Klipsch R 15-M: Everything there is to know about this Compact Bookshelf Speaker

You might be looking for a compact but efficient solution that satisfies every vision of the audio system but couldn’t find one. Or maybe you’re in need of a house-hold speaker, which will both enduring and aesthetically pleasing while going perfectly with your design. Whatever the reason is, this Klipsch R 15-M Review will help you to find the best speaker for you.

The R-15 M Klipsch undeniably is a perfect addition to any living room for serving all kinds of priorities. Manufactured by one of the industry’s best-known corporations, this speaker can satisfy customers who want to balance crystal clear audio and reliability with a spectacular performance.

Klipsch: The Company of Premium Speakers

The Klipsch branding is one that displays pride and quality of seven decades of testing and mistake. This US-based manufacturing company has been adamant about providing the most adequate home audio experience since 1946.

Klipsch‘s classical audio speakers, home theater receivers, and soundbars are well recognized worldwide. It is also the pioneer of some of the most sufficient technology, such as Tractrix Horns, Oval Ear Tips, Cerametal woofer, Dolby Atmos, etc.

The loudspeakers of Klipsch are actually known to be one of the best for high-quality speaker systems. As the brand with its speaker systems offers extraordinary quality, you can be assured that with its Klipsch bookshelf speakers, you can experience the same high degree of sound quality as any other high-end speakers in the market.

The Klipsch bookshelf speakers should be right on the top of your wish list when you intend to purchase a quality bookshelf speaker, which provides excellent sound quality and innovative, sleek style with durability.

All about R 15-M

The speakers’ R 15-M model illustrates a long line of professional mounting that creates a different tone that matters. They have various sizes and proportions speakers, and this one is slimmer than the r-14 m model, with a slightly rounded end.

This practical yet minimalist speaker is highly productive and engulfs listeners for hours of listening experience producing their favorite films and songs surprisingly. The sound system is always smashing the beautiful signature appearance like all Klipsch items.

It is made of the same standard material as any other bookshelf speaker systems in the business.

Although R-15 M is not a flagship, the company’s strategy is to deliver crystal-clear audio on all goods that are manufactured and sold. The producers have adapted innovations and development processes to more costly models that have produced positive results and sought a means of introduction into the T15 M without raising the price.

R-15 M speakers have not in any way give up the specific sound familiar as the name of the company, but fixed some of the problems the old versions had.

What should you consider before you bookshelf speakers?

Before going out with all you have got to buy Klipsch R 15-M, you should take some stuff into account. It would be awesome to own the largest speakers on the market for any audiophile, but it is not a matter of preference, but instead of flexibility or lack of space. With no place to reveal your wide-ranging speaker setup, you can’t prevent listening to your favorite songs with the maximum volume or ignore speakers for a pair of earphones.

Just for one purpose, bookshelf speakers are made worldwide and still popular enough to be in this business. These speakers should fit even in a bookshelf (although we recommend a better space). Its elegant, futuristic style makes it easy to settle in any setting or sound system. It makes it easy and convenient to move or travel around before the optimal acoustics are reached, which is quite unusual for their cousin speakers like floor-standers.

Besides, in smaller rooms, you will be unable to enjoy the acoustic efficiency of larger speakers. The room ends up struggling to compete with the bass of the speaker system, which results in a muffled or blurred tone when you plan to get larger speakers for your room. The size of the speakers matters a lot when you consider the loudness of the tweeters or the details of the bass and similar aspects like that.

In this way, the bookshelf speaker addresses the problems and benefits the users:

  • The person who doesn’t have enough space in the room.
  • Who doesn’t love the speakers that sound distorted.
  • That guy who also don’t wish to get speakers that are too small.
  • And also that audiophile who have budgetary problems and don’t want to spend extra money on large speakers.

