Best Satellite Speakers and Where to Place them

Satellite speakers are any speakers that you put as an afterthought or behind the listening region. These types of speakers play a significant role in a home theater and their cabinets are powered by an AV receiver which enables their flexible features. Even though Satellite speakers are small and compact in size and need a subwoofer/woofer to redefine the performance of the satellite speakers. 

Satellite speakers come in different variants like 2.1 satellite speakers and 5.1 satellite speakers. Satellite speakers are generally placed behind the home theatre or at the listening level. The satellite speakers are assigned as extra, low-power speakers for making encompassing sound. And for delivering medium and high frequency. Satellite speakers are a good addition to your home theatre sound system. It is an excellent upgrade and a great investment.

Best Satellite Speakers, in this article we will illustrate some of the best satellite speakers out there, their unique features, and their proper use. So, without further ado, let’s start with the article.

Types of Best Satellite Speakers

The satellite speakers utilize the progressive encompass sound innovation that snaps the sound codec and changes it among various speakers of differing recurrence ranges. Satellite speakers bestow high constancy by calibrating the sounds delivered by various speakers.

Because the satellite speakers will enhance the home-theatre experience hence you’ll encounter natural flowy music from all directions. Satellite speakers transform low-frequency sound and amplify it into full-range sound through a subwoofer. Even there are lots of vibration speakers are becoming trendy. However, let’s dive more deeply into our thought!

There are different types of satellite speakers, namely-

2.1 Surround Sound System:

2.1 surround sound system typically has 3 sound channels. Typically, in this sound system, there are two speakers and one subwoofer in the system. 2.1 channel speakers are primarily used for playing stereo sound in CD tracks. 

5.1 Surround Sound System:

5.1 surround sound system has 6 sound channels. Generally, this sound system has 5 speakers and a subwoofer attached to it. The 5.1 satellite speaker framework does well in improving soundtracking, so it is more appropriate for playing multi-station tracks. 5.1 channel satellite speakers are also used in gaming consoles to enhance sound. 

Satellite speakers are small speakers that accompany the main speakers. Satellite speaker channels can be added like 6.1 channel, 7.1 channel, 9.2 channel, and 11.2 channel satellite systems. But these enhanced channeled speakers are used in professional and large commercial setups, for example- movie theatres.

How to Identify Suitable Satellite Speakers?

First things first, while choosing satellite speakers, you must be careful about how powerful the amp is and the dimension of your desired subwoofer and satellites. Amazing and profound bass is not really conceivable from a little subwoofer. The satellite cabinet must be strong and monstrous. 

You can buy a manufactured satellite speaker as well as you can customize your existing surround sound system by adding additional satellite speakers that are sold exclusively.

A suitable satellite speaker is that which has a sturdy build quality, powerful amplifier. You also have to look out the size of the satellite speakers and the dimension of the subwoofer. 

In high-end satellites, two-speaker frameworks are usually used – one for mid-frequency reproduction and the other for high-frequency reproduction. The way you look at the satellite speakers and how the sound reaches your ears are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best ones. Do not buy it if the music does not persuade you.

Whatever kind of satellite speakers you choose, the best satellite speakers can deliver excellent closer view sound with exceptional sound lucidity down to the lowest frequency range. You now know which satellite speakers are ideal for you.

Placement of Satellite Speakers

A Satellite/Subwoofer framework is simply one more method of designing a speaker. The outcomes can be fortunate or unfortunate relying upon the execution. The way that generally satellite/subwoofer frameworks are intended to be small and modest (for example PC speakers) doesn’t naturally imply that the kind of speaker is characteristically sub-par compared to other plan types. Putting the subs between the speakers isn’t really going to give you more cognizant low-frequency imaging. Everything relies upon a specific room, as low frequencies are significantly influenced by room acoustics.

In an appropriately arranged home theater, satellites generally deal with the high-closures and leave different reaches to different speakers in the system. Exact sound system imaging guarantees that you get appropriately orchestrated sound. The manner in which you place them will decide the accuracy of the sound that your home theater system gives.

Positioning your satellite speakers smartly

Things that you should consider for placing the satellite speakers to get the precise and crisp sound:

Speaker’s height in relation to the audience

There is a high possibility of you having a very nice set of satellite speakers but they’re either placed too high or too low. The speakers need to be placed in such a way that it covers the whole room and is kept at the same height. The ideal listening stature for some mid-and high-recurrence speakers is pretty much the ear level.

