Best vibration speaker: Top reviews and features

It can be difficult to choose a high-quality vibration speaker. There are a few primary issues that will assist you in selecting the best vibration speakers for your home audio system and today we will talk about those.

This post contains a list of the best-reviewed vibration speakers, along with a full overview of their features and functionality, as well as pros and cons, buyer’s guidelines, and more.

What is the Best vibration speaker?

A vibration speaker creates sound, music, audio effects, and clear voice communications from resonant surfaces. Best vibration speakers may be used for a variety of purposes, including advertisements and creative campaigns since they enable audiences to immerse themselves in music. Magnetostrictive materials are used in vibration speakers to produce wide frequency vibrations within resonant surfaces. The magnetostrictive approach’s low amplitude means that surfaces are not broken or weakened by intense vibration.

Vibration speakers are simple to build and maintain, with low installation and maintenance costs. Vibration speakers are also water tolerant (IP55) and can be used in high humidity and at extremes of temperature. These speakers are getting quite popular these days. These are also called resonance vibration speakers. We will discuss the best and latest vibration speakers on the market in this review.

Types of vibration speakers

  1. Flat-panel speakers – Flat Panel speakers turn surfaces into speakers. This is the most popular type among vibrating speakers. Casual users mainly use this for home or personal use. You can stick this to any kind of flat speaker from glass to wood. The better the surface is the better will be the sound quality
  2. Invisible speakers – These are mainly used under surfaces where no visible wiring is seen. The main reason to hide these speakers is to create mystery. The place from where sound is being produced cant be seen. Under the seats of the car, table, shelf, stage, etc. They can produce sound with minimal cluttering and from confined space. Open-air isn’t necessary for these kinds of speakers.
  3. In-wall speakers – Vibration speakers integrated into the wall cavity are used. These speakers are mainly used by advertising companies and large corporations. They want to showcase it as a gimmick. Sounds coming out of a piece of wall on the street will always fascinate you. They use this opportunity to advertise their product. Big houses or mansions also use this technology if they want to hide ugly soundboxes which don’t go well with the interior. These Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers can be great in-wall speakers. 
  4. Hidden speakers – The drive is out of sight but is easy to install in minutes without cutting into surfaces. The entire panel becomes a surface speaker. This makes a window or large piece of glass turn into speakers. The main components can be hidden easily because they aren’t bulky. One AC/DC adapter is enough to power the whole thing. 
  5. Outdoor deck speakers – This kind of vibration speakers is mainly used in homes, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, rooftop, poolside patio, etc. under wooden decks they can be mounted for a good quality sound. Exquisite houses use them on the poolside decks as they are waterproof. The beauty and aesthetic nature of these speakers create a great environment. They are also loud enough for outdoor use.

Top vibration speakers and their review

Vibration speakers are a new technology. There aren’t many brands that are currently making them. Even so, we will try to categorize them and bring you the best vibration speakers in the market. From this detailed review, you can make your purchase choice easily. We will discuss the top 10  vibration speakers and their benefits and key aspects. As I said, it is a piece of new technology so it’s better to know something about them and then make your decision.

Vibe tribe troll mini

Troll Mini has a 3W power output With a total dimension of 4.0 x 4.0 cm, it’s incredibly compact! Its redesigned proprietary vibration-core disperses sound around the speaker’s standing surface, effectively converting it into sounding boards. It’s a small speaker for personal use. It will be louder than your phone but don’t expect it to stand out in a crowded room.

Key features

  • Sticks to any base – Troll Mini is still stable thanks to its miniaturized “Vacuum” platform, which adheres to every smooth surface and transforms it into an efficient source of acoustics thanks to the Vibe-well-known Tribe’s 360-degree sound diffusion.

  • All-round performance – Despite its limited size, the Troll Mini is extremely well-equipped, with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility allowing it to be controlled wirelessly without the use of cables. The built-in battery will allow you to listen to music for more than 2 hours before requiring recharging. Troll Mini supports all current Bluetooth protocols, including A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP, with all remote control functions. Check out these great performing Bluetooth Speakers also. 
  • Smart call features – Troll Mini supports hands-free and conference calls, allowing you to use your desk as a loudspeaker! Despite its diminutive nature, the Troll Mini is fitted with a current-generation echo cancellation microphone, allowing you to comfortably handle your phone calls.
  • Small size and wow factor – Troll Mini is the smallest speaker ever created by Vibe-Tribe. It has an all-aluminum shell with fine surface carvings and a variety of unique colors. Anyone who witnesses or hears Troll Mini in motion will be captivated and surprised. It has a distinct personality and will support you on any day, whether at work, at home, in your car, outside, or at any party.



