Best LCR Speakers and Soundbars for Better Sound Experience

When it comes to building Best LCR Speakers and Soundbars in a house, there will still be some compromise. Even a dedicated home theater or two-channel location will necessitate certain sacrifices in order to maintain a combination between sound quality, aesthetics, and other considerations.

Let’s pretend we’re talking about rooms where music and/or movies are the main attraction, rather than rooms where sound quality is secondary. I hope you find these ideas for combining front speakers useful.

This LCR loudspeaker (Left, Central, Right) is perfect for making an excellent Home Cinema system in rooms up to 320ft2. The LCR speaker may be positioned horizontally as a center channel or vertically for left and right channels. This in-ceiling loudspeaker is ideal for large open spaces with no surrounding back wall. Front left, center, or right channels, as well as rear left and rear right channels, are all five uses.

To have the most functional atmosphere available, the center speaker should be consistent with the other speakers in the device and use the same driver complement. This makes the front-stage effects consistent, and you won’t see any little changes that might distract from the experience. The middle channel anchors the sound field and removes the need for left and right front speakers to provide a phantom center.

What to think about when buying Best LCR Speakers and Soundbars

There are a few interesting points prior to purchasing LCR speakers. You should plan cautiously prior to picking these speakers so you settle on the correct purchasing choice and get the correct outcomes. Prior to getting, you ought to think about the following: 

1) Sound Quality: LCR speakers make awesome sound quality that any mortgage holder would be glad for. Another issue with the sound nature of LCR speakers has to do with the length and thickness of the wire rushing to it. The idea is straightforward: the thicker the wire, and the more limited the length, the better the sound. A signal can be fundamentally corrupted by a thin wire and long runs.

2) Safety: Safety ought to be a significant thought when introducing LCR speakers. You should buy uniquely made speaker wires that are planned as a LCR speaker. These are proposed to meet fire and building code regulations. 

3) Size: The size of LCR speakers relies upon the size of the room that the speaker will be introduced in. On the off chance that you have the accurately measured speaker, it will give a more full, more compelling sound. LCR speakers that are too little won’t give great quality sound and may even misshape the sound. 

4) Climate: Indoor speakers can’t be utilized outside as they can be harmed by dampness and stickiness. Additionally, in the event that you are anticipating introducing LCR speakers in a region that will in general be hot or moist, you should utilize speakers that can deal with those conditions. 

5) Subwoofer: If you’re utilizing LCR speakers for devoted music tuning in or for home theater, a controlled subwoofer is an unquestionable requirement. It rounds out the low frequencies, giving you a hotter, more sensible sound. Numerous subwoofers are adequately little to fold behind a love seat or table. You can likewise save space by introducing subwoofers in your wall, floor, or roof for an exquisite arrangement.

Thus, these are a few things to remember before you purchase LCR speakers. Do look around cautiously and afterward request these speakers on the web.

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A Back-To-Basics Look At Theater Front Speakers Layout

Nothing is more important than selecting proper front-position loudspeaker positions when it comes to home theater room configuration. Home theatre audiences receive the bulk of their audio content from the left, center, and right speakers (LCRs). Placing these speakers in the proper locations is impossible without first determining the primary listening position.

The primary listening position can be imagined as a single chair placed in the best location for sound reception. 

Inside the theatre, we describe the following distances for positioning the front speakers:

The main listening range. The primary listening direction is measured from the center of the center-channel amplifier.

LR Distance is the distance from the center of the center-channel speaker and the left or right front speaker’s center. The plane formed by the primary listening distance is tangential to this plane.

We can measure using trigonometric functions:

Minimum LR distance = Tangent

(22o) X (Primary listening distance)

Maximum LR distance = Tangent

(30o) X (Primary listening distance)

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How to Properly Place your Best LCR Speakers and Soundbars in a Home Theater

The left, focus and right speakers situated in the front of the room are situated at ear tallness, or inside 15 levels of the plane cut by the situated ear stature. On the off chance that the speakers can’t be put inside this cone, they ought to be calculated in a vertical plane to cover the whole listening position. 

It is ideal to have identical speaker models that are apparently coordinated in order to replicate sound as indistinguishably as could really be expected. They ought to be situated in a similar style, implying that assuming the middle channel is situated evenly, the left and right ought to be level also. The middle channel speaker is found focused on the screen and every one of the LCR speakers ought to have an unmistakable view from all listening areas. 

