Polk S30 vs S35 : Let’s See Which One is Slightly Better

Nowadays, center speakers are no longer used for only listening to music. Since center channel speakers have come, every movie dialogue and lyrics hear so detailed. Such two powerful speakers are Polk S30 vs S35, who now in great demand.

Polk Audio Signature S30 delivers quite a reasonable sensitivity rate, which makes it so loud. On the other hand, Polk Audio Signature S35 has a fair amount of frequency range.

Both the center channel speakers are the same in almost every aspect. But still, some features make on better than others. So, now it’s time to dig the differences and find the best one.

Polk S30 vs S35 | Comparison Table

Polk Signature S35
Speaker Type
Center Channel
Bass Reflex
Woofer size (inches)
Frequency Response
53-40k Hz
Power Range
Impedance (Ohms)
Mica- reinforced Polypropylene Cones
Item Dimensions
6.1 x 24.4 x 4.1 inches
Polk Signature S35
Speaker Type
Center Channel
Bass Reflex
Woofer size (inches)
Frequency Response
53-40k Hz
Power Range
Impedance (Ohms)
Mica- reinforced Polypropylene Cones
Item Dimensions
6.1 x 24.4 x 4.1 inches

Polk Signature S30 Review

This center channel speaker is specially built to bring a sensational musical atmosphere into the living room, filling it with surround sound. The technology and impressive features make it an incredible speaker that is perfect for the long run in the home theater setup. Take a peek at these 2 Best Outdoor Speakers from Bose also. 

As the center channel speaker makes the dialogues or lyrics even more apparent, this speaker also holds the tradition in a significant way. Every music or any other audio it makes so delicate that the user falls for it.

Pros and Cons


  • Better vocal accuracy
  • It’s a little bit cheaper
  • Overall amazing sound for movies, music and gaming


It’s quite bulky

New Dynamic Balance Designed Acoustic Array

All these good praises for this speaker only for its capability of delivering fantastic music. The features new Dynamic Balance Designed Acoustic Array makes every audio clear, defined, and rich. No matter what type of music you hear, you can enjoy it with full enjoyment.

Here the patented technology does the whole process. It finds out every mechanical system then makes the audio great according to need. The cinematic in your home this ensure.

Impressive Polk Power Port Deep Bass Technology

The impressive Polk Patented PowerPort Technology gives the powerful and richer bass that the bass love would love to hear again and again. Moreover, the turbulence smoothing diffuser reduces the distortion as much as it can.

As a result, crisp, punchy, rich bass is heard. It efficiently smoothes the airflow from the port to the speaker. So, the bass is so deep, smooth, and delicate.

It has a cone shape and is placed in the mouth of the bass port. So, it can work efficiently and quickly. And what more need than deeper bass for excellent music.

Perfect For Various Home Theater Set Up

This center channel speaker is compatible with several setups that ensure an easy connecting system to the home theater’s existing arrangement. With 2.0, 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, and others, it can work so precisely.

Connect it with your home theater set up, and the audio will be so detailed ever. Every movie dialogue you can hear with exact words and other contents also. Sound hear so beautiful that it fills the room with music.

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Things Need To Improve

There is nothing noticeable problems with this speaker but one thing that may cause some problem is the frequency range. Maybe a little bit higher frequency response can make the audio even better.

Polk Signature S35 Review

The Polk Signature Series S35 is the updated version of the S30 and has very few advantages over the S30. But some updated criteria make this speaker so dedicated that it can produce glorious sound. Here are also two speakers from Polk signature series: s50 and s55, you should definitely check out. 

Home theater becomes like a cinema hall after you set up this center channel speaker. It has all the great features that one traditional speaker needs to have.

Pros and Cons


  • It’s a great fit in narrow spaces
  • Great boost for left and right speakers
  • Integrates very well with other speakers


  • It will take a while to hear the bass sounds

Compatible With Several Home Theater Set Up

Center channel speaker always works as the center of the home theater set up or with other speakers set up. It is the center because it makes the defined dialogues and music so beautiful than before.

This Polk S35 is absolutely working the same. Whatever set up like 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, or even 9.1, you can easily set it up with them. It will work efficiently.

So, you need to worry if you already have a home theater set up. Whatever you have, you will have the most refined audio that you have been listening to before. Try to know details about 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound Home theaters also. 

Traditional Polk Power Port Technology

Deep bass with much minimization of distortion something that everyone wants for. And this Dual Power Port just offers the same. In the listening is the flow of air becomes so smooth that it improves the bass.

Bass hear so punchy, rich, and powerful. Some powerful punch in your ear you can feel whenever you start listening to pieces of music. And with such powerful bass, the distortion and turbulence are much less.

