Best Center Channel Speaker Under $500

A center channel speaker produces 70% sound of the whole soundtrack. But most often people don’t know this important role of this speaker. So, for guiding you with the best one and why need one dig at the last end of this article.

Surely you will find the perfect one The Best Center Channel Speaker Under 500$ means within your budget.

Get The Most Accurate Sound With A Center Channel Speaker

As I already mentioned a center channel speaker produces 70% of sound or audio from the movie or music. And the second thing is to widen the soundstage, balance the sound. These speakers can works with bookshelf or floor-standing speakers greatly.

When you are having a left and right speaker there is a possibility of mixing sound. So, you actually cannot figure out where the dialogue or sound comes from. But with the help of a center channel speaker, it just balances the audio and gives a vibe if the sound is coming from the back, upside or left or right.

It helps mostly if you have a bigger home theater set up like 5.1, 7.1, or even 11.1. Just have the most significant Center Channel Speaker Under 500$ then enjoy incredible soundstage in your home.

Also, read about the best center channel speaker for a better sound experience.

How I Choose The Best Speakers

Making a list of the top ten high-end Center Channel Speaker Under 500$ is not a work like melted butter. There need to do a lot of work. But some criteria are followed strictly for finding the best ones which work effectively.

Sound Quality

The first and most important is the sound quality and there is no need of explaining this fact. All the speaker in the list produces some phenomenal, detailed sound that is perfect for any home theater, movie or music for sure.

I make sure there is lower distortion and the sound becomes so clear and crystal clear that you never before could understand each word this detailed.


Some interesting features like compatibility with Dolby, DTS, high-frequency drivers, great woofers and the material, techs like SFG, or others. Also, the higher output power, MDF closure, bass radiator, and many more.

You can get to know them further in-depth in the article.


Your center channel speaker needs to be compatible with a different speaker setup. Because if you already have an existing home theater set up you just cannot set up a new one.

So, below the list, most of the speakers have good compatibility. And for the rest, there will be a buying guide for you to choose the suitable one.

Quick Summary About The Best Center Channel Speaker Under 500$

  1. Klipsch RP-450C– Advance Tractrix horn + woofer with balanced frequency response perfect for home theater.
  2. Klipsch RC-62 II– Produce high output power best goes for music.
  3. No products found.– Compatible with many speakers set up, 6 drivers with attractive design.
  4. Definitive Technology CS-9040– The 8’’ bass radiator creates immersive bass and the latest driver technology.
  5. JBL Studio 520CBK– Perfect for average size room + dramatic sound quality fitted for home theater.
  6. Polk Audio T30– So much budget-friendly yet feature with high tech.
  7. Polk Audio CS10– Offer spacious, surround sound.
  8. Sony SSCS8 2-Way– Powerful bass and clear vocals make it perfect for home theater.
  9. KLH Story Center Channel Speaker– Great durability and realistic sound additional balanced features
  10. Martin Logan Motion 8i– Handle most of the audio from the TV or home theater incredibly.

Klipsch RP-450C Center Channel Speaker

Producing most of the sound with sharp clarity is the feature of the best center channel speaker. Following this, the Klipsch RP-450C did the most incredible task. It took the challenge by giving a tough to all other center channel speakers.

The great frequency range of 58-25,000 Hz, 8 ohms impedance, 150 watts continuous power, and 600 watts huge peak power makes it better in every aspect.

Moreover, Klipsch’s renowned 90° x 90° Hybrid Cross-Section Tractrix® horn made of molded silicone makes the sound warmer, efficient, and clearer. And the horn shape helps a smooth airflow in and out which is responsible the bass is so rich.

The four 5.25 lightweight Cerametallic™ cone woofers and 1’’ LTS titanium tweeter reduce distortion as much as possible for improving the all-over performance.

Besides talking about the design, you will feel a newer decor with this speaker they have an Ebony finish with MDF closure and high-quality grills. This is just a great package that has everything you need for a high-end sound.


  • High-quality sound with high peak power.
  • Rich’s bass.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Some may don’t like the high bass.

Product Differentiator

Gives the most life-like music or movie sound than another speaker. Support Dolby Atmos makes the immersive sound quality. Along with the advanced tractrix horn and woofer, a long-term build quality makes it perfect in every aspect.

