Best Bluetooth Subwoofer for Car: A guide to your best BANG for the buck!

In 2021 all we care about is convenience. So what’s the best possible way to connect to anything with no strings attached? Well, you guessed that right, the no literal wires attached build for your audio needs in your vehicle. In this day and age, it’s not really that hard to find everything wireless.

On this page, you will find all you need to find an excellent solution for a wireless set up for your car. By discussing some of the best available items on the market we will be able to gauge what is best for you without causing any large dents on your finances if you don’t want to.

In this day and age, we can easily find some of the best devices for the most immersion for your car. You can be given an arsenal of great choices and be on your way in no time. For the rest of the following text, we will be focusing on the best bluetooth and wireless solution for your or any car.

This guide is by no means exclusively for your car and can also be applied to your truck vehicle as well. You can easily fit most of the options in your truck as there are alternatives to the in-trunk solution for cars. You will be well informed on underseat subwoofers as well.

How to get a Wireless kit for your car

While going wireless is a very common option. A Lot of the subwoofer “kits” do not come with a built-in amplifier that offers you that solution. It’s not impossible to find so as to say but it is difficult to find.

To create a wireless kit however in the event that the amplifier does not have built in wireless features. You don’t have to look that far off to find an amplifier that does have Bluetooth and is indeed easy to configure into your car audio system.

Which is why we are here to help you with just that. From finding you a full standalone subwoofer with no external kits to finding underseat monsters of subwoofers. We have you covered. In here you will find the best of the best for your vehicular audio needs.

All you need is a 4 channel or a 3 channel amplifier to hook up your subwoofers to. In case you do not have a head speaker there are many options that don’t require that either. Here we will be covering both full kits (with built-in amps) and subwoofers that can connect to your external amplifier.

Power Acoustik RZ5‐2500DSP

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For those who want the best out of their cars with studio quality audio. This beast right here will set you on track for literally one of the best quality in this price range. With this you are set for straight out of the studio quality audio right where you sit to drive.

Coming in at just $183 dollars the power Acoustik RZ5 2500DSP comes with Max 5-Channel Class D Amp with DSP and Bluetooth. Granting you a lot of freedom to optimize your in-car listening experience.

By packing all these features in a Compact 4.75 in. chassis design. This monster comes really handy when you’re looking for a stealthy and compact amplifier. And not to mention it has a super user friendly DSP so you can fine tune whatever you listen to.

If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck in terms of car amps. You simply cannot go wrong with the Power Acoustik RZ5 2500DSP.

BOSS Audio Systems MC900B 4 Channel Weather-proof Amplifier

This device can easily be set up on your dash to turn your subwoofer and stereo into a wireless system. The great thing about this device is that since it has built in power you don’t even need a head unit to connect. Just plug in some speakers and you’re golden.

The included Bluetooth remote control lets you stream your music via your Bluetooth device and use apps like Spotify and pretty much any streaming platforms you can think of. This allows you to replace your Dash unit to connect to your smartphone.

Since it’s a 4 channel amplifier. You are easily able to connect upto 4 external speakers or subwoofers. Pick any of your preferred underseat subwoofers and go to town with the amp.

Additionally it has USB charging to give that functionality to charge your phone.

By replacing that dash you have quite easily unlocked the process of creating a whole wireless subwoofer kit for your vehicle.

Top car Subwoofers

Listed below are a plethora of options you can install in your car to keep bumpin’ to tunes while you’re on the go. Whether you have a wired solution or a standalone portable speaker to replace your subwoofer at your disposal.

You can add external channel amplifiers with remotes to help yourself turn your entire car subwoofer kit wireless. That is considering if you already haven’t gotten a solution without a built-in wireless amplifier.

Dock some of these under your truck seats or anywhere in the trunk of your car to get massive sound from your car no matter where you go.

JBL BassPro Go

One of the best companies for manufacturing audio devices such as woofers and subwoofers is JBL. These manufacturers have created what is seemingly an absolute monster in terms of a general subwoofer. You slap this inside your car and instantly you have a monster vehicle.

This installation is indeed a very expensive addition to your car audio. However it just does not have to serve a single purpose since it can be pretty versatile. The JBL  BassPro Go is equipped with great features especially in terms of functionality. It can double as a Portable Speaker and subwoofer.

Considering its size it packs an insane punch. Even though it’s not very little it’s not very large either. Switching between the portable speaker option which enables two other drivers on each side and when disabled it plays through the Middle driver.

When playing through the subwoofer mode it has a tremendous presence in the bottom ranges of the frequency. When thinking of a subwoofer that’s all there is to it. Great bass is all you need.

When put in your trunk or anywhere in the car paired with the right stereo you get a huge sound.

It’s priced on the more expensive spectrum coming in at around the $500 dollar mark. Price aside, the features and sound you get is absolutely phenomenal. If you have the extra pocket depth you can pair it with other JBL supported devices. Considering others have the Pair function.