The satellite speakers should be placed at least 1-2 inches above the ear level to get that level of accuracy. For satellites with two-way and 3-way plans, the tweeter sits on the front baffles, so the speaker’s listening pivot is the peak of the tweeter. You’ll have to keep in mind that the placement instructions are given to some satellite speakers.

The average ear level is about 37 inches from the floor. So, you must place your speakers at ear level or at most 1-2 inches above the ear levels. As the satellite speakers are compact and lightweight you can do the placement on stands, wall brackets, and any high surface.

The size of the room speakers has kept in

The distance in-between speakers and the audience is a significant thought while deciding the ideal stature for satellite speakers’ situation. Exact sound system imaging necessitates that sound from every speaker shows up at the listening position at the same time. If you own a small room place the speakers at a higher level and fire the speakers downwards. In such a way that the speakers are pointed at the listeners’ ear while maintaining the listening axis and midpoint of the listeners’ position from each speaker. 

Aiming of the speakers

Aiming satellite speakers helps to change speaker tendency such that audience members are overwhelmed with a sense of diffused tone. You get a well balanced tone that sounds like it’s originating from a single source. Since the insides of the room are still different, and you might not have a chance to do so, you should place them at 90 degrees on either side of the listening position. Clients still complain a lot about how difficult it is to set up when they just have a small space. To my knowledge, it is by no means a problem; simple mounting the satellites can require speaker pointing and toe-in – adjusting the speaker point.

Best Satellite Speakers:

Logitech Z623 Home speaker system, 2.1 speaker system:

THX-affirmed 2.1 speaker framework brings your music, films, and games to life in vivid studio-quality sound. Logitech Z623 Satellite speaker system is an all-in-one sound system. The sound of the 2.1 system is profound and rich, and the most ‘three-dimensional’. The bass and treble are perfectly balanced. This speaker is Amazon’s one of the top picks and very versatile in nature. 400Watts of Peak/200Watts (RMS) enables you to tune in as boisterous as you need to while the on-speaker controls allow you effectively to dial the volume and bass up or down.

Logitech Z623 Review

It has a very even midrange, strong lows, and crispy highs. It is a wonderful, minimal, and simple to utilize framework by and large. The Logitech Z263 2.1 Speaker System is a pleasant sound system at a truly appealing cost. Key features of Logitech Z623 include, 

  • Total Watts- 200W to 400W
  • Subwoofer- 130W
  • Satellite- 2×35 W
  • THX-certified audio
  • Frequency response: 35Hz-20kHz
  • Deep and powerful bass response
  • Attractive and quality design with bass control on the satellite speakers
  • Affordable and can work with multiple input devices
  • Best for games and movies
  • Output is extremely powerful
  • Not a game-centric setup
  • Highs and mids could be sharper and crisper
  • No included remote control
  • The subwoofer is heavy to position

Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb, Satellite Speaker:

This one is the smartest of all the satellite speakers mentioned in this article. Sengled is the furthest latest in the line maker to hop into the savvy bulb space and their items, while somewhat sub-par, are smart and – generally significant – budget-friendly speakers. The setup of Sengled is genuinely basic in case you’re focusing. There are two bulbs – a Master and a Satellite.The Master is the Bluetooth-connected computer, and the Satellites communicate with it. This means you can set up a sound system of up to eight speakers in your house. A 1.75″ multi-channel, full-range, high-loyalty JBL amplifier is included in this 8 watt LED light for double light and sound capacity.

Quick Review of Sengled Pulse Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Both the light and sound controls can be overseen from your cell phone or tablet with the Pulse portable application. You can also stream the music through the bulb’s speaker directly. A maximum 8 bulb speaker can be added to expand the system. Each bulb in the system works in unison up to 100’ with Bluetooth technology which is completely wireless. Sengled additionally needs to chip away at its app. At the point when you dispatch it the application shows a two-second advertisement that shows up before you get down to the matter of changing the volume. Features of Sengled Pulse Dimmable Light Bulb satellite speaker,


