KEF Q100 vs Q150: Bookshelf Speaker Review

It’s been so long that many brands are competitively making the best audio products. KEF is one such brand that is well known for its splendid products. And KEF Q100 vs Q150 is now the two most trending speakers with the most significant features.

Regarding the people’s needs, KEF is hardly trying to satisfy people with their products. And thus, they brought the Q100 and Q150 Bookshelf speaker of the Q Series. They will be the best for home theatre if you want to set up any.

So, are you looking for the best sounding speaker for your home theatre? Are you not familiar with the term bookshelf speaker? Or, are you confuse between KEF Q100 and Q150 speaker?

Then you are precisely in the right place. After reading this article, you will get all your answers. And after that, I am damn sure you will find your desired one.

KEF Q100 VS Q150: PROS

KEF Q100 KEF Q150
  • Uni-Q driver array
  • Simple but stylish design
  • Detachable grills
  • Durable
  • Clear sound
  • Rich and punchy bass
  • Uni-Q driver array
  • Powerful bass
  • Detailed and realistic sound
  • Durable
  • Perfect design for home decor
  • High-frequency response
  • Accurate acoustic

KEF Q100 VS Q150: CONS

KEF Q100 KEF Q150
  • No Bluetooth
  • Need extra amp
  • The only black color is available now
  • The upper midrange is not so good
  • Need extra amp

KEF Q100 VS Q150| Comparison

KEF Q100 VS Q150 Bookshelf Speaker is quite similar. They have almost the same features. Both of them are from the Q series. So, choosing between them is too hard.

So, for easy eyesight, I am adding a comparison table. Then I will summarize them in the next section.

Features KEF Q100 KEFQ150
Speaker Type 2-way 2-way
Dimension 7.1 x 10.7 x 11.81 in 7.09 x 10.94 x 11.93 in
Speaker Enclosure N/A Closed
Number of Drivers 2 2
Maximum output 107dB 108dB
Sensitivity 86dB 86dB
Frequency response 49 Hz – 40 kHz 51Hz – 28kHz
Woofer Yes(5.12 in) Yes(5.12 in)
Drive Units 5.25 in. Uni-Q Driver Array 5.25 in. Uni-Q Driver Array
Speaker Placement Bookshelf/ Table Stand mountable
Weight 13.01 lb 12.35 lb
Price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon

KEF Q100 VS Q150|Uni-Q technology

The two bookshelf speaker KEF Q100 and Q150, are from the Q series. And a fantastic technology they use in it is the Uni-Q technology. Using this technology means the Uni-Q diver array unit.

The main work of the Uni-Q array is to centralized the tweeter of the midrange and bass cone. The midrange and treble integrated together thus provide the most idea soundstage.

This is the specialty of these two speakers. Because of this technology, the natural and realistic sound can get. The full room will be full fill with the sound and throughout the room also.

It also can deliver good frequencies, which is the cause of the more accurate and three-dimensional sound. The listener will get a divine sound and intend to listen more and more.


  • As bookshelves are small in size, they look cute also well furnished. Seeing the KEF Q100 bookshelf speaker for the first time, it seems expensive to me as well as stylish.

And it actually worth its expensive look. I can go to any home decor beautifully. KEF used a black vinyl exterior using high-quality MDF. This gives the speaker an elegant look.

Two speakers come in the set. And a KEF’s logo on it looks good. The front baffle is attached to the cabinet. And they used durable material for the baffle.

It also has a two-bass reflex design that ensures an outstanding audio experience. It is two way designed bookshelf speaker available in black and walnut color. So, this can go perfectly with your home decor.

  • In contrast, the KEF Q150 bookshelf speaker is also a well-furnished speaker that looks great. It is available in 3 color satin black, satin white, and walnut. It is also a two-way bookshelf speaker.

The KEF logo on the front seems nice. The highlighted side is the bass-reflex cabinet with CFD. And the rear-firing port for accurate and detailed musical bass.

The sophisticated design also sleek absolutely fit for the medium-sized room. Also light-weight.

There is a bass port along with the gold binding post on the back at the construction. This helps to connect the speaker to the receiver.


