Best 3.1 Home Theater: Review and Setup Guide

Home theater setups are something of a holy grail to most people. Having a movie setup at your beck and call is a luxury many would dream to have. You go to a movie theater and nine out of ten times you have definitely thought of how amazing a theater sounds when playing a movie. You have noticed the sound dampening foam and the huge speakers all around the theater. Well, for those of you who want a similar experience, this article of Best 3.1 Home Theater is for you all.

A home theater setup gives you the luxury of changing things, it gives you the freedom to move things around, tune the sound to your liking and get the best of the best equipment if you are not on a budget.

For this dream to come true, you would obviously need good speaker systems that will deliver the power and audio quality that you desire. Here is a Guideline to connect additional speakers to your soundbar.

3.1 Home Theater System

This article focuses on the best 3.1 home theater setups that you can get in the market. The number 3.1 in the audio industry means, three speaker units and one subwoofer which is denoted by the number after the decimal. A home theater setup with these components is bound to be enough to simulate a similar experience.

Home theater setups focus on a surrounding experience, they target the audience from all angles giving a fulfilling experience that makes you think you are actually inside the movie or video that is playing.

Having a good speaker that can give you that experience where you can pinpoint where the sound is coming from in a scene is what makes a speaker system so unique.


3.1 home theater setups have three speaker units each placed in three places of the room. Each unit focuses on the left, the right, and the center all together to enhance the realism of the audio.

In addition to that, you have the subwoofers which handle the low-frequency range. This is the reason why you can feel those booms and beats on your skin. Having a subwoofer is useful as it takes the load off the other units.

Furthermore, the other three speaker drivers handle the mid and high range of frequencies. This range is mainly comprised of the vocals and dialogues of the audio and also the instrumentals.

Reproducing clear vocals out of the audio is crucial to a complete sound experience because most speakers often get distorted when the volume is cranked up high in these high-frequency ranges.

The 3.1 home theater setups are built to make sure the sound is balanced between the speaker units. Unlike a stereo speaker where only two speakers take hold of the load, the sound is bound to be distorted.

So what is better than two speakers? Three speakers and a subwoofer. That is what 3.1 home theater setups are all about, quality, diversity, variety, and control.

Best 3.1 Home Theater Setups

Now, coming to the reason why you are here in the first place, to know about all the best 3.1 home theater setups available in the market. These are some of the best if not the cheapest but great value for money, home theater setups available right now.

These setups are all great and if you are not on a budget and are quite flexible, this list is for you.

The following list of speakers contains all kinds of setups including but not limited to soundbars, wireless speakers, floor-standing speakers, and even bookshelf speakers. Keep on reading to know more about each and every product here and who knows? By the end of this read, you might be halfway into ordering one for yourself.

Klipsch Cinema 600 3.1 channel Soundbar

Klipsch, mainly known for their magical prowess in the audio industry, has always produced the state of the art audio accessories with outstanding quality. Klipsch is best known for its audio feedback and consistency and that is clearly shown in this soundbar.

Soundbars may not be an ideal choice for home theater setups but these have become increasingly popular over the years.

Klipsch Cinema 600 3.1 channel soundbar gives you a sleek looking 45 inches long soundbar with a dedicated center speaker that is crucial to produce clean vocals with high clarity.

As you have already read how important vocals are in speakers, Klipsch is able to maintain that performance without distortion in the sound at increased volumes.

Aside from that, this soundbar also comes with a wireless subwoofer, so no cable management issues firstly and minimalistic design. The three speakers are all incorporated within the soundbar so you do not have to worry about placement.

It comes with HDMI inputs as well as optical inputs for fast connections with your TV.

Klipsch takes advantage of the acoustics of your room and bounces the sound off the walls for a surrounding effect, making it the ideal choice for home theater setups.

Bose 3.1 Home Theater Set: Soundbar 700 + Bass 700

Bose has been a common name in the sound industry. In fact, it might be the only name people think about when it comes to audio devices. Bose has set its signature in the audio world ever since their first researched audio speakers.

They specialized their sound by testing them in research labs with experts which gave Bose the credibility that they now carry.

As proof of that fact, the Bose 3.1 Home Theater Set Soundbar 700 and Bass 700 is a standing example of good quality home theater setup. These speakers might cost you a fair amount but the experience is out of the world.

With Alexa built-in and an eight array microphone set up in the soundbar, you can control your smart home appliances easily without putting an effort.

This soundbar also comes with the Bose Music app which lets you customize your audio to your liking. You can set presets for the type of music or audio you are playing and will never have to change them.