Specifications Chart of Klipsch R-15M:

Product LineKlipsch Reference Series
Product NameKlipsch R-15M
Mount typeBookshelf
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Weight10.3lbs (4.67 kg)
Dimensions8.2 x 7 x 12.5 inches
Frequency response62 Hz -24000 Hz
Impedance8 Ohms
Sensitivity94 dB
Crossover Frequency1800Hz
Power Handling (CONT/PEAK)85W/340W
Low-Frequency Extension54Hz
High-Frequency Drivers1" (2.54cm) Aluminum diaphragm compression driver mated
to 90° x 90° square Tractrix® Horn
Low-Frequency Drivers5.25" (13.3cm), copper spun magnetically shielded
IMG woofer
InputsSingle binding posts
FinishesBrushed Black Polymer Veneer
Enclosure MaterialMDF
Enclosure TypeBass-reflex via rear-firing port

Innovative modern Design and Build

Alongside the indoor items, the ability of Klipsch to pair its bookshelf speaker with other devices and diverse décor types is one thing you can always rely on. It is quite clear that their designers put a great deal of thought into making the Klipsch R 15-M outstanding.

This is achieved through the veneer cabinet, which surrounds the pair. While the black polymer on the outside can scuff, it is almost never the case, as the wood type used effectively hides imperfections. In addition, the broad contrast with the copper vibrant accessories gives the black casing an elegant, antique appearance.

The speakers measure 8.1 x 7 x 12.5 inches and weigh 10.3 pounds, making them suitable for rooms where there is not much space. These speakers are not too big to fit comfortably, but not too small to be invisible.

That’s how the bookshelf speakers should look. It is one of the speakers with only 10 pounds and can be moved away easily. The front has the Klipsch branding on the left, and the back glows due to the copper . The front of the speaker was engraved with the trademark ‘Klipsch’. Also checkout Klipsch The Sixes and The Fives which have beautiful designs.

Versatility you have to love

Two explanations why the R-15 M is amazingly versatile: Its small scale and the reality that it’s a passive speaker. This means, however, you see fit, you can use these speakers.

They’re fantastic as front speakers, but they can match side and surround positions as well, even in a smaller space when you create a surrounding device. Moreover, they set up a fantastic home theater.

And since they are passive speakers, you can pair them with any amplifier you like or connect a subwoofer to them for detailed bass performance.

They, too, are turntable-ready, so that you can play vinyl tracks whether or not your turntable is pre-amplified. Also, because their size makes them perfect computer speakers, you can now enjoy playing the new Pc games in high-end audio if you’re a gamer.

Finally, but not least, the R-15 M is powered by Bluetooth so you can conveniently combine it with your phone whenever you like.

Overall Sound Quality

Klipsch’s attention to detail during the crafting and tuning of the speaker demonstrates that only a few other individuals can contend with the sounds of music, including real high-end speakers. Their sound is quite natural, reaching the right locations without any unmatched peaks or valleys in the frequency range.

This firm is renowned for the precise sound produced by its speakers, and R-15M does not disappoint the expectations. This is because they feature a tweeter loaded with a tractrix horn, which is now a kind of Klipsch devices’ signature element.

Great Mids

Their mid-range is vivid and complete, and the rest of the sound is not overshadowed. It manages a gentle response without being overwhelming and scooping. Highs are where users decide about the speakers of Klipsch.

Clear Highs

Some think they sound very inconsistent, others agree that this is not sufficient, and the difference is here. The highs are ideally situated, softly settled, but not too dulled for your own good.

Deep Bass

But what really succeeds is the low-end answer. The 5-1/4′′ woofer produces a very solid bass along with the rear-firing port. It maintains an impressive low end, mostly thanks to the innovative engineering of Klipsch. The speaker is able to withstand power very well and to work well with the woofer, thus boosting its low-end.


Even this is by no means an impeccable speaker, and the driver incorporation was the element that especially stood out as less than ideal. It can be very jarring to hear the sound transition between the horn and the woofer, and the R-15 M suffers a little from this.

It’s by no means painful, and you cannot even pick it up because you’re an audiophile, but it’s there, so we’ve got to note it. Speaking that, the latest R-51 M absolutely eliminates this, and if you don’t want to gamble it, you could only choose the newer version.

Wherever you stand with your opinion, the broad agreement is that the Klipsch speakers sound fantastic, and the R-15Ms are a complement. Do not look any further. If you want to fill your setup with a couple of fine bookshelf speakers for not enough space, you can always buy this exceptional R 15-M.

Positioning and Environment

The Klipsch r-15 m won’t immerse your tone in the crowd, of course, but that’s not the point. These speakers were designed in small and medium rooms with great care. Although larger locations do not give the same emotional experience, this unit is not to be overlooked.

It has a lot of power due to its construction and is smoother than one would imagine in a living room. The R-15 M is a “minimal” speaker for enthusiasts in this position, but this is not in a detrimental sense.

Instead, it refers to the limited amount of space it takes in contrast with other versions while producing consistent sound waves at the same time that do not affect walls negatively. In other words, reverberation usually is not a consideration.


Where would you like to put your bookshelf speakers? On a real bookshelf? Or should you choose a speaker stand? Perhaps you can put them on a media console? However, the location of your speakers in the sound you anticipate will play a crucial role.

  • Place the speaker to provide the most robust volume at a minimal distance from the wall.
  • If the speakers have the same space between the walls, shift them. There should be no same distance between the front wall and the sidewall.
  • You can guide your speakers down the longest wall to allow sound waves to achieve their capacity.
  • Build an ideal triangle between you and your speakers; the difference should be equal between you and your speakers
  • And, of course, keep the speakers at your ear-level.

Outstanding Price for a Bookshelf Speaker

Price tags that show inexpensive often create a poor impression about sound quality, and this is proven by the Klipsch R-15 m since their strengths greatly outweigh their nuisance. Even if it is challenging to get the pair for cents, they definitely finish in world-renowned audio for the more rational range.

The Klipsch mark is one of the few brands which can say that budget bookshelf speakers are not followed by loss of resourcefulness and creativity.

Fantastic Features you should look for

90×90 Tractrix Horn

The proprietary Tractrix ® Horn technology and aluminum tweeters have the most spectacular high-end reaction, extended visuals, and stable dynamics. This produces the most stunning and natural tone.

The Tractrix horn helps not only to increase the top-of-the-range performance of the Klipsch R 15-M speakers but also to image the speaker system so that speakers can offer a vibrant and genuine high-end.

Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Tweeter

It minimizes distortion of improved, comprehensive efficiency with its linear travel suspension. LTS Tweeters is a trademark of previous lines such as the flagship series Klipsch Palladium, which has made this a vital feature of some of the world’s best speakers.

That’s why the sound of the Klipsch R 15-M can deliver all the right notes in the frequency range, without causing any distortion or disruption in its output.

Spun Copper IMG Woofer

Molded woofer with injection graphite is incredibly light and incredibly stable – it provides an exceptionally low-frequency response, with minimal separation and distortion of the tip.

What separates the IMG woofer from others is the graphite with injection-molded, which complements the spun copper woofer style very well. The woofer of the R 15-M is also much lighter at its cheaper than most bookshelf speakers. Together with the LTS tweeter loaded by Tractrix Horn, it offers the highest speaking performance.

Rear Firing Port

Ideal for the cabinet and woofer and widened specifically to eliminate vibration also in the lowest frequency.

MDF Cabinet with Brushed Polymer Veneer Finish

Classic aesthetic appeal with full endurance, smooth incorporation into every decoration.

5-Way Binding Post

Secure, versatile, high-quality terminals that give maximum stability in connection.

Strong, Flexible, Removable Grille

Adds an acoustically transparent, sophisticated appearance.

Also check out another two Klipsch speakers comparison RP-500M and RP-600M with almost similar kind of features.

Pros of the Klipsch R 15-M

  • 25-inch copper-spun high-output IMG woofers for intense bass
  • Rear-firing port
  • Narrower design than other units to slide into cramped spaces
  • Robust sound not compromised from a lower price tag
  • Dynamic tractrix horn dynamic in producing a natural sound
  • A light carry at 10 pounds
  • A brushed polymer finish blends with home décor and is difficult to significantly damage
  • Comes in two colors
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Creates stunning mids

Cons of the Klipsch R 15-M

  • Requires an amplifier
  • No mounting support
  • Not designed for big venues

Alternatives for Klipsch R 15-M Bookshelf Speakers

Here are several options to the Klipsch R 15-M bookshelf speakers that you may like to try:

Polk Audio Rti A3

As far as speaker choices are concerned, Polk still seems to be sitting right behind Klipsch. Yes, of course, a good option would be a similar speaker from a selfless brand. Find out about this Polk Audio vs Klipsch comparison.


  • High-quality build.
  • Nice vintage design.
  • Broad Frequency Response and Power Port Technologies have an excellent low-end response.
  • It is highly flexible and can work with most audio and AV devices.
  • Very loud.


  • Cumbersome

Sony SSCS5

The rivalry is really tight when it comes to the Sony SSCS5 vs. Klipsch R-15 M, as both of these bookshelf speakers are manufactured by two of the best loudspeaker companies in the world.


  • 3 drivers for better sound quality
  • Tapered faceplate edges
  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Dampened wood cabinet
  • 3/4 inch Sony Super Tweeter
  • Optimized Crossover componentry
  • 3-way, 3-speaker bass-reflex system


  • Sometimes, you’ll be needing a sub-woofer

Edifier S1000DB

The Edifier S1000DB comes in more expensive, but with boot capabilities. This bookshelf speaker is the same size as the Klipsch, but fully operational, ensuring that no separate amp is needed to make it operate. Click Edifier R1850DB vs R2000DB to have a different view.


  • The lows sound very real.
  • They look like more pricey speakers.
  • Wide variety of connections available.
  • Powerful and punchy.


  • At maximum volume, lows get muddy
  • Highs can be too crisp when used with the TV


Recap: Klipsch R-15 M Analysis

The Klipsch R-15Ms are some of the finest speakers for the money you can purchase. Fortunately, their credibility denotes that it is not a speaker collection that needs intensive analysis and review to find a positive reputation.

Audiophiles are on record as praising their sound and associated prices. The object of this particular model is to be put in the right setting for its capabilities. Thanks to its immaculate recording, it generates a new environment and shows that Klipsch has built a revolutionary unit.

The look is definitely excellent, and the copper spun woofer is lovely with dark corners. The Klipsch R 15-M Bookshelf speaker should be right up your panel if you are looking for a beautiful bookshelf speaker with a tiny footprint, an unbelievable sound, and does not damage your savings.

If you still can’t determine to buy, the Klipsch R 15-M bookshelf speaker set & power gate amplifier Play-Fi wireless gateway bundle is a sweet deal that will let you make your decision. Also learn about these Klipsch Subwoofer for better bass performance.


This part of the article is going to provide ample solution to your questions so that you can have a nice experience with the product that you bought,

With what, these speakers work well?

The Fosi amp-02 amplifier and my Crossley turntable complement these speakers well. It can produce an outstanding tone and clarity.

Do these speakers require an AUX-in?

No, these speakers are passive and need an employee to work. If you want a speaker with an aux-in you, you should have excellent speakers.

Should you use these speakers as front and rear speakers?

These speakers in a 5.1 or 7.1 configuration are outstanding.

What kind of wire/connectors do these speakers need?

Do some analysis. There are those who would convince you that all the wire speakers are the same, but darn well, they’re not valid at all. What it’s made of, and how nice of a shape it’s in, will also make a difference in the sound quality of those wires to your speakers.

Can they be placed on the wall?

Yes, they can be wall-mounted with modifications designed for them that must be purchased. See: VideoSecu, clamping Bookshelf Speaker Mounting Brackets, Amazon. JC

I was informed that I will have some hearing damage in midrange frequencies. Are these speakers all right for me?

Yes. The speakers are bright and straightforward throughout their entire rating frequency spectrum, and they’ll manage some equalization or boosted mids from your receiver if needed and sound just as good.

Question: How do I link them to my TV?

These speakers are not powered, so that you may need a source such as an amplifier, AVR for your TV if it has the necessary jacks. A good source of info is your TV manual, which would give you the same choices as above and give you guidance on how to set them up. Adding them to your TV would make movies, games, and general watching come alive and have a lot of fun.