Sensitivity means the loudness of a speaker. The more sensitivity rate, the more loud volume or music can hear. And for any rock-type music or action movie, a high sensitivity rate is a must.

Both the KEF Q100 and Q150 speaker have a sensitivity rate of 86 dB. This is not so bad for a bookshelf speaker. It also capable of providing enough loud vibrating sound.

The Q100 had 86 dB of sensitivity, and the Q150 also didn’t change the feature. Perhaps they could change it at a high rate. Then this can be louder.

But as they didn’t change it, both the speaker will provide the same loud. But except these other factors may work behind the loudness.

Frequency Response

Frequency response means the range of frequencies. It refers to the musical tone that the speaker can produce. So, it has a good effect on sound quality.

  • The KEF Q100 bookshelf speaker has a frequency response of 49 Hz – 40 kHz. We know that the human hearing range is 20Hz-20KHz. So, the speaker has the right frequency response.

For this, it can deliver a friendly musical tone and smooth sounding.

  • On the other hand, the KEF Q150 bookshelf speaker has a frequency range of 51Hz – 28kHz. Which is also great for fine-tuning and sound. The crisp sound can hear.

Woofer and Tweeter

In these two bookshelf speakers, there is a woofer made of aluminum. The size of the woofer is 5.12-inch. As a result, there is an emotional and low level of distortion.

And also, a 5.25-inch of Uni Q driver Array also built-in it. Here 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter attached in the center. The number of drivers is two.

The impedance is 8 ohm. The only difference is the maximum output. In Q100, the maximum output 107dB and Q150 108 dB.

Except for the maximum output, the impedance, construction of woofer, or number tweeter are all the same.

These type of woofer and tweeter can produce high and smooth frequencies. The nicer the frequencies are, the more fine-tune or sound you will get. Maybe for this, the KEF kept the same feature in both bookshelf speakers.

Sound Quality

  • The sound system is terrific in the KEF Q100 Bookshelf speaker. A versatile sound with the clarity can hear. Such sounds that one can listen to for a long time and won’t get tired.

Both the low and high volumes are significant here. And the most impressive thing is the bass. Rich, divine, and powerful bass it produces that can quickly satisfy one bassholic person.

Next, the combination of woofer and tweeter is the best. Because this combination is the cause of delivering rich sound and punchy bass.

The mids are broader and precise. Also, the lows are clear and detailed. The volume can be loud without any distortion. And lastly, the Uni-Q driver array is present for handling the rest of the natural sound.

In a word, this is a blast in this price range.

  • KEF Q1500 bookshelf speaker is uniques for its rich, punchy, and powerful bass. And the realistic and detailed sound clarity is fit for any audiophile.

The low ends are great. That can deliver warm music. And the sound is also three dimensional, which will give you a feel of full of sound around you.

As the design is a two-way bass-reflex, this ensures free distortion and a full sounding system. Reduce external noise also.

Next, the Uni-Q driver, woofer, and aluminum tweeter are the best for providing outstanding sound. And the frequency response is also high. All the combination of the design, woofer, and other things takes this speaker to the highest performance level.

KEF Q100 VS Q150: Setting Up

The setting up process is easy for both the KEF Q100 and Q150 bookshelf speaker. Because they are Wireless.

First, you need to place it, whether on the shelf or a stand.

Then, as they are wireless no need to attach an extra wire. But both of the speakers are passive speakers. So, an amp is needed to connect.

There is a port back of the speakers. Remove the caps from there. Then connect the receiver to the speaker with the cable.

Then it’s ready to use. While buying any amp, remember one thing that the amp requirement is 10-100W.

Perfect Placement For Better Sound

At first, let’s talk about Q100 bookshelf speaker placement. This speaker can place on a shelf, table, or desk. And the Q150 on the stand. But not on the floor.

You can position them like 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position. It means 10 and 10 angling towards the listening position.

Also, maintain a distance of 9-inch from the back wall. And at least 6 feet up from the ground. The distance between the two speakers should be 6 feet to 12 feet.

By doing a setup like this, you can get the full sound.

For home theatre

Both of the speakers are suitable for any home theatre set up. They will perfectly go with the setup.

But if you want deep bass, then you should go with the Q150 speaker. Otherwise, the Q100 is also acceptable.