Klipsch RC-62 II Center Speaker Black

For those who are fallen in love with the music, this Klipsch model is especially for them. The realistic sound and life-like music touch the heart hear as like the original content perfect for the audiophiles.

This speaker featured 1 titanium horn-loaded tweeter and two big woofers of 6.5’’. The 600 watts maximum output power and great frequency response push the sound stage of home theater and gift you fantastic audio.

The price may feel a bit pricy but trust me it is worth it. Because not the performance also the design wood grain vinyl cabinet looks so beautiful suits any room décor.


  • Use less energy but produce high power.
  • More realistic and clear sound.
  • Perfect for music.


  • Bit pricy.

Product Differentiator

Produce high output power than most of the center channel speakers. Big woofers give a more powerful sound absolutely suitable for any kind of music. Also good for home theater as offer lower distortion as much as possible.

Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Center Channel Speaker

No products found.

This is the outstanding center channel speaker for your big room compatible with your existing home theater comes to give the cinematic sound at home. A lot of praise is already done for this speaker just because it praises worthy.

There are 6 drivers and 3’’ woofers made of ultra-light-weight material, 1-inch terylene tweeter. These works with 53Hz – 40 kHz frequency response, 88 dB sensitivity, and 8 ohms impedance make a perfect balance for deep detailed HD sound.

To reduce distortion Polk used Power Port technology which actually works effectively. A crisp clear room-filling sound and high resolute every music hear sweet and movies action or romantic full dramatic experience.

Lastly, the ultra-slim body attracts any customer and is designed to place whether vertical or horizontal what the user needs to. Place it in front of your TV or wall mounts nothing will affect the performance a bit.


  • Power port tech reduces the distortion
  • Balanced frequency response.
  • Solid bass
  • Attractive design.


  • Sometimes audio quality becomes low at low frequency.

Product Differentiator

Perfectly fit for bookshelf speakers. Also compatible with 2.0, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, and various home theater speakers set up what most center channel speakers don’t offer. Rich, dynamic sound and produce dramatic still realistic sound for movies.

6 drivers produce deep sound and variety in the placement help to set according to need. One of the impressive Center Channel Speakers Under 500$.

Definitive Technology CS-9040 Center Channel Speaker

If you have ever felt to understand every lyric of your favorite music or wanted to hear every movie dialogue precisely then this Definitive CS-9040 would definitely help you.

This great speaker is featured with some excellent features that are suitable for home theater or music whatever you want. The robust driver of BDSS technology, 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, and 4.5’’ mid drivers make the sound so impactful, splendid according to the content.

And the good news for the bass lovers is the 8’’ passive bass radiator controls the bass so beautifully. So, you get the defined and punchy bass balancing with mids and highs.

However, few speakers put effort into the build quality. But this Definitive model is putting some extra effort into the build quality which reduces the distortion and disturbance. This makes the sound even greater.

Besides the resonance-free cabinet and clean grills don’t make any obstacle behind the good sounding system. Also, the design gives a feel of aesthetic that goes with any kind of room décor.


  • Crisp and clear sound quality.
  • Rich and punchy bass.
  • Bass radiator and advanced drivers.


  • Maybe a bit expensive.

Product Differentiator

Latest tech BDSS drives, the 8-inch passive bass radiator is featured. The rich bass and the improvement in vocals with splendid sound quality makes it best than others.

JBL Studio 520CBK 2-Way Center Channel Speaker

Looking for a real movie theater experience in your home! Then this JBL 520CBK is the thing you are looking for.

The key features are a two-way crossover network, 4-inch low-frequency Poly Pass cones transducers extremely light-weight, and have a surround of rubber material. The SFG tech and aluminum woofer get the rich and effective bass.

Additionally, a glass-filled ABS bi-radial high-frequency horn clears every obstacle that causes a problem with the sound by hitting the walls or other furniture. The result is very beautiful as the sound stage becomes broader.

When the two-way crossover network ensures low distortion and disturbance in the sound. Along with the 16mm, MDF enclosure and classy design for low distortion maintenance seem so perfect to me.

With the 300-watt maximum output power and specially designed for an average room this fantastic center channel speaker under 500$ really snatched our praise.


  • High-frequency compression drivers.
  • Dramatic audio quality.
  • Worth the money.


  • Low-frequency drivers should be bigger.

Product Differentiator

Glass-filled ABS Bi-Radial High-Frequency Horn, high output power, extremely dramatic sound perfect for home theater make it better than other center channel speakers.

