Home Theater vs Home Cinema: Which system is good for music

The naming of a certain technology can be challenging and a bit tricky when it comes to technologies used at home. Homeowners that use these technologies like to use whatever term they prefer and most of the time those names stick. And names given by the brands or engineers seem to change or fade if they don’t resonate with the customers.

Like for instance, which is known to some people as ‘system integrators’, can be known to others as ‘low-voltage contractors’, again some people might call them ‘technology designers’. Even though they are the same things, still an identity crisis seems to be at play regarding the home technology industry. In the same way, many people tend to think that the home theater system and home cinema are not different at all, in fact, they think they are the same thing.

And if we take a look at the users, we will see that most people don’t know the differences, some might not even care to think them as different entities. Some might prefer a home theater system as a home cinema, and vice versa can also happen. But knowing the differences is important if you are thinking about setting up one of these systems at your home.

Cause they have some basic differences and if you don’t know about them, you might end up choosing the wrong system for your home and the system might not go with your preferences at all. So knowing the differences between them and also the comparison between these two systems is important if you are a movie lover and want to set up one of those at your home.

So in this article, we’ll be discussing the differences between a home theatre system and a home cinema and also which one might be better for you based on your preferences.

Home Theatre System

A home theater system is basically a space at home which is optimized for theatrical experiences. To ensure the best experience for entertainment, a controlled environment is instigated.

You can watch and enjoy movies, sports events, or other shows in an unbelievable high definition sitting at your home. Along with the visual qualities, the audio quality skyrockets too. You’ll be completely engulfed in an amazing experience as the home theater system enhances everything both visually and auditorially.

There are some basic characteristics of home theaters. They are mainly a multipurpose media rooms, which can work as your living room or room for other purposes too. It’s a casual space to watch TV and movies, enjoy music. As the visual experience is heightened, you can enjoy anything you want including live streams of concerts or other wonderful events.

Key Features of Home theater System

Some stuff is common and almost a must to have for a home theatre system. They are a large and flat-panel high definition television, A surround sound speaker system with multichannel, a blu-ray player, and a high definition AV receiver.

All these are needed to maintain the perfect balance between your high-quality picture and sound. There are also some additional technologies that you might use in your home theater system to enhance the system even more.

The most captivating among them is to have lighting features to support AV needs. You can either control the light coming into the room or you can set up lights of special colors that can enhance your viewing experience.

You can locate the speakers throughout the room so that the sound can blend into every corner of the room and create a great listening experience and also the placements can be effective for room décor and flexible seating arrangements.

You can use projectors with video screens or other kinds of video displays too. You can implement motion-activated chairs in your theatre so that you can feel as though you are living the movie while watching it!

Specials about Home Theatre System

There are some special edges a home theatre system can have. The whole home theatre system can perfectly blend in with the home décor if you want that way. You’ll face no technology clutter and all the appliances will look almost invisible.

They can be located flexibly anywhere in the room and also the screens, speakers, projectors, etc can be concealed as much as possible. There are some key features to blend the high-performance home theatre technology in your home décor.

High-quality in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be installed, that’ll look almost invisible if you also use matching paint on them. The large screen, being really slim can also work from behind artwork or something similar.

A retractable large projection screen can also be installed as part of your home theatre system. However, you can design the complete home theatre system according to your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. And with a beautiful and fulfilling home theatre system, the room might become your most favorite in the house.

The Home Cinema System

On the other hand, a home cinema is a whole room that is fully dedicated to a captivating and fascinating video and audio experience. There are some characteristics of a home cinema that’s different from home theatre systems.

Like, as a room it has to be solely dedicated for movie or music entertainment purposes, it can not be doubled as a family room or living room or anything else. The goal of the home cinema is a perfect presentation of the visual and audio you play in the room and is designed to provide the best experience you can have using a highly detailed process and all within your space.

Acoustical treatments and sound suppression are incorporated to achieve natural and correct sound. Since a home cinema is wholly dedicated to watching movies, concerts, or other shows is designed to deliver the highest quality of visual and audio to ensure the ultimate home entertainment experience.

