Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M: Review and Complete Comparison

Are you a Klipsch fan? If you are not, then chances are you will love them once you read this article and get yourself a pair of speakers. Klipsch RP-500m and Rp-600M are bookshelf speakers that are ideal if you have space limitations.

When you move to large spaces in the future, you will have the freedom to pair these with other Klipsch speakers to make a Home theater. Comparing Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M, the main difference lies in their cabinet size, driver size, and some other features.

You can think of the RP-600M as the bigger version of the RP-500M with some improved features. However, it is not entirely an upgraded version which means you will decent audio from the RP-500M as well.

The Klipsch brand:

You will recognize the famous Klipsch speakers once you see the shiny copper spun woofer. The Klipsch has been ruling in the audio industry for more than 70 years. In terms of quality, fame, and improvements, they are worth mentioning. They manufacture speakers in America.

The RP-500M and RP-600M belong to the Reference Premiere Series of bookshelf speakers. They possess the horn loading technology, LTS titanium vented Tweeter with Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix Horn, and Cerametallic Cone woofer.

All these are Klipsch patented technology used in different models. The Klipsch is also famous for home theater systems and you can use these two speakers to create home theater as well.

Comparison between Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M: 

  Klipsch RP-500M Klipsch RP-600M
Drivers 1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix® Horn

5.25” Cerametallic Cone Woofer

1” Titanium LTS Vented Tweeter with Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix® Horn

6.5” Cerametallic Cone Woofer

Power handling(CONT/PEAK) 75W/300W 100W/400W
Frequency response 48-25kHz +/- 3dB 45-25kHz +/- 3dB
Sensitivity 93dB @ 2.83V / 1m 96dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Input Single binding posts Dual binding posts/bi-wire/bi-amp
Dimension 13.50” x 6.81” x 9.50” (HWD) 15.69” x 7.95” x 11.85” (HWD)
Mounting option Rubber feet, keyhole slot Rubber feet
Stand 28-30 inches 22-26 inches

What is the main difference?

The main difference between Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M is the size. And size matters in terms of speaker and audio performance. The enclosure size of RP-600M is larger than RP-500M. Bigger size means the drivers get more space to move and vibrate, hence produce better sound. The Klipsch RP600M also has a 1.25” larger woofer than the RP-500M.

Which one sounds better?

Klipsch designs all the components of the speaker with the intention to make them sound better. The horn-loaded and the vented tweeter ensure the audio is produced directly to the user as well as focusing on the high-frequency section. The woofer material ensures that it will deliver low-frequencies with precision and ‘maximum efficiency’.

MDF material ensures no coloration is added to the sound due to vibration. Both these speakers ensure audio is delivered with low distortion and a wider soundstage and sweet spot.  So, Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M, which one sounds better? Well, comparing the sensitivity and woofer, frequency response, we can say that the RP-600M would get louder with good highs, clear mids, and deep lows.

The RP-600M will be good for medium-sized rooms even without a sub, whereas, the Klipsch RP-500M will be loud enough for small rooms, and for general music lovers there will be no need for a sub. If you love room-shaking bass, then you add a sub.

Other than that, these speakers ensure decent and bright sound as they belong to Klipsch. They focus on the highest performance with the lowest distortion and coloration. These speakers can also be used as home theaters.

Klipsch recommends RP-500M 5.1 home theater that includes: a pair of RP-500M, one RP-500C, pair of RP-500SA, and an SPL-100 sub. For RP600M 5.1, you can use RP-600C, RP-500SA, SPL-100 sub along with RP600M speakers.

Which one has more bass?

Do you need the 6.5” woofer?  If you are a bass-head or have a medium-sized room, this larger woofer will be beneficial for producing deep bass and room-filling sound. Comparing Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M, the RP-600M can get as low as 45Hz whereas the RP-500M has a lower range of 48Hz.

So we can expect deeper and punchier bass from RP-600M than RP-500M. however, it will depend a lot on room shape and size. You will get better sound and bass if you pair up a subwoofer with RP-500M whereas, the RP-600M alone is sufficient. These speakers also have a Tractrix Horn bass port at the back of the speaker.

This type of port is designed in such a way that will eliminate any chuffing noise from air turbulence and ensure smooth airflow. These ports also help to boost the bass.


