7 Best KZ Earphones 2020| Review

An earphone is a must gadget for every person now using smartphones. And you also know the reason. It is now used for multiple tasks and has many benefits.

And those who are music lover also loves an earphone as they can enjoy music privately. This also reduces noise distortion. And day by day, many brands are updating their earphones.

Serving people with the best earphones, KZ Linsoul Audio is the best. Their products are of high quality with an outstanding performance you can get.

But they also deliver many models. So, to help you, I have listed the top 7 best KZ Earphones. Here, you can find your desired one.

Recommended 7 Best KZ Earphones

All the earphones of KZ are quality and come with great features. They are best for use and becoming famous among people day by day.

Here, have a look at their Best KZ Earphones.



Item model number: KZ ZS10 PRO | Impedance: 24ohm| Cable length: 125cm| Mic: Optional | Sensitivity: 111dB | Frequency Response: 7Hz-40kHz | Weight: 3.00 ounces

Reasons to Buy

  • Nice design.
  • Powerful and controlled bass.
  • Great vocal and highs.
  • Comfortably fitted.
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • Bit more massive than the previous model of KZ.


KZ is a fantastic model that is capable of delivering versatile music. It has a beautiful design and also very small.

It has a driver inside it; instead, it is so small. So, you can comfortably use it and can be fitted in your ears. Also light-weight. But compared to the previous model, it is a bit heavy.

The bass is powerful, and you can feel punch while listening to music. But the bass is not too high; it is controlled. Even the upper and mid-bass also hear nice and smooth.

A warm and clear vocal you can feel with it. The mids and upper song also cristal clear. The female and male voice you can hear with a detailed and fine-tune.

The sensitivity is 111 dB. For an earphone, this sensitivity is good enough for delivering loudness. And the frequency response is also reasonable.

The sound isolation is also efficient and robust. And you won’t feel any disturbing peak.

Lastly, if you want a stylish earphone with good performance. Then I would recommend you to buy this. Because there are a few advantages, you can find in this earphone.



Item model number: KZ AS16| Impedance: 15Ω| Cable length: 1.2+0.05m| Mic: Optional | Sensitivity: 105dB | Frequency Response: 20-40000Hz | Weight: 4.8 ounces | Color: Blue or Black

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Detailed, clear sound.
  • The technical ability is sufficient.
  • Reason to Avoid
  • The upper midrange is not so good.


This KZ AS16 Earphone is a bit costly than the others. But has an impressive build quality and design. There are waves on the faceplates, and it is the only metallic part.

The other parts are plastic. And they are also comfortable. But comparing to other KZ earphones, it can be more pleased. Many may feel uneasy while earing this earphone.

But it is too good for reducing external noise. It means it has sound isolation. This is an excellent thing for earphones because outside noise often disturbs them.

This KZ AS16 has 8 drivers in each earphone. So, the total amount of 16. That’s why the name is AS16.

The sound quality is efficient, accurate, and in-depth in it. And the bass is neutral. As there are balanced drivers, so the bass is good.

But the exciting central part is the mid-range. It is super impressive. It is accurate as well as bright.

The packaging is simple. A cardboard box and a plastic lid used in the packaging. The earphones cable three pair ear tips you can find inside the box.

Overall, this can be a good package for you.



Item model number: KZ ZST| Impedance: 18ohm| Length:120cm±2cm0 | Mic: Yes | Sensitivity: 106dB | Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz| Weight: 18.14 grammes | Special Features: Noise Cancellation

Reason to Buy

  • Low price.
  • Great build quality.
  • Superb sound in this price.
  • Comfortable.
  • Reason to Avoid
  • There is some typical default.


This has a different design when to wear. You have to wear ZST behind the ear. But nothing to worry the case is light-weight and made of plastic. For hours usage absolutely comfortable.

For walking or running, you can use them without having any problem. They even seat proof. So, for more prolonged use, it is perfect.

Though these earphones are cheap, it also durable. Cheap earphones don’t mean bad built quality. They are stable for a long time.

The unique feature in it the noise isolation. It is above average comparing to other earphones. You won’t hear outside unnecessary noise rather than can listen to full music.

This is best in sound quality if you compare it with costly earphones. You can find a beautiful sound in it with a clear mid-range. Sometimes the mid-range may show some problems, but it can be ignorable.

Then coming to treble, it is also impressive. Then bass is also punchy and powerful enough for good sounding.

I think in this price range, you won’t find another one with these fantastic features and constructions. Every type of music you can enjoy. So, if your budget is low, then grab it.



Item model number: KZ ZSN | Impedance: 25ohm| Cable length: 3.9 foot | Mic: Yes | Sensitivity: 104dB | Frequency Response: 20Hz-40000Hz | Weight: 2.85 ounces | Color Options: Black grey/Black cyan/Silver purple | Connectivity : Wired

Reason to Buy

  • Metallic plate.
  • Super loud.
  • Best cable.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Reason to Avoid
  • The bass may not be so powerful.


These earphones are medium in size and very much comfortable for any ear. This can fit easily in ears. For a long time use, you won’t feel discomfort.

Then coming to design, I find it quite attractive. Beautiful design and durable. Because the faceplate is made of metal. Maximum earphones don’t use it.

The bass is rich and punchy. Even the sub-bass isn’t that bad. But sometimes the upper-mids maybe low. And when it too loud, the bass may seem lost behind the low frequency.

This is all because of the balancing problem. If they can fix this, then this will be a fantastic sounding earphone.