Vibe-Tribe Orbit Black

The last born of Vibe-Tribe: Orbit, a project design speaker that will improve your music listening. – Orbit is 15W strong and incredibly trustworthy due to a 15W over-sized vibration hub, still mobile, 6.5 x 6.5 cm wide! Its powerful and proprietary vibrational center propagates the sound on the floor, converting it into effective soundboards. – The patented ‘Vacuum’ foundation that instantly bonds to every fluid surface makes Orbit a strong source of acoustic with the well-known 360 degrees sound diffusion of the Vibe Tribe remains steady.

Key features

  • Good output sound -15W of high-fidelity noise due to the super-strong ‘vibrating heart’  but totally mobile in only 6.5 x 7.5 cm with a compact dimension! The outstanding and copyrighted ‘heart’ project sounds to the surfaces that Orbit places on, converting it into sound, power sources. 
  • Excellent stability – Optimal and safe assistance by a special patented suction cup, which attaches to smooth surfaces and is used in the popular Vibe – Tribe 3D sound like an excellent source. They don’t usually slip or cause an accident. It is more than reliable. 
  • Connectivity –  It has Bluetooth 4.0 technology as well as NFC ( Near Field Communication ), which allows you to communicate with only a contact. Orbit has been upgraded to support all of the most recent Bluetooth protocols, including A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP, for easy and full access.

  • Productivity – Your desk becomes a single big conference auditorium when you use the conference call feature! Orbit has an echo-canceling microphone of the most recent century. This means you can receive or dial calls easily. Set this as your desk/table speaker and you will get a sound response directly from your workstation. How cool is that!
  • Elegant design – Unique style with sleek and sinuous shapes, distinguished by an aluminum frame with chrome detailing in a variety of 9 exclusive shades. The circular form factor will go well with any surface and background. A sophisticated body look makes the orbit stand out. You can use it at both formal and informal events.


  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Excellent sound perfomance.
  • Speakerphone
  • Great USB Cable
  • Astonishing exterior
  • 3-5 hour standard to charge fully, naturally.


  • Costly
  • Disruptive activation

Delaman vibrating speakers

This is a device Suitable for PC, laptop, MP3, MP4, CD, mobile phone, PSP and other devices sound playback and sound expansion. The bass performance of this vibration speaker is very strong. It can deliver the equivalent performance of an 8-inch traditional speaker. One thing it does well is 360-degree frequency transmission. As a result, it Provides top sound quality for different audio frequency ranges. This is a very good portable vibration speaker.

Key features

  • Portable – The small form factor of  50 * 50 * 30mm / 1.97 * 1.97 * 1.18inch makes it easy to place anywhere. The 268 gm weight is also easy to carry around. Place this on your table, car, or bedside top for music anywhere you go. 
  • Diverse options – You can get this in many variants like 4Ω 25W, 8Ω 20W. For optimum performance, we suggest the highest power output one. The loudness of sound and bass performance will be better.  Pair it with your phone because the setup is very easy. 
  • Surround sound – If you place it on a good surface the sound will travel everywhere and all around you. Thanks to 360-degree technology with an electrodynamic coil the sound performance is satisfactory. 


  • Deep bass
  •  360 ° frequency transmission
  • Provides top sound quality for different audio frequency range
  • Easy setup
  • Works with many platforms.



JENSEN SMPS-600 Digital Audio Speaker

This unique speaker from Jensen lets you use a variety of flat surfaces to experience dynamic sound from your portable electronics. Simply attach the speaker with its integrated suction cup base to a tabletop, window, or door to prepare yourself to enjoy a dynamic sound experience. Jensen is a good company that produces these vibration speakers. You can trust their products. You can place this vertically or horizontally thanks to its good suction base. Just make sure the surface is flat and dry.

