Best 1000W Home Theater

The best 1000W home theater system is ideal for users who want to enjoy a clearer and louder surround sound. These sound systems often come with several settings and options. All these work with the main goal of enhancing the sound quality and minimizing any noise or distortion. A 1000W home theater system will be more powerful than a 100W.

Speaker drivers and position plays a huge role along with room acoustics. Support for the latest Dolby Digital and Atmos codecs will improve the surrounding sound even more. Matching the TV ports with the receiver is needed in case you will use the sound system mostly for TVs. If so, HDMI is the best connection to use.

The perfect home theater system is such that it will focus on clear dialogues, movie effects, and can produce explosions accurately just as the producer intended it to sound like. Gaming sounds require extra care because the gamer needs to stay alert based on what he will hear.

Best 1000w Home Theater System Review

We have listed some of the best 1000watts home theater system that are budget-friendly, have good audio quality and excel in features.

LG LHD657 Bluetooth Multi Region Free 5.1-Channel Home


  • Front/rear/center speaker impedance: 3 ohm
  • Front/rear speaker SPL: 81 dB
  • Front/rear/center speaker driver: 3”
  • Center speaker SPL:79
  • Subwoofer driver: 7”
  • Subwoofer SPL: 83dB

The LG Electronics LHB675 home theater system 1000Watts can perform 1080p upscaling.  The front closed-type floorstanding speakers dimension is 250x1100x250mm. They are very tall and thin so make sure it doesn’t get stumbled over by any kid or pets. The rear speakers are the same and have similar characteristics.

The center channel dimension is 260x93x73mm. The bass –reflex sub has a higher SPL and it isn’t magnetically shielded. The 7” subwoofer will produce deep and punchier bass. The speakers and subwoofer have 167W per channel.

The system has 148MHZ/12bit video DAC. It has 50 radio presets. Install the floorstanding speaker to the base and complete the wiring. Connect all the speakers and this is made easier with color codes.

easier with color codes

The image above shows which speaker to connect into which port. The user manual is very useful where it comes with a diagram showing the speaker position in the home theater. It is recommended to place all speakers at an equal distance from the listening position.

distance from the listening position

You can connect the TV through the HDMI connection. It has SIMPLINK through which you can control some home theater system’s functions through the TV’s remote when it is connected to a LG TV. Along with TV, you can connect VCR, MP3 player, USB drive to the multisystem DVD player.

The rear side of the player unit has optical in, HDMI out, Video in, Aux in, and antenna. It is one of the best 1000W home theater system because along with others, it also supports Bluetooth for wireless connection. It allows USB direct recording from CDs.

You can use this 1000W LG home theater system with 65 or 75” TVs. The setup is very easy and the price is quite affordable. The unit comes with a remote control for the sound system.

Sony BDVN5200W 1000W 5.1 Channel Full HD Blu-ray Disc Home Theater System


  • 24-bit S-Master Digital Amplifier
  • Full-range speakers
  • 4k upscaler
  • 20 radio presets

The Sony 1000W home theater system has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It has versatile connections including 2 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out, USB Input, Optical audio input, Analog Audio Input, Ethernet Connection, etc. The HDMI inputs support 4k pass-through so you can use them to connect gaming consoles.

The speakers, center speaker and surround speakers have a driver of 2.6” size. The subwoofer has a 7.1” driver. The sound staging and clarity is impressive. The system’s build quality is sturdy. It has several audio features like Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, etc. it can decode Dolby Prologic but not Prologic II. For sound modes, you can choose from auto, music, movie and football mode.

The home theater system has Miracast with which you can mirror contents from smartphone to the TV screen. The rear speakers are wireless which makes setup easier. Bluetooth opens the door for wireless streaming from any compatible device. The USB can work with high-resolution audio formats.

You can also charge USB powered devices to it. With the NFC sharing option, you can wirelessly transfer files to other devices as well. This is one of the best 1000W home theater system if you don’t want messy setups. The rear wireless speakers reduce the number of cables.