Polk Audio T30 100-Watt Home Theater Center Channel Speaker

The excellent feature that Polk Audio T30 contains Is a big example to its competitor as it is so much budget-friendly. The competitor of this model is highly-priced but surprisingly you can get all of them in half of that.

Why I am saying that you must be wondering. Because get the live concert music and the outstanding home theater experience in your small to medium-sized room. The full room will fill with the mesmerizing sound that forces you to fall for.

Nothing stops here experience the most life-like gaming experience with every single detail that you probably never have. This can amazingly work with other home theater components like a receiver, speakers and compatible with several channels set up.

Which assures you that you can connect with your existing theater setup. Finely balance the sound like the traditional center channel speaker so you can find out if the footstep coming from the back or the side.

Get the most natural and realistic yet dramatic for movies with the 1’’ tweeter and dual 5.25’’ drivers. Also, 60Hz to 24KHz great frequency response, the impedance of 6 ohms, and 100 peaks power everything that you search in the high-priced speakers every time.


  • Most realistic sound room-filling sound.
  • Dynamic and rich bass is the lowest frequency.
  • So much budget-friendly.


  • May not loudest.

Product Differentiator

Firstly, offers incredible sound quality and perfectly suited for a small or medium-sized room. Supports Dolby and DTS what most of the center channel speaker doesn’t. So, the sound became crazier. Also compatible with many speakers set up like 2.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc.

Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker

If you want to have a speaker for music then Polk Audio CS10 will give you clear vocals, defined sound like the original content, and the mids and highs balanced.

But if you wanting to set with your home theater then you can experience a new alive sound from any kind of action or romantic movie even with video games.

Every sound from instruments or gunshot above from the sky in the scene or wherever feel everything real. The 1’’ polymer dynamic dome tweeter and 5 and quarter-inch drivers of Bi Laminate work all great.

The tweeter has neodymium magnetic build quality responsible for the high-frequency response. And the drivers so light-weight so perfect for the lowest distortion, punchy bass, and great sounding.

Overall performance is satisfying and considering the piano black finish cool look high-end quality. Making a place in the top 10 list is absolutely fit for this dazzling type of speaker.


  • Produce balanced sound as well balanced mids and highs.
  • Bass is powerful.
  • Spacious sound.
  • Produce good sound from your TV set.


  • Problem with the loudness.

Product Differentiator

Polk Audio CS10 is the updated version of this series and full fill the expected output from this speaker. Most satisfying sound quality with lower distortion. Most speakers fail to provide the low distortion that falls effect on the overall sound quality which this speaker doesn’t do at all.

Sony SSCS8 Center Channel Speaker

There is no need of telling how incredible a company Sony is. Following the footstep, this Sony SSCS8 absolutely give the high-quality sound performance to the audience.

You won’t believe it until you use it. The amazing and breathtaking performance will take you into the movie or game. Connect with your TV or home theater this can work effectively with DV or Blu-ray whatever you have.

The drastic and terrifying sound let you hear every single detail like the birds chirping in the background or the thief’s footsteps.

Another hand the finest bass also the gift of Sony to its users. If you are not a bass lover you will surely fall for it. The bass is balanced not so loud yet tight and punchy. When the punch hit the ears that’s is the most mesmerizing feeling ever.

Dual 4’’ Foamed Mica Cellular Reinforced woofer and 1’’ tweeter of polyester with a 2-way three driver bass reflex structure makes it most suitable for any home theater or even for only music.

This bass-reflex structure helps to get the low frequency. Also, the wooden cabinet ensures the natural resonance with a classic center channel speaker look.

This is another best center channel speaker under 500$ is worth the whole attention.


  • Vocals hear defined.
  • The rich balanced mids and highs.
  • Great frequency response.


  • Of drivers should be more.

Product Differentiator

The tweeter gives high results and wider sound. The whole functionality is fit for home theater and surrounds sound. Even the cabinet material helps to get natural resonance for lower distortion and defined sound. Also, the bass is powerful and rich.

This is best under 500$ as it offers a wider range of features and incredible performance that others don’t offer.

KLH Story Center Channel Speaker (Walnut)

A center channel speaker should be on top priority for getting a pure and deeper audio experience. I always focus on those speakers who can deliver the most clarity in the audio.

