Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000

Being one of the leading brands in Smart TV, Samsung provides sturdy build, technologically updated Smart TVs that acts as an all-rounder. In this article on Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000, we focus on features, technology, and use cases. Both these TVs are good for general use, that is movies, TV shows, sports or music.

Based on their performance, these Samsung TVs are best for gaming. The major difference between Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 is that the Q6FN is a QLED TV whereas the NU8000 is a LED TV. There are other differences as well but they are minor and matters to people who know these properties and their use.

These Samsung 2018 models are used by many and the users provided satisfactory feedback. Samsung is well-known to last longer and suffer less from problems. Another major difference that matters the most is the price. The Q6FN is $100 to $300 costlier than the NU8000.

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The differences between Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 lies in contrast ratio, color representation, and technology used. If you want a premium product then we recommend you to get the best one although compared to NU8000, the changes are minor.

On the other hand, if you don’t bother about these changes and want an affordable solution you can buy the Samsung NU8000. Because it also has an excellent contrast ratio and overall performance. If you have a large room but want to pay less then you can buy the Samsung82″ UN82NU8000FXZA.

And if your budget is flexible then you can buy the Samsung LED TV 75″ QN75Q6FNAFXZA or the Samsung QLED tv 65 inches. For a medium-sized room, the Samsung QLED TV 55 inches will be a better choice.

Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 Review

Samsung Q6FN Review

The Q6FN is a 2018 series that has a TV screen size from 42” to 82”. There was a Q6FN series in 2017 as well. It is a QLED 4k TV that supports basic gaming features making it ideal for gaming. In the Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 review, we will cover all the features and make a comparison. The Q6FN cost is in the mid-range scale.

Samsung NU8000 Review

Samsung NU8000 was also introduced in 2018. It is known as premium 4k UHD TV. Similar to Q6FN, the NU8000 also comes in five TV screen sizes: 42”, 50”, 65”, 75”, 82”.  It has excellent motion handling and specific HDR features make the picture quality better.

Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000: differences

Samsung NU8000Samsung Q6FN
Native contrast5461: 16203: 1
Response time12.8 ms12.9 ms
Native Refresh Rate49”: 60Hz
Others: 120 Hz
49”: 60Hz
Others: 120 Hz
1080p @ 60 Hz18.1 ms15.2 ms
Motion rate49”: 120
Others: 240
49”: 120
Others: 240
Display technologyVAVA
Picture processorUHD engineQ Engine
Sound output40W RMS40W RMS
Connections2 HDMI, 1 USB, Ethernet, 1 RF, 1 digital audio input, ARC2 HDMI, 1 USB, Ethernet, 1 RF, 1 digital audio input, ARC
PriceCheck price on Amazon Check price on Amazon


Comparing Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 design, the NU8000 is much thinner than Q6FN. The thin border is equal in size in both models. The Q6FN has a plastic back and metallic border. It has a decent build quality. None of the TVs are curved. Comparing Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 TV stands, the Q6FN has two V-shaped stands whereas the NU8000 has a single T-shaped stand. The Samsung NU8000 is mostly made of plastic, it feels sturdy and has a good build quality.

Winner: Although both have a sleek and classy design, we prefer the look of the T-stand and the thinner Samsung NU8000.


Both series have a VA display which is well-known for producing better contrast and black levels with high image depth. One of the biggest differences between Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 is that the Q6FN is a QLED or Quantum LED TV whereas the NU8000 is a LED TV. The difference between QLED and LED makes the QLED a better choice.

The LED and VA deliver a higher contrast ratio and color. They are also affordable. Whereas the QLED delivers better brightness and color representation. Both these models use an Edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming. This means lights are distributed around the border of the screen and the light gets spread in the whole area of the backside.

The result is you get a thin and sleek TV. These types of TV also have less power intake and is cheaper than Back-lit LED. Comparing Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 picture processor, the Q6FN has Q-Engine technology whereas the NU8000 has UHD Engine. The Samsung ‘4k Q-Engine’deals with upgrading low-quality content into a high one.

Using the semiconductor and artificial intelligence technology in QLED TV, it can efficiently upgrade SD and FHD to 4k. which is converting 400,00 pixels and 2 million pixels into 8 million. The NU8000 UHD engine effectively upscales SD, HD, and full HD files into UHD. It can convert files that are coming from non-UHD sources and lower resolution content to UHD.

Winner: Q6FN because of Quantum LED, Q Engine, and Q HDR.


The performance of these models is quite similar. Such that, the difference might not be noticeable in many cases but if you do critical viewing and are into specs, then you may notice it. Comparing Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 color gamut, we see that the Q6FN has a broader color gamut than the NU8000.

The Q6FN has Q HDR that allows the color to pop out and enhance the overall dynamic range. These QLED TV can deliver 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space SDR and HDR peak brightness is decent. The local dimming feature isn’t very impressive but the contrast ratio is very good. It makes the image look black in dark rooms. The reflection handling is decent as well. The lighting and details are precise.

The NU8000 has a decent color gamut but not as good as Q6FN. The Dynamic Crystal Color enhances the color and makes them appear accurate. The contrast ratio is also very good but lower than Q6FN. Comparing Samsung NU8000 vs MU8000, the NU8000 has a 15% better contrast ratio than MU8000. It supports HDR 10 and HDR 10+.

