providing an excellent image. The movie, content looks so real and natural that it can impress any viewers, and they intend to see it more and more.

The X-tended Dynamic Range or XBR technology used in this series is superior. This a different backlighting algorithm that gives the image more realism.

This thing also makes this LED different from the other ones. A brilliant movie experience or movie night you can enjoy.

Then a TRILUMINOS™ display puts the thousand color combination on the screen. More subtle in color, and the wide color gamut makes colorful picture quality. And this ensures a more realistic color.

And then comparing the Samsung MU9000, this is also a great series that can satisfy any movie lover’s mind. Richness in the picture, clear and clean image this TVs can ensure.

A realistic picture on the screen you can see. And any movie lover intends to watch the natural images. This is a LED TV. And LED TVs are the best for giving crisp picture quality.

Detailed and clean picture provide any movies or content looks too much great.

4K HDR Content

Both the series give 4K content. This means the resolution of 3840×2160p. This is the resolution 4time better than the regular resolution. So, you can imagine how fantabulous the picture you can see on the screen.

Next thins is the high HDR. High Dynamic Range or HDR is the reason behind getting the high peak brightness and detailed. Positively makes the picture better. And both the series contains these features.

Even the shadows or every single detail seem so fair, pleasant, and defined. I also get confused while comparing them because both these series are way too good.


The contrast ratio is the ratio percentage between the deepest black and the brightest white. This X900E series has the best contrast ratio of 5500:1. This is a wow fact because this can produce 5500 times deeper black than white.

This has a local dimming feature, and the ratio can go to 6500. The exact ratio is 6534: 1. This is even better that is beyond words.

And the peak brightness for SDR ~500 nits, for HDR ~500 nits. This makes sure the high shine. And when there are the deepest black and the brightest white, the picture will look fabulous, no doubt in that.

The Samsung, this MU9000 series, has a contrast ratio of 6023: 1. This is greater than the Sony. Because of this ratio means 6000 times better deep, pure black.

The local dimming contrast ratio of 6027: 1. Besides the peak brightness ~400 nits for SDR and HDR ~400 nits. The combination of these white and black, I think, is incredible.

And the glossy finish on the screen adds extra definition to the quality.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate refers to the rate of redrawing the picture per second. This ensures the fast-moving of the objects. For the high refresh rate, the picture doesn’t seem a blur.


The 240 Hz is the ideal refresh rate. But these two series Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 have a refresh rate of 120 Hz. This also works fine. So, no worries about the blur picture at all.

Winner: Both

Sony Sound System Is More Defined

With Sony X900E TVs, you must get the most outstanding viewing experience and the most adequate listening experience. Whatever you would listen will hear as the performer intend you to listen.

The nicest clarity in the sound makes every single lyric hear so detailed and tuned. Even the dialogues are so defined that the powerful voice or melodious, you will feel a quick clearance.

Also, the speakers provide surround, or you can say three dimensional sound. All the words or sounds will surround you by all sides; feel like you are in the movie listening live.

High fidelity in the sound the richness are too much good. And also, the Dolby Atmos feature is in the sound system makes any sound more lifelike. The rest of the distortion reduces the Dolby Atmos.

And thus, the tune listens to distortion-free as well the bass is well balanced. In a word, the sound has good bonding with the picture quality.

The MU9000 can provide pretty decent sound to the listeners. It sounds so lovely and warm, though the speakers in it are not visible.

A smooth, melodic sound of music or any type of song your ears can feel. Also, the rock type music or loud music, there won’t be any distortion.

And when it comes to the movie dialogue, it sounds detailed. You may previously never heard such detailed dialogues you can enjoy with it. The mediocre speaker used in this series. Which is not bad but also not that good for Samsung TVs. They should bring more upgrades to their sound system.

This speaker causes some distortion at a higher volume. And the sound sometimes heard bassy. Many may not like it. But if you are not audiophilic, you can not feel this sound effect that much.

