55 inch vs 65 inch TV : Everything You Need to Know

Everyone concerns themselves with the size in case they Want to buy a TV. Television comes in all sizes and also shapes these days. You can choose a curved and flat-screen TV. But the first thing you should focus on is the size of 55 inch vs 65 inch TV.

The most popular two sizes which people confuse themselves with is 55 inch vs 65 inch TV.    

 This article might help you with the confusion between 55 inches vs 65 inches TV. Bigger is not always better in the world of television. You have to keep in mind the room size, seating arrangement, daily use, and most importantly budget. 

 If you want the answer to all your questions, there is descriptive research below which will help you buy the perfect TV for you.

Difference between 55 inch vs 65 inch TV

The main difference is visible to us all. We know 65 inch TV is bigger in every aspect. But there is an advantage of smaller 55 inch TV which is it can be aesthetically pleasing in a small room. 

Also, a smaller but better display can make the color pop up more and be immersive. Of course, it will be affordable too. So it will be easy on your wallet.

But a bigger display will help you enjoy your big sports moment and games more. It will be adequate for a big crowded living room. It is really hard to go wrong with a big screen.

5 Best 65 inch TV

The debate: 55 inch vs 65 inch TV

The first question you should ask yourself is ‘why do I need this TV for?’

If your answer is gaming or an intense movie marathon, then you should incline towards the 65-inch model.  

On the other hand, if casual TV use is your main purpose then you will do just fine with a 55-inch TV

Hence, it really matters to the user what kind of TV he wants. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sizes. 

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What do you prefer: OLED OR LED?

Even though LED and OLED look similar there is a vast difference among them. This article will help clarify your confusion. OLED is better than LED from every aspect.

The picture looks more crisp and vivid on OLED. The resolution and quality of the panel are also higher. The brightness and contrast of every picture are amazing.  OLED is also expensive for this reason.

LED is far more affordable and easily available than OLED. This is the biggest advantage of LED. It also lasts longer with minimal care or maintenance. OLED can be viewed from any angle so stay carefree about seating positions.

Choosing a 55 inch OLED vs 65 inches should be easier now. Also check out these 4K Tvs With Upscaling Capacity.


OLED is better than LED in many aspects. One of which is the viewing angle is more on OLED displays.

A stunning picture, perfect contrast, rich colors are a must with this incredible OLED screen. 

Dolby Atmos along with DTS:X comes with upward-firing speakers which makes the sound even more distinct.

The thin body design and slim bezel make it a sleek model for home and office use.

AI thinQ feature allows it to be smarter and help users find or search different things more easily. 

55 inch vs 65 inch TV: Real-life comparison

We kept the 55 and 65 inch TV side by side for real-life tests. Apart from the size difference, we could see that the bigger TV would look good on a bigger wall. The picture quality of the OLED was also understandably better. If the seating space is also large then one should go for the bigger 65-inch TV

 Some people don’t like over-sized TV. Big TV is a hassle for them. It’s better to choose the 55-inch model for them. Moreover, the buyer should buy a TV which is pleasing to their eyes.

The following 55 inch TV might be a good buy. Also check out these Samsung, Sony, LG or TCL TVs.

SAMSUNG 55 inch UHD TU-8000 series

Samsung has a reputation for making amazing displays over the years. They didn’t disappoint with their new 2020 UHD TU-8000 series 55 inch TV. This new stunning TV in their lineup is already a massive hit. 

The highly demanding 55-inch category got something that people can look up to as a benchmark. This TV boasts all the new features and upgrades from the previous year.

Picture quality

The most important factor in a TV is its display and Samsung nailed it this time with this beautiful screen.

The fast processor transforms everything into 4K and gives stunning visuals

You can experience your favorite movies and games on 4K Smoothly. Every content is upscaled into 4K for better vivid colors and contrast.


The 55 inch TV weighs around 30 LBS which is super light. This means it can be set up easily and portable. You can focus more on the content rather than the TV as this has thin bezels. A sleek, elegant design will surely make you admire this model. 

Game mode

This can automatically identify when you are gaming and optimizes the screen. It also minimalizes input lag for a buttery-smooth gaming experience. 

One remote for everything

Using the smart control feature The connected devices are easier to maintain. Voice assistant helps to search for anything, get answers, and even control your TV

Built-in Alexa can help explore everything quickly and easily.


Enjoy the vivid colors and high dynamic range images on this crisp display. Even the dark lighting and shadow images look stunning. One thing you can rest assured about is the display quality of Samsung. Find out about these best entry-level QLED TVs 2020.

Do you need a bigger TV? 

If you are an occasional gamer or movie enthusiast, then there is no doubt you should go for the 65-inch model. TV isn’t something which we buy every day. So we should make a sensible investment which will help us in the future. 