All you need is to buy an extra emp. Then all your home theatre set up is ready to go.

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For the living room or bedroom

The bookshelf speaker is specially designed for a medium-sized room. They can comfortably use the bedroom and living room.

But overall performance, the Q150 speaker is better suitable for living for then the Q100 speaker. If you set up a speaker in your bedroom, then the Q100 can work best.

And as for large rooms, the Q100 is more significant than the Q150 to work quite well in the large rooms. Depends on your placement.

Things to Look Before Buying A Bookshelf Speaker

When you know what a bookshelf speaker is, you must need the excellent features. After that, choosing between KEF Q100 and Q150 will be far more comfortable for you.

Wired or Wireless: Bookshelf speakers are of two types wired or wireless. Of course, in wireless speakers, there is no need to connect any wire. So, it is easier to use and no need for the extra trouble.

On the other hand, wired bookshelf speakers need to connect with the amp. So, the amp can provide the power and deliver the signal to the speaker.

Comparing sounding quality, the wired speaker can produce good sound than wireless. But if you don’t want extra wire trouble, then go for a wireless speaker.

Active or Passive: Let me quickly describe for you. An active speaker has a built-in amp, but a passive speaker doesn’t contain any built-in amp.

It means if you are buying a passive bookshelf speaker, look if it is active or passive. Because if you buy a passive speaker, you will need to buy an extra amp.

Speaker size: Don’t think that a large bookshelf speaker can produce more sound. Actually, the thing is a large speaker can deliver more volume. If you are considered with volume, you can buy a large speaker.

Otherwise, the size is not a big thing to think about as bookshelf speakers are meant to be small.

Sound Quality: This is the essential thing that you must look for. Sound quality depends on the sensitivity, woofer, bass, and frequency response. Make sure they have the ideal range of these facts.

And the details I will describe in the comparison section. So, you can have a clear vision.

Sensitivity: Sensitivity refers to how loud the speaker can be. As you may use it for listening to music or movies most often, you may need a full loud volume.

Before buying, make sure your speaker has sensitivity over 95dB. Over 95dB is capable of giving the loudest sound.

Placement and Stands: Bookshelf speakers always stay on a table, shelf, or desk. But in the present time, many bookshelf speakers have designed different that need an extra stand.

So, before buying, also make sure what the design is. You may need to buy a different stand.


KEF Q100 VS Q150 are the two trending and splendid bookshelf at this time. They are perfect for providing the best sound. You can not expect more from a bookshelf speaker.

So, now I think all your confusion has been evident, and as they are too fantastic, you may be eagerly wanting one of them.

Then don’t waste time anymore. Just go and buy one which meets up your need also consider the price tag. Something crazy audio experience is waiting for you.


KEF Q100 VS Q150 Which Is Better?

The most challenging question is that none of them are less beneficial, and almost all of the features are the same.

But overall view the KEF Q150 is better than Q100. Several reasons are behind this. The first thing is the most resonant bass and the powerful sound.

This is the only and main reason. But if you are not too much worry about the bass, then you also can buy the Q100.

What Is A Bookshelf Speaker?

Before buying any speaker, you should know what actually it is. Because you may not have much knowledge about these things. So, knowing them will make your work easy while buying one.

A Bookshelf speaker mainly small in size and kept on the shelf, any elevated surface, or on a table. They are compact size and can work as the best sounding speaker for your home theatre.

They are designed in small size but with the full coverage of sound. In congested places, they are capable of delivering a fantastic sound that can blow out your mind.

So, those who have limited space but want the full sound. A pair of bookshelf speakers will be best for them. As KEF Q100 or Q150.

Can I Place Bookshelf Speaker Beside TV?

Yes, there is no problem placing your speaker beside the TV. But follow the rules of perfect set up I have described in the KEF Q100VS Q150 Setting up section.

Is Bookshelf Worth Buying?

Be 100% sure they are worth it. As time is passing the manufacture of bookshelf speakers is upgrading. They are none less than any floor-standing speaker.

But still, they may not fully occupy the floor-standing speaker as they are small size. So, the number of the woofer or other thing is limited. But still, they are capable of providing powerful sound.

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