The LCR speakers ought to be put in places that give indistinguishable sound way distances to the essential listening position. To achieve this, the middle channel should be recessed into the wall marginally farther than the left and right. In situations where this is impossible, the deferred time is adapted to the middle channel to coordinate with the left and right.

The LCR speakers ought to be set incomparable limit conditions for the best low-recurrence match. This is refined by setting them at indistinguishable distances to walls, roofs, and floors. Every speaker ought to be mounted along these lines. Moreover, the speakers ought to be immovably joined to a stable or precisely very much well-dampened construction to limit any clatters because of speaker vibrations. 

To limit undesirable reflections, the sound path of the LCR speakers ought to be unhindered and clear of goods or different items inside 180 levels of the speaker’s face to a distance of four feet from the speaker’s face. In-wall amplifiers ought to be mounted flush in the front wall with insignificant impediments or cavities in their area, and precisely separated from the wall. 

In a perfect world, conventional box loudspeakers ought to be found either in a perplexed wall or more than 3.5 feet (1m) before the wall to the middle line of the case.

Here are some of the best LCR Speakers

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Best Best LCR Speakers and Soundbars:

Monolith THX-LCR THX Ultra Certified 3-Way LCR in-Wall Speaker

Monprice’s THX-certified Monolith speaker line includes three models: the Select-certified 2-way THX-265IW, the Ultra-certified 3-way THX-365IW, and the THX-LCR. Their THX in-wall line includes three models: the Select-certified 2-way THX-265IW, the Ultra-certified 3-way THX-365IW, and the THX-LCR.

That’s the crux of what the Monolith THX-LCR can achieve in an in-wall form-factor that audiophiles and cinephiles sometimes dismiss as a terrible compromise in terms of aesthetics. Fantastic dynamics and spatial replication, combined with the ability to manage nearly unlimited capacity, make for a truly enjoyable home-theater-focused experience that, surprisingly, doesn’t fall down at all in 2-channel music listening.


  • Extremely solid build quality
  • Neutral, uncolored sound
  • Wide, nearly 3D, sound stage
  • Excellent off-axis dispersion
  • Ample output and power handling


  • Some Dog-Ears do not fully extend in a standard stud cavity
  • Overall width greatly limits placement flexibility

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Polk Audio Signature Series S35 Two-Way LCR Speaker

The Polk Audio Signature S35 center channel speaker is designed to carry the major surround sound theater and music experience into the comfort of your living room. The Polk S35 speaker is part of Polk Audio’s current signature series of speakers, which continues the Polk legacy of American HiFi. It has a 1″ Terylene dome tweeter and six 3″ mid/woofer drivers, and it can handle 20 to 150W from your amplifier.

When used in combination with the rest of the home theater setup, the center channel can mainly create an on-screen dialogue rather than sound effects from the other speakers. Front left and right speakers can both be used with two S35 speakers.

No products found.


  • Dynamic Balance Acoustic Array
  • High-Resolution Audio Performance
  • Polypropylene Mid-Range Drivers
  • Enhanced Sensitivity and Compatibility
  • Dual Power Port Deep Bass Technology
  • Timbre-Matched
  • Acoustically Inert Enclosure


The bass frequency of 53Hz is quite a ways off.

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Klipsch THX-5000-LCR-L 2-Way LCR Speaker

The left-oriented Klipsch THX-5000-LCR-L 2-Way LCR Speaker provides a range of positioning choices. It has 1/4″-20 bolt holes on the back for wall or ceiling mounting with a suitable frame, and it can be used in any place in a home theater setup, including the front left, middle, or right, or as a surround channel. Because of its tweeter positioning, the THX-5000-LCR-L can be mounted as the left channel when used as half of a stereo pair.

The THX-5000-LCR-L features two 6.5″ Cerametallic anodized-aluminum cone woofers for mids and lows down to 48 Hz, as well as a 1″ titanium dome tweeter mated to a 90 x 60° Tractrix horn for improved peaks. The THX-5000-LCR-L can handle up to 150W RMS power from your amplifier.


