How To Connect Additional Speakers To Soundbar

So, you’ve bought an extra log like a structured loudspeaker and you don’t know what to do with it? Or, you are not satisfied with your soundbar and want more energy to it? You have come to the right place. This article will meet all your queries with appropriate solutions.

Nowadays with our modern LED TV, we get soundbars which gives an additional kick to our sound system. But we’ve still got some speakers to connect with it to get that full experience. And with that hovering around your mind, you keep thinking about upgrading your system or adding a kick to it.

The question is can I connect additional speakers to my soundbar? And the answer is, YES! Now that being said, how can I connect additional speakers to my soundbar? The solution is here. Stay Tuned!

About soundbars

Soundbars which are also known as music bars are known for projecting sound from a wide enclosure. Generally, multiple speakers are connected in a single panel to create surround sound or stereo effect. If you are an audiophile, you are most likely to know about it. Check out these best soundbars to get a new perspective.

Besides that, it adds great acoustics while watching a movie or drama, play, and sports. Soundbars rarely have connections to external speakers that are not included in the system because they often come with few wireless or wired speakers. But there are some factors to look out for, such as- model number of your soundbar, output device connectors, the configuration of external speakers, etc. It is a bit complicated process to set up your speakers to your soundbar for a 3D sound adventure.

Soundbars could be 2.1 soundbars, 5.1 soundbars, 7.1 channel, 9.1 channel. The 2.1 channel soundbar comes with two speakers built-in and a subwoofer. And a 5.1 channel soundbar is 1 soundbar with two or more additional speakers and a subwoofer. Soundbar itself is an external speaker system.

Connecting speakers to TV soundbar

You can connect additional speakers to your TV soundbar but only a few soundbars come with features of connecting additional sound speakers which are generally meant for subwoofers. Soundbars are built to replace your TV speakers and not play along with the TV speaker.

If your soundbar has an HDMI ARC port it will leave you with the option for TOSLINK optical connection in addition. You can use a 3.55 mm converter and connect the speakers with the converter and likewise connect the soundbar with it. Soundbars are a great way to connect external speakers to your TV.

Soundbars have a built-in amplifier that can connect speakers. You’ll most definitely need a receiver while connecting speakers to a soundbar. Find out if Samsung R60M Soundbar suitable for your TV.

Using additional speakers with soundbars

Since we are talking about adding more speakers to your soundbar, you should know some things in advance. It is possible to create an output system by rewiring. Another way is to connect the soundbar is to connect your audio output to an optical fiber splitter and then connect the two ends with your soundbar and your external speaker.

The audio might come from a 2.1 channel soundbar. But it will produce nicer sound if it’s 5.1 audio channel with output multiple systems. Take a peek at the difference between Soundbar vs Bookshelf Speakers also.

Connecting surround speakers to your soundbar

Most of the time soundbars support surround speakers which are manufactured from the same manufacturing company. Finding a compatible speaker with a directional sound kit is going to help you in the long run. The surround speakers must have the feature to connect with normal speakers or at least wireless speakers. You’ll need a receiver that has audio outputs for each channel also known as pre-outs.

Then RCA cable needs to be connected to the audio outputs. After that, you’ll have to connect the other end of the RCA cable with a mini stereo system. The mini-stereo system will then relate to the soundbar. There are AUX inputs, RCA inputs, and digital inputs to connect the mini-stereo with the soundbar.

AUX Input:

If your soundbar has an AUX input you’ll have to buy an RCA to AUX cable converter. Then you’ll connect the RCA end on one end of the converter cable and another end to the AUX end to the soundbar.

RCA input:

The RCA cable will have to just be connected with the RCA output of the mini stereo and then directly connect it to the RCA input of the soundbar.

Digital Optical Input:

For the soundbars which don’t have any RCA/AUX input, it must have a digital input method.

In the end, you’ll have to connect your surround speaker with a receiver to your external speaker wires. By this, you can connect the surround speaker with your soundbar. Also, you can add a 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 channel sound system.

Can you connect wireless speakers to your soundbar?

Yes, you can connect wireless speakers to your soundbar. But the first and foremost condition for connecting the wireless speakers to your soundbar is that two of these devices need to be connected with the same Wi-Fi connection. Wireless speakers are hassle-free, easy to set up and, add a lot of flexibility to your system.

The speakers automatically connect if they relate to the same electric outlet. Bluetooth speakers can be connected to your soundbar. You’ll just have to enable the Bluetooth mode on your soundbar. In this case, you need to check beforehand if your speaker supports Bluetooth or not.

This is how you could connect some additional speakers to your soundbar. But to be very honest your soundbar does not need an additional speaker added to it. Rather than setting two devices up you could just buy a better soundbar or use these devices separately. Because most of the time the speaker and the soundbar don’t stay in sync for audios not mixing well. Also checkout the comparison between Soundbar and Bluetooth Speakers.


Soundbars are mean to be a standout all in one stereo system because of which it most of the time do not have the feature for audio out. Also, the setup is very complex with all the wires, cables, and adapters.

Hooking your soundbar to a speaker will not meet your need for high-resolution 3D sound while in most cases it ruins the sound quality. Your soundbar is a standalone unit and most probably has a built-in surround stereo system already.

But if you still have this desire to add an external speaker for your soundbar I would recommend you go for wireless speakers. Wireless speakers are easier to set up than wired speakers. In the end, you are the one to decide what kind of setup you want for yourself.

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