The home theater system produces a broader soundstage and effectively produces movie effects. The dialogues are delivered with clarity. The addition of Sony Sound Field technology makes sound more vibrant with different modes including Cinema Studio, Digital Music Arena, and Concert Hall modes.

The DSEE HX works with frequency response and ensures optimum sound quality. It also has ClearAudio+ feature that promises energetic audio with punchier bass. The unit doesn’t have any microphone input in case you need one for karaoke. The remote control makes it easier to adjust or change settings. If you want a mobile app then download the SongPal app.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System – THX, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Certified – Black


  • 1000W peak power
  • Subwoofer: 165 W
  • Satellites: 67 W x 5
  • THX® Certified Dolby Digital 5.1 decoding
  • Ported subwoofer
  • Remote control

The speakers are designed to wall mount along with subwoofer. There are several connections including 2 Digital optical input, 1 Digital coaxial input 1, 1 Six-channel direct input, 1RCA input, 1 3.5 mm input and 1 Headphone jack. One drawback is, it doesn’t have any HDMI connection. The Logitech 1000W home theater system can decode Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks.

Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks

This delivers lifelike sound and pronounced movie effects like footsteps, whispering, rustling of leaves. The audio is rich, detailed and has deep bass. This 1000W 5.1 home theater system will produce immersive sound needed to enjoy movies. The dedicated center channel speaker ensures clear dialogues. The remote control has very few buttons giving it a cleaner look.

The image below shows what the manual recommends about speaker position. You can place them on shelves or wall mount them but make sure to angle the speakers and keep them on ear level. You can select different effects on the control console like: Stereo 3D, Stereo 4.1, or Stereo 2.1.

Stereo 3D, Stereo 4.1, or Stereo 2.1.

After connecting the speakers and sub, you can do a trial check. To do so simply use the remote to push the Input button and wait for 5s. this will enable test mode. It is one of the best 1000watt home theater system for average users. You can connect multiple devices to it: TV, PC, DVD, Blu-ray player, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

The control unit allows you to tweak bass and loudness of the subwoofer and speaker. Although the system has a 500W RMS power, it will still be quite powerful. The setup is quite easy, the sound is satisfying and the features are easy to use. overall, all these features make it the best 1000W home theater system under $300.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Ultra 9.2.4 Channel 1000W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Dual 10″ Subwoofers (Wireless) & 4 Rear Surround Effects Speakers.


  • 2 10” wireless subwoofers
  • Soundbar drivers: 6 x 2.5” Full Range Driver, 2 x 1” Tweeter
  • Loudness: 110dB
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz- 22kHz
  • 6 x 2.5” Full Range Driver
  • HDR Pass-Through, Dolby Vision
  • Bluetooth v4.1 with aptX
  • Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, etc

Nakamichi proves that soundbar home theater systems can be powerful as well as provide a minimalist look. The soundbar uses Surround Effect-1 tweeters along with other 6 drivers. This causes the soundstage to be 35% more than others. It is one of the best high-end 1000-watt home theater system that uses the best and latest features and functions.

Since the home theater system has two subwoofers, the low-end frequency will be much better throughout the room specially for multiple seating positions. The speakers are quite powerful and are capable of producing precise audio with excellent dynamics.

It supports video up to 4K60P. Connections include 3 HDMI in (HDMI 2.0a / HDCP 2.2) and one HDMI out. It also has Optical In, Coaxial In, 3.5mm Analog In, USB Type-A. the backlit remote control is easy to use.

Bluetooth makes it easier to stream files wirelessly. It has Qualcomm aptX technology and you can connect soundbar via Bluetooth to the TV which makes setup much easier. TV’s with HDMI ARC makes it easier to connect the home theater system.

