Best DJ speakers for home: Best Party Depends on Best Speakers

Why would you need DJ speakers for your home? Well, it could be because Audio is incredibly important for any media that you consume. And it’s just that much better enjoyed with premium audio quality.

Apart from potentially hooking DJ speakers up to your home theater. You might also want drivers just to enjoy music on your own. Or even stream if you are a DJ by hobby or if you’re looking to throw a bangin’ party for your friends.

There are a plethora of options available on the market. You could select the most absurdly expensive or the cheapest on the market the choice is yours. You could even go for the most bang for the buck option for your audio stimulation.

This guide is to help you with just making that decision. In the following text you will be aided in picking the best possible choice you can make in any budget. Available options will cover plenty of obscure and popular brands and manufacturers alike.

What are DJ speakers and can you use them at home?

When in a setting such as a DJ setup. What you are looking for is a monitor. Ideally when looking for DJ speakers are looking to monitor what people outside at a party are hearing at a party or a festival.

The speakers should be delivering crisp, distortion free, treble full audio paired with great deep gut punching bass.To be able to to acquire and experience such audio you would have to invest in quality studio monitors.

These audio monitors are what DJs use at festivals for themselves and the people they are playing it for. Which suffices to say that you aren’t crazy to invest in some studio monitors yourself.

There are very little discernible differences between DJ speakers and a studio monitor. The key differences between the two are the DJ speakers give a more colored sound for the listener to enjoy and a studio monitor ensures clear and delay less audio.

When picking out a DJ speaker system you have to evaluate every aspect you will be expecting from the system you pick out.  Whether you are trying to have a party at your own place by yourself in a large place or with people. Proof yourself for all circumstances.

With this guide with all the following audio system reviews you will be able to evaluate which system to pick. You will not be stuck between a rock and a hard place when in doubt. All solutions will be listed below.

In addition to just speakers, we will also be covering whole speaker packages including DJ speaker packages for your evaluation. So you can choose  Everything beneath the sun in a Large budget or bang for the buck system.

Hercules DJ Starter Kit

When speaking of dj speaker packages it’s best to consider whole starter kits as they suffice as far as to go to being full starter kits.

This is a great starter kit that comes with a lot of features. This goes as far as to be one of the best budget options when you are looking for something to enjoy straight from home. This starter package has all you need to get started on your home DJ speaker setup.

Coming in at just $199 dollars from amazon. The package includes a 2 deck DJ controller with built in audio. It comes with 2 x RMS active speakers that will allow you to mix and monitor your music on the go.

The two drivers are great for parties coming in at 15W. What more to add to the package are the pair of monitor headphones to preview what you hear for your following tracks. It even includes software that is compatible for both Windows and Mac.

With the kit not only being affordable. It is also very easy to carry so if you ever plan on taking it anywhere else fret not. It is not only to carry, it’s just as easy to set it up. Adding to the fact its easy to set up, it’s incredibly beginner friendly.

The first thing you notice when you get the whole starter kit. Is the 2 deck dj controller. It’s incredibly compact and small, meaning you can pack it up and go wherever and place it wherever in the house. It’s small and packed with features like EQ and filter frequency controls.

The touch sensitive jog wheels on the controller make it a fun feature to have. Although a novelty feature in this circumstance it is still a great thing to have available. Giving you a fun record scratchy feature is surely worth your time and money while you’re at it!

Moving on to the main attraction of the kit are the high quality DJ monitors. These are active monitoring speakers that were designed with premium components that provide quality audio rendering and exceptional listening quality.

These not too giant 7.6 CM woofers with an offset tweeter pair up together to give out a really immersive and clear sound. With the clarity of the sound it means you are able to get excellent sound reproduction for your or anyone else’s listening experience.

To add to the tweeters and subwoofers excellent sound reproduction for the hercules speaker system. It even has dual bass ports to provide deep thumpy bass. The enclosure is manufactured to have a thickness of 6MM MDF.

Lastly, the great looking pro headphones with passive sound isolation. So if you try to quiet down as you try to focus on your mix you are at full capacity to do so. These swinging earpieces ensure you have the flexibility to put it on however you please.

All in all not bad for just only 200 dollars. If you’re looking to test the waters the Hercules DJ Starter Kit is just what you’re looking for. Even though they are not the best in the market, they surely pack a punch and will give you a run for your money. 

SubZero 200W 8″ PA System with Digital Media Player & Stands

If a complete DJ starter kit is too much for you to handle. You can settle pa system package. What it is is essentially just the drivers without the amplifiers and other things you would otherwise find in a kit.

These options are preferable when you want to completely control the peripherals for your full home DJ setup.You decide what amplifier and dect you want to pair your audio system to. All you need for this is your preferred amp if you want to keep it simple.