  • Power supply- 120VAC, 60Hz
  • Lamp Socket- E26
  • Transmitter Power- 9.74dBm between Master and Satellite Bulbs
  • LED Power- 8W (LED module)
  • Luminance: 600 lumens
  • Beam Angle- 105 degrees
  • Frequency Response- 100Hz to 20kHz
  • Point-to-point latency: Wireless:<20ms
  • Bluetooth Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, SPP


  • No set up required, very easy setup
  • Audio quality very well balanced
  • Mobile app is simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo


  • Pulse application moderate
  • Wireless range is very limited 
  • Dimmer is stair-stepped and thick

SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System

These Prime Satellite Speakers are the editor’s top choice in all these selections. SVS Prime Satellite speakers create a wide soundstage and surround your whole ambiance. The 51. The sound system of the SVS Prime Satellite speaker includes 5 massive Prime Satellite Speakers and an amazing, powerful SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer. This surround sound system is way beyond any compliments as its punchy sound delivery and immersive surround sound will never fail to satisfy your bloomy musical needs.

SVS Prime Satellite 5.2 Speaker System Review

SVS’s 5.1 System makes that idea a stride further, with identical speakers for the fronts and surrounds as well. That implies that as the sound movements from one side to another and front to back, you’re never mindful of any sonic holes or openings. The Sound Match hybrid uses air-center inductors and hefty follow printed circuit sheets to help produce sound with lower bending and more tight resistances with better warmth dispersal. It effectively mounts on any divider or roof or sits on any surface, so once more, SVS Prime satellite is amazingly versatile. The features of SVS Prime Satellite are: 

Features: Prime Satellite Speakers(5x):

  • Two-way design

            – 1” aluminum dome tweeter

            – 4 to ½” polypropylene woofer

  • Frequency Response: 69hz-25kHz
  • 85 dB Sensitivity
  • Rear firing port and bass-reflex cabinet
  • 5-way binding post that accepts bare wires, banana connectors, spade lugs, and pins
  • Keyhole mounting bracket and ¼” threaded brass to help in mounting

            SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer:

  • Frequency Response: 24Hz-260Hz
  • Front-firing 12” woofer, lightweight
  • Sealed acoustics suspension cabinet
  • Rear-mounted volume, crossover, phase, and power control
  • RCA/LFE Line-level inputs and speaker-level inputs


  • Value for money and high-quality speaker
  • Easy to mount and set up
  • Subwoofer incredibly exciting and impressive
  • Excellent aesthetic design


  • Sensitivity limited
  • Needs the sub to work in surround sound

Klipsch RP-250S

Top-notch movie soundtracks request an elite surround sound system, and the RP-250S from Klipsch’s Reference Premiere Series is capable of it. All things considered, Klipsch knows some things about making an energizing film sound. You’ll discover their speakers in cinemas all throughout the world. These are easy to mount on the wall or placed on a speaker stand.

Premium wood grain polymer veneer with a brushed polymer veneer to add a more present-day tasteful for the Reference Premiere framework. The perfect, consistent lines of these speakers permit them to be joined into any stylistic layout. This elegant design spreads encircling surround impacts over a wide territory, for a diffuse sound field that totally wraps your listening room with its sound.

Placement of Klipsch RP-250S

It additionally permits this speaker to convey an extraordinary Klipsch sound regardless of whether you place it in under ideal areas. Horn technology is one of Klipsch’s long-standing trademarks. Glisten openings in the speaker bureau project sound waves toward your listening territory and keep them from just pouring out in all directions. Because of its multiverse features, it is also known as the revolutionary best satellite speaker of all.


  • Frequency Response- 58 to 25kHz +/-dB
  • Sensitivity- 95dB@ 2.83V/1m
  • Power Handling- 100W/400W
  • Impedance- 8 ohms
  • Enclosure type and material- MDF Sealed


  • Powerful theatre sound production
  • Crystal clear sound production
  • Sound fills the entire room and way better in quality than bookshelf speakers
  • Versatile placement of these speakers


  • Large as compared to ordinary satellite speakers
  • Heavy to mount 

JBL Professional C62P

The Control 62P from JBL is a couple of super conservative satellite pendant speakers ideal for outwardly delicate applications where compact speakers are required. The Control 62P incorporates a solitary point mounting framework for simple and secure suspension in open-roof applications. Two complete hanging link frameworks are incorporated, giving both principal and security suspension links. The IP44 rated feature of JBL Control 62P makes it safe from dust particles and splash-proof.