And this KLH Story model kept the promise for years. Movie maniac like me always in search of where we can see movies with a dramatic scene. If the scene is romantic the sound should be sweet or if the scene is active, then the audio should be passionate and cinematic.

This KLH story just does the same thing. The music of every type like jazz, rock, or classic hears so amazing. Even for the realistic sound with home theater or TV this speaker is right fitted.

It captures the lion part of the dialogue own itself and gives the pure clarified sound. Also, the rich mids and highs perfectly balanced with each other. The 2-way bass-reflex does this balance nicely.

And one more big advantage is the great durability. You cannot find much speaker under 500$ who is a high end also durable. The high-grade material is used in the body with MDF closure.

48Hz-23KHz frequency response, 91dB sensitivity, 8 ohms impedance, and dual 5.25’’ Woven Kevlar driver with 1’’ aluminum tweeter is a whole big package.


  • 5-way binding post.
  • Great construction of drivers.
  • Amazing performance.


  • Nothing special

Product Differentiator

The great durability, beautiful and classic design, perfect performance for the cinematic movie experience in the home make it different and great from others in every aspect.

Martin Logan Motion 8i Center Channel Speaker

Martin Logans speakers are one of the best speakers comparing to others. And this model has kept the promise of being too incredible for music or home theater.

This is the updated version of Motion 8 and is praised by all the users. The more versatility in the design as well in the sound system makes it best suited thus makes the place in the top 10 list of ours.

The design is so dashing can goes with your home theater or television. The glossy black look of this speaker is a kind of premium quality. And the structure is also powerful and well-engineered for not to leave a bad effect on the sound and reduce distortion.

Place it on a table or mount on a wall favorable for both positions horizontal or vertical makes it more interesting to use. Also, the easy installation helps to use it effortlessly.

Besides all these features the crucial part behind the clear and impactful sound the 4’’ paper cone woofer and Motion folded tweeter works. They produce some vibrant and phenomenal audio turns the movie dialogue or song so detailed worth the price.


  • Versatile sound quality.
  • Great and gorgeous design.
  • Worth the money as providing impressive features.


  • It May not so loud for many.

Product Differentiator

Not only work for music but also balance the sound between the left and right channel where most speaker fails. This Martin Logan Motion 8i works in a bigger way becomes the audiophile’s favorite with high-end performance.

Which Center Channel Speaker Is Best For What Type Of Home Theater?

Finding Best Center Channel Speaker Under 500$ is not easy at all. And it will be tough for you too as the options are way too better from one to another. But in the end when you finally choose the speaker that could not work well with your room size all efforts will go into vain.

So, try to follow the guideline for you to enjoy the sound of your dream without any problem.

For bigger and average rooms:

For small and average rooms:

Right Placement Of Your Speaker Can Give You The Full Audio Experience

I am pretty sure you have found your right-center channel speaker under 500$. Because above the list contains all the higher quality speakers with some spectacular feature that you can stay always from choosing them.

I also hope that you choose according to your room size and speaker compatibility. So, now the second crucial works for you is to know how to place the speaker so you can get the full audio experience.

For a center channel speaker, it is highly recommended to place it right in front of you under the TV. This is called the center channel as it needs to stay at the center between another speaker.

Like if you are having a 2.1 speaker set up then place the center speaker between the right and left channel. Follow this with all other speakers. Here the home theater setup should be perfect also.

Also, if you are wall mounting it tries to set it under the TV. This ensures the low frequencies correctly. There should be no obstacle in front of the speaker of course.

You can also see how to make all speakers work on surround sound.

Finally, you are ready to get the thriller center channel speaker experience in your own home.

Final Verdict

A significant part of any home theater or even for movies and music is the center channel speaker. It handles the biggest part of the sound and gifts the most beautiful and powerful audio.

So, The Best Center Channel Speaker Under 500$ maybe many of yours dream with the proper guideline. Hope you have already found the perfect speaker for you within a great budget.

Just follow the guidelines and trust in our top 10 list. You surely won’t be regretful at all.


Do you ever get those nagging questions that keep coming back to your head? Fear not! We have the answers for them right here in this FAQ.

Should the center channel be louder?

It is not the main duty of a center channel to be loudest. The main work is to handle the audio. However, today’s modern channels become so abound with higher features that they are loud enough.

But it is the work of other speakers along with it. So, don’t worry if your center channel speaker is not that loud.