Gaming consoles, set-top box, DVD players can be connected to other HDMI ports. While most user manuals come with a basic placement of speakers, Nakamichi is much more precise and comes with specific measurements. This can improve the audio quality dramatically more than you think.

specific measurements

You can adjust the surrounding speaker to have vertical effects from the speaker bounced off walls or have both vertical and surround sound. The SSE technology used by this home theater system improves the sound quality with effects of Spatial, Surround and Elevation. It ensures precise directivity of sound towards the user with immersive soundstage, powerful surround along with Dolby Atmos height effects.

RCA RT2910 1000W Home Theater System

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  • Muting Attenuation: 65dB
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz/3dB, 1KHz ref.
  • Subwoofer Frequency Response: 25Hz/-3dB, 80Hz ref.
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 65dB (Dolby Digital mode)
  • Decoders: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II

This is a 5.1 system that includes 4 satellite speakers, 1 center channel, 1 subwoofer and 1 audio receiver. Inputs and outputs are 3 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out, optical and coaxial, AUX audio inputs, Line‐in, etc.The system has digital FM/AM radio along with digital PLL.

It has 30 radio station presets. In terms of audio, the treble region has clarity, the low-end provides clean and tight bass. The speakers are compact and sturdy. You can connect satellite receiver, TV, Blu-ray player, DVD player through HDMI ports.

While HDMI is the best connection, you can also connect TV through Analog Audio In or Optical Digital in. to make setup easier, the speaker cables have different colors. For placing speakers, the manual shows a rough diagram.

For placing speakers


If you press the source button of the unit, you can use it as a switching device to choose different input types. The system has DSP and you can choose from different DSP presets like Church, Club, Hall, Stadium, Studio, Virtual Surround.

There is also digital graphics Equalizer and the Equalizer modes are: Bass, Classic, Flat, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Treble. The multiple audio codecs each work to create powerful and accurate sound. It also improves stereo separation and imaging.

The system can get quite loud and the remote control is user friendly. The remote has different buttons Test Tone, Night which is used to reduce sub volume, Sleep, Mono/ST, Distance, Level, Subwoofer, Surround, etc. It can be considered as one of the best 1000W home theater system for everyday listening.

Panasonic SC-BT235 Blu-ray Disc 1000W Home Theater Sound System


  • Video D/A converter: 148.5 MHz/12-bit
  • Front/center/surround speaker: 2-1/2″ Full Range
  • Subwoofer: 6.5” woofer
  • 1080/24p Playback
  • Dolby® Digital Decoder / Dolby® Pro Logic® II
  • Digital Synthesizer Tuner, Dolby® Digital Decoder, DTS™ Decoder

The Panasonic is one of the best home theater system 1000W, which is ideal for you if you have strict budget. Just like other home theater systems, the Panasonic SC-BT235 has color coded cables. They recommend making an angle of 60-degree between the front speakers and the listener and a 120-degree between the rear speakers and the listener. This 5.1 home theater system has quite an easy setup.

5.1 home theater system has quite an easy setup.

Connections include 1 HDMI out, 1 Video out, 1 Audio In, Ethernet, Digital input 2, etc. all the speakers and subwoofer are bass-reflex 1-way 1-speaker type. They can produce audio with clarity along with tighter bass. You can also use the main unit to have a 7.1 surround sound system.

Connect the TV via the HDMI connection or the optical one. You can connect Set Top Box, cable TV, VCR, DVD recorder to the optical port of the unit. To pair the system to the Internet, you can use the Ethernet or the Wireless LAN adaptor.

To tweak audio settings, press Surround to choose Standard, Multi-ch or Manual. If you choose Manual, you can select one from the following: DOLBY PL II MOVIE, DOLBY PL II MUSIC, 7.1CH VS, S. SURROUND, 2CH STEREO. You can change the sound settings in Equalizer to choose:  Flat, Heavy, Clear, Soft.

