Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore Which One Is Best Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall a famous brand known for its excellent speaker widely. And Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore are two such premium quality speakers with high-end features.

The term premium, incredible, really goes with these two speakers. They are way too suitable for the next-level Bluetooth speaker experience.

So, if you are going to have a speaker but confuse about which to choose. Then here you will have all the detailed information between Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore. And there will also be an additional best speaker in case you want something else.

Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore | Comparison Chart

Marshall Kilburn II 
Marshall Stanmore 
Connectivity Technology
Supports Wi-Fi
Frequency Range
62Hz – 20kHz
50Hz – 20kHz
Auxiliary Input/ 3.5mm Male Connector
Rechargeable Battery
5.5 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
13.77 x 7.28 x 7.28 inches
Marshall Kilburn II 
Connectivity Technology
Supports Wi-Fi
Frequency Range
62Hz – 20kHz
Auxiliary Input/ 3.5mm Male Connector
Rechargeable Battery
5.5 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
Marshall Stanmore 
Connectivity Technology
Supports Wi-Fi
Frequency Range
50Hz – 20kHz
Auxiliary Input/ 3.5mm Male Connector
Rechargeable Battery
13.77 x 7.28 x 7.28 inches

Marshall Kilburn II Review

Marshall Kilburn II is an incredible Bluetooth speaker in its class. All the speaker in this price range and features Marshall Kilburn II works the best and the loudest speaker among all of them.

This is considered a speaker between Stockwell II and the Tufton. It means it consumes the features of Stockwell II and Tufton like the size or the loudness etc.

The highs, mid-bass are clear and define makes the sound quality awesome. You can use it in both indoor or outdoor use. Everywhere you will be enjoying the most immersive music experience ever.

What’s In The Box

  • Marshall Kilburn II speaker.
  • Power cables.
  • A guideline book.
  • Instructions and safety information.

Marshall Kilburn II Decent Design

The design of Marshal Kilburn II is quite simple and elegant. With a simple look, it contains all the buttons and other accessories organized.

The shape is kind of boxy covered with faux leather. The leather color differs from black to grey, which you prefer would be your choice. But both the color looks good.

This is also water-resistant in case you ever take it outside, and some unwanted situation happens. Water-resistant leather makes it durable and rugged for long time usage.

Also, the front side is covered with a metallic grill. These grills are solid structures and look nice. A Marshall logo on the grill matched with the design keeping a balance with the traditional logo.

Behind the grills, the tweeter and woofer are placed; those works efficiently to provide great sound.

On the top of the speaker, there is a control panel. These knobs are seem used for bass, treble, and the last one for power or volume. For seeing the battery, a LED is placed there with a Bluetooth pairing button.

The overall design is decent works significantly. If you want to show off in front of your friends, this speaker has a premium quality feel like Edifier R1850DB and R2000DB.

Great Portability

This Marshall Kilburn II is portable in a good way, but it seems slightly less portable compared with its big brother Marshall Kilburn. But as it is not too heavy to carry, you can easily carry it to a picnic spot, at your BBQ party, etc.

The weight is almost 3KG; I don’t think there would be any trouble carrying this speaker. So wherever you are working in your kitchen or your living room and want to enjoy the music over this speaker, comfortably can take this.

Placing it on a table or the shelves is also not a problem at all. The size is not too bulky and doesn’t take over a lot of places. So, considering the portability, this is a good speaker.

Outstanding Battery Life Of Marshall Kilburn II

A unique feature of the Kilburn II speaker is its battery life. The massive battery life makes it different and better than most other Bluetooth speakers and Wifi speakers.

In a single charge, it has the capability of providing a run time of 20 hours. And within 2.5 hours, it fully charged. I have reviewed significantly fewer speakers of this compact size, and price range can provide such big battery life.

This can help you if you are in a hurry sometimes. You can charge it for 30 minutes and can play for 3.5 hours easily. This is so beneficial if you ever forgot to charge it.

A quick charging capacity for enjoying music anytime. You can easily have a track the battery life with the help of the LED placed on the top.

Marshall Kilburn II Impressive Features

The first and most effective thing with this speaker is the IPX2 water-resistant. It can help you in an efficient way that you may not realize until you face any problem.

The design and the material used to make it water-resistant. So, if having some picnic outdoor and a sudden rain comes that won’t cause a significant problem at all.

Next to the noise isolation with the bit of stand under the speaker like Polk s50 and s55. There are four stands very tiny size keeps it at a distance from the ground. The loudspeaker mainly creates a problem with the isolation.

The music goes through the surface and thus creates a vibration. If you are playing in the loudest form, then this must be problematic for others.

But this stand helps a lot with the isolation if you don’t have any isolation pad.