Things Need To Improve

There is no complaint about this speaker. But one thing Polk can change in it the sensitivity rate. Because the previous version has more sensitivity rate than this.

Polk S30 vs S35 | Main Comparison

Polk S30 vs S35 doesn’t have many dissimilarities. They have almost the same features. But some things they have different can be compared for finding the best one.

Polk S30 vs S35 | Speaker Type

They are both center loudspeakers with just a slight difference.

The Polk S30 core speaker works best with the S20 bookshelf speakers, but it can also be used in configurations ranging from 2.0 to 9.1. The Polk S35 is a three-way speaker with left, center, and right channels. They work great with the S55 tower speakers and can be used with a variety of configurations. Take a peak at some of the Best LCR Speakers  ou there.

Winner: Tie

Polk S30 vs S35 | Appearance

Polk S35 is a bit more stylish and modern-looking than Polk S30.

There is an obvious difference in size and even more difference in appearance when the grille is off. That being said, they are both black with curved edges and the Polk logo on the front of the grille.

Polk S30 measures 7.5 x 20 x 10.6 inches and weighs 20 pounds. This bookshelf speaker has a simple, stylish design with rounded-edged. These edges are iconic and help the speaker for giving the full coverage sound.

Also, the cabinet has a very compact-sized design. This helps from taking unwanted space. The black is not matt finished but can go with the home theater set up beautifully if you have other types of equipment in black color.

Though longer, Polk S35 is more compact at 4.1 x 24.4 x 6.1 inches. It also weighs less at 14 pounds.It is ultra-slim of 4” that can easily fit any kind of room decor. In the home theater system, it can easily fit that many center channel speakers can’t.

It has black looks quite stylish. Its edges also round shape. Kind of bold sound and dynamic, powerful sound system can deliver, and the design put some effort into it.

Winner: Polk S35

Polk S30 vs S35 | Sound Quality

Sound quality is an immense responsibility of a speaker. Because it is the main work the speaker needs to provide. Before comparing the sound quality, some points need to be compared first.

Like the frequency response, sensitivity, drivers, etc. These things make the audio quality define.

Polk S30 vs S35 | Frequency Response

With Polk S30, you could note a difference in the lower frequencies that isn’t present in Polk S35.

Frequency response makes a huge difference in the sound quality. The excellent frequency response can produce more fantastic sound. It refers to the musical tone that the speaker can produce.

So, a decent rate is a must for getting the higher sound quality. The more the sound quality becomes high, the more detailed the movies or music. Even the frequency range has a significant impact on other features like sensitivity rate or others.

All these make a combination for making the sound incredible. Polk S30 has a frequency response of 42-20k Hz. Another hand Polk S35 has 53-40k Hz.

Comparing both of them with other features, the Polk S30 can work better than the Polk S35. Polk S30 will deliver fine-tune, significant frequencies for unique sound production. The vocals will hear so rich, crisp, and clean that every word will be heard in detail.

At the same time, Polk S35 also has a decent amount of frequency rate. But the fact is if the first number in a frequency range is low, then it means the most resonant bass. So, if comparing the S30 is better.

But for a comprehensive overview, S35 also works amazingly. Setting up with home theater the fullest frequencies you can get.

Winner: Polk S30

Polk S30 vs S35 | Sensitivity

The small difference in sensitivity between two speakers doesn’t matter all that much.

To see the sensitivity rate is another critical area that most people ignore. Because if your speaker doesn’t provide a decent sensitivity rate, you can not expect a louder sound.

Sometimes our speakers need to be too loud to listen to some jazz or rock type music. Even in movies or content, there are many scenes those need to be too loud and energetic.

As the center channel speaker makes every word hear realistic, the sensitivity rate is also necessary. When we come to see the features, it is clear that S30 has a higher sensitivity rate than S35.

The rate is 89 dB and 88 dB for S30 and S35, respectively. However, the difference here is not huge. But with another tech like frequency response or impedance, it has a significant impact on the whole sound system.

It’s clear if you choose Signature S30, your possibility of getting the louder speaker becomes high. But at this, S35 also a powerful speaker. But the best would be if they contain over 90 dB because the speaker becomes the loudest one at this rate.

Winner: Tie

Polk S30 vs S35 | Impedance

Both speakers have the same impedance of 8 ohm.

Impedance does not have a significant effect on sound quality. But while choosing the speaker, the impedance should be noticed. Because it is closely related to power consumption.

Lower impedance is suitable for speakers as it means how to power your speakers. The less efficient the work would be going on. 

