Epson Home Cinema 1060 vs 2150: Which Will Be Suitable For You

Epson produce high quality and long durable projectors. They know what people want and do the same. Their home cinema projectors give a cinematic experience at home. Also, they have always considered the budget. And when it’s time to buy an Epson home cinema. Most often, people are stuck in choosing between  Epson Home Cinema 1060 vs 2150. Because none of them are less beneficial.

They have almost the same similarities. But still, there are some differences. And if you are one of the confusing public, you can’t decide which one will fit you.

Then no doubt, you are on the right track. Go through the whole article.

A quick comparison between Epson Home Cinema 1060 vs 2150:

Epson Home Cinema 1060Epson Home Cinema 2150
Dimension(3.40 x 11.90 x 9.80) Inch(4.80 x 12.20 x 11.20) Inch
Resolution1920x1080 Pixel1920x1080 Pixel
3D CapablityNoYes
Built In Speaker2W10W
Bulb Wattage210 Watts200 Watts
Vertical Lens ShiftNoYes
Horizontal Lens ShiftNoNo
Weight5.95 lbs7.7 lbs
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Epson has always been a good company when it comes to making home cinema projectors. Their products meet the people’s needs. And Epson home cinema 1060 VS 2150 are such two projectors.

Here we will show you the specifications of these two products as well as their differences and similarities. So, in the end, after reading this article, it will be far easy for you what to choose.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 Review


  • Brand Epson
  • Built-in speakers with 3LCD technology
  • Input HDMI
  • 315 Watts wattage
  • Warranty 2 year

The Epson Home Cinema 1060 is a flexible and fantastic projector for a home theater. For enjoying a real movie, it is perfect. Also, fit for any room decor.

You can place it in an even small place or more prominent as you want. Also very easy to use. You don’t need others to help to set it up. All you need to buy it, and in 15 minutes, you can set it up all by yourself.

It also is budget-friendly with good quality. They didn’t compromise with the built quality.

You will get a clear and bright vision of the movies. Because they provide a brightness of 3100 lumens of the lamp and a high resolution. It also gives excellent color accuracy. All shades, white and black, will be visualized amazingly. Even zero rainbow effect for LCD technology.

In full power mode, the lamp life is 6000-hour and 10,000- an hour in eco mode. That’s a great lamp life, I think.

Also able to read files from USB. And another feature is horizontal and vertical keystone with four corner correction.

Seeing the overall performance, it is a fantastic projector for home theater.


  • Fit for any room decor.
  • Budget-friendly,
  • Easy to set.
  • Zero rainbow effect.
  • Bright and high-resolution picture display.
  • Good lamp life.


  • No 3D.
  • No feature for the external sound system.
  • No wireless connections.

Epson Home Cinema 2150


  • Brand Epson
  • 10 Watts mono speaker
  • Rear/ front/ ceiling mounting type
  • Hardware interface HDMI
  • Warranty 2 years

The Epson 2150 gives an experience of more detailed, sharp picture quality. It can enhance the image on the screen in a more realistic way. And the color contrast is also striking.

Even in darkness, it won’t compromise with its performance. Either it will give you full vision with the exact colors and white brightness.

And the most exciting part of this home cinema is it has wireless capability. But a little bit expensive. Because overall, it serves a good performance.

This is also user friendly. It would be enough if you had no extra thing to do. You can set it up quickly as like Epson 1060.

The battery life is up to 4,500 in normal mode and 7500 in eco mode, which is quite good.

A small problem with this projector is that it may not perfect for a small room.

If you give an overview, Epson 2150 is a good home cinema if you are good enough. You can go to this projector.

However, if you are wondering about activating the TLC go, then this is the article that your are looking for.


  • Excellent brightness and color.
  • Wireless manufacture.
  • Even in dark unique screen detail.
  • Zero DLP rainbows.


  • Not budget-friendly.
  • In normal lamp mode, it isn’t quiet.

Epson Home Cinema 1060 vs 2150: Main Difference

Epson home cinema 1060 vs 2150 are two terrific products. It is confusing while buying anyone of them. I am adding a chart highlighting the different criteria of the products.

Here you can get a detailed vision. And that will help you to know which is suitable for you.

Key Differences And Similarities


Comparing the Epson home cinema 1060 and 2150 has the same resolution of 1920 x 1080p and similar aspect ratio. They have the same feature at this point.

The variation comes on the brightness and contrast ratio. The Epson 2150 is the winner here. It can give precise color accuracy and incredible vision.

And Epson 2150 also able to give the 3D experience that anyone wants in their home theater.

But Epson 1060 provides more battery life than in 2150. Considering this couple of features, Epson 1060 is more usable.