  • THX Ultra2-Certified
  • Left-Oriented LCR Design
  • 10 x 6″, 90 x 60° Tractrix Horn
  • Big impact and bass extension and wide ‘sweet spot’
  • Rabbet and Dado Construction
  • Front-firing port for low bass extension


Hardcore design

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Klipsch KL-650-THX LCR speaker

Klipsch knows how to get the best out of film soundtracks and surround effects as a major provider of high-performance cinema speaker systems. The Klipsch KL-650-THX LCR loudspeaker takes this expertise to your living room. This LCR, as a member of the THX Ultra2 family, captures all of the raw strength and fine detail that the filmmakers expected.

The KL-650-THX is the larger of the two Ultra2 LCR speakers, with a front-firing port for low bass expansion, twin 6.5-inch Cerametallic woofers, and a 6-by-10-inch Tractrix® Horn Tweeter. The tweeter is a 1-inch titanium-dome compression unit designed for use with horns to produce high performance with low distortion. The top-of-the-line internal wiring of this LCR also contributes to its visibility and distinction.


  • Front-Firing Port for Low Bass Extension
  • Exceptional dynamic range
  • Audiophile sound quality in a custom-installation-friendly design
  • Hyper-articulate subwooferMagnetically Shielded Tweeter
  • Medium Density Fibreboard Enclosure Material


Hardcore design

Energy Speaker Systems 72-21168 RC-LCR Center Speaker

The RC Series speakers were excellent, particularly given the price. These speakers are designed to last and are made of high-quality materials. The sound is pleasant and wet to my ears. The RC-LCR uniformly disperses vibration. That’s why it works when you use it on the left, middle, or right. Its huge sound and beautiful presence will make your home theater the talk of the community.

Since no two installations are ever the same, any RC-LCR speaker comes with port plugs, allowing it to be mounted in a cabinet or bookshelf. These plugs promise the smoothest frequency response possible, faithfully reproducing the emotion of any video. The no-compromise architecture ensures the smoothest, most reliable performance, with great aesthetics.

No products found.


  • Amazing for real life use TV/Movies on your 5.1, 7.1 or 9.2
  • Excellent speakers especially for the price.
  • High quality performance and clarity of voice
  • Low volume levels for talking.
  • Wide and Constant Dispersion


Bass is not up to the mark

BIC America FH6-LCR Formula Series LCR All-Channel Speaker

The FH6-LCR all-channel speaker is an ideal decision for those searching for a profoundly effective speaker, plays up to 116 dB-live rock band levels, at a moderate cost. This speaker can be utilized for the center, front main, rear, and surround channels of any framework. This speaker is planned so it can likewise be utilized as front speakers and has both flat and vertical mounting cuts on the back. 

There are better-looking speakers that cost extensively more, however, this speaker conveys where it tallies with its perfect sound alongside the capacity to project through the entirety of the bedlam that films will in the general mix in today making it look like “special effects”. At this value, it’s in a class without anyone else.


  • Low cost
  • Projects the dialogue out from a movie well enough to be heard 
  • Great sound for Price
  • PocketBook Friendly
  • Huge Dynamics


Mid-range could be clearer

OSD Audio 6.5” Trimless In-Wall LCR Speaker

With dual woofers, a dome tweeter, and Dolby Atmos audio, the OSD Trimless In-Wall LCR Speaker is a perfect way to upgrade the home theater setup. For an optimized left, right, and middle function, the LCR matches the front channel system. Optimal Speaker Architecture produces high-quality home and commercial audio products by design, manufacturing, and delivery.

When placed in a wall, this speaker has a timeless grille with a thin bezel that blends in with the decor of any room. It can be decorated to match the rest of your home’s decor. This in-wall speaker can be used as a left, right, or middle speaker in any space to compliment the timbre of the front channel/system.


  • BIG dual 6.5″ black Kevlar woofers
  • Trimless grille thin bezel
  • Adjustable Contour switches
  • Great Flush mount
  • Easy Installation


Rattles and crackles.

Polk Audio Reserve Series R350 2.5-Way LCR Speaker

The black Polk Audio Reserve Series R350 2.5-Way LCR Speaker provides a range of positioning and configuration options. It has a 1″ Pinnacle Ring Radiator tweeter and four 4″ turbine cone woofers, and it can handle up to 200W from your amplifier. Break-up modes are much less of a concern with this style, because it is very compact, allowing it to play at very high frequencies with ease.