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 | Design

A stylish TV look is required that can match the home decor. Because nowadays almost everyone is using the TV for home theatre or in bed living. So, the look does matter.

And for an elegant home look decore Sony X900E series TV is none less. A sleek, slim frame or body it has. The color is pure black that looks rich.

The screen is not curved, but flat seems good. So, the images on display look wide. The border here used is also thin and goes well with the design. This also can be wall-mounted as per your need.

There is a stand for supporting the TV to stand. It is also well stable for holding the TV. And all the cables are set in the back. As a result, no difficulties with the wires, and they don’t look messy.

On the other hand, Samsung MU9000 series TVs looks premium TV that can go with any home decore remarkably. This seems quite expensive as it is slim and has thin borders.

These look great with the blackish color. Almost everyone likes TV with a black glossy finish, and this series provides the same.

There is a slim stand that comes with the TVs. It helps them to stand and is powerful to hold them properly. These TV also can be wall-mounted. And the cables are well organized, so no tension in accessing the if you set it to the wall.

There one connected box in which most of the cables and inputs are set. So give the TV a good arranger look both in the front and in the back.

More Smart Features Makes The TV More Updated

Many may not realize that Netflix recommends this Sony X900E. For the impressive and powerful performance, Netflix recommends it. So, you can easily stream Netflix on it.

Next thing this series allows voice search. You won’t like it spending time typing the buttons on the button. And this is time waste also boring.

This boredom reduces this smart feature in it. With the google voice search, you can easily find what you want to see. And no more hassle.

Talking about google voice search, it needs to add that you can have access to google play. So, many TV shows and many channels you can stream.

This is not the end. You will be surprised to hear that the Chromecast is built-in. And here no need to add how the Chromecast helps with thousand channels and contents.

This also Alexa compatible. This compatibility makes it comfier with the usage. Like hand free usage.

And there is also a content bar. From there you can keep a watch what you want to see what item there. Many options there are in the bar helps you find out what you next want to see.

Next, the Samsung MU9000 series has the latest feature in its remote. The remote has voice control in it. So, it makes it great while searching or switching channels.

Because most TVs don’t have voice control in their remote. Thus pressing each button is too irritating. Only use your voice and find all content you want.

After that, if you want to see content on Netflix, YouTube, HBO ore other streaming channels, you must like the HDR content. This series ensures the HDR content that makes the resolution high and realistic.

Next, the Tizen used as the OS makes the interface mostly user friendly. So, you can have quick access through it. And the Smart Hub here has all the access to controlling, switching, settings, and other things.

Which Is Suitable For Home Theater

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 are the two significantly great series. They are holding the place since 2017. Still now in great demand.

And people want them as setting up in their home theater. Setting up home theaters with a premium quality TV is a must.

And these two series just do the same. And they have several models. But among the models, there is not much difference in the features.

So, choosing the right one depending on many criteria. Because of the home theater experience, you must want to be different from the casual TV experience.

So, your TV must have the best picture quality, sound quality. These two things are foremost. And then the next things come.

From the points I have described in the comparison, you will know that Sony is comparatively best than Samsung in the two-sector.

Sony provides robust performance in image quality. There are so many combinations of color and the 4K UHD content. Also, the processor other things make the picture clear, crisp, rich.

The richness in every scene will make the viewer watch more and more. Your eyes won’t be tired.

The MU9000 is not bad. But for the perfect image, Sony is unbeatable. Also, the sound system is precise in Sony. The Dolby Atmos used in it makes it more splendid.

But if you use a sound system with your Samsung TV then you can get a better experience.

Moreover, there are more smart features with the Sony X900E series. But less with the MU9000. But one may snatch your interest from the X900E that is the voice control remote.

But the MU9000 looks more stylish and expensive. You must want a TV that can go with your home decor.

So, I have highlighted all the points. And if you want my opinion then go for Sony will take your TV experience to the next higher level.