Next, the Bluetooth aptX technology ensures wireless playtime. You can easily pair any device with the speaker and can enjoy it. Even at a distance of about 30 feet still, you can connect your device.

Also, the multi-hosting ability helps to switch and connect Bluetooth between two devices. This is far easier to use.

Who Is It For?

This Marshall Kilburn II is suitable for those who want home music enjoyment and wish to take it outside.

This Bluetooth speaker can serve at the best rate for the homies. Since it provides so good quality sound with the exciting features. If anyone wants to place it on the coffee table, or a balcony, in the bedroom beside the windows, or whatever they want. This speaker can serve so well.

And also for the parties, picnics, family get together, outside of the home. It also wants a high-quality sound that will still hear good in the outside noise.


  • Crisp, clear mids, and highs.
  • Super good audio quality.
  • Portable.
  • Suitable for external use.


  • Expensive for some.
  • The water-resistant feature is not that good.

Marshall Stanmore

A Bluetooth speaker perfectly fitted for home with a premium quality breathtaking sound is no more a dream. With the Marshall Stanmore, a fantastic Bluetooth speaker, you can full fill all your desires.

No more room-filling sound only; the sound will fill your entire house. And with the loudest form of music, you will experience something exceptional that you may not expect from a speaker ever.

Not only the superb sound quality but there are also other excellent features contained that this is not less than a masterpiece of Marshall.

What’s In The Box?

  • Marshall Stanmore Speaker.
  • Cords/ cables.
  • Instruction book.

Classical Design

This Marshall Stanmore model has a classical look that you will feel after seeing it for the first time. It kind of contains a traditional look that makes it beautiful perfect for the home.

There is vynl leather all over the speaker. You can find three colors of black, cream and brown. All of them look differently great, but I liked most the black color.

It gives premium quality feelings. However, it is my personal opinion. But you can look for the other two colors. Each of them so cool looked placing them on your desk enhance the decore.

The front side is covered with metallic grills. The traditional logo is placed on the grills looks astonishing. This logo carries Marshall tradition. So, ‘Marshall Logo’ with the speaker gives a feel of authentic Marshall products.

And looking at the size, it is pretty heavy. And the size seems a little bit bigger. But for this speaker with all other features, Marshall becomes very thoughtful and gives it this look that doesn’t seem bad.

Though it is heavy, you must not move it here and there. As it is mainly used in homes. But if you want to proceed, that won’t be so problematic.

On the top, you will see all the control buttons. There are analog knobs for controlling bass, treble, and volume. Also, a controller in round shape for source/wake up the system. A Bluetooth pairing button along with a power switch toggle button.

House Filling Audio Experience

Marshal Stanmore offers the house experience ever. You won’t believe it until you place it in your room, then play and hear the music fill every corner of your house.

This has a dazzling sound system like 7.1 and 5.1, which is so powerful provides fantastic audio. If you are playing it in the volume at 3, you will feel a problem talking with others in that room.

And if you are about to play on the full volume, you have to yell and still won’t hear correctly. This thing loved a lot of people widely.

Also, you can use Google Home or Marshall Multi-Room Apps for a great experience of house filling. Also, with the one-touch preset, you can listen from Spotify or podcast. But remember the limitation at seven preset.

Through the house filling experience and with your favorite music, you are sure to fall for this speaker.

Great Power Functionality

From the beginning, you must have an idea about the audio quality of Stanmore. For making the audio most define and great, it featured high-powered woofers and tweeters.

This type of tweeters, driver, or woofers most of the competitor speakers don’t contain. For this, it is highly capable of providing a crazy sound system all over the house.

There is one D Class AMP for the woofer of 50 wattages and two also D Class AMP for tweeter of 15 wattages. Tweeters are 3/4-inch and offer five 1/2-inch along with 40-watt drivers.

These things hide right behind the grillwork so efficiently. The EQ system and the D class AMP make every tone audio smooth and original perfect for the home.

Interesting Features

Talking about the excellent features of Stanmore, first of all, the extreme loudness of this speaker came. I wonder how a Bluetooth speaker can be able to produce such high loudness.

The loudness is so close to the wall-shaking experience and no less than any stand floor speaker. I already describe a little about the loudness. 

With the highest rate of 10 loudness, you won’t be able to hear the other person’s voice at all. You need to yell or pause the music. Even in the other rooms, it isn’t easy hearing others’ voices.

I love this a lot because the rock or jazz type music would hear crazy with this speaker.

The next thing is the LEDs. Very few control buttons, but this LED helps to know which is currently selected. Whether the optical, Bluetooth or input 1 or input 2. So you won’t forget the track.

And lastly, with excellent Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect your smartphone, PC, tablet, or other devices. 