In full volume, the treble and upper-mids don’t work too well. So, keeping the volume at bay will work best. Otherwise, the rest of the frequency and sensitivity works quite well.

But the high is so lovely, and even in loud music can function correctly. You can hear every single detail. High themes are enjoyable in it. And other types of music also sound beautiful.



Item model number: KZ ZSR | Impedance: 22ohm| Cable Length (m): 1.2m | Mic: Optional | Sensitivity: 107dB | Frequency Response: 10-40000Hz | Weight: 2.08 ounces | Color: Green/Black | Connectivity : Wired

Reason to Buy

  • Affordable.
  • Removable cable.
  • Good build quality.
  • Reason to Avoid
  • Piercing lower treble.


The building quality is good. But it may seem cheap material. But in reality, it is durable with good plastic material. Two-color available green and black.

It also follows the traditional building quality of KZ. A detachable cable also comes with it. The line also looks funky.

All of the earphones of KZ are comfortable to wear. This ZSR is also light-weight and comfortable. You won’t feel any type of pain or discomfort if you wear it for a couple of hours.

It has dynamic drivers with two armatures in each earphone. So, it helps with good sound. The sensitivity is also high and low impedance. I think this kind of feature is great for a warm and smooth sound.

The sound is expansive and listens well in all types of music. The mids are incredibly precise. You can hear every detail.

Then coming to bass in this frequency range, the bass is also deep and crisp clear. You won’t find low bass in this price range. Instead, a powerful and impressive bass here you can feel.

Even in high volume, it sounds so loud that the hip hop or funky music listens so interesting. But sometime the low treble may not work correctly. So, some distortion may feel, but that is ignorable.



Item model number: KZ ED12 | Impedance: 16ohm| Length :1.2m | Mic: Yes | Sensitivity: 120dB | Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz | Weight: 2.39 ounces | Connectivity : Wired

Reason to Buy

  • Gorgeous design.
  • Great built quality.
  • Rich bass.
  • Reason to Avoid
  • Highs are not so good.


This earphone has a gorgeous color, and the build quality is fantastic. One piece is red-colored, and the other one is a purple color. Isn’t it amazing? And also different design from other earphones.

A small packaging you can find. The earphones, 3 pair ear tips, and detachable cables come in the packet.

The bass comes from the dynamic driver is so rich and powerful. You won’t get any fall in the bass. A punchy, deep bass that will creat bumping in your ear.

The mid-bass is also acceptable. Mid is forward, and in this frequency range, this type of mids are absolutely perfect. The treble is even heard nice.

But I can’t say good things about highs. Because the higher sometimes piercing.


No products found.


Item model number: KZ ED9 | Impedance: 18ohm| Cable Length: 1.2M±5CM | Mic: Optional with color | Sensitivity: 106dB | Frequency Response: 7-46200Hz | Weight: 3.98 ounces | Connectivity : Wired

Reason to Buy

  • Replaceable nozzles.
  • Stronger sound.
  • Warm vocal.
  • Reason to Avoid
  • Nothing noticeable.


This KZ ED9 has spectacular construction. The nozzles here are replaceable. This kind of feature is rare. So, this thing makes it extraordinary.

These nozzles are capable of providing a robust and balanced sound. And the material is also good. So, they make it durable.

The material is rubbery. And so it so comfortable. For several hours you can use it without any problem.

Next, the sound is powerful, rich bass and punchy. But they were also controlled. Excessive bass, you won’t feel.

The mids are also fine. Nothing harsh sound won’t felt because of the finest minds.

Lastly, noise leakage also incredible. An ideal earphone for use in the library.

Final Thought

Earphones have become an essential gadget in our day to day life. Each of us using phones must need this. As earphones are beneficial in many ways, people love it.

And in this regard, KZ earphones are best. They have excellent build quality. And also good sounds. Even you can now find them wired and wireless in both systems.

So, this helps you to choose which seems comfortable to you. And as earphones are used in-ears, they must look good. And at this point, KZ earphones have always won.

They always try to bring colorful and stylish earphones. You will love them at a glance. So, in both built quality and design, they are super.

If you are searching for a good one, then choose from listed 7 Best KZ Earphones. You will find here both wired and wireless. Even if your budget is low or high. You can select that met your needs.

Lastly, one tip. Suppose you think earphones may be harmful to health. So, in this, I can tell your thinking is wrong. They are not so dangerous for your ear or health.

But overuse is not suitable for any electrical device. So, you should be careful but tension free.


As you leave, we hope that our parting gift i.e this FAQ section will bring a smile to your face. May it be the first in what is sure to be many adventures of success! Best of luck with your purchase!

Are KZ earphones good?

Of course, KZ earphones are super useful. They are good in functionality and design. They are so stylish and colorful.

They mostly use plastic material. But not any low quality plastics. The high-quality plastics. And in many earphones, they also use metals.

Even the sensitivity, frequency response, or impedance is also good. All the earphones at least sound good. And many you can use for quite a long time.

Now, you see the KZ earphones are perfect.

Are KZ Earphones worth it?

I think you have got the answer to the previous question. Yes, they are worth it. In both low or high prices, you can get one for your use.

Even they can serve you in a good way. The expensive one must contain some amazing features. So, no worry about wasting money.

But Sony earphones are better than expensive KZ earphones. But this is all one’s personal choice.

KZ is now making too unique products soon; they will be to beat the other branded earphones.

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