Between Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M, the RP500M has binding posts and RP-600M has dual binding posts. With RP-500M you can use single banana plugs, pin-connectors, spade-lugs, or bare wire. For RP-600M you can choose bi-amp or bi-wire that supports all those connections of RP-500M.

In RP-600M, the bi-wiring focuses on enhanced sound quality where you can connect separate wires from an amplifier for the high and low-frequency drivers. The Bi-amp means you will connect two amplifiers but both these amplifiers should have equal gain.

Which floor stand is suitable for your home Klipsch RP-280F or RP-8000F

Other factors that affect sound performance:

Amplifiers or A/V receivers

Both these speakers are passive speakers so they will need an amplifier or a/v receiver. While choosing an amplifier you need to look at the power handling capacity of the speakers. The RP-500M can handle 75/300W (cont/peak) and the RP-600M can support 100/400W (cont/peak).

You can pair a Cambridge Audio CX‌A81 with RP-600M and for RP-500M you can use the Cambridge Audio AXA35.


You can use these speakers as front or rear speakers. For stereo listening or front speakers Klipsch, the user manual suggests keeping a gap of 6- 15ft between the speakers. They shouldn’t be close to walls due to rear bass ports.

If you use them as rear speakers, they should be 2 ft above the listening position and 5-7 ft above ground. You should place them beside the listening position. To learn more about speaker placement, read Understanding speaker placement: A complete guide.

Between Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M, the RP-500M  can be placed on stands or mounted on walls, whereas, the RP-600M doesn’t have mounting options. RP-500M should be placed on stands with a height of 28-30 inches or you can also mount them on the wall. For RP-600M you need stands with 22-26inches height.

Similarities between RP-500M vs RP-600M

  Klipsch RP-500M Klipsch RP-600M
Nominal impedance 8ohms 8ohms
Crossover frequency 1500Hz 1500Hz
Cabinet material MDF MDF
Enclosure type Bass Reflex via rear-firing Tractrix® Port Bass Reflex via rear-firing Tractrix® Port
Grille Removable, magnetic Removable, magnetic
Finish Ebony, Walnut, Piano Black Ebony, Walnut, Piano Black

 The outer part, their build, and finish are similar for both Klipsch RP-500M and RP-600M. they have a scratch-resistant body with a magnetic grille and similar impedance and crossover frequency which are needed for choosing an amplifier or adjusting it.

Are there any drawbacks?

It is difficult to find faults in Klipsch speaker because they are designed with quality. The common issue that music lovers find is the bright sound from Klipsch but that is the characteristic of their Horn technology.

Another issue is some people might need to buy an additional subwoofer which will increase the overall cost or the fact that these speakers are ideal for a medium-sized room. But the drawbacks aren’t that difficult to live with. This is because most speakers need an additional sub to bring that chest-thumping bass.


Comparing Klipsch RP-500M vs RP-600M, the RP-600M is the biggest bookshelf speaker in the Reference Premiere Series. It is more powerful, louder, and has deeper bass compared to RP-500M. However, depending on the room size and structure, the RP-500M could be powerful as well.

These speakers have excellent audio performance with smooth highs, mids, and punchier bass. The driver material and size, enclosure material, or Tractrix port on the rear side focus on bringing the best audio out of these speakers.

You can choose RP-500M for small spaces and pair them with a sub if needed. Or medium room spaces you can easily choose the RP-600M. along with using them for stereo listening, you can connect it with other Klipsch speakers for an immersive home theater experience.


Can I use RP-500M as a TV speaker?

Answer: Klipsch builds these speakers for music purposes as well as movies or games.  So you can use these speakers to create a home theater if you have space. Or you can simply use then as Left and Right speakers.

Most people found the speakers to be impressive with deep and tight bass even without a sub, especially for small rooms.

Why does the Klipsch RP-600M sound distort?

Answer: The Klipsch RP-600M doesn’t have the characteristics to sound distorted. If you think it sounds distorted, then you should check the speaker cables or the receiver. You should also check whether your speakers are damaged or faulty.

What can I do to improve the sound of the RP600M?

Answer: To improve the audio of RP-600M or any other Klipsch speakers you should allow them to go through ‘break-in’. this is necessary because the speakers are brand new and the parts or drivers need to move to overcome rigidity and deliver optimum performance. So, you should allow the speakers to play audio tracks for quite a while.

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