JBL Control Contractor 60 Series Pendant amplifiers provide eminent JBL tone and impressive inclusion to rooms and settings with open architecture or high ceilings, while still providing commanding voice and melodic lucidity to rooms with problematic acoustics. Euro Clip-On Connectors are designed with basic wiring in mind. Rain boots are used to protect the data connectors for protected outdoor applications, and a terminal cover is optional for tougher conditions.

The Control 62P has a 2″ driver that conveys great mid/high recurrence sounds, ideal for discourse or music applications. A full grille secures the driver and gives the speaker a smooth look. The features of JBL Professional C62P include:


  • Power Capacity: 20W
  • Impedance 16ohm
  • Frequency Response: 150Hz-20kHz
  • Drivers: 2” (50mm) drivers
  • Speaker Amplification Type: Passive


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Solid Build Quality
  • The design of the speakers is aesthetic and unique
  • Compact and produces a loud sound
  • High-end cables


  • These speakers could do better
  • Bass could be enhanced

Polk Audio TL 1

Polk Audio TL 1 satellite speakers are small in size but great in terms of sound production. The ‘TL’ technology of Polk Audio refers to Time Lens which refers to the alignment of the drives in such a way that sound from all the sources reaches your ears at the same time. This feature makes the imaging and soundstage of the Best Satellite Speakers so improved that you will feel the real-time hearing experience and feel like a part of anything that you are watching.

The sound waves of your movie or any other media are conveyed larger and more open with the virtue of the ‘acoustic lens’ in the speaker grille of Polk Audio TL 1. The Polk Audio TL1 Satellite speaker has a keyhole slot at the back of it for easy mounting into the wall. You can create your own home theater sound system by adding No products found.. You can also add a pair of these with the Polk Audio Blackstone TL1600 and make it a more engaging 7.1 surround sound system. Let’s look at some key features of the Polk Audio TL 1 satellite speaker:


  • Frequency Response: 120-22,000Hz   
  • Sensitivity: 89dB  
  • Drive: 2-½” Dynamic Balance mid/woofer, ½” Silk Dome Tweeter  
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms   
  • Mounting type and location: Keyhole Hanger, Back of Speaker-Near: Top              Pros:
  • Time lens technology
  • Provide excellent coordinated sound and clarity
  • Budget-Friendly


  •  Lacks deeper bass                                              

Best Uses of Satellite Speakers:

Satellite speakers are extraordinary for making vivid encompass sound in small to medium estimated rooms, regularly in a 2.1, 5.0, or 5.1 plan. They can likewise be utilized as side or rear surround sound speakers in a bigger system that utilizes ceiling or shelf speakers as the mains. 

Satellite speakers work extraordinarily as a feature of a desktop framework and pair well with turntables, PCs, gaming supports, and other nearfield listening encounters, particularly given their smaller height. Satellite speakers if chosen correctly will actively improve your Tv, laptop speakers, and any other surround sound system.

Alternative Best Satellite Speakers:

LSTN Satellite Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

No products found.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Connection
  • 8+ hour battery life and 2 hours charge time
  • 5W 60mm driver
  • 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response
  • Dimension: 3.5” x 2”x 2”
  • Micro USB/AUX cable
  • Built-in Microphone


  • Strong mids-and high-centered sound at moderate volumes.
  • Straightforward, exemplary plan with genuine wood enclosure.
  • Built-in microphone


  • Expensive as per performance
  • At high volume, sound can be distorted

Leviton AESS5-WH Architectural Edition Powered By JBL Satellite Speaker

No products found.


  • White Satellite Speakers
  • Sold exclusively
  • 1 architectural-grade adjustable mounting bracket included with the speaker


  • Can be used as a central speaker or in a multi-channel surround sound system
  • The sound is quite good and compact in size
  • Surround Speaker works alright


  • Bass Could be boomier
  • Can’t be mounted to the wall

Bowers & Wilkins Mini Theatre M-1 Satellite Speakers


  • Sensitivity 85dB
  • 8 ohms nominal impedance
  •  Recommended amplifier power 20W-100W
  • Matte Black or matte white finish design


  • Small and compact design which allows it to place it anywhere
  • Comes with a stand and a wall mount
  • Outstanding lows and tangible bass


  • High-priced
  • Dull power supply
  • Tapered soundstage
  • Not an attractive design