Samsung MU9000 Is Versatile For Gaming

Now TVs are being used for gaming. The brands are putting lots of features for making their TVs perfect for gaming. Playing games on a bigger screen always enjoyable.

In this regard, the MU9000 series is versatile in a word. The gaming experience can be better if there is no lag or hang. Also, the screen should seem clear. And the sounding should be like that the small details like footstep even be heard.

This because of the quick response time and low input lag. The low input lag is ~25ms. This can be taken as the ideal input lag.

Also, the response timing is ~15ms. So, the fast-moving of the object you can see. And as a result, no hanging in the games.

This is the most irritating fact that you are on your game, and the screen is not moving fast. So, you can not cope with the gaming controls and so on.

Overall, gamers’ opinion about this series TV seems optimistic. They positively like it, and many recommend it. The perfect size would the 75-inch for a better gaming experience.

The X900E you can also have for gaming. As the picture quality is excellent, you can see every object or element in the same color. The item will move too fast as the refresh rate is 120 Hz.

The low input lag is also decent for gaming. But from the overall perspective, the MU9000 is better.

How To Choose The Best

All of us may not have an idea about TV features. Many don’t know the resolution or UHD, QLED other things.

So, for them choosing the best one to see the features is a challenging task. So, here I am adding some points. While buying any kind of TV you can use this point so that you can have the right one.

Resolution: Today’s TVs have advanced technology. And for the best resolution, the latest addition is the 4K and the 8K UHD. So, which brand you want to buy just make sure they have the 4K UHD resolution.

Sony and Samsung have always used 4K content. So, if you are going with one of them that will be good.

TV type: There are many terminologies is used in TVs. The LED, LCD, QLED, ULED, and many more. But the LED and LCD are mostly used, and also, the technology is suitable for providing a high defined picture.

Screen Size: This is an important point. If you have a compact or small room, go with the small screen sized TV like 49” or 55”. But if your room is bigger enough, then the small TVs won’t look perfect.

That will look odd. So, buy 75” inch TV or a 65-inch. This is absolutely perfect and will be balanced with the room size.

Sound System: Fine-tuning is essential and significant sounding is obvious for listening. Otherwise, the dialogues or music or the gaming experience can go into vent.

To see the TV has a good speaker built-in and Dolby Atmos if there that will be excellent.

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Tips for perfect viewing distance

Here is a small tip for the perfect distance you should maintain from your TV. So, the full view you can get.

Samsung MU9000

Minimum viewing distance 6.9-inch.

Maximum viewing distance 15.6-inch.

Sony X900E

Minimum viewing distance 6.3-inch.

Maximum viewing distance 15.6-inch.

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Final Verdict

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000 are the two excellent series from the day they were launched. They still are trending, and with their work, they didn’t get old.

Both of the series many similarities in the feature and also dissimilarities. It is tough comparing them and finding the best. As they have their good benefits and cons.

But I have shown all the possible comparisons. Sony is best for the picture quality; Samsung is best for gaming or movies. Point by point, all comparison is there.

Lastly, about the price, both the brands TVs are an expensive little bit. So, I didn’t compare them. Now it’s your turn to understand all the points and match them if they meet your need.

Then go for anyone and according to your need, choose the size. The ultimate result is the most fantastic TV experience.

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FAQ: Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000

This faq is here for your better understanding. let’s find out more.

Sony X900E vs Samsung MU9000, which is the best?

If you want my personal opinion, then I would recommend the Sony X900E. This series is something that any TV lover is searching for.

They have all the bright side that a good TV should have. The picture plus sound quality comes in a package of aesthetic works. Also, so many smart features there are.

But Samsung is terrible. I am no saying that. How Samsung TVs are, everyone knows that. They also have many impressive products. But only between these two series Sony has won the battle.

Does Dolby Vision is must on the TVs?

Not really. But this is the latest technology. This Dolby Vision makes the picture more defined, transparent, highly defined. So, if you have this feature, then it will provide a brilliant picture but if not, then see other criteria that work behind the best images.

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