Samsung R60M Soundbar Review: One bar for all your audio needs

Soundbars, to be put bluntly, are a long bar that produces sound. They literally look as the name sounds, and their uses are far more crucial to home theatre setups and sound systems around the house. With televisions getting thinner and more extensive, people opt for external, more powerful speakers rather than rely on the scratchy in-built ones. To match your thinner TV we found a match and today’s topic is Samsung R60M Soundbar Review. 

A good soundbar does what a good pair of glasses do, make things crystal clear. You can hear the dialogues and voices crisp and clear; even the whispers can be heard correctly without having to crank up the volume or straining your ears. Such is the Samsung R60M soundbar, a system perfect for any house.

Why do you need a soundbar?

Before you get into the details about the Samsung R60M soundbar, you might have been wondering, why do you even need a soundbar? There are so many other options, bookshelf speakers, active far-field speakers, or even a proper home theater sound system like the Klipsch Black Reference Theatre Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System.

The answer is simple; if you have the money, go for it. Sure, soundbars lack in several aspects which home theatre systems ace at, but when it comes to consumer friendliness and convenience, soundbars take the cake. They are easy to store and are relatively loud, a feature appreciated by everyone.

Additionally, soundbars are more fashionably adaptable and packed with power. Initially, soundbars did not live up to the home theatre craze because even though it had the size, the speaker drivers were weak and could not cover the whole living area.

However, companies like Sony stepped up their game and came up with a perfect system and can simulate a virtual surround sound no matter the room’s size.

You know better than anything that TVs will be paper-thin and will have no room for speakers in the near future. It is best to consider getting a soundbar with your TV or just get one as your primary home surround sound system. Sure there are other alternatives, but a soundbar is the best option for your daily sound needs.

What is the Samsung R60M Soundbar?

The Samsung R60M soundbar aims at convenience. With the sleek design and aesthetics, this soundbar already is ahead of its time, completing your home theatre or sound system setup. The Samsung R60M soundbar comes with an additional wireless subwoofer unit for the low frequencies. It reproduces those booms and rumbles as if you are in the movie or music.

Moreover, with wireless connectivity, the Samsung R60M soundbar reaches the top of the convenience summit. You can connect your phone, laptop, or any audio device using Bluetooth, and the linking is seamless with almost no latency. Latency is a huge issue when it comes to how good a speaker is, and without wire, the Samsung R60M performs phenomenally.

Additionally, the Samsung R60M soundbar is explicitly designed to work effortlessly with Samsung TVs and products. With their plug and play technology, the connectivity is buttery smooth and the best part yet; once connected, the soundbar, subwoofer unit, and TV all work as one. You can sit at your leisure, turn on your TV, and put on some Netflix; this soundbar will do its wonder.

There is a range of options to choose from when it comes to Samsung products, yet the Samsung R60M soundbar stands out the most for its price. It governs a low price point and makes it ideal for consumers who want to experience the surround sound technology without having to pay the premium. Moreover, the R60M does the job as required and does not hold back on performance.

What makes this Soundbar so unique and its underlying features:

All soundbars look the same, yes, but what makes the Samsung R60M unique is its compatibility with other brands and general TVs. This soundbar is for everyone and every task that requires audio.


This seamless connectivity with not only just Samsung products but also other brands makes the Samsung R60M unique from all other speakers out there. With no assembly required, the Samsung R60M comes ready to plug and play.

The optical connection between the TV and the soundbar merges them into one, so when you turn your TV on, the soundbar and the subwoofer will turn on and connect automatically. And the Samsung soundbar r60m manual is super easy to understand.

Sound Quality

You can use it as a music device, and the audio will fill your room. You can even use this product to watch videos on your phone through Bluetooth.

Furthermore, if you have a 4K TV, most soundbars do not have a 4K pass-through, unlike the Samsung R60M soundbar. With support for 4K, when you switch to these soundbars, you can immediately distinguish the sound quality. It becomes more affluent, more dynamic, and crystal clear sound.

The dialogues are the worst part of a speaker where most of them fail to live up to. You might notice with regular speakers or home theatre setups, they are mostly heavy on bass but lack in producing clear or loud dialogues and voice.

The Samsung R60M fills that gap with its stereo surround sound technology leaving the heavy lifting of the bass to the subwoofer.

Setting Up

Additionally, it comes with wall mounts within the box to put it up on an elevated position below the TV. You might not need it, but it does not hurt to have the option for it. The installation is easy and straightforward, so no need to hire professionals.

With all these features, the praiseworthy dynamic audio range, and the insanely low cost of the product, the Samsung R60M is the soundbar of choice.