When used in combination with the rest of the home theater setup, the center channel can mainly create an on-screen dialogue rather than sound effects from the other speakers. Front left and right speakers will both be used for two R350 speakers. It’s a mix of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. compatible sound and certified for Hi-Res Audio.


  • Turbine Cone
  • Wall-Mountable LCR Design
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Compatible
  • Timbre-Matched Configurability
  • Detailed Imaging & Soundstage
  • Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter


Don’t look quite luxurious

Earthquake Sound EWS-LA63 Edgeless Line Array In-Wall LCR Speaker

The Earthquake Sound EWS-LA63 is a line-array in-wall speaker system that blends in with most furniture and is almost undetectable. To offer large blends of sound quality and sound pressure level, the LA63 demands less power from your amplifier. Because of the line array arrangement, which concentrates the music on the seating area rather than the whole venue, this is possible.

Since this system directs sound, it requires less input power to provide a high sound intensity level to the listener. Wall reflections are diminished as the input power is reduced. Frameless architecture for reduced visibility/seamless mix, and simple installation with Turn-n-Lock mounting mechanism.


  • Excellent imaging.
  • Very clear Vocals in particular 
  • Unbelievably tight and musical the upper bass frequencies.
  • Speakers for a lifetime of satisfaction
  • Sound insane with Blu rays


Muffled sound production and horrendous treble

NHT C Series C LCR Premium Home Theater 3-Way Center Channel Speaker

The NHT Classic C-LCR 3-Way Center Channel Speaker – High Gloss Black delivers high quality and outstanding detail for lifelike sound reproduction at home. This 3-way central speaker can be used in home theater systems to provide broad horizontal and vertical dispersion, as well as more comprehensible and accurate sound in the seating area.

NHT modified the cabinet to stand vertically or horizontally to create a versatile front end in a limited-space high-output theater configuration, combining both the former 2C and 3C centers into a single product. Combine with other NHT C-Series parts for an audiophile quality home theater setup enclosed in a luxurious high gloss black enclosure.


  • Sleek high gloss black enclosure
  • Premium Aluminum Drivers
  • 7 Coats of Hand Polished Paint
  • 5-way Nickel Plated Binding Posts
  • Audiophile quality speakers


Grills are designed to break

Definitive Technology Disappearing Series DI 6.5LCR 2-Way Speaker

This unobtrusive in-wall speaker was created by Definitive Technology for premium sound quality in home theater environments. Install a pair on each side of your TV and use one as a central tube, either below or above it. Each speaker is flush with the wall. It almost hides in your room thanks to its paintable, low-profile grille and concealed flange.

For pinpoint highs, full-bodied bass, and incredible dynamic range, the DI 6.5LCR combines a pivoting 1″ aluminum tweeter with two 6-1/2″ motors. The pivoting tweeter helps you to direct sound directly to your hearing field, allowing you to fine-tune the sound of your device. Your new headphones, on the other hand, would most likely sound better after that.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performance
  • Features add value 
  • Blends well with subwoofer.
  • Pivoting pure aluminum dome tweeters
  • Lifelike sonic performance
  • Balanced dual surround system (BDSS)


The flaps that tighten are a pain to work with.

Legrand-On-Q HT1LCRV1 HT1LCR-V1 1000 Series 5.25″ In-Wall Center Channel LCR Speaker

The HT1LCR-V1, 1000 Series 5. 25″ In-wall LCR speaker is a high-performance 150W/75W dual woofer speaker designed for the demanding needs of home theater. It boasts a dual 5. 25″ Polypropylene woofer for amazingly accurate sound even at a low listening level and the. 75 in titanium tweeter delivers thrilling, realistic performance.

Beautiful design and high-end quality merge to bring at-home entertainment to a whole new level with products and solutions tailored specifically to meet each homeowner’s individual lifestyle needs. Legrand-On-Q HT1LCRV1 HT1LCR-V1 1000 Series supplies professional-grade multi-room & home theater audio solutions that deliver an unparalleled range of entertainment choices.


  • Installation flexibility
  • High power support handles 
  • Mounts horizontally for center channel speaker or vertical for left and right speaker
  • Amazingly accurate sound even at a low listening level
  • Titanium tweeter delivers Thrilling, realistic performance
  • Paintable grille and bezel allow the speaker to virtually disappear in the room


Doesn’t sound as good as some of the cheaper brands

An active LCR soundbar is a single-cabinet speaker that contains signal processing, amplification, and drivers for a home theater system’s left, right, and middle channels. The active LR system, which does away with the dedicated center-channel drivers, is one variation. The best LCR Soundbars are listed below.