Key features

  • Good connectivity support – Auxiliary input for connecting your iPad, iPhone, tablet, cell phone, laptop, or other digital audio players.
  • Variety of playback options – Micro SD memory card is supported with this device. You can store your songs on an SD card and take them with you anywhere. FM Radio is an additional feature too. It’s always good to have this option in hand because you never know when you need to listen to radio stations. 
  • easy control – You can find physical buttons on the vibration speaker. Volume control, Play/Stop button, Forward/reverse control, Power on/off button is present on the speaker. Anyone can use this easy control layout. For more benefit, you can also use remote control.
  • Excellent battery – It has a 3 W output power. It’s enough for this speaker. The rechargeable battery also backups the device for a time. You  won’t find any problem with this battery that’s for sure. Charging this device is quick and easy too.\


  • Portable
  • Connecting your iPad, iPhone, tablet, cell phone
  • Remote control included
  • Has input jacks for guitar and microphone.
  • Immerive sound


Not high quality microphone

Thunderpuck portable Bluetooth mini speaker

It is beautiful from any angle you look at it. The thunderpuck is a powerful portable vibration speaker. Equipped with 26 W output this small device packs a punch. It can perform well on wooden surfaces. Embedded with clarifying mic for hands-free call. Use it in your office and home without any setbacks. It is constructed of anodized aluminium which makes it highly durable and portable.

Key features

  • No speaker grills – Thunderpuck has a strong 26-watt surface vibrational driver that transforms almost every surface into a booming speaker system, with intense, rich bass output and well-balanced midrange and highs for an ambient listening experience. As the sound passes through surface you don’t have to worry about facing the speaker in your direction for better sound
  • Highly portable – This vibration speaker is 3” tall and weighs 1 pound. That means you can take it anywhere easily in your bag. Setting up this device is easy too so you can play it anywhere. Because of its small footprint it doesn’t take much space on your table. The body is constructed of anodized aluminium which is very durable and strong. 
  • Lithium Ion battery – lithium ion is specially  used in mobile phones. So there is no doubt about the quality of its battery life. A single 2 hour charge will last upto 8 hours. So the battery performance isn’t bad either considering the size of this vibration speaker.
  • Wide connectivity – You can connect it using bluetooth or cable provided by the manufacturer. Connects quickly and easily to any iOS, Android, PC, or Laptop.Directly connect to any device using the 3.5mm cable and Line In/Line Out ports.
  • Embedded clarity microphone – Designed to capture voice up to 8 feet away and is perfect for hands-free calls from any device whether connected via Bluetooth or directly. For this reason you can use it in your office or home without much hassle. 


  • Fantastic little speaker
  • Accurate sound performance
  • Surfaces such as wood.
  • Great microphone


Lack of Suction

EWA A109mini Bluetooth Speaker

This is a very small speaker which may surprise you with its quality and loudness. Portable Bluetooth Speaker A109 mini is extremely compact, 6.2 ounces,  diameter 1.89 inches, Height 1.58 inches, put it into a bag, never be a burden on you wherever you go. An advanced custom speaker unit releases powerful sound, and consistently high level of sound, without distortion, you’ll be impressed with the sound from such a tiny speaker A109 mini.

Key features

  • High quality sound –  Everyone was blown away by the sound from such a small speaker, which produced strong sound and constant high quality of sound without distortion. Don’t let its small size fool you because the engineers created a very good small speaker which provides quality sound.
  • Booming bass – The passive radiators, which are attached to the bottom of the mini speaker, ensure that any roaring low and soaring high is heard in crystal clear sound. So the bass performance is satisfactory along with normal voices.

  • Multi functional – Bluetooth V3.0-connect your iPhone, Smartphone, or Tablet to the wireless speaker A109 mini in seconds; Remote shutter-take the ideal selfie with a button; Multiple music playback modes are supported by the TF Card feature (up to 32GB). A wide variety of connectivity options helps the consumer a lot.
  • Reliability – Good quality materials were used to make this device. They will provide a 1-year guarantee for the speaker. If you use it carefully this device will last for a long time. You should take a peek at these 2 durable speakers: Sonos Move and JBL BoomBox.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Clear sound
  • Convenient design
  • Multiple music playback modes


  • Hard to beat the price
  • It won’t work with Macs

LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Founded in 2010, LENRUE is a professional supplier of consumer electronic products , especially specialized in Bluetooth speakers. This trendy and simple shaped speaker from Lengue gained a lot of popularity. Non slip design, easy to carry, good audio quality makes it a great value product.