It comes with a universal remote, surround sound modularity, optical audio input, and last but not least, a low spacious sound performance with the help of the bass 700 with its impending booms.

LG SN8YG – 3.1.2 Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

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LG believes in taking the home theater system to the next level. Which means, making a speaker that can compete for head to head with movie theater sound systems. Which is where their SN8YG 3.1.2 channel soundbar comes into play.

This is a sleek looking soundbar with great ergonomics and a subwoofer that is wireless! That means no cable management! You can take a sigh of relief.

This LG soundbar produces sound at a comfortable level for the users to experience the best out of the movie or video. It will not overwhelm the audio nor decrease its quality.

The sound is just right. With LG, you are getting everything in a package. Starting from the Google Assistant integration which lets you control all other smart home devices with just your voice, to audio tuning at best.

Another cool feature about the SN8YG is the surround sound capability. The sound is bounced off of the walls with high precision and no distortions. So if you are at any point in the room, you will be getting the full quality without loss.

Additionally, the soundbar also supports 4K pass-through for high-end TVs, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-resolution audio upsampling for pristine quality.

Klipsch Heritage Wireless 3.1 Home Theater Setup

Another one of Klipsch’s product and this time it is not a soundbar. The Klipsch reference wireless 3.1 home theater setup is the one for all the classy dads and enthusiasts who believe in actual numbers than just a soundbar with the drivers in it.

This home theater setup comprises everything that Klipsch stands for, i.e., classy look with the state of the art technology, and more. Check out these classy looking Klipsch speakers also.

With the reference wireless, you are getting a dedicated center channel, two left and right speaker units, and a subwoofer, all of which are connected wirelessly so you do not have to think about routing your cables and instead, place them anywhere appropriate for your room.

The groundbreaking acoustics and that award-winning Klipsch audio quality lives on in this system as well.

The setup is easy, just connect the WISA transmitter to the device and the speaker systems and you are good to go. Who does not love an easy setup? Most people would worry about latency but with the reference wireless, the connection is seamless, the latency is unnoticeable and the connection is smooth as butter.

The quality is so pure, you would think you are inside the movie. Find out What is special about Samsung Soundbar R60M.

Polk Audio T Series 3.1 Channel Complete Home Theater System with Powered Subwoofer

Polk makes products for the people and with the T series 3.1, they stood by their words yet again. This speaker system delivers the same high-quality sound as Polk’s other high-end setups with fair pricing. They aim to match the theater quality and bring it right at your doorsteps at an affordable price.

With the system, you are getting two floor-standing speaker units, a dedicated center channel, and a powered subwoofer. Yes! That is right, the subwoofer is powered with Polk’s unique power port technology which enhances the bass and clears out any anomalies making the audio sound more spacious and impactful.

The massive floor-standing speaker units are no small feat themselves. They produce high-quality audio that is well balanced and fills the room instantly. So, there is no place where the audio quality is different or low.

The volume of these are ecstatic, as you crank it up, there are little to no distortions. The mids and highs are perfectly balanced and well-controlled so the vocals are clear which is a great quality, rarely seen in speakers. Read more here about the Difference between 2.1 Home theater and 5.1 Home Theater.


This part is going to present you with some solutions to your problems. and these problems are not only yours but anyone can have these thoughts. So, let’s see what you can learn new from this part.

Is a 3.1 setup good?

3.1 audio If you don’t have enough room for a true surround sound speaker system, a 3.1 speaker system can be a reasonable alternative. A 3.1 configuration is similar to the previous 2.1 setup, but it has a middle speaker to enhance movie sound.

Are there any 3.1 receivers on the market?

Yes, the 3.1 setting can be used. DENON AVR-S740H 7.2-Ch x 75 Watts A/V Receiver w/HEOS features Audyssey Multi EQ room correction and speaker configuration.

Is 3.1 suitable for film?

If you don’t want to mess with wiring surround speakers, a 3.1 would suffice. Surround sounds are enjoyable in some shows, but if there isn’t simple dialogue, you’ll find yourself lifting the volume and then dropping it when the music becomes too loud. It’s important to have front speakers that are voiced similarly.

Final Verdict

In the end, all of the above-mentioned speakers are unique in their own way. They reproduce sound in such a high quality, you would be left in awe. The main concern comes in budgeting but that is not a big factor. Because remember, whatever your budget is, there is always a speaker system that will fit and satisfy your needs within that price point. Or else, if you are unbothered by the price, go for anyone of the above.

Author’s Pick: Klipsch Cinema 600