This Bluetooth technology is apdex, ensuring you can connect from 20 to 30 feet, almost 10 meters. Still the crispiness and sharpness in the sound.

This Bluetooth connect devices within 3 minutes. So, there is no worry about connecting devices with the speaker.

Who Is It For?

This is actually for home entertainment. This can’t be used for outdoor activities. So, those who want the extreme sound quality and a house filling audio experience are for those.

If you are connecting your TV or Apple TV, there would still be additional Bluetooth input. Total, there are four different ways to connect your device. 

Place beside your bed or even in the living room spending time with your dear one, and the melodic music is so warm. You can also enjoy some rock or hip hop music in the full volume to give you a piece of live concert music.


  • Plenty of options for connecting devices.
  • Rich, robust sound quality.
  • House filling sound experience.


  • Bulky.
  • Not portable.

Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore Main Distinctions

Marshall Kilburn II VS Marshall Stanmore is two powerful speakers rich in sound quality and other features. So, it is pretty challenging to find out which is the best. 

But reviewing about them I added above can help you to choose which is suitable for you. But still highlighting the difference between can help you with the great one.

Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore | Ports

  • For giving Marshall Kilburn II a clean look and minimize the ports, all the ports are placed on the backside. So, it doesn’t look messy, like the Kilburn, and some sockets also transferred in the back.

It has all the sufficient ports and connector cables for connecting with other devices. Like the AUX port, 3.5mm male jack, a socket for 3.5 mm audio jack, and so on.

You can easily find out about the ports if you have a look at the back. Plenty of input and output connections, power cable connections also.

But unfortunately, it can not be connected to Wi-Fi and don’t have a feature for voice assistant. Voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa don’t work with it.

I wonder why Marshall does it because if they could have put this feature in this price range, this speaker would be the most unbeatable one. 

But there is another option if you want a voice assistant like Marshall Stanmore II. Ignoring this voice controlling system, the rest of the input-output system is excellent.

  • Comparing the port or input-output connection, Marshall Stanmore provides more functionality than the Kilburn II. 

There is RCA input that is not present in Kilburn II. This RCA input lets you go to the analog system like connecting the CD or DVD player or Sonos unit. 

Next, the 3.5mm input or male connector lets the MP3 players or even computer sound cards connect. Also, a double-ended cable is present.

And it is not wireless. It needs to plugin for the power supply. This is not problematic as it seems. Power connection is easy, and thus, it can provide more power than most other wireless speakers.

Besides the optical input and a toggle for switching between Standard and Power saver modes. These two modes are available there.

Moreover, it helps with the Wi-Fi connection facility, Bluetooth pairing with the aptX feature. Three more wireless connection is also available: Spotify connection, Apple Airplay, Chromecast built-in.

These ports and inputs are placed in the backside so an organized way. This way, no messiness is seen in the design at all.

All these are truly worth the price and outstanding.

Which Provide Incredible Sound Quality?

  • Marshall speakers are known for the impressive sound quality, and this Marshall Kilburn II didn’t disappoint in this regard. The immersive audio from this speaker makes the music experience splendid.

There are no noticeable flaws in the sound is seen. The highs are incredible; mids are clear with the lowest distortion. So, a smooth and crisp texture in the sound is heard.

The bass is rich and powerful gives a punch directly in the ear. And the punch so heavy during the highest volume. Also, the treble is remarkably balanced with the bass and mids, and highs. So, the excellent premium quality sound fills the whole room.

There is one D Class AMP of 20 watts for the offer. This power is enough for the outstanding sounds. Most of the fellow competitors of Kilburn II can’t perform this well.

Also, the bigger bother Kilburn couldn’t offer this kind of high-level sound. There is a sharp difference between them, and the winner is, of course, Kilburn II. 

The sound quality is the most important reason people are loving it and giving so many positive reviews.

The 8 watt for the tweeter, also with a Class D amplifier, turns the audio incredible. The tweeter may be slightly higher, but in this price range and with all other criteria, you can not expect more.

However, the power is perfect as they kept a balance with the sound. And when there is an option for Multi-Directional sound with 35 wattage power, your music experience becomes immersive.

This feature gives a push to the sound a little bit more, which actually worth it. Both for indoor and outdoor this speaker is the perfect one to choose.

  • The overall presentation of the sound of the Marshall Stanmore is supreme and excellent. Because you won’t find any kind of flaw or distraction in the sound at all.

The most precise and purest sound form this speaker provides. The lowest distortion makes the audio buttery smooth and so warm. Reaching to the ear satisfy inside with the best sound.

The sound and bass are so accurate and detailed you can hear and understand every single detail. The original from the singer reflects here with the speaker gives the most realistic sound.

The guitar riffs are so natural to hear and the drums playing in the music also superb. All the vocals are crisp, clear, and fine-tuned.

