Polk Audio Monitor 60 vs 70 Series II Review and Comparison

Tower speakers are now becoming people’s favorite because of their fantastic sound with attention-grabbing design. They are all in one. Any kind of music can be enjoyed with no loss of sound quality.

Even the movies or content you can see in full detail sounding. Not only this, if you want your home audio looks cooler. Then the tower speaker is there for you with astonishing design.

After knowing these things, I think you are now quite interested in a floor-standing speaker. Do you want to buy one? Then I would recommend you Polk audio monitor.

Or, if you already know about Polk, then you also know how amazing they are. In this article, I will show you two best Polk speakers. Polk Audio Monitor 60 vs 70 Series II; their comparison and full review.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 vs 70 Series II  Differences

Here I will compare Polk Audio Monitor 60 VS 70 Series II with a comparison table and add details. This will help you to choose the right one.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II
          Power RMS               200W                 275W
     Nominal Power


               60W                  80W
  Number Of Woofers                     3                     4
         Woofer Size                5.25 in                 6.5 in
  Frequency Response          38 Hz-25 kHz        30 Hz-25 kHz
         Item Weight              31.00 lbs            47.00 lbs
     Item Dimensions 14.00 x 7.00 x 37.50 inches 15.60 x 7.70 x 42.00 inches

Better Sound

Polk always stays alert about making the best speakers. All of their speakers are of high quality with fantastic performance.

And comparing the sound quality between Polk Audio Monitor 60 vs 70 series II, we should see the sensitivity, power handling, woofer, and frequency response.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II speaker has an RMS of 200W and peak power 60W. And the frequency response 38- 25k Hz.

In contrast, Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series power handling is of 80W-275W. The frequency response 30- 25 kHz.

So, you see, Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II can deliver more sound with better quality. As its RMS power is high and peak power also. So, it will produce more loud, crisp, with broader dispersion.

The superior audio can make your bedroom or entertainment room into a theatre. Super movie night, you can enjoy the fantastic loud detailed sound.

But the frequency response is high in Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II. So, it is capable of producing a better mid-range with the realistic vocal.

Both of them are super fantastic in sound quality. But comparing the winner is Polk 70 Series II speaker.

Best Bass

The bass is mostly dependent on the woofer. The number of woofers and their sizes. And the rest is dependent on frequency response and sensitivity.

If we compare this point here, the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II again is the winner. And several factors are behind this winner title.

Firstly, it has 4 dynamic balance woofer of 6.5”. But the Polk 60 series II speaker has 3 woofers. The woofer size is 5.25”.

Don’t you think big and more woofer means more bass and sound? Yes, it is. More woofer can deliver deep bass with the loudest sound. One kind of vibrating bass or you can say wall-shaking bass.

So, the ultimate winner is Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II. you will get a powerful deep bass. That is more defined and strong.

But that doesn’t mean the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II speaker can’t deliver powerful bass. It is also capable of doing that. You will also get here the most resonant bass. The rock songs you can hear like a live concert with it.

Build quality

Polk is well known for its robust construction and durability. Their build quality is good enough for using their speakers for quite a long time. The material they use is also good.

Their speakers have a sturdy construction and simple set up. Well furnished also with a beautiful design.

Both the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II and 70 Series II has almost the same construction. Both of them are 3-way designed and durable structures.

The dome tweeter is a 1-inch and fabric polymer for both of the speakers. This helps them to deliver more precise frequency and realistic bass. Then the drivers are lightweight bi-laminate dynamic balance drivers.

As both of the floor-standing speakers have lower distortion because of this kind of driver. A wider dispersion and better sound quality is the result of this driver structure.

Lastly, the cabinets are of MDF. MDF is is a combination of dense resin and wood fibers. There is also an easy connection of dual 5-way binding posts for more security.

The only difference is the woofer size and number of them. Otherwise, they have the same construction. So, no need to worry about which is best.

Weight and Dimension

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II is lightweight than 70 Series II. And also small.

If you have limited space, you can go for Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II. But if you have medium living space, then buy 70 Series II tower speaker.

Both of them have a beautiful and stylish design. But the Polk 60 Series II has a sleek design. It is slim and can fit into any room.

So, the point is your room space. So, before buying, think about this factor.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 vs 70 Series II  Similarities

Since both of the floor-standing speakers are from the same brand, so they have similarities. Before choosing any one of them, one should know the differences and the similarities also.

This helps to choose the accurate one. That’s why I am here showing you their similarities in a table. After that, I will shortly describe them.

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II
          Sensitivity                  90 dB                 90 dB
           Impedance                8 ohm                 8 ohm
  Number Of Tweeters                     1                      1
       Tweeter Material                 Cloth                  Cloth
         Tweeter Size                      1”                      1”
      Woofer Material            Bi-laminate            Bi-laminate

Here, you can see there quite an amount of similarities between the two speakers. So, in some cases, their functionality is also quite similar.