This installment is a great addition to your package to start. Coming in at $189 are a couple of 200W 8”. These monstrous drivers deliver 200W of raw power and are a pair of active and passive speakers.

The active speaker features a media player with bluetooth, SD card and USB functions indicating that you do not need to run it through a complete amplifier if you don’t want to.

The pair of speakers together weigh about 9.5Kgs built with PP plastic. You are also offered with two channel outputs and a 6 mm connect cable. The package also comes with carry bags so if you are wanting to keep it covered, they have you covered as well.

The pair of speakers comes packed with a 1 inch compression tweeter driver. Has a frequency response of 90Hz – 18KHz +/-3dB. With power consumption of  60W RMS / 85W Peak / 240W Max. This goes very close to being one of  the best dj speakers for house parties

Overall this entry in this guide is a great bang for your budget option for dj speakers if you’re not looking to drop all your cash on a sound system. Keeping in mind you will not get flagship results from your audio system but a great stopgap if you are looking to work with something for the meantime.

Proreck PR18 Subwoofer 

If a couple of woofers with tweeters aren’t meeting your party needs. You are free to explore outside of those options and invest in  a dedicated subwoofer box. That is if you are a complete basshead and you want the extra thump.

The proreck PR18 is a monstrous 18’ driver that will provide you deep bass from its 800 Watt amplifier. Although its size being beefy it still can check the portability box. It can serve as your DJ subwoofer amplifier as well.

Slap this on to your home DJ speaker bundle and you have a monstrously bangin’ subwoofer. You would however need an external amplifier to get it working with other woofers and such.

The built in Class-D amplifier ensures deep and immersive stereo sound. Its portability is attributed to the two handles provided on either side of the subwoofer.

If you’re looking for the proper punch to the gut and have the extra budget laying around you can never go wrong with this purchase. However big it also delivers massive deep bass for your home DJ set up and is sure to make everyone go crazy on the dancefloor.that is your home!

Moukey Karaoke Machine Speaker

It’s not hard to imagine how most of you just don’t want to dance in interaction to the music. But also you would want to engage more and perhaps sing along at a party with your friends and family. And this part of the guide is a review for just that.

When thinking of a karaoke machine speaker you would automatically assume this might not pack that much of a punch. Prepare to be blown away by this hefty little device.

This is a Portable PA Amplifier Speaker System. It is equipped with Peak power 160 Watt 10 inch Subwoofer and 3” Tweeters for Full Range Stereo Sound Reproduction. The best bit of this is the 10” subwoofer and it packs one hell of a punch.

The Moukey karaoke machine comes with a couple of wireless microphones. Indicating that duets are just easier and it provides twice the fun. Additionally it comes with a remote control and a docking clamp. Making it a very efficient and portable karaoke machine.

Along with all these external features it also comes with a lot of intelligent features. Ones that you don’t really think of until you use them. Super noise reduction and strong anti-interference ability ensure that you get clear and loud sound alongside insane subwoofer noise and tweeter sound.

The portability of this machine comes hand in hand with bluetooth functions. Since it’s a huge driver you can’t forget the huge battery it needs to pack and it does that just right without showing.

Apart from the fact that it’s quite a hefty machine. It’s definitely worth every penny if you’re looking for a portable karaoke machine or even one for your home. Take it to your backyard or set it up in your living room. It’s sure to bring your neighbors to your home too, we’re sure they wouldn’t mind.

JBL SRX725 2-Way Dual 15″ Speaker Cabinet

This might be a bit overkill but it’s still worth mentioning in the list. Perhaps you’re meaning serious business business for your home theatre.

These are sure to bring that extra immersion. be it for a house party or a movie. It’s sheer size and quality has all bases covered. Especially if you love going overboard with your pleasure, it’s almost if not surely gratuitous. However it will add heft to your DJ speaker price list since its JBL.

That, however, doesn’t go as far as to say it’s overpriced. It simply means you will be spending a little bit more than average but it surely won’t view any compromises. You get what you pay for if not more.

With the help of the JBL SRX725 2-Way you will surely be able to obtain and possess one of the best DJ speaker bundle money can buy. Additionally it’s easily one of the best DJ speakers for home use despite being a bit overkill.

You however to set this pair of speakers up to the full potential would need to invest in a DJ amplifier package. The speakers are already there saving you some finance and time. If you’re looking to DJ at home this could even work if you have a backyard. Considering, of course, your surroundings are appropriate.


We sincerely hope this guide was able to enlighten you even the slightest bit regarding having a good DJ speaker system at home. Although not a lot of products were covered. A Lot of necessary features were brought to light in terms of picking a good sound system. There is a whole sea of good picks out there and it’s quite hard to miss the good ones when most of them are covered here. Happy partying!