Key features

  • Battery – It comes with a 1000 mah battery which is enough to play music for 5 hours. Powered by a built in high capacity lithium ion battery this device takes 3 hours to charge. 
  • Diverse output mode – Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm aux cord, and a high-capacity TF card are all supported by the Bluetooth speaker. You should listen to music in a variety of ways. Enjoy the music in full-bodied stereo, courtesy of high-performance speakers. 
  • Portable and range support – Small and compact, measuring 2.7*2.7*1.8 inches and weighing 200 grams, with a wireless range of 33 feet. This small wireless Bluetooth speaker can be used outside to listen to music. Though i  don’t recommend it to be taken to a crowded place. Find out about these 2 Most Portable speakers also. 
  • Bluetooth technology – All Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible. From up to 33 feet away, instantly connect to your mobile or tablet. Sound core immediately reconnects to the last computer used. Hands-free calls with built-in microphone. It will make your life easier. You don’t have to connect it manually every time you use the device.
  • Things in the box – LENRUE A2 Bluetooth speakers, cables, user manual, thanks card*1, 24H friendly customer service and email support, if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact their customer support.


  • Very loud.
  • Strong vibrant tone.
  • Battery life is quite good.
  • Great wireless range


  • Buttons on the bottom.

ADIN 26w vibration speaker

This is a mid range premium speaker from Adin. The overall performance of this adin speaker will impress you a lot. Powerful bass with NFC functionality makes this vibration speaker stand out from others. Unlike cheap speakers this will provide true 360 degree sound. You will notice the difference when you compare this with other vibration speakers. We highly recommend this product if you want to get the full experience of vibration speakers. Nowadays, Adin bluetooth vibration speakers are highly demandable in the market.

Key features

  • Battery life – It is equipped with a 3.7 V, 1400 mAh battery which gives enough backup. The built in lithium battery is easy and quick  to charge as well. With 2-3 hours of charge you can play the device for 5-7 hours. Here are 2 JBL Portable Speakers with better battery life, you should check out. 
  • Wide range of support – WAV, MP3, WMA, APE, FLC Music Format are supported by this vibration speaker. It also has the 3.5 MM audio input.
  • New chipset – The Bluetooth Speaker Owns Newest Chip Technology and High Sound Quality.It’s Excellent and Perfect Stereo HIFI Soundbox. The new chip upgrades audio loudness, bass diaphragm etc
  • Connectivity support – Pairing with your iPhone, iPad or any other smart phones, watching movies, playing games is the real enjoyment. Everything is so easy and seamless with this speaker. Anyone can pair their device and enjoy the wonderful sound.
  • More functions – It has a built in microphone. support hands-free calls, it is very convenient when you are driving or you want to escape from the radiation. Adin bluetooth speaker offers a lot of useful functions.


  • Deep bass and crisp treble
  • An excellent example of simplicity and technology working together
  • Audiophile grade sound
  • Newest Chip Technology


Bluetooth uses battery power

Bass egg verb bluetooth vibration speaker

The shape of this speaker isn’t exactly like an egg as the name suggests. Rather it looks more like an hourglass. The topside is level, while the bottom side is slightly raised on a metal disk with a sticky rubber foot underneath it. The speaker creates noise by vibrating the foot against such objects, which is the Verb’s resonator.

Key features

  • Performance – The Verb performs fairly well with less bass-heavy music. The Bass Egg Verb is the best turn-anything-into-a-speaker device we’ve seen yet. If you have a solid enough surface to listen to music on, you don’t mind clearing it and staying away from heavy bass. It’s a unique novelty and a fun gadget to flaunt.
  • Small design – it is shaped by 3.6-by-2.4-inch (HW), 17-ounce hunk of gunmetal-colored (or black) metal, cylindrical in shape and pinching inward in the middle. The small footprint makes it easy to place on any ground. 
  • Diverse surface – The Verb, unlike nearly any other speaker, does not have any cones, domes, or other resonant components. Instead, it vibrates any flat surface you place it on, transforming it into the driver for your self-made speaker.


  • Inexpensive.
  • The best example of the turn-any-surface-into-a-speaker category of devices yet.
  • Great build quality
  • Very loud


Terrible deep bass response.