The mids and highs are also defined as balanced for making the audio perfect to hear. All the bass, treble, mids, and highs work together to enhance the speaker’s enjoyment.

The bass and treble knobs work best at closer to the maximum level. There are levels from 0 to 10. And there is not much noticeable difference between the maximum and close to maximum.

But it would be your choice how you like to hear the music since taste differs from person to person.

I already described the loudness and the tweeters and woofer. They are much better if you compare them with Marshall Kilburn and Kilburn II. None of them have such high power woofer and tweeter. So it is obvious Stanmore can produce the sound best.

This speaker has the capacity to handle a wide variety of music genres from electronic to jazz, classical to rap. But it is best suited for pop and rock modern music.

The bass perfect for rock music as it doesn’t have a distortion in the loudest form. And if you want a more extended low-end boom, then place the rear against the wall. Absolutely it is one of the most incredible speakers.

Excellent Performance Of Marshall Stanmore

Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore, two such excellent speakers, is exceptional in every area and thus provides impressive performance. There seem such minor flaws in their whole system. 

  • Marshall Kilburn is the second version of Kilburn did an admirable job. Whatever lacks was with the Kilburn; this new version covered all of them and gave more facilities.

From the design to the sound quality, everything is excellent. The design is so simple but holds the traditional Marshall look. And placing the ports connections, Marshall set them at the back, so no mess up is visible.

Next, the unique features of this speaker are exciting. And the wireless connection makes it more potent. Wireless connection great for outdoor use.

And as it is wireless, it also provides a decent amount of battery life. So, you can easily play it for hours and won’t feel any disturbance to charge it again and again.

The portable facility with a strap for holding it quickly makes it super comfortable for outside usage.

Any age people would love to listen to music with it. This speaker never bored you, and for a long time, it will work the same as the new. Means the sound system and other feature will be good after a long period of time.

But some lack seems in the ports connection system if we compare with the Stanmore. Otherwise, the ports are plenty in amount.

Beautiful songs like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” or  Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” hear so harmonious and detailed. The actual theme is to listen to the speaker the same.

No distortion or no change in the vocals or the musical instruments. Like any kind of song jazz, hip hop will work well. 

In a word, this is a fantastic speaker.

  • And next to the boss, Marshall Stanmore’s performance is too good. If you carefully knew about all the features above, then you know how magnificent the speaker is.

This speaker can beat any kind of powerful speaker at this time. First, about the superb sound quality, it provides is my favorite. The most attractive part is it gives lossless content.

Whoever doesn’t know about lossless content, let me tell you that the data it consumes from the original track won’t be a loss at all, and this way, music like the singer sang originally can hear.

And the amps or tweeters are already great, and power makes the audio more realistic and majestic.

Besides, it has a sufficient input-output connection with the Wi-Fi connecting system. So without waste your phone charge, you can hear your favorite music via Wi-Fi.

And there are other features for making it worth the price. This is a boss in the performance.

Though between Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore, which is best, is a tricky question. But analyzing all the criteria and performance the Marshall Stanmore is the winner here.

Other Great Marshall Speakers

Those who still could not find out their suitable one can have a look at these speakers. Each and everyone is outstanding, and for sure, you can find the perfect one for you.

Marshall Woburn II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black, – New

With excellent sound quality and rich bass, this Marshall Woburn II is an excellent speaker perfect for the home. The latest 5.0 aptX Bluetooth technology is something that helps to get the favorite music to the speaker.

Moreover, there are sufficient input-output connections for connecting to more devices. This can be anyone’s perfect choice.

Marshall Stanmore II

Not to say much, as you saw how great Marshall Stanmore is, so the updated version would be super fantastic. This can work for both the small or ample room to fill the entire house with music.

Most of the features are like the Stanmore except for some exceptionalities. So, if you don’t want to go with Stanmore, you can look at this model.

Marshall Emberton Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black

This provides the rich, loud, clear, and so beautifully room-filling sound. You can experience 360° sound in every corner of your room.

The wireless connection and great portability make it way too good. In a single charge, you can play for 20 hours. 

The design is also so simple and came in a compact size perfect for anyone.

Final Verdict

Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore is two majestic speakers great in two different ways. Those who want to use both indoor and outdoor must go with Kilburn II.

Otherwise, for a house filling sound system, the Stanmore is the best. This is your ultimate decision which to have. Because none of them are less good.

FAQs of Marshall Kilburn II VS Stanmore

Are Marshall speakers worth it?

Marshall speakers are for those who want a single speaker. Because these single speakers are capable of providing the exceptional sound quality that everyone wishes for.

Can I connect my Marshall speaker to TV?

Yes, Marshall speakers can be connected to the TV if the TV has a Bluetooth connection. Through the Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy music immensely.