A Complete Insight into the Home Cinema System

So, a dedicated room for a home cinema has some really advanced technology and features. They are mentioned below-

>>> The most important feature of a home cinema room is a large screen and a projector with it. A high-performance video projector of 4K can offer twice the resolution of current standard Blu-ray movies of 1080p.

The large video screen can be a completely fixed on the wall, or a curved and motorized screen can also be used which can automatically adjust the aspect ratio for a certain high definition movie or TV show or a sports and concert event and it can also go into a widescreen format for Blu-ray movies.

They are placed at just the correct optimal distance from the seats and viewing height too.

>>> The seating arrangement of a home cinema system is also comfortable and convenient. They have seating risers and placed with multiple rows. The seats can be motorized and then it can also put you in motion with the movie.

>>> To have accurate playbacks of multi-channel soundtracks, speakers are precisely located with the configuration of either 7.1 or 9.1. The highest level of audio performance is possible with this. And all the high-performance components ensure quality, reliability, sophistication, and purity of the sound and can give you the best audio experience.

>>> The environment of the home cinema room also is kept completely under control with the shading solutions of the room, advanced temperature control, and carefully designed lighting. You can choose your preferred color and lighting for the room.

>>> When a home cinema room is being set up, noise-reducing treatments and noise isolating constructing techniques are used in it. To create perfect sound and dampen noise and reduce vibration, many techniques including sound-deadening insulation and special sheet rocks are used in the room.

>>> Finally, you can decorate your home cinema room according to any of your loved themes as you are going to use the room only for entertainment purposes. You can use posters of your favorite movies or stars or you can use painting or lighting according to any theme you like, for instance, Batman, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc.


Well, now we can see what are the key features of both the home theatre system and home cinema, and also the differences between them. Clearly, if entertainment is your only goal the home cinema is a better option for you. But if that’s not the case, you want casually good entertainment; the home theatre system is for you.

There are also other things to take into consideration. The expenses for both systems needed space and configuration technologies too. Clearly the home cinema system is a more expensive one. But in the end, it all depends on your wants and needs. You should choose the best system according to your preferences.

In this article, we have talked about which home entertainment system will be perfect for you and then put down a comparison between the home theatre system and home cinema system for making things easier and convenient for you.

In this next segment, we have gathered 3 best home theatre systems and also 3 best home cinema systems that you can choose for your home and you can easily choose each of them without any hesitation. As every one of these is currently one of the bests in the market and can enhance your experience to the fullest.

This list will help you to know about the bests in the market and will make your decision easier to take. So let’s see which of the home theatre systems and home cinema systems we have gathered here.

3 Best Home Theatre Systems You Can Choose

Onkyo HT-S7800 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos System


  • This system is considerably way more affordable than other existing Dolby atmos systems
  • An AV receiver is included in the system
  • For better overhead sound, up-firing speakers are used


  • Though the audio quality is really good, it can hardly compete with very expensive high-end systems
  • The subwoofer can’t be turned on manually

Along with having an impressive 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos support, The Onkyo HT-S7800 is very convenient and also affordable as an HTIB package. The immersive sound system of this HTIB is ideal for a home theatre system. All the audio components you will need to set up a complete 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos System, comes with this package, as a 10-inch subwoofer, a right surround speaker, left surround speaker, and also right-left-center speakers are included in this package.

To power and process all these speakers, a 7.2 channel also comes with it. For the above head sound and providing true Dolby atmos experience, up-firing drivers are used in the speakers. And all these features will give you a balanced and versatile sound which can enhance your experience greatly.

So, if you don’t want to go on too expensive and powerful additional speakers, this home theatre system is the best option for you.

Vizio 36-inch 5.1 SmartCast Soundbar System


  • Really easy to use
  • A separate AV receiver is not required
  • Very much affordable as not expensive
  • Wireless music streaming features
  • For providing true surround sound, it has separate rear satellites


  • Doesn’t support the Dolby Atmos System
  • Audio performance is not as good as other bigger systems

The home theatre system that provides a really good surround sound with an excellent prize is the Vizio 36 inch 5.1 SmartCast Soundbar System. User-friendliness is one of the best features of this system, which also comes with a genuine experience of surround sound.