But here is nothing compared because the impedance is the same 8 ohm for both speakers, Polk S30 vs Polk S35. So, they both will consume power in the same way. Here is an Impedance Guide for Speakers for you to understand the whole process.

Winner: Tie

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Polk S30 vs S35 | Tweeter And Driver

Polk S35 has six 3-inch dynamic mica reinforced polypropylene drivers instead of two, while S30 has two 5.25-inch dynamic balance mica reinforced polypropylene drivers.

Good tweeters and drivers are the foremost for the excellent sounding system. And this Signature series of Polk did impressive work while making the equipment.

They did not compromise whether it makes them with high material and thus an impressive sound they can produce.

Both Polk S30 vs S35 has a 1-inch tweeter, which has a good shape. They are made with soft-dome, Terylene, and have a High-Res dome. This gives a typical high-frequency range and sound spacious.

Going towards the drivers, Polk makes speechless by adding these incredible drivers into their center channel speakers. Too much low distortion, clear-clean deep bass with efficiency in work the drivers are capable of giving.

The drivers are made of Mica-reinforced polypropylene cones along with butyl rubber surrounds. They are adding high-temperature Cones fiber spiders and a massive structure of the ceramic motor. All these come combined and work together smoothly and nicely that the sound becomes so big and reliable.

As a result, it’s obvious that both speakers use the same form of drivers in order to achieve high-quality sound. However, the scale and number of people here is significant.

Polk S30 has two 5.25-inch drivers. Polk S35, on the other hand, has three 3-inch drivers. And if you’re familiar with audio devices, you’re also aware that a large woofer translates to a large sound blast.

The more powerful the woofer, the more dramatic the tone. As a result, the obvious winner is Polk S30. However, if you want more drivers, the S35 is a good option. For the extra drivers, I’d go for S35.

Winner: Tie

Polk Signature S30

This is specially designed for giving the dazzling audio performance with all the fantastic features that a speaker needs to contain for giving the best performance.

Home theater experience become so exciting and movie nights so thrilling feel lifelike. You will tend to turn every night into a movie night with this speaker as you can hear everything fantastic.

It has all the quality like traditional American HiFi, Dynamic Balance Designed Acoustic Array, Hi-Res certification, Exclusive Power Port Bass enhancing, etc. Nothing stops here the cool cabinet styling with a lower frequency range.

The soft dome tweeter with the bigger woofer. Also, a massive structure of ceramic motor that extends lower frequency response and low the system resonance.

Thus a lifelike performance, you will feel that you are in the studio ownself. When you are listening to music you a live concert will happen in your home, and in every scene, you stay.

The living room or bedroom where ever you set up will fill the rest of the setup and fill the room with surround sound everywhere.

Overall it provides an excellent performance. And the price range is not so high at all. If you want a speaker from Polk, you have to spend that much. But it worth the price. Here are another 2 Polk audio speakers, definitely deserve your attention. 

No products found.

Expert Review

Polk Signature S35

In contrast, Polk Signature S35 also delivers breathtaking performance that any audioholic love too much. It produces crystal clear audio with a surround-sounding effect around the room.

The sound feels like around the ear, and you are in a spot. The dramatic movie scene or your favorite music, whatever you see, a real-life feel you can get.

All thanks to the high-tech American HiFi, Power Port bass enhancing technology with the powerful drivers. Three robust soft domes Mica-reinforced polypropylene drivers offer a big, radiant sound.

It just completes the home theater setup. No need to get tensed about what type of setup you have. You just need to buy this and connect with the rest of the settings, and here you go.

But some problems seem when compare with the S30. The frequency response is higher than the S30. So the efficient frequencies you can not expect what the S30 can give.

Also, the woofers are big enough with the S30. But if you don’t compare and see all the aspects only of S35, this will seem the treacly good speaker.

Though the price range is a bit high, if you can afford that and want some breathtaking performance, then go for it. That won’t make you regret it for sure. And if you’re willing to give Studio Monitors chances, try these 2 Polk Audio Monitors

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Which Is Perfect For Home Theater?

I have highlighted all the points for finding the best. And when it comes to choosing for home theater, you must choose the best one. Because that has all the qualities that can complete your home theater.

Let me summarise the whole in short for you to choose fast.

Both Polk S30 vs S35 has almost the same features. They have the American HiFi, Dynamic Balance Designed Acoustic Array, deep bass technology, the same material tweeter, and the same impedance, etc.

The difference in the frequency range, size and numbers of the drivers, and some other criterias. And comparing these things, the S30 is overall better than the S35. S35 costs a bit high and also looks quite good but doesn’t add much to it. As it is an updated version, it should have contained better features. But things didn’t change much.