A Bigger TV really offers more than an average-sized TV. If the wallet permits, then a 65 inch vs 55 inch TV debate will have only one winner. 

If your answer is YES to these ‘Do you game on your TV?’ ‘Do you watch a lot of Netflix or movies?’  ‘Is your room big enough with comfortable seating arrangement?’ questions. Then your answer is yes. You do need a bigger TV. This will help your 55 vs 65-inch problem.

However, if you are wondering about watching market NFL games, then this might take your interest for a bit.

Size comparison between 55 inch vs 65 inch TV

A 65 inch TV is 5 inches taller and 9 inches wider than a 55 inch TV. It might not be a lot but it will make a difference. A lot of people complain about their TV is small but there is hardly a complaint about the TV being too big.

Along with the big size advantage, usually bigger TV has more features. we can find gaming software and modes which help gamers. There is also sports mode which is common nowadays. 

Furthermore, the bigger screens come with a better display and premium features. It will be better for the future to buy a 65-inch TV compared to 55

Seating arrangement and room size

If the TV is set up at a distance of 7 feet or more then a 65-inch model is preferred. If the distance is less than 7 feet then 55 inches will do. 

Let’s say the TV is for a living room. In that case, a bigger TV with an OLED display will help people viewing from the side couch.

A 55-inch TV will be enough for most bedrooms. The audience in the bedroom is also low compared to others. A LED display will suffice.

So we can say 55 inch TV compared to 65 will be better in a small room with fewer people.

Picture quality 

Do you want the best viewing experience?  Then a 55 inch OLED or UHD will be better than a 65 inch LED display. You might ask ‘why the smaller screen?’ It’s because for the best viewing screen with a higher resolution an OLED screen with HDR will be better

The viewing angle and color contrast in the OLED display is a major factor too. We can sacrifice some size for picture quality if we are enthusiastic about the display. 


When the question rises between OLED and LED then as an admirer OLED should be suggested. You might think a bigger TV will provide a better display but that’s not always the case. 

A smaller 55 inch OLED screen is better than a larger LED display. If you prefer quality oversize then you should definitely look at OLED display.

If the size is all that matters to you and not the picture quality then a 65 inch LED TV will do. A bigger TV will look good in a big room with spaced seating.

So, choose what suits you best and enjoy. 

SONY X800 55 inch TV

LED or more than that? The upscaled near 4K resolution will make everyday content more crisp and vibrant. 4k X-reality pro-technology takes the picture quality to a different level.

TRILUMINOUS DISPLAY is the invention of sony which caught the eyes of many. It makes the color of every image pop up. 

The incredible detail and quality are achieved by the HDR feature along with Dolby’s vision.

Sony left nothing to chance because it equipped this model with the powerful X1 processor for super fast and accurate real-world detail. The texture of images is also smooth.

Gaming mode offers another option for the customer. It can ensure a smooth, responsive gaming experience.

Smart Android TV features along with Google assistant make this TV easy and comfortable to use. The huge gallery of apps and functions will also benefit the user. Don’t forget the Alexa which will respond to your voice and follow commands.

MOTION FLOW XR offers a smooth, fluid experience. The high-intensity video will be less blur.

The narrow bezel-less design makes  this the perfect companion for your living room


The incredible processor of Samsung offers a 4K experience like no other. This powerful processor uses AI to transform everything you see into 4K.

Motion rate 240 helps reduce the blur .so, action-packed movies or sports will be more smooth than ever.

The new ambient mode uses a black screen into refreshing and enticing visuals

Sound quality isn’t lagging behind either. The Dolby Atmos technology will capture every sound and make you feel every little noise. 

QLED color spectrum looks amazing. There is no false color gradient.

The universal remote makes it easier to sync the soundbar and other devices easily.

Curved vs flat screen

Nowadays the hype about curved display has gone down. Mainly because of the problem with viewing angle and fragile design. The sale of curved displays really didn’t take off after the initial launch.

Flat screens are here for a long time. If you want a long-term stable screen then a flat-screen is the way to go.

55 inch vs 65 inch curved and flat-screen comparisons were made and most of the people went for the flat display.

Decision Time

Even though ultimately it’s up to the buyer this guide will help a regular person make good decisions. The 55 inch vs 65 inch is a hot topic in the world of Television. It isn’t certainly easy to take this decision. 

We don’t buy TV frequently so this decision should be taken after every thought. We do recommend an OLED display. The size depends on various factors. Each of which we discussed in the article.

After considering the budget a good purchase of TV will surely bring joy in your life. One thing which bugs a lot of people is the sadness of a small screen but we rarely complain about a large screen. Let’s keep that in mind and get our desired product. 

Happy shopping.