  • First, talking about sensitivity, they have a sensitivity of 90 dB. Sensitivity is the measurement of how loud a speaker can be. And for the most audible music, 90 dB is absolutely perfect.

And the Polk Audio Monitor 60 and 70 Series II contain 90 dB of sensitivity. So, the loudness can’t compare here. They will produce the same loudness.

But the other factors can have an impact on the loud.

  • Then the number of tweeters is 1, and the size is also 1”. The tweeter material is cloth. 1 dynamic balance dome tweeter gives the power and high sound quality.
  • Lastly, the woofer material is bi-laminate, which is also the same. All these things are essential for a good speaker. Maybe that’s why Polk didn’t change them.

Klipsch floor-standing speakers comparison Klipsch RP-280F and RP-8000F

The right position for getting the best sound

This thing is the most common concern among the people what the accurate position for setting up a floor-standing speaker. Many want to know because they know that sound performance can vary with the position.

And many may don’t know. But actually sound quality or bass varies because of the right position of the speakers.

I will show you the 3 right positions for the Polk Audio Monitor 60 VS 70 Series II floor-standing speaker. So, you can get a full high-quality sound.

Where should floor standing speakers be placed?

If you have a full setup of home theatre, then you can set up the floor-standing speakers there as per your need. Or if you want, you set up beside your TV.

And as they are floor-standing no need for extra stands. Both speakers have a magnetic shield. So, wherever you set them up, you won’t get any distortion. But keep them at a distance from the TV table or any boundary.

How far apart should floor standing speakers be?

This is an important fact. As Polk Audio Monitor 60 VS 70 Series II  floor-standing, try to keep 8 feet distance between them. 8 feet is the perfect distance for keeping them.

Because they stay too close, then the music or sound can be a blend. Explicit lyrics you can not be able to hear. They will become muddy and disturbing noise will be created.

And when you hear full loud music, you will listen to a piece of horribly loud music. So, please don’t put them too close.

And if you keep them too apart, this will also be a problem. An acoustic hole can be created. Or a gap in music. In a word, it won’t sound right.

How far should tower speakers be from the wall?

3 feet is the perfect distance from the wall of your floor-standing speaker. Look both distances from the back fence and sidewall. If you don’t keep this distance, the bass will be mess up.

Then the sound may heat the wall, and this can produce distortion. Nobody would like it. So, maintain this fact also.


Polk is incredible in making floor-standing speakers. They are making them for years and day by day, improving their speakers.

Now, the Polk Audio Monitor 60 VS 70 Series II are their two trending speakers. Both of them are great in their place. I don’t know how to compare them as they are great with sound quality.

But still, some factors can be compared. So, I have just highlighted them. So, you can choose the right one.

And it essential to work for the home audio system. Because whatever you are watching or listening to, a full detailed sound is a must. So, these two speakers are the best.

So, make your mind, and according to your need and budget, buy any one of them. You won’t regret it, I can assure you.

And this is not the last thing. I have also shown you how you can set the position to set the speakers. For this now, you can get a full sound.

And when you buy and first listen, trust me, your whole mind will enhance because of the best sound.


Which is the best Polk Audio Monitor 60 VS 70 Series II?

Like you, I was also so confused, which is best; Polk Audio Monitor 60 or 70 Series II. Because we all know all the speakers of Polk are fantabulous.

But deciding this thing, some features I have already discussed earlier. You can have a look at the sound quality, bass, and frequency response. Then you will get your answer.

And the answer is Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II is the best. It is better in sound performance. A rich, punchy bass you can get in it. And these things also make it too loud as a live concert at home.

So, in my opinion, you should buy it if you can afford it.

Do Polk Audio Monitor 60 or 70 Series II floor-standing speakers need a sub?

This two floor-standing have the most delicate features. They are fully capable of giving high-quality sound. You don’t add any sub with them; it won’t create too much difference with the sound.

But sub is mainly best for low frequencies. Dimensional, rich sound it can produce. It means a more spectacular performance.

So, if you want to add a sub, but it not too necessary.

Are bookshelf speakers better than floor standing speakers?

Bookshelf speakers are smaller than floor-standing speakers. And they also have small drivers and woofers. But floor-standing speakers have a remarkable influential tweeter, drivers also woofers.

They have specially designed for delivering powerful performance. So, floor-standing speakers are better.

Comparison between two popular bookshelf speakers Svs Ultra Bookshelf and Kef R300

Do Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II worth it?

In a word, yes, it is worth it. It is not an ordinary speaker with some driver or woofer. Every function or material in it is made of high quality.

Though the price is a bit high, buying this, you won’t need any other sub or speaker for the best sound.

This speaker can serve you fully. So, if you think this can be a wastage of money, you are wrong. Just buy it then see the magic.

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