In case you are watching TV connected to the home theater during nighttime, choose the Whisper-mode Surround to maximize the surround effect at low volume. There is support for Viera Link as well. With this you can control the TV and main unit via ‘HDAVI Control’.

Best 1000W home theater system: Buying guide

The following factors are crucial to take into account before buying a 1000W home theater system.


This depends on your personal preference entirely. To get the best out of your home theater system, choose a 5.1 or a 7.1, given that you have large rooms. A 5.1.4 is ideal because height channels are very important in a home theater.

You can also choose a 9.2.4 system like the one from Nakamichi if you want a sleek soundbar. 7.2.4 or 7.2.6 systems are also available but not every model comes with 1000W power.

Audio quality

The main reason to look into all these products is to hunt the best 1000W home theater system. This is because we want the best sound quality and enjoy home theater at home. A subwoofer driver that is 6.5” or larger are well-suited for medium to large rooms to produce punchier low-ends.

Number of drivers in a speaker and the driver material affects the sound. If the soundbar or speaker has side-firing drivers, the soundstage will be broader. Other things like speaker quality, design and engineering will also affect the way it sounds.

Home theater systems are also about height channels and dedicated ones will be better than simply placing an up-firing driver in the rear speaker. Dolby Atmos is a must to have to enjoy the height effects in movies or games.


If the home theater system comes with receiver or a control unit, connecting speakers, audio sources and everything will be much easier. Check whether the control unit has widely used ports like HDMI, optical or coaxial ports so that it is compatible with your latest TV model, DVD player, etc. if you want wireless connections, Bluetooth is a must have.

Ease of installation

With 7 to 8 speakers, we don’t want to sweat while installing. Home theater systems that we listed have color marked wires which makes it easier even for a newbie to understand which port to plug the front speakers or rear speakers. A helpful and well-illustrated user manual will also assist in the setup.


There are models at different price ranges and we have selected in such a way that people with different budgets can choose. Spending more will definitely have its positive aspects, but you can also get a good sounding home theater at an affordable price.

One thing to avoid is comparing a $200 home theater system to a $1300 one. Paying more will give you additional features and better engineered drivers, but you can settle for less and enjoy a decent sounding system as well.

Do I need a 1000W home theater system?

The higher the wattage, the better the home theater system or the louder it is. While choosing a home theater system, wattage is definitely something to look into. Generally, 125W per channel is adequate but you can also look for more.

A 1000W home theater system will be louder, clearer and will be something that you prefer. Along with choosing a 1000W home theater system over others, make sure the speakers have sensitivity of 85dB or more

Parting words

Home theater systems that come with the main unit are suitable for starters. Some of the best 1000W home theater system comes from LG, Sony, Nakamichi, etc. Based on the number of channels you want in a home theater and you cost, you can easily choose the best one for you.

Controlling the unit remains an issue if the system doesn’t come with user-friendly remote. Some also include a mobile app to make it easier. Home theater system will have a broader frequency response and higher sensitivity will be better at playing sound. Support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi improves connectivity and streaming experience.

While a 5.1.4 or a 7.2.4 is best for home theater, if you want better sound but have space limitations, inclusion of a soundbar will be a better option. Nakamichi offers a 1000W home theater with tons of features and a soundbar. Other affordable options come from LG or Logitech.


This FAQ section is here to solve sole of your problems that may arise while you are here to finding the best product for yourself.

100W vs 1000W home theater system which one is better?

Power OutputSpeaker Output Level Increase
10 watts10 dB
100 watts20 dB
1000 watts30 dB

The table above shows how the loudness varies from a 100W and a 1000W system. A 1000W system is 20dB louder than a 100W system. If you have the room and prefer loud sound, then go for the 1000W system.

How to achieve a minimalist look in a home theater system?

To get a minimalist look, search for systems that come with wireless speakers or at least wireless rear speakers. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility also eliminates the hassle of connecting another source to the unit if you can stream from your smartphone.