Points for praise:

  • Wireless connectivity between the subwoofer, soundbar, and audio device calls for less cable management.
  • Compact design goes anywhere in the house.
  • 4K pass-through makes it ideal for high-end televisions.
  • Covers a wide area for its long design.
  • Easy to install, plug, and play.
  • The optical link enables the seamless, zero-latency connection between the TV and soundbar.

Points for Improvement:

  • Stereo surround sound is not a real surround sound but rather virtualization that uses the stereo speakers to simulate the effect.
  • The subwoofer is not reliable when it comes to bass. Even with the level cranked up, the bass may be unfulfilling.
  • Does not have the customizability of regular speakers.
  • No audio equalizer to tune your sound to the liking.
  • Sound quality may be different from different positions in the room.

Product Differentiators

When comparing the Samsung R60M with other soundbars, the difference is significant. While the Samsung R60M soundbar may not fall heavy on your wallet, it does lack features that other good soundbars perform well at.

You do not have to be an audiophile to know which audio quality is good and which is not; just play a piece of music or movie, and you can hear for yourself. First and foremost, the difference comes in the subwoofer quality. The bass is an essential aspect of a sound system, and soundbars are usually not equipped with drivers to handle these low frequencies.

The Samsung R60Ms included subwoofer is not as powerful as other soundbars. It may be different from individual to individual, but generally, the performance is low.

In contrast to the performance, the Samsung R60M aces in the connectivity sector. With the optical link and optical connection inputs, connecting to the TV has become easy and quick. Anyone can understand the Samsung soundbar r60m setup and no need to pay to the technician for installation.

You will not have to turn on your soundbar individually and connect it again with the TV, but rather it works as one with the TV. Turn on your TV, and the soundbar turns on with it.

While the Samsung R60M soundbar is vast, you can still hear the quality deteriorating as you go around the room. This means the area of coverage may be large, but the effectiveness is low. These are budget-friendly soundbars; you will obviously have to give up some quality for the product.

Why should you get the Samsung R60M Soundbar?

The Samsung R60M soundbar can be your soundbar of choice. It features all the necessary requirements at a low price point, targeting the consumers who want a soundbar experience without having to buy a whole home theatre setup.

With the soundbars ergonomic and minimalistic design, it will easily fit in your living room without breaking the bank.

The budget is not the only thing that attracts this soundbar. What really irks your interest is its connectivity. The smooth connection between various audio devices and the wireless feature of the R60M supports convenience.

If you have a large room, this Samsung soundbar has got it covered. With its stereo surround sound technology and high-quality speaker drivers, the audio is crisp, clear, and without distortions.

Since this soundbar already comes with an additional subwoofer unit, the whole bar can focus and dedicate its drivers towards working on the high frequencies, which calls for clear dialogue, voices, and vocals.

The subwoofer of the Samsung R60M is no joke either. Its primary focus is to transmit the low frequencies and deliver an excellent bass to the audio, and it does the job well. You will feel it when watching a movie like Godzilla or Transformers, where sound effects are what makes the experience so exhilarating.

More importantly, with Bluetooth, you can connect your phone or laptop, and the shift in the audio channel will be seamless and without delay. The Samsung R60M soundbar also features an optical connection, a fast connection type that turns the TV and soundbar into one unit.

You can take consider all these features and even test them out yourself at any Samsung store. Place this product in your room, move anywhere in the room, and still hear the loud, clear sound. Even the distorted audio sounds good when it comes to this soundbar.

Another feature is the placement; the package comes well equipped with all the tools you need to mount this soundbar in any position. However, it is always recommended to keep it below your TV or audio device, facing towards you as it is a three-channel soundbar. The placement is also crucial for the optimal experience. Also check out Best Wireless Soundbar For Samsung TV.

Last but not least, If you are looking for the complete package, the Samsung R60M also provides that option. It comprises an expansion pack that contains multiple speakers that will complete the home theatre setup. This, of course, costs extra, but you can complete your dream setup with the complete package without any tradeoffs in performance.

Final Verdict

In the end, what you ask is what you get. The Samsung R60M soundbar delivers as promised, a performance worthy of high-end speakers with some minor tradeoffs while commanding a low price point. You can, of course, get a better speaker or one of those proper home theatre setups, but you can agree that they are rather bulky and not aesthetic.

Soundbars keep the looks to a minimum, delivers quality and connectivity. If you are planning on getting the R60M soundbar, also check out the expansion pack made for the complete home theatre setup. Otherwise, the soundbar alone is sufficient and satisfactory in performance and need.