Epson 1060Epson 2150
Brightness3,100 lumens2,500 lumens
Contrast Ratio15,000:160,000:1
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Battery Life(6000 hrs/10000 hrs ECO)(4500 hrs/7500 hrs ECO)

Screen size

Epson 1060 has a bigger screen size than in 2150. And it is also more flexible. If you want a significant screen experience, then you must go for Epson 1060.

And both the projectors contain vertical and horizontal keystone correction.

Epson 1060Epson 2150
Screen size300 inches 132 inch
Vertical Keystone CorrectionYesYes
Horizontal Keystone CorrectionYesYes


Both the projectors have the option for both MHL and HDMI. They also come with a flexible bunch of inputs.

But here, Epson 2150 will amaze you with one feature that Epson 1060 doesn’t contain. And that is the onboard wireless feature and capability of Miracast.

This option will let you enjoy various devices, like tablets, laptops, or phones.

Epson 1060Epson 2150
Onboard wirelessNoYes
USB Media PortYesYes

Find out Which one is suitable projector screen.

Alternative Options

Optoma HD143X


  • Full 3D which supports VESA RF glasses and DLP-Link.
  • Modifiable 3D mode, with a User mode and one predefined color.
  • Stereo audio out meant for an external sound system.
  • User-friendly


10-watt mono speaker

ViewSonic PJD7720HD


  • Bright lamp
  • Very good image quality
  • Full HD
  • Inexpensive


Loud fan

Final Thought: Epson Home Cinema 1060 vs 2150

When it’s time to choose between the two best products, it is quite a challenging task. And when it comes to Epson Home Cinema, the job maybe is a little harder.

Because they try their best to provide the best products, Epson home cinema 1060 vs 2150 are two such products.

But I have given all the info between Epson 1060 vs 2150. And also have narrated the differences with a simple table.

There are some features that Epson 2150 contains, but Epson 1060 doesn’t have them. And on the other hand, Epson 1060 holds a crucial part in people’s needs.

It all depends on what you need. If you want a low-budget projector, then go for Epson 1060. But also don’t ignore those fantastic features of Epson 2150.

Author’s Pick: Epson 2150

Because home theater is holding an important place when it is about our refreshment. Everyone wants the best home theater equipment. For an excellent enjoyable time as well as home decor.

Lastly, all I can say none of the products disappoint you for sure. Whether you buy Epson 1060 or Epson 2150, it will serve you as per your expectations.

It’s time for you to decide between Epson Home Cinema 1060 vs 2150, which will be suitable for you. Our FAQ section will clear the rest of your doubts.

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This section is going to provide you some solutions to your problems. and these problems may arise to anyone while walking in the pavement of home theatre. so, anyone is welcome in this section.

Does Epson 1060 have Bluetooth or other wireless connections?

No, I have mentioned previously that Epson 1060 doesn’t contain wireless connections. It means no wireless device like Bluetooth, phone, tablet, or other devices can not be connected with this projector.

Epson didn’t add features to this projector.

But Epson 2150 is incredible in this feature. You can have a connection with your wireless devices with this and can enjoy your favorite content, according to yourself.

Can I easily connect wireless devices with my Epson 2150 projector?

Epson 2150 home cinema comes with this amazing feature. So that people can enjoy their favorite movies or other things as they want.

But sometimes many face a small problem while using this feature. They don’t get it how to connect the wireless devices. They just mess up things and can not do it properly.

It is a common problem. But if you don’t want this kind of situation, buy Epson 1060. Because it doesn’t come with such a feature. And so easily usable.

Are 3000 lumens suitable for a projector?

Watching movies without ambient lighting on a 100” to 120” screen 2,000 lumens is perfect for a good view. It will provide you enough a clear image.

But for a bigger screen and for using ambient lighting, more lumens of projection brightness is required. 3,000 or more lumens is perfect.

And you will get this brightness of screen image in Epson HC 1060 and 2150. Both of the projectors will give you an awesome and clear image and movie experience.

Which will be suitable for a detailed view in darkness?

No need to answer this question. Because you have already known after reading this article, which is suitable for a detailed view of darkness.

Of course, it is Epson HC 2150. You can have e color contrast in the daytime as well as at night. And you will relish every single image sharply.

But you may not enjoy this with Epson 1060.

Which is best? Epson HC 1060 VS 2150

I am merely answering this question here. Because I have added all the exact things above already.

SO, if you are looking for a budget-friendly projector, go for Epson 1060. It won’t disappoint you for sure. But some features you will not get in this projector.

Those features you can have in Epson 2150. But it is also costly.

Whatever you want to buy, it is your ultimate decision. Know your needs then decide anyone of them.