Damson cisor wireless vibration speaker

The Cisor BT5 is by far the best portable surface speaker on the market and it gives most traditional portable speakers a run for their money. The age-old dilemma of size vs. sound quality plagues portable speakers. No one wants to carry around a large speaker, but you do need a sufficient amount of power to meet your musical needs. This speaker ticks all the boxes when it comes to good audio speakers.

Key features

  • Battery – It can perform up to 6 hours of playback from a single charge. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge the whole device.
  • Connections – you can connect 2 damson visor speakers at the same time for more loud audio and performance.  There is also Bluetooth for easy connectivity
  • Surface choice – It works well with most surfaces like glass, wood, metal. Glass gives the best audio feedback. It is one of the best vibration speakers out there.
  • Control – just twist the device to control  with simple and sleek design, it comes with USB C changing for your benefit.


  • Fun to play with
  • Well-constructed
  • Can go loud, with the right surface.
  • Great conversational piece
  • Easy to use.


Sounds rubbish on most surfaces

Jabra Speak 710

Jabra Speak 710  is a high-quality full-duplex Bluetooth audio device that makes calls crystal clear. This is the newest addition to the iconic Jabra Speak line, and it has been optimized to provide premium audio even when used in a large group.

Key features

  • Immersive sound – With an Omnidirectional microphone and HD voice, the Jabra Speak 710 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker provides immersive sound for calls and songs. It offers in-room coverage for up to 6 users, allowing you to get more done in less time.
  • Convenient – With this lightweight, wireless, compact speaker, you can take audio conferencing to a whole new level and transform every space into a conference room. Use it at home, at work, or on the road.
  • Easy Setup- Setup is simple and does not necessitate the use of IT. The intuitive plug-and-play connectivity makes setting up and using these Bluetooth speakers a breeze. Connect via USB or Bluetooth in seconds to your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Portable, lightweight design- With a protective travel bag for use and a lightweight, portable build, you can take this wireless Bluetooth speaker with you everywhere you go.
  • Works with many platforms- You can plug through your cell phone, laptop, or any computer you have to do it for. Many sites, including GoTo Meeting, Google, and Skype for Business, are compatible with the Speak 710 speakerphone.


  • Immersive sound
  • Easy setup
  • Works with many platforms
  • Durable
  • Great for conference call


  • Expensive


What’s the difference between a regular speaker and one that vibrates?

Any speaker has the following key components:

  • The dust cap protects the speech coil, which is a part of the speaker.
  • As a suspension, it serves as a foundation for the speaker’s diaphragm.
  • The diphragm is a standard cone with a dust cap in the centre.

There is no diaphragm in a vibration speaker. The voice coil is connected to a movable plate in it. The sole aim of vibration speakers is to produce vibration, and this plate aids in that process.

What is a voice coil?

It is a movable component in the speaker. It works like an electromagnet and behaves as a magnet. At the bottom/base of the speaker, there is always a magnet. A magnetic field is generated as current passes through the voice coil.

What is the difference between vibration speakers and transducers?

The aim of a vibration speaker is to turn the surface it is put on into a speaker. They use vibration to transform every surface into a speaker. This demonstrates how they transform the electrical energy generated by the speaker into mechanical energy generated by the floor. Since they translate electrical energy into mechanical energy, they are referred to as transducers. They’re also known as vibration transducers.

Is it possible to use vibration speakers in the water?

Even though the vibration speakers are splash resistant and have a decent IPX score, they are only waterproof to a certain extent. It is physically impossible for vibration speakers to be immersed in water, regardless of their water resistance or safety. To turn these speakers into speakers, you’ll need a sturdy surface. Since sound waves move the fastest on a solid surface, it is the most preferred surface. They can even move through liquids, but it takes a lot of energy for sound waves to start vibrating. As a result, they can’t be immersed in water.

Parting Words

The days of dependency on traditional speakers are over. Nowadays you can see many good vibration speakers. We mentioned some of the best vibration speakers on the market. When it comes to picking a new home speaker, the sound is probably the most important factor along with portability. We made this review keeping that in mind. Vibration speaker price isn’t sky-high. So you can make up your mind and try this new technology without breaking your bank. Let’s hope more companies innovate and take this technology to the next stage for us customers to enjoy. 

If you are still confused about buying the unique vibration speaker, take a glance at these unique Satellite Speakers.