Setting up this system is very easy as you can just simply plug in all the components after unwrapping them. You won’t need a separate AV unit for the amplification and processing of the soundbar, as it can handle itself.

Despite not being on par with more expensive systems, this particular home theatre system provides a really immersive performance. Center, right, left all the channels are integrated with the main soundbar unit, they can’t be put much widely, which could’ve been done with three separate units.

Bluetooth system, SmartCast connectivity, convenience with wireless music streaming, sound effects enabling rear satellites, etc have made the home theatre system really good for your home.

Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos System


  • Has a compact size
  • Performance is very immersive
  • Has up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers with 5.1.2 system


  • A separate AV receiver is required which adds to cost
  • Sometimes sound other than music can be a little soft

A fantastic audio performance and also a very stylish design, all come together in the Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos System. This system comes with a mid-range and compact speaker package while supporting Dolby Atmos.

With the front left and right speakers having upward-firing drivers, the whole system features five speakers and also a subwoofer. However, an additional Dolby Atmos supporting AV receiver has to be bought to make the speakers work.

You will need to be cautious while connecting all the things as the setting up is not really user friendly. You can get one of the best Dolby Atmos experiences with this system as the up-firing speakers to do a great job for that.

The 5.1.2 experience comes with a solid and fantastic sound that can enhance the experience of your home entertainment. So, finally, we can say this is a great mid-range home theatre system for your home if you can pair with a proper AV receiver.

3 Best Home Cinema Systems You Can Choose

LG LHD457 5.1  Multi-Region Cinema System


  • A reasonable price
  • Provides a powerful sound
  • Comes with Bluetooth connection system
  • Has a different combination of speakers


  • 4K upscaling not available

The LG LHD457 5.1 Multi-Region Cinema System is a multi-room technology that possesses 1000 watts worth audio power and also is fully compatible with 3D. LG has really set the bar high for home cinema systems with this one. To make you feel submersed into the movie, a beautiful combination of satellite speakers and tallboy can be positioned perfectly around the room.

And a perfect sound system is just as important as a great screen in a home cinema system, and this LG system provides you that. It also has HDMI output and 1080p upscaling, not to mention the Blu-ray player. So, the perfect sound along with a great picture can really give you a great experience for enjoying music and movies.

Sonos Playbase 5.1 Home Cinema System



  • It can be synced easily with other Sonos products
  • Very easy to set it up
  • Easy to use
  • Has a sleek design and style


  • The system is expensive like other Sonos products, but it’s worth it.

The Sonos Playbase 5.1 Home Cinema System is another cutting edge release from Sonos, which is one of the biggest names in the industry as it is well known for providing ground baking audio.

This system comes with a stunning display, the main speaker that can easily be placed under the screen and other speakers which can easily sit anywhere in the room and provide a great sound.

Along with being compatible with Alexa, It can help you enjoy different streaming sites and apps. It has a really captivating design that can enhance the look of the room. You can have a mind-blowing movie, music, and drama experience with this set.

This home cinema system is expensive, but you can easily sync the system with other Sonos products.

Sony BDVE4100 5.1 Surround Smart 3D


  • Has many smart features
  • Good sound quality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3D compatibility
  • Nice contemporary design
  • Easy to set up


  • No speaker stand or wall bracket

With its smart technologies, the Sony BDVE4100 5.1 Surround Smart 3D home cinema system can provide you great entertainment and the sleek design can really integrate into the room perfectly. With wifi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options, it can easily be paired with other devices.

It comes with 7 total pieces among which there are two very large contemporary styled speakers. With type 5.1 surround sound and 1000 watt speaker playback, your movies and shows will really come to life and you can have an outstanding experience. SO, with this system, you can have a dynamic sound for a very fair price.

So, we can safely say that if you choose a home theatre system or a home cinema system from the list made above, you can have a great experience of entertainment without any doubt