Best LCR Soundbars

Dayton Audio BS36 36″ LCR Speaker Bar

This compact but powerful speaker bar incorporates left, middle, and right channel speakers into a single handy mountable bar that can be mounted above or below your flat-screen TV or stand-alone on your home theater cabinet.

Unlike the thin-sounding speakers built into HDTVs, the Dayton Audio BS36 LCR Speaker Bar utilizes long-excursion woofers for excellent dynamic effect and bass extension. When you pair the BS36 with a pair of SAT-BK satellite speakers and a driven sub like the Dayton Audio SUB-80, you’ll have a spacious-sounding yet compact surround sound system that will please family and friends.


  • Great for any plasma or LCD TV installation
  • Ideal for space-limited home theater applications
  • High-gloss black lacquer finish
  • Left-Center-Right on wall speaker
  • Great sound profile


No wires included

KEF HTF8003 3-Channel Passive LCR Soundbar

With a long tubelike build and a glossy black finish, the KEF HTF8003 doesn’t deliver much that sets it apart from the competition. It had some of the highest sound quality we’ve ever seen from a soundbar while watching movies. KEF offers supporting bookshelf surround speakers; fairly lightweight allows wall-mounting simpler. Single-speaker soundbar; fantastic sound on movies for a soundbar; sleek exterior design; KEF offers matching bookshelf surround speakers; relatively lightweight makes wall-mounting easier.

When you factor in the expense of an AV receiver and subwoofer, the KEF HTF8003 is one of the most expensive soundbars we’ve heard, but it has some of the best sonics we’ve heard from a soundbar. The overall sound of the HTF8003 is exceptionally simple and succinct, placing it among the best soundbar speakers available.


  • Excellent sound on movies
  • Stylish exterior design
  • Reproduces dialog very accurately
  • The overall sound is extremely clear and concise


No Surround Sound

Zvox SoundBase 670 System

Zvox’s newest sound base, the SoundBase 670, is built to handle bigger televisions (up to 70 inches). It has all of the common features, such as Bluetooth and Dolby Digital encoding, as well as a wide range of inputs. What is the first thing it excels at? Including its AccuVoice mode, it makes the conversation more understandable.

The Zvox SoundBase 670 is a 3.1-channel setup with a middle speaker, left/right speakers, and three secrets “subwoofers.” The SoundBase, like the rest of these items, is better suited to movies and television rather than music. Generally speaking, this is a well-made speaker base that enhances TV transmission intelligibility, but it isn’t the greatest performance.


  • Well-built and will hold TVs up to 70 inches in size
  • Dialogue mode really improves intelligibility,
  • Movies sound good
  • The base has plenty of inputs
  • Accuvoice and Output Leveling mode.


  • Has uninspiring looks.
  • Not the best value.


But you think it was going to be difficult to choose the right LCR speakers? It isn’t quite as complicated as it seems. The most crucial decision you must make is which sort of speaker you need for your room. Now that you’ve learned about the various speakers available, things should be a lot simpler.

Then, within your budget, identify some speakers and analyze their advantages and drawbacks to get a deeper understanding of them. It’s much cooler if you can check out the speakers for yourself. If not, there are plenty of feedback and tips available that will assist you.

FAQs of Best LCR Speakers and Soundbars

This Section is going to discuss some of your basic questions and answer. You can solve your basic problems over here. So, what are you waiting for? let’s hop right into it!

Why are there two woofers in the LCR speakers’ middle speaker?

The LCR speakers’ central speaker has two woofers so that the tweeter can be placed in the center; otherwise, it will be on one side, causing issues with the left-right soundstage.

Is it appropriate to mix and match speaker brands?

Yes, really. It’s fine to mix and match speaker labels and styles. This implies that the front speakers should be made by the same company and built to function together. Surround Left and Right speakers, as well as Surround Rear speakers, can all be similar.

Will the LCR speakers’ central speaker be above or below the television?

Positioning vertically

The optimal position for the middle speaker of the LCR speakers is usually immediately below the TV. It should be at around ear height and can better mimic sound from the television. If you can’t position it below the TV, immediately above it is the next best option.