Fluance Elite-High Definition 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers


  • 130Hz-20kHz
  • 88dB@ 2.83/1m sensitivity
  • 8 Ohms Impedance
  • Can be used in a Dolby Atmos Surround Sound System


  • Unique and exceptional design
  • Build with the mixture of hardwood, piano glossy plastic, and cloth


  • Bulky build quality
  • Due to bulky structure positioning is tough

Bose 161 Speakers System


  • Two full-range 2-½” drivers each speaker
  • Receiver rated 4-8ohms with recommended power 10-100 watts
  • ABS enclosure
  • Mounting brackets are included


  • Compact and small design
  • Lightweight since it’s compact
  • Overload protection circuitry is featured by the satellite speakers
  • Versatile
  • Articulated Array driver positioning circulates the sound throughout the room.


  • Due to the wire clips, it is inapt for thick speaker links.
  • Weak bass

These are some of the alternate satellite speakers according to your mood and preference. 

Advantages of Satellite Speakers:

  • Satellite speakers are very versatile in nature and these speakers have the ability to connect to any sound system and enhance it.
  • These speakers are compact in size because of this they can be installed on a ceiling, mounted to the wall, or on a stand.
  • Satellite speakers are designed as complementary speakers, so the manufacturers concentrate on the sound quality rather than the design.
  • Due to the surround sound technology employed in the satellite speakers, the sounds coming from the satellite speakers are balanced throughout the room. 
  • The highs and lows produced by the satellite speakers are crystal clear and the listeners enjoy a full-blown acoustic experience. 

Final Verdict:

Satellite speakers are manufactured to compliment your home theater or surround sound systems. Their compact size and excellent acoustics are worth every praise. Numerous individuals thinking about a minimized, way of lifestyle-friendly speaker framework wind up making do with a soundbar on the grounds that its structure factor requires an “easiest course of action” towards what they believe is an extraordinary sound encounter.

Superior 5.1 or 2.1 satellite frameworks can be had at a similar cost as a quality soundbar yet convey a considerably more significant, head-turning home performance center insight. All without assuming control over the room.

Best Satellite Speakers, in this article we have discussed everything that you need to know about satellite speakers. You should always consider your personal experience while buying the speaker and choose the one that will satisfy your sound requirements. Satellite speakers are also easy to mount, and you can add them individually and make your own sound system. You’ll find your perfect match for your satellite speaker for sure!

FAQs of Best Satellite Speakers

This part of the article is all about solving some of the problems that may arise while walking in the pavement of satellite speakers.

What is the difference between a satellite speaker and a bookshelf speaker?

Ans. Satellite speakers focus on higher frequencies, permitting the whole framework to accomplish lower sound distortion. Bookshelf speakers handle a more extensive scope of frequencies. These full-range speakers have both high- and low-recurrence drivers and come in enclosures of both.

Do you need a Subwoofer for your satellite speakers?

Ans. Satellite speakers’ drivers and cabinets are typically too small to be considered full-range speakers due to their small scale. Satellite speakers sound better when supported by a powered subwoofer, despite the fact that they can be used on their own to have an excellent listening experience. When a subwoofer is connected to the device, satellite speakers in a 2.1 or 5.1 setup become an extremely precise, affordable, and room-adjustable home theater and music system.

Can regular stereo speakers be used as satellite speakers?

Ans. No, you cannot use regular stereo speakers as a satellite speaker. A stereo speaker system provides medium to high-frequency sound, but satellite speakers are designed to provide a surround sound system by articulating varying frequencies at various speakers in a home theater system.

Does a wireless satellite speaker exist?

Ans. Yes, satellite speakers can be wireless and their placements are easier than the cabled satellite speakers. But the usage of wireless satellite speakers is a bit complicated as its setup is a bit tricky. To use a wireless satellite speaker, you must have a transmitter or a home theatre stereo system that has a transmitter that is wireless. 

What are the most common uses of satellite speakers?

Ans.  Satellite speakers are a decent substitution for conventional surround sound frameworks, as they can be more lightweight and more compact also. In that capacity, they can be mounted on dividers, dangled from the roof, concealed away from the sea, on top, or placed on elevated places. The satellite speakers are easily used at home with home theaters, desktops, and gaming consoles. Also, they’re used in-store, in cafes, and in many other commercial establishments.