This option however is great if you’re looking for a portable solution that can double as a portable beach goer or an outdoor person. This is by no means an absolute final solution and you can obviously explore other options from JBL themselves.

JBL A1500HI 1500W 12″ (300mm) Subwoofer

This next one is immensely well budgeted. This is a driver and not a standalone device but with a little bit of a setup with your stereo can be used wirelessly as can all audio systems. It’s a 12 inch driver and it packs a mega punch for your car and/or truck stereo.

The JBL A1500H is a Polypropylene Woofer Cone which gives Maximum woofer efficiency thanks to light weight material. It’s priced at way under $100 dollars provided it’s not a whole kit. But if paired with any stereo kit can carry the whole sound with its huge drivers and its deep gut bass.

It’s frequency response ranges from 23Hz to 450Hz. With that being said, on paper it is optimal to have a response between 23Hz to 450Hz. Granted it does get high but that doesn’t mean anything bad for your sound system only that you get to cover the mid frequencies with your subwoofer also.

It’s built with a progressive spider formation. Indicating that you can crank this baby up with no signs of distortion as it can limit excursion. Optimal if you just want to go haywire with your bass. With an ideal excursion limit you never fear having distortion noise coming from anywhere.

JBL Basspro Micro

This installation of the JBL subwoofer series enters at $400 dollars. Although it is not much cheaper than its big brother. It still is shaving away $150 dollars of its price tag. The best bit is along with the price tag it barely compromises anything of itself.

This 8”  monster of a powered subwoofer packs one hell of a punch. With a frequency of 35 – 120Hz. It touches all “basses” that you could ever dream of. It also gives out deep powerful bass at a power output of 140W RMS with a bass boost option ranging from 0dB to 9dB at 65 Hz.

It comes with included components like the amplifier base and hardware for attaching it and docking to your vehicle. It’s dockable so as to ensure a hassle free experience when installing. It also includes 2 RCA adapters.

It’s also a great driver to install in your car or your truck. This bluetooth subwoofer since its not proprietary to anything in terms of installations makes it a great bluetooth subwoofer for your car and trucks.

All in All the JBL Basspro micro is one bangin’ machine and it sure will give you a run for your money. Pair it with a decent kit of wireless stereos. And bam you got yourself a setup that will be sure to get heads knockin’ on people you tailgate riding down the streets. Happy splurging!

Kenwood KSC-PSW8 250W Max

The Kenwood KSC PSW8 comes with a class D amplifier. Meaning it is a great portable and compact solution. In simple terms they need very little interior space because they use smaller power transformers.

The compact size is ideal to slide under your seat. This allows you to save a lot of space without using the space in your trunk. With the subwoofer being right under you, you feel immense bass reinforcing without using alot of space.

This device also has a sensitivity of 81 decibels. It’s got gut punching bass coming from right under your seat. The amplifier harness is long enough to drag to the front of the seats allowing EQing your noise that much easier.

The rotary frequency control adjusts the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter between 50Hz and 125Hz.  The rotary frequency controller allows maximum flexibility to be readjusted to your liking. Especially if you have a certain sized head speakers aiding the entire build.

DOSS SoundBox XL

Although this might not be the loudest and the most immersive solution for your vehicle. It sure can serve as an alternative. It is a bluetooth speaker that has a main subwoofer and two passive radiators on each side.

Its main purpose is to provide gut punching bass. In addition the size of the driver can serve as a subwoofer alternative without taking up space. So if you’re looking for a quick fix for the silence in your car you can most certainly go for the DOSS SoundBox XL.

The 12W subwoofer and the two bass radiators are no joke. They will definitely provide ample power to your audio. Just pair it up wirelessly to your smartphone and start bumping. No wires required whatsoever.

This little beast packs a punch way above its weight. Coming with advanced bluetooth 4.0 functionality. It also comes with wireless pairing, so if you have another one of these bad boys. Slap em next to each other and voila, you got yourself a cheap DIY solution to your in-car stereo.

Audiotek 10 Inches 400 Watts Peak Power

On the topic of little things making HUGE waves. The Audiotek 10 inches 400 Watts peak power offers massive sound in a little form factor. Although this thread is about subwoofers its main focus is audio quality and huge sounds. Checking all the right boxes with this one.

It comes with a remote harness. However the only rotary knob on the remote is a volume rocker. You might not get a lot of flexibility in terms of control. The device itself comes with a high level and a low level RCA output to allow you to switch between the two.

Its slim form factor easily allows itself to slip under the seats. One of the best things about the under-seat car subwoofer is that it is very easy to install by almost anyone.Despite its form factor  it produces a deeper and even more powerful bass which compensates for its small size.

Choosing your optimal kit for your car or truck

This guide hopefully covers all your needs in terms of  budget, functionality and knowledge. You are set to go pick out your favorite voice of your choosing for your very own beast. Now that you also know how to set up your wireless car subwoofer kit. You can hand pick your very own experience. And if you’re not into all the kits and such this guide had also listed one of the best portable bluetooth subwoofer for cars.