So, for a home theater setup, the Polk Signature Series S30 will be suitable. However, all the speakers of Polk are high-end. Whichever you choose, you won’t be betrayed for sure.

If you want to go for S35, that will work amazingly, and the same goes for S30. But if you want to compare, then I would recommend S35 you to get. S35 is a LCR speaker setup, which is more suitable for S30 in terms of home theater system. 

A good filling atmosphere in your living is waiting for you. A thrilling, beautiful home theater experience is for sure.

Also, if you tend to use it for only movies, sports, or music, that will also satisfy you. You can also find out about  3.1 Home Theater here.

Polk Speaker Other Best Alternative

There are some best alternatives that you can take a look at!

Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Black)

This CS10 is a powerful Polk center channel speaker that works mainly for any home theater setup. It has some fantastic features and in great demand.

It has a 1” polymer composite Dynamic balance dome tweet structured with Neodymium magnet for intricate and precise sounding system and frequency response. The vocals hear so real and natural that movie dialogues hear too much same as the original content.

It also has five-way binding post connectors that ensure more hook-up options. Another high-tech Polk added is the Time Lens Technology.

The bass is rich, powerful, and punchy feels so good. Surround 3D sound you could hear. In a word, this a terrific center channel speaker that enhances the home theater setup. Here are more Center Channel Speakers like this one.

Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Speaker Center Channel with Time Lens Technology

This another alternative of Polk, something outstanding. It has Time Lens Technology with solid construction and premium audio. This reduces distortion and ensures the perfect sound. It was built for a fabulous home theater experience.

There are two drivers of 2.5-inch and 0.5-inch silk dome. For the clean and powerful bass, there is an Aperiodic Tune Rear Port.

With any kind of home theater setup, you can build your system set up with this center channel speaker. Whether your living room or bedroom, according to your choice, you can set up your whole speaker set for getting the total entertainment.

The size is compact and stylish with a glossy finish that increases the room decore a lot. In every way, it is the best center channel speaker of Polk.

Polk Audio T30 100 Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

If you want something more like high-tech Dolby or surround sound, this speaker is the perfect choice for you. It has been designed for making your TV or home theater audio more beautiful, tunable, dazzling, and detailed. Every movie, music so much precise with it.

A superb choice for immersive surround sound. The 1-inch tweeter and two Dynamic balance drivers produce a balanced sound with great midbass and bass.

And there is also Dolby for defining the audio. There is a significantly less negative review about this speaker. As it is taken as one of the best center channel speakers of Polk.

Final Verdict

Polk Signature Series S30 vs S35 are two powerful center channel speakers at a budget-friendly price. Polk always makes spectacular speakers or audio equipment. They never ever compromise and added the most significant features.

Thus people always fall for their products like Polk S30 vs S35. So, in the end, you might also like both the speakers and may super confuse about which to choose.

The Polk S30 hit the battleground and won. It has all the quality and each of them are ideal and perfect. For this, it can give you a cinematic and high-end home theater or movie experience in a limited budget. 

The Polk S35 is not less remarkable. But there seems something is not better as S30. It should have more advanced technologies because it is an upgraded version and is still a bit more expensive. It’s just better looking and that’s it. Yet, it is a superb speaker.

Editor’s Pick: Polk S30

But as you have come this far, you already have a strong knowledge which may meet your need. So, it’s up to you which to choose because none is less beneficial and goes for every home theater set up.

Yet, if you are not able to choose from here, then there is some alternative for you. I am sure you indeed can find the suitable one for you from here. Choose wisely and enjoy the theater experience in your home. And if you are confused between Wifi or Bluetooth Speaker, try this link.  


This FAQ section is all about solving the real-life problems that you might encounter while walking on the pavement of Polk speakers.

What does a center channel speaker do?

A center channel speaker holds a great place in a home theater or any speaker set up. Because with any kind of setup like 5.1,7.1 or other, there is a possibility of mixing sounds.

A center channel speaker balances the sound and widens the soundstage. Define the dialogues. There is no longer an era that the speakers used only for music.

Nowadays have come that the dialogue of movies or other content hears so detailed and realistic. A center channel speaker mainly does this. Upgrade the home theater setup.

Is Polk S35 worth comparing to S30?

Both the speaker are worthy. But when you are about to compare them, then the S35 is a little bit less worthy than S30. Both of them have the same feature and very little difference.

The S35 doesn’t have additional features either. So, the Polk S30 is greater than the S35.

Do I really need a center channel speaker for my home theater?

If you want the most beautiful home theater experience, then a center channel speaker must. I have already described why home theater setup needs a center channel speaker.

According to that, for an immersive experience, you should buy a center channel speaker.