It focuses on details and reflection handling is similar to Q6FN. But both of these models have a poor viewing angle. The gradient of the Samsung NU8000 is better than Q6FN. This is important while representing color depth in shadows, sky, or in HD files.

Winner: in terms of specifications, the Q6FN wins over NU8000 but the differences are very close and most people will not notice the change.

Smart TV

Samsung wants you to set up everything with the SmartThings app. It comes with a Universal Guide that shows live and on-demand content. Comparing Samsung NU8000 vs Q6FN, we see that both runs on the same Smart OS, Tizen. The Universal Guide categorizes contents and makes it easy to search. Although the interface is easy-to-navigate, it isn’t very smooth.

The Samsung Smart TV is not ad-free so you have to tolerate the ads because there is no way to disable them. It provides you a huge number of apps from the Samsung app store. Smart TV will play content from YouTube and Netflix in HDR. Comparing Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 remote control, they possess similar design remote control which is sleek, has few buttons, and is easy-to-use.

With the OneRemote feature, you can use the remote to control other devices. Both NU8000 and Q6FN works with Bixby voice assistant.

Winner: Tie

Gaming features:

Both these TV models come with several gaming features. They have a high rating in terms of gaming. The Samsung NU8000 vs Q6FN response time is excellent because it can reduce blur and handles motion contents like sports or gaming effectively. The response time of Q6FN is 12.9ms and that of NU8000 is 12.8ms.

The stutter and judder are such that they can handle motion well and deliver fast-pacing scenes with clarity. It has a Steam Link app that allows you to stream and play your favorite games. Both these models support true 4k HDR Gaming with Auto Game Mode. They also support FreeSync, VRR and have a native refresh rate of 120Hz (except 49”).

With the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), you can easily connect and play console games. they have extremely low input lag which is needed for gaming. They also have the Game Motion Plus feature which is ideal if you are playing from an older console that supports 30fps. So, whether an Xbox One or PS4 is connected, these TVs are best for gaming.

Winner: These TVs show similar performance for gaming.

Sound quality:

The differences between Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000 sound quality, both of them have a sound output of 40W and a 2.1 channel. The NU8000 can get as low as 67Hz whereas the Q6FN can get up to 76Hz. Overall, the distortion is well-controlled and the audio is decent but not outstanding.

The highs and mids aren’t accurate and with 50% volume, we experienced some audible rattling. None of the models support Dolby Atmos and although the sound isn’t satisfying, we expect this type of audio performance from Smart TVs.

Winner: the sound performance between these two models are almost similar but Q6FN is slightly better

Motion handling capability:

The Samsung NU8000 motion handling isn’t very impressive. It doesn’t have a flicker-free solution. It uses 240Hz PWM Dimming Frequency. The flicker is visible but, you will see less if you increase the brightness. It has a 60Hz flicker at 60fps that enhances the picture clarity. to achieve this, you have to enable the ‘Game mode’.

When it ‘interpolates’ contents to 120fps.Although it improves clarity and makes motion clearer, it may include the soap-opera effect and the inclusion of ‘unwanted artifacts’. To enable the interpolation feature to interpolate 60fps content go to ‘Auto Motion Plus’ settings to ‘Custom’ and adjust the slider of ‘judder reduction’ and ‘blur reduction’ to a higher level.

These features are similar for Samsung Q6FN. It has decent judder and the stutter can also be reduced from 24p content. To do this you have to adjust the ‘Auto Motion Plus’ to ‘Custom’ and ‘blur reduction’ and ‘judder reduction’ to 0. It can effectively reduce judder but can’t do so if the content comes from the cable box.

Comparing Samsung NU8000 vs Q6FN judder, the Q6FN can effectively reduce judder from 60fps signal coming from a cable box. The Samsung TV QLED 49″ Q6FN comes with a 60Hz panel and can interpolate content to 60fps.

Winner: They show similar motion handling capability.

Best for:

Since the picture quality and motion handling performances are similar, both these models show decent performance while watching movies or TV shows.  They are best for gaming as well. If you scrutinize, the Samsung Q6FN will outperform NU8000.

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At a first glance, it might be hard to choose one between Samsung Q6FN vs NU8000. The differences between Samsung NU8000 vs Q6FN lies in technology, color gamut, gradient, picture engine and etc. all these features are in favor of Q6FN make the Samsung Q6FN the winner.

Samsung Electronics manufactures all types of TV to fill your world with entertainment. And they have a good reputation for best display world wide.

Although, in the eyes of a general user who simply wants to enjoy a decent Smart TV and its features, both may look the same. If you want to look closely, then the Samsung Q6FN will be a better choice because the picture quality and QLED technology allow it to perform better.

We recommend the Samsung Q6FN if budget isn’t an issue because it has a slightly better color gamut, contrast ratio, gradient, and overall performance. People seem to lean towards the Q6FN because they prefer QLED over LED. Other than that, both these have excellent performance, especially for movies and gaming. Their setup is easy and the Smart TV and remote are user-friendly.

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This FAQ section is going to help you to have a better understanding of these two Samsung models.

How to set up the TV with a smartphone?

Answer: Follow these steps for setup:

  • Go to the SmartThings app on your mobile and switch on the TV.
  • The TV will connect with it
  • If you have a Samsung Account the mobile will give Wi-Fi information so you don’t have to login

How to enable FreeSync on Samsung TV?

Answer: On your TV, go to Game Mode and to FreeSync. Turn the FreeSync to ON. The